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10 examples of single page websites we love

One isn't always the loneliest number. Single page websites can be a great way to present information in a beautiful format.
4. mai 2020 • 8 minutt lesetid

Sometimes the best websites are also the simplest

Once a visitor lands on your website, you have seconds to catch their attention. And with short attention spans, visitors need to find what they look for quickly or they lose patience.
It is no secret that single page websites are great for mobile phone devices. They load within a few seconds and are easy to navigate. Multi page websites are difficult to navigate from mobile devices.
Caring about a user’s behavior and reactions to your website so they convert into a paying customer is important. But there are a few points to keep in mind for single page websites. Is the information logically organized? Does the content tell users what they want to know? Do users click your calls to actions? These are all essential questions to consider when choosing a single or multi page website and the layout.
Users these days are impatient and looking for instant gratification. So, if the information is not easy to find or they have to click through to find it they often hit the back button back to Google.

Keep it simple

When done well, single pages give the user a functional and simple experience. They do not burden them with too much information or links to click.
The whole purpose is to keep it simple but clever. From the copy to images to navigation, tell users how to get the most out of your single page website.
Here are 10 single page websites we love along. And following are some pros and cons and tips for building single page websites.

Angry Bear Design Agency

The Angry Bear Design Agency uses a stunning nature-themed design in its single page website. It even incudes a floating menu for easy navigation of the information. They keep it simple as you scroll down the waterfall into the forest.
Angry Bear Design single page website


Rest is a beautiful example of a single page website for e-commerce. It tells visitors everything they need about the product using stunning images and good copy. There are three options to purchase presented visually.
The page is short without the need to need to scroll all the time. And the two navigation buttons snaps the user right to the information.
Rest single page website


Balsoy is a stunningly elegant simple single page website simple to use. It uses a fixed menu at the top to help visitors navigate the information. The use of sliding animation makes it fun to use as you transition from each section of information.
balsoy single page website


Unleashed is a super clever single page website using bright color, graphics, short to the point copy and animation as you scroll. With a fixed navigation bar, it easy to navigate to find the information you need. Truly one outside of the box.
unleashed single page website

Mercury Annual Report 2019

Mercury’s single page Annual Report 2019 is sheer genius. It uses yellow as a base color with black and white accents. As you scroll through the information, clever animations guide your path. The use of a menu on the left-hand side organizes the information making it easy to find what you want to know.
mercury annual report 2019 single page website

A Vodka

A vodka uses mostly black and white to promote its range of vodkas. With a minimalist look and clever copywriting, it has all the information a website visitor needs. A fixed menu at the top makes navigating quick and easy.
A vodka single page website

Pest Stop Boys

A bright colored, eye catching single page website. The Pest Stop Boys website is short, simple and to the point with bright lettering that unmistakably get the message across. The cursor becomes a magnifying glass that chases the bugs running across the screen.
pest stop boys single page website

Our Stories in Stem

Our Stories in Stem is a brightly colored, playful, animated one page e-commerce site full of joy. Its fixed menu at the top of the page makes it easy to find information. The target is children with an interest in reading inspirational stories about women working in STEM fields.
our stories in stem single page website


Inventure is a clever single page website with audio and animation designed simply to have visitors sign up. It is an AR-based game aimed at helping people develop empathy.
inventure single page website

Covid-19 Global Data Dashboard

The Covd-19 Global Data Dashboard presents worldwide pandemic data in a clear, simple visual report using a series of easy to understand charts. The single page format has a series of circles on the right-hand side that takes you directly to different sections of information.
covid-19 global data dashboard single page website

Single page websites are perfect for specific target markets

A single page website is perfect for brands who want to reach specific target markets. It is easy to control how they behave and guide them to take action without the need to click on different pages.
All the information is on a single page in the order that works for your business. This is important for SEO when there is only a set number of keywords to target.
Remember, if users need to scroll through a long page of irrelevant information to find what they are looking for it will turn them off. It is important to only include content that serves a purpose on a single page website. It should be simple and relevant to the outcome you want to achieve.

SEO drawbacks for single page websites

There are some SEO drawbacks for single page websites. It is difficult to achieve keyword rankings. The point of single page websites is to design them around one concept so there is not the ability to use a wide range of keywords.
A multi-page site has multiple opportunities to use a variety of keywords on each page. So, if you rely on Google to send you traffic, a multi-page website is the way to go. But it will not be a problem if your priority is not Google ranking.

Shortage of detailed content on single page websites

Single page websites do not allow for detailed content. In short, there is just not the space. You present all your content on just one page. This is why you need to be super organized using a good layout.
Even when your layout is extraordinary, users may still find your website lacks relevant content. This will be a problem for those looking for in-depth information about specific topics.
You can define sections for content with a separate section for each new topic. This can be enough to meet consumers needs and they will not automatically bounce back to Google.

Single page website building tips

Has seeing these single page websites got you craving to build one for your brand? The main elements you need to consider are:
Knowing your goals for the website.
Strong calls to action.
Easy navigation.

What are your goals?

Before you even consider a single page website you need to know its goal. What you want it to achieve. Knowing this helps you make the right decisions for building your website even if you decide a single page website will not suit your brand.
For example, if you are a cake business and you want your website to show off your creations to drive leads for orders online, you only need a single page. But if you are teaching people to decorate cakes, you need a website with more pages. Why? You need the space to dedicate to classes and products. And this would look out of place and clutter a single page.
Ask yourself, “What is my website’s goal? What is my business goal? What do I want my website to achieve?” Once you answer these questions you can determine the approach to a single page website.

Establish strong calls to action

A single page website needs a strong call to action (CTA). When there is no CTA, visitors do not know what they are meant to do. This means less engagement and leads with few conversions.
To come up with CTAs, take a look at the goals for the website:
Is the purpose to have people sign up to your email list? If so, there should be a sign up button at the top of the page to make it easy to sign up.
Do you want visitors to join you on social media? You need to add social media icons to take them there.
Are you showcasing your latest projects to potential clients? Then you need anchor links so they can access them easily.
Do you want visitors to contact you for a quote? Make sure you direct them to contact details so they can get in touch easily.
This is where research into your target market is important. Once you understand your users, you can target their goals and pain points. Interacting with clients will give you insight to develop your CTAs.
For example, you are running a photography course and you want people to sign up to take a free class. A compelling CTA may be something like, “Sign up for a free class on digital camera basics”.
It is important to use your target market’s language.

Add easy navigational aids

It is crucial your single page website is easy to navigate from anywhere. Here are a few ways you can help website visitors get around:
Fixed navigation. Fixed navigation elements such as a sidebar (Mercury Annual Report 2019) or buttons (Our Stories in STEM) are convenient as they follow the user as they scroll through the page. These are particularly useful if the page is long or contains a lot of information.
Use anchor text. Anchor text (Angry Bear) uses a link to take visitors to specific information on a page. They make navigating a page easy and boost your SEO.
Short and simple. Keep your single page website short and simple (Pest Shop Boys) when you feel fixed navigation aids can distract the user. This means users will not have to scroll too much to get the message your website sends.

Find a great designer

Single page websites rise and fall on the strength of their design. If you want your single page website to succeed, you need to work with a talented graphic designer to help bring it to life.
A freelance graphic designer can be a great choice. You'll pay much less than working with an agency or hiring in-house. And, unlike working with an agency, you'll be working directly with the designer to help bring your ideas to fruition.
You'll want to figure a few things out before you hire a graphic designer. Fortunately, we've distilled the entire process of building a website into a simple, 15-step guide.

Key takeaways

While single page websites are not so good for SEO but this will not matter if this is not the purpose. Your target market may be a niche area so you do not need to rely on SEO to drive people to your website.
Before creating a single page website, determine the goals of your brand and what you want your website to achieve. You also need to consider what it takes for your target audience to have a great experience.
Using clever design and copy to organize your website can have incredible results. As long as it is easy to use and the information is not hard to find, it makes it easy for brand messages to express why they need your product or service.
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