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Getting a software script written

Getting a software script written can be very confusing especially if you've never done it before. In this post we teach you the right process.
15. apr. 2020 • 8 minutt lesetid

Need a software script written but not sure where to start? Read this

A computer script is a list of programming commands that are implemented by specific scripting engines or programs. It may be used to generate Web pages on the Internet or automate processes on a local PC or laptop device. For example,  in order to generate powerful web content, PHP, ASP and JSP scripts can be run on web servers. As well, to automate tasks on Apple products, AppleScript is used while Windows uses VB and DOS scripts. Some other popular script languages include REXX. JavaScript, Tcl/Tk and Perl.
Essentially, script files are generally text documents containing specific instructions that are written in a specific scripting language.  In this instance, most scripts are able to be read and edited with a standard text editor. It is only when they are opened by the designated scripting engine that the commands are then carried out. For example, Visual Basic, or VB, scripts only run using Windows built in scripting support for VB and double-clicked. For this reason, one should never open or run a VB script in an email from an unknown user as they are able to access and modify local programs and files on your computer. 
Generally, script languages are much quicker and simpler to code as compared to those that are more compiled and structured such as C++ and C. That being said, as each individual instruction is first managed by another program as opposed to a direct primary instruction processor, a compiled program takes longer to run.
In multimedia development programs, the term “script” is used to infer the succession of instructions entered to specify how a sequence of multimedia files will be displayed. This includes the sequence and timing of the images and sounds as well as the users’ potential interactions.

What’s the difference between scripting and coding?

A lot of people use the terms “coding” and “scripting” interchangeable. However, while they are similar, there is a distinct, yet subtle, difference.
Coding, otherwise known as programming, is a general term that can be applied to all existing computer languages. You are basically coding whenever you are implementing a machine language to compose instructions that can be deciphered by a computer program. 
So where does scripting come in? As there are many types of coding under the general coding umbrella, scripting is just one of these.
Scripting is code used to program, or automate processes instead of having them executed by a web developer one step at a time. Scripting is used to give programs and websites specific instructions while coding (think CSS and HTML) directs the computer how to display content on a website.  To get a good idea of where scripting is used, consider WordPress. PHP can be used in the form of code from a separate file as well as the details that the user has stored in that particular site’s database. This is then processed and transmitted as HTML. 
Therefore, since code in scripting language is used to relay instructions to the parent program, the above functions occur simultaneously, without the user seeing any of this occur. These features are then implemented with a one-time only set of instructions as opposed to hand-coding each and every out and occurrence by the site developer.
To sum it up, coding involves way more than just scripting. And scripting is but one type of coding. Scripting can be used to create pop-up windows and ads, create animation or build a chatbox. 
Scripting can be used in the following applications:
PHP, Perl, JavaScript, etc
JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, etc
Create extensions and plug-ins
Multimedia and gaming
System Administration (i.e.: Python, Perl and Shell)

Types of Scripting

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

Designed for web development, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language that is server-side. PHP code can be combined with different web frameworks, content management or web template systems or embedded into HTML 
Usually processed by a PHP  implemented as a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) executable or  as a module on a web server, PHP is normally processed by a PHP interpreter. The web server that merges the results of this code with the web page.
PHP code can also be carried out with CLI (command-line interface) and then used to execute graphical applications that are stand-alone. Powered by Zend Engine, the basic PHP interpreter is free under the PHP License and is universally ported and easily dispensed on the majority of web servers on most popular  platforms and operating systems, at no cost to the user.
php scripting example

VBA Scripting

Most often used in PowerPoint, Excel or other Microsoft Office applications,    VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is a scripting language used to write scripts used to customize those applications to benefit your needs. 
vba scripting example

Java scripting

JavaScript is an advanced interpreted computer programming language that adheres to the ECMAScript guidelines. It is known as a prototype=based and multi-paradigm that is one of the core concepts of the internet along with CSS and HTML. 
As it powers interactive web pages it is a crucial part of any website or application. Almost every known website uses JavaScript. And every popular web browser possesses a dedicated engine to execute JavaScript. It supports imperative, functional and event-driven program styles and has an API for complying with text, dates, arrays, basic manipulation and regular expression of the DOM. However, the I/0 relies on its host environment, it does not include storage, graphics facilities or networks in its language.

How to identify the specific software scripts you need written 

Unless you have been trained in scripting and coding, you might not be sure as to which style of scripting language you will need for your website or application. You can use the above guidelines to help narrow it down and go from there. Or you could hire a professional or freelance scriptwriter to do the work for you. This could save you a great deal of time and effort as well as ensure that the job is done properly. If the scripting language is not properly written, it can cause major issues down the line and end up costing you a lot of money.

Hiring a software script expert

There are quite a few ways you can enlist the help of a script expert for your software program. You could use a recruiter, hire in-house or even hire a freelance writer. 
If you possess scripting knowledge, you can attempt to write the script yourself. However, if you happen to have someone on your staff that possesses the knowledge and skills, you can enlist them to do the job for you. This way you can still oversee the project and avoid any extra fees that you would incur otherwise if you went through a freelance site or a recruiter service.
Hiring a recruiter could be beneficial in that once you tell them what you are looking for, they handle the rest. They would search through their database of recruiters to find the one that is right for you. The disadvantage of this would be that you would not have much of a say in the process as well as having to pay additional fees to the recruiter.

Benefits of Hiring a Script Expert

Removes the burden of recruitment

Hiring an expert enables you to focus your energy and concentration on the many other areas of your business that require your attention. You can put the selection process in the hands of the organization you choose, which is experienced in matching the right candidate to the task at hand.

You'll save money

When you collaborate with externally hired PHP developers, the work is done by contract. This is less expensive than paying a full-time employee a monthly paycheck. Even when hiring a group of outsourced developers, the total expense should be noticeably lower than hiring a two- or three-person team from within your own company. 

Skill and experience

Most external agencies are exceptionally effective at recruitment. Their business is that of pairing the most qualified candidate with the project that fits their skills. They follow strict protocol and take their responsibility seriously. 
Hiring a programmer, developer, or whatever particular type of expert you need will help to ensure that you get a highly skilled professional specified to your needs.

Highly specified

The PHP developers that work out of these types of agencies are highly competent. Their code analysis skills and database creation abilities are efficient. They are experienced in web optimization and troubleshooting areas that you may not have the skills to deal with on your own.

Systems tests

Expert developers understand the importance of running systems tests to check for errors in newly written scripts and codes. They will not overlook this critical step to iron out any problems before they surface on your site. 

Optics and maintenance

When you put your website in the hands of experts, they can carry out regular maintenance. They are also skilled in markedly improving your site's optics, visibility, and user experience. 

Remote access

Working with outsourced professionals is convenient even if they live in another country. If there is a significant time difference, it's imperative to agree on working hours and clear deadlines. Once both parties know what to expect you can conveniently collaborate from wherever you are, monitoring progress across any distance. 

Hard deadlines

Professionals hired from external sources are used to working with hard deadlines. It's a normal part of their job. From the start, you can discuss all that is required and agree on a reasonable deadline, which they will then commit to as a part of the SLA (service level agreement).

Interviewing Script Writers

If you've decided to take on the interview process yourself, start by preparing a list of questions ahead of time. Keep the questions specific, not stereotypical. This will save time and help you narrow down your choices more efficiently. Don't waste time on trivial questions that don't pertain to the project at hand. To gauge their competency, ask technical questions such as:
How is data encryption carried out, using languages such as PHP or Javascript?
Can you give me examples of PHP design patterns you are familiar with or that you have personally developed?
Do you have a portfolio of past web services you have performed?
Have you attended any recent technology events or seminars?

Important Considerations

We mentioned past projects in the interview section above, but it's worth mentioning again. 
Familiarizing yourself with their past work is one of the best ways to accurately gauge their suitability. This can apply when looking into a single candidate or a company that may have several potential developers to choose from. Explain fully your project so that you'll be shown relevant portfolio examples.
Check into the reputation of the company you're considering. Selecting a company that's well known for being highly dependable will spare you dealing with deadline hassles and quality issues.
It's a great idea to be in contact with other team members too, to ensure that you can comfortably communicate with everyone involved. You want to feel like your project is in good hands. Email isn't the only way. Many find other communication strategies superior to email. Try using Zoom or Skype for conference calls Messaging apps and even audio messages can be great for keeping the lines of communication open in real-time.
Hiring a freelance software scriptwriter is another option. This way you could free up your time to focus on other tasks. A freelancer would not be as costly as enlisting with a recruiting agency and you could directly hire the freelancer, instead of having someone else do it for you.
The best place to find a skilled freelance software scriptwriter is on! It’s quick and easy. You simply post the position on and within minutes, bids from skilled scriptwriters will hit your inbox! Or if you prefer, you can browse their’s vast database to find the right fit. 
Once you have hired your software script language writer, you will be able to chat with them in real time via to agree to the terms of the job. You can opt to pay them upon completion or when they hit a predetermined milestone. It’s that simple!
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