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Creating a Django multitenant authentication with AzureAD using python-social-auth or any other methods. In general I need auth for SaaS app that clients can login to my app using their...

8 $600 USD May 26, 2020 15 timer, 54 min Legg ut en lik konkurranse

Need to build two Infographs for two separate photos (included in the word document) to outline the specifications of our product. Here are some photos that we like, you can use these a...

22 $45 USD May 25, 2020 43 min, 11 sek Legg ut en lik konkurranse

This boat is called "Big Bang Theory" as has a powerful engine, I need a cool graphic design for it to make it look amazing

26 $100 NZD May 25, 2020 3 dager, 18 timer Legg ut en lik konkurranse

We need a logo for our website called: inplayLIVE The website is for live sports investing 1) Include a type (written out) logo; symbol version of logo 2) Incorporate the play (►) o...

107 $100 CAD May 22, 2020 3 uker, 3 dager Legg ut en lik konkurranse

Amid of Pandemic, we are a small enterprise here would like to consolidate the resources to encourage everyone help each other by donating food, feed the needy, feed those who are joble...

1 $10 USD May 22, 2020 16 timer, 41 min Legg ut en lik konkurranse

I am looking for an original idea for the high heel of the shoe and bottom sole, i have provided few inspiration ideas. Please be open to create what ever comes up in your mind. i am...

67 $120 USD May 22, 2020 1 uke Legg ut en lik konkurranse

Looking for an experienced and professional who is educated up to PhD level (preferably in English Literature) to edit and proofread a 20,000 word critical commentary for a PhD thesis f...

18 £200 GBP May 21, 2020 3 timer, 9 min Legg ut en lik konkurranse

I have a company that's been around since 2001, our logo has been the same for the past 19 years. Recently we've changed our business model from a video game retail store to a sports ba...

271 $100 USD May 21, 2020 2 dager, 10 timer Legg ut en lik konkurranse