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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented and extensible programming language. Python can run on many different operating systems. If you are developing software using Python programming language, then you can definitely use some help. A freelancer well versed in Python can handle your workload quite easily. To hire freelance programming help for Python post a job today!

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Project for Muhammet B. -- 26197 Hi Muhammet B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 C-programmering, Python, Matlab and Mathematica, , Robotikk, R programmeringspråk Oct 20, 2017 I dag9d 23t $260
Python expert(Scrapy) that knows Scrapinghub Need a Python expert to write and set up a Scrapy script (in scrapinghub) for google/bing search . The script will have to: - Read an xls file with multiple lines, each line with a search keyword - Run for each line (keyword) a Google / Bing search - Collect the first “X” results of each search result, “X” being a variable specific to each; without being necessary ... 4 Python, Nett-scraping, Programvarearkitektur, Scrapy Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 23t $60
Desktop User SQL Tool or Browser based I am a developer and I am looking for someone to help develop a user interface on the desktop or via a browser that will allow a user to specify a proper OPEN SQL Command, store it, delete it and then submit it to an interface I built based on certain parameters which I will layout in detail if you are selected for the job. The called program will pass back a table with comma delimited data and me... 8 Java, Javascript, Python, SQL, MySQL Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 23t $633
Need help to add swagger definition (falcon-swagger-ui). Need someone to help me in adding swagger definition to my service end points which is written in python-falcon framework. 0 Python, RESTful, JSON Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 22t -
Help me install a github project [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] This is the github directory and i want to install the driver app and everything as described in this .. i got to make self driving rc car . This include making one with ML and all steps to install 2 Python, Innebygd programvare, Arduino, Computer Science, API Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 22t $135
Python Project (Django) Hello, We are looking for someone that can convert a Python Project that used Vagrant as the Container platform, we need to move the project over to Docker. Also when the project was given to us, it had an out of date MySQL database file. We will need to recreate the updated database schema using the out of date schema and by reading the codebase. This project was stopped 2 years ago and our... 14 Javascript, Python, Django, Programvarearkitektur, MySQL Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 21t $1186
vb auto login application I have a vb 2015 project that needs to implement ReBreakCaptcha in order to login properly. There is a python script already made for this, just including it at the appropriate time is what I need, or if one can use native vb script to perform the same action is fine also. 4 Python, Visual Basic, Programvarearkitektur, VB.NET Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 21t $146
Build a charting tool for cryptocurrencies with python I am looking to learn python by creating a tool for charting crypto currencies and creating trading signals. Would you be willing to help me out in this journey ? I have a very very basic understanding of python and a financial background. I want to use some technical analysis rules to create buy and sale signals. I need to read the information from the API of the exchange. 2 Python, API Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 20t $4
Launch a AWS instance and install Jupyter and my script 1) We have to create AWS Server (2) Installation Jupyter notebook. (3) Then run my given script. The python runs a forex robot on oanda. The configuration file needs a account number and a token. I have an example file. 4 Python, Amazon Web Tjenester Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 20t $22
Risk assessment online I have been working with risk assessments and have developed different methods specific to different acitivities. Risk assessments are available in excel sheets. I would like to develop a software/website so these methods can be available for others. Simple website where the users will follow step by step process through the assesment process and then generate risk report. 7 Java, Python, C++ Programmering, Databaseprogrammerere, React.js Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 19t $188
Discord-API-Bot [GERMAN | DEUTSCH] -- 2 - 20/10/2017 13:23 EDT Hallo liebe Freelancer von Twago! Ich bin auf der suche nach einen Programmierer/[url fjernet, logg inn for å se] gibt bei dem Programm Discord (Messenger & Voice-Messenger) einen Musikbot. Ich habe mir jedoch was ganz anderes vorgestellt. Ich bin auf der suche nach einen Bot, der in einem bestimmten Channel (Text-Kanal) folgende Aktionen ausführt. Es soll eine Fußball-API la... 4 PHP, Python, Programvarearkitektur, C++ Programmering, Tysk Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 19t $474
hire a python and linux specialist -- I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. Looking for php or python which can fetch video playlist from YouTube , can restream with ffmpeg and play them continuesly 6 PHP, Python, Linux, Programvarearkitektur, Ubuntu Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 19t $27
hire a python and linux specialist I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. Looking for php or python which can fetch video playlist from YouTube , can restream with ffmpeg and play them continuesly 1 PHP, Python, Linux, Programvarearkitektur, Ubuntu Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 19t $20
Need a Website Sale Purchase Platform I need a Flippa like domain selling and purchasing platform with few custom options. 8 PHP, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 18t $198
Lora with Raspberry Pi Need working of LoRa RA01 with Raspberry. For a sensor detecting the obstacle and sending data. Basically working of LoRa RA01 working with Raspberry pi is important. 2 C-programmering, Python, Raspberry Pi Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 18t $18
Linkedin script issue(python) ****Linkedin+python expert I have someone created a script in python to scrape data from linkedin. But there needs some fix. If you are expert in python and worked in linkedin only can bid on this project. 8 Python, Nett-scraping, Data Mining, Linkedin Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 18t $28
Senior Python Web Scraper Developer for Long-Term Big Global Project ONLY top level best python scrapers who are mastered in classifieds. Test scraper is mandatory to get the job! NO PAYMENT for the test scraper. No GUI type driver will be used like Chrome! Our company is looking for a Very Senior Level and Experienced Expert Python Developer for its long term big web scraping project. Python environment has already built on our Ubuntu server. We are using a... 16 Python, Nett-scraping, Data Scraping Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 17t $7513
Hire a Python Developer We have a project management program with has been built over the course of 4 years and we need a programmer to make some changes to our portal that can help our company succeed. What we have now is working but there are many changes we would like to make. 15 Python, Django Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 17t $33
authorship attribution data mining, text mining, machine learning 9 Python, Databehandling, Maskinopplæring, Data Mining Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 16t $112
Compile source code for Fedora Linux I need to compile a single file into executable that runs on my Fedora box. I'm not familiar with Linux and don't have the tools to build it. Is it possible to statically link all its dependencies? 5 C-programmering, Python, Linux, Programvarearkitektur, C++ Programmering Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 16t $23
Mobile developer with web experiences. Hi, everyone Need a mobile app developer to fix a bug. We have a cross platform mobile project that we will use it as ios/android app. The main purpose is to send track info from GA script. We've installed GA script already and it's working well. So main bugs is in the python code. We will discuss senior python developer soon. If you can work via Teamviewer, it would be great. Don&#... 4 PHP, Python, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 16t $33
Gnu Radio Flowgraph I need flowgraph in gnu radio companion which does the following: (1) Generate the phase difference of sine wave and send out the two sine waves and the phase difference of the two waves simultaneously with using only of a single HACKRF. (2) Receive the above sine waves and generate the phase difference of the received waves. Then take the difference of the phase difference at the sent-point... 4 Python, Databehandling, Trådløs, Elektronikk, Programming Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 15t $451
python project - 20/10/2017 07:41 EDT create a python script. more details will be given soon 17 Python, Matlab and Mathematica, Programvarearkitektur, Ansiktsgjenkjenning Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 13t $27
Update and Deploy Django Project Update a existing Django Project ([url fjernet, logg inn for å se]), and deploy this project on DigitalOcean cloud. tasks: - updating to recent versions - create a file with instruction to deploy (then, we could repeat the deployment) 7 Django, Git, Javascript, Python, Programvarearkitektur Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 13t $106
Odoo E-commerce Website Product Selector For a new project where are looking for a strong developper to create from scratch a product selector to display product according customer selection in a product selector. We need a selector with 2 kinds of search : by size and by model. The selector by size will have 3 steps The selector by model will have 2 steps In product view we need also a tab with the list of all compatible machine. Th... 13 Python, SEO, Odoo Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 9t $275
Face detection Dear bidder . Make a module where face will be detected from video or image . Than it will be changed 17 Python, Matlab and Mathematica, Ansiktsgjenkjenning, Agile Development Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 9t $112
python - asynchronous TCP timeserver handling multiple client want someone to fix code in existing python script. my existing script is listening to multiple clients and saving data into txt file. but my idea is to built a TimeServer so that any IOT devices can connect to tcp port like 12345 to sync the time. Requirement 1. Client connects to configure tcp port 2. Server sends Timestamp to client directly without any request from client. 3. and cl... 11 Python, Linux, Programvarearkitektur Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 8t $57
Experience Online Scraper Needed We need an experience scraper to generate contact info ( phone, emails, name) for service providers like handyman, plumbers, electrician..etc... We need 4,000 contacts in NY 2,000 contacts in MA 39 PHP, Python, Dataregistrering, Nett-scraping, Data Mining Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 7t $44
python spyder school assignment help I have school assignment using python spyder language and one with experiance in python are welcome to bid on my project thanks 15 Python Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 7t $25
WeChat message bot We need to build a simple message bot so we can send automated messages from personal wechat account to different wechat official accounts. First by following them and then messaging them individually. Around 100 to 500 accounts per day. You should have knowledge of wechat api 13 PHP, Javascript, Python, Angular.js Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 7t $75
Design undetectable web scraping tech for challenging scraping Looking for a skilled engineer with experience of challenging web scraping with understanding of AWS services, including S3 and lambda, JS, API etc. The task is to build intelligent undetectable scraping tech for an industry where tools and AI are deployed to cloak information and prevent scraping. If successful the job will be extended to an ongoing contract to maintain the service, and ext... 15 PHP, Python, Nett-scraping, Programvarearkitektur, node.js Oct 20, 2017 I dag6d 7t $45
Automate a process to scrape some data for me (selenium) If you are selenium expert available now, contact me 23 PHP, Java, Python, Nett-scraping, Programvarearkitektur Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 5t $42
project for Xiongjie Hello, this is a private project only for xiongjie. Plz dont bid otherwise. 2 Python Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 4t $30
Hire a Python Developer I have a code for reference which can explain the logical flow of the program. It s about virtual memory and address translation topics in Operating systems. I have 3 sets of questions according to which the code needs to written in python version 2.7 19 Python Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 4t $141
Write a program using Amazon MWS API to scan listings for offers with competitors -- 2 You must have your own AWS account. Amazon does not allow sharing ours. We have over a quarter million listings on Amazon, and many counterfeit competitors pop up every day, so we want to be able to keep a list to report them to Amazon. To do this, you will need to create an Amazon MWS tool that will automatically update us when the lowest price offer has changed. (Information here: [url fjerne... 3 PHP, Javascript, Python, Programvarearkitektur, Amazon Web Tjenester Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 3t $187
Data ETL using Node.js and or Python I need an ETL job where Excel worksheets from FTP need to be inserted into a database. Certain fields will be updated and others will be inserted. email and logging also required. Need someone to work on this ASAP 13 Python, node.js, Data Extraction Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 3t $125
Data Visualization Web Application I have a number of dashboards that I have mocked up. I need these to be actually converted to a web application that will have user access, filtering data based on user access and filters listed. The dashboards should be interactive and the web application will be hosted (AWS, Azure, etc). The project needs to be completed ASAP. Data ETL as a service as well. About 30-40 people will use this web a... 29 Python, .NET, node.js, React.js Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 2t $2076
Conduct a survey about software tools/packages that might be used for data mining, and write a paper to compare and contrast THREE of them in the areas of data mining. Conduct a survey about software tools/packages that might be used for data mining, and write a paper to compare and contrast THREE of them in the areas of data mining. In your paper, try to answer the question: “why this tool is the best I can use to solve my data mining problem?”, cite the sources properly. Feel free to go beyond. Your paper should be no less than 3 full pages using... 6 Java, Python Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 2t $48
Build a bot in python for a javascript with html5 game Hello, I require a bot for a game that is developed in html5 and javascript, please BEFORE APPLYING: Evaluate if they can achieve it before applying. For reasons of time I can not develop it. [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] 3 PHP, Javascript, Python, Programvarearkitektur, HTML5 Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 1t $23
jasper report for netbean sqlite db create video , showing how design simple table report and 1 javafx window that once click button create pdf report from sqlite data 5 Java, Python, Programvarearkitektur, MySQL, Databaseprogrammerere Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 1t $53
Python 3.6 I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Python. 33 Python, Programvarearkitektur Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d 1t $28
Django project I am doing a small bidding game application, Currently Artificial players is taking random values and playing bids, now i have another machine learning code which gives values using its own scenario. i want to replace the old AI with New AI code. 15 Python, Django Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d $252
Lamp Stak Developers Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl Great English skills. 6 Months project. Fulltime. USA Company 19 PHP, Python, Linux, Apache, MySQL Oct 19, 2017 I dag6d $21
E-mail Chatter Robot I would like a small robot written in python 2.7 that fetches emails messages from an IMAP account, like GMAIL, Yahoo, Hotmail and extract the text and download the image (if is a link with HTML tag img) inside the message body. After this fetching, wait a few time and answer back to the sender a text message acknowledging the message received before with a text that it could be parametized. 9 PHP, Javascript, Python, Linux, Programvarearkitektur Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20175d 23t $165
Digital news media application java , python Need to develop Digital news media application, ios, Android,web levels of web admin something around 13 users roles , features like live streaming , social sharing , news posting, data migration from cloud to local data center is to be developed in a very short time. Only experience developers team are requested to bid, no milestone will be created at initial order. Need to commit code in AWS cod... 6 Java, Python, Android, Amazon Web Tjenester, iOS Development Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017Avsluttet $5215
Recipe Script Editing Program The program should be able to open and parse an existing HPP script. There should be a local flatfile or similar database that would hold all the available classnames gleaned from parsing the file as well as a way to easily add new ones. The program should allow users to create Recipes in a visual way. Instead of forcing the user to learn the script and make sure the formatting and syntax is corre... 4 Python, C++ Programmering, HTML5, User Interface Design Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20175d 21t $157
Quick Help w Plone 5 theme TTW Have an existing (new) Plone 5 site. Want to get an initial single (1) page working by removing several default theme elements. Basically, job is to: 1) Use copy of default theme (Barceloneta) 2) Turn off/disable several almost all theme elements, thru the web. 3) End goal is basically a blank page, only displaying a single, main body window with no styling. Uses Diazo. I figure fo... 2 Python, CSS, HTML Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20175d 21t $216
Python developer I'm looking for a senior Python developer. Your task is to develop new features for an e-lerning app. You need to know Django, Rabbit, Redis, Postgres. 30 Python, Django, Programvarearkitektur, MySQL, PostgreSQL Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20175d 20t $53
Write program to - "Log a Call" in Salesforce What I'm looking to achieve is a quick way to "Log a call" with some sort of script. This needs to be done with the Chrome browser. What I usually do is: 1. Open up 20-50 tabs 2. And then I follow the sequence of the picture attached for each of the task. So ideally, I would to: 1. Open up 20-50 tabs 2. Click a button that does the task of the picture below. The catc... 3 PHP, Python, Programvarearkitektur,, Salesforce app-utvikling Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20175d 19t $136
Please help me understand how this Python script for Blender works I'm a Node developer working for a visual artist. He asked me to put together a Python application that allows him to take a 2D image and convert it to a 3D model. I really need somebody to help me understand the algorithm involved in a script I found so I can work with the code according to his specifications. The Github repository is called 2d_to_3d_blender in case you want to do a quick... 12 Python, 3D Rendering, Utdannelse & veiledning, 3D-modellering, Programvareutvikling Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20175d 19t $35
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