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Color Palette Explorer: Top 30 Color Schemes For Your Designs

Choose the right color palette from neutral, warm, soft, galaxy, elegant, cool, lively, natural, playful and neon categories.
19. apr. 2021 • 10 minutt lesetid
Oppdatert 20. okt. 2021 av Ruchi B.
Choosing the right color palette is the perfect way to create the right tone for your designs, whether it be on logos, fonts, posters or icons. After all, colors add life, emotion and meaning to everything we see.   
If you’re looking for inspiration and the ultimate color palette for your next project, we’ve put together 30 of the best palettes, organized into:
Neutral color palette
Warm color palette
Soft color palette
Galaxy color palette
Elegant color palette
Cool color palette
Lively color palette
Natural color palette
Playful color palette
Neon color palette
By searching through the collection below you are bound to find the right one for your next project!


Neutral color palette

Shabby Chic neutral color palette

Shabby Chic Neutrals Color Palette
This neutral color palette uses variations of browns and creams to create complementary hues. These subtle colors provide warmth to any design, and are perfect for sophisticated imagery and content. You can find the palette on Canva.


Rusty Pastel neutral color palette

A combination of aesthetic ruins is the best way to this neutral palette. The palette consists of a variety of shades that reminisce old worn-out ruins that still hold their grandeur and warmth. This set of colors would be exemplary to choose for laid-back yet stand-out building spaces.


Elegant Soft neutral color palette

The impeccable combination of colors used for this neutral palette screams sophistication and minimalism. Perfect for indoor home décor or even minimalist furniture sets. This palette has the power to complement a room and, in return, harness the power and style to itself — a somber and comfortable set of shades.


Dessert Hue neutral color palette

This neutral color palette gives you the perfect imagery of a desert mirage. With shades that seem to be as light as a feather, they would be the best fitting for professional business or office settings. 


Warm color palette

Siesta Hour warm color palette

Siesta Hour Color Palette
This warm color palette uses fruity colors such as peche, cafe and sangria to create a summery and flavorful combination. This color combination, easy on the eye, is ideal for content about food and beverages and can be found on Pinterest.


Cosmopolitan warm color palette

Cosmopolitan Color Palette
This warm palette, uses safe and uniform colors to create a sophisticated feel to your designs. This combination will complement text and add a touch of color without distracting the viewer. This palette is ideal for content based on professional businesses and can be found on Canva. 


Stellar Fireworks warm color palette

Stellar Fireworks Color Palette
This incandescent palette, like its name suggests, is inspired from the brilliant colors exploding out of a hot star. Collectively these lustrous colors brighten up the image and create a very warm tone. This color palette is ideal for grabbing the viewer’s attention and can be found on ColourLovers. 


Torbjorn Color warm color palette

Torbjorn Color Palette
This matte color palette uses hazy hues to create a smoky combination. The shades of red and yellow with the dull contrasting blue and grey reflects the colors wafting away in the smoke. This palette is ideal for creating warm tones and representing earthy imagery. It can be found on Color-hex. 


Bold Berries warm color palette

Bold Berries Color Palette
This warm color palette takes inspiration from the natural colors of a fruit-bearing tree by using rich shades of red, brown and green. Despite taken from opposing ends of the color circle, the uniform shade of the colors complement each other. This color palette is ideal to evoke a warm and pleasant tone to content and can be found on Canva.


Soft color palette / Pastel color palette

Pastel Extremist soft color palette

Pastel Extremist Color Palette
This soft palette uses very pale colors to add elegance and femininity to your designs. These delicate colors combine to evoke a calming and sophisticated sense of imagery. This color palette is ideal to add a tinge of color to your content and can be found on Color-hex.   


Nostalgic Softness soft color palette

Nostalgic Softness Color Palette
This pastel color palette evokes femininity and gentleness. The soft blend of colors from the pale lavender through to green creates a smooth and complementary combination. This palette is ideal for light-hearted content, without overpowering it with bold colors. It can be found on ColourLovers.


Sweet Tooth Hues soft color palette

Sweet Tooth Hues Color Palette
This pastel palette takes inspiration from the colors of the sky and ocean on a sunny day to create tranquil imagery, full of life. This color palette can be used to add a clean and sincere touch to your designs. It can be found on Pinterest.


Floral Effervescence soft color palette

A color palette that represents a gorgeous amalgamation of floral shades that can beautify almost any setting it is incorporated in. This soft color palette is best suited for clothing and accessories that can go with all seasons—definitely a refreshing and complimenting set of shades. 


Galaxy color palette

Typical Galaxy color palette

Typical Galaxy Color Palette
Purple is a color recognised to represent royalty, power and nobility. The brightly colored hues of this palette add a fun and playful tone to the combination and perk up the maturity of the purple. This galaxy color palette is ideal for a combination of sophistication and juvenility and can be found on Color-hex. 


Squinting at Night galaxy color palette

Squinting at Night Color Palette
This shady color palette, like its name suggests, uses dark colors to create a dusky combination. The dark colors do not evoke a gloomy tone, but rather complement each other with their even hues and create a tone of subtle sophistication. This palette is ideal to create dark imagery and can be found on Color-hex.    


Sparkle Dew galaxy color palette

Wondering what could best resemble an enchanting starry night? Exactly this set of shades serves as one of the coolest palette ranges. With the one-of-a-kind shades provided in the palette, this combination would be perfect for a bedroom set or even sports clothing. 


Thunderstorm Hue galaxy color palette

Some of the most interactive colors present in the sky are incorporated into this galaxy color palette. Just like witnessing a beautiful thunderstorm, this set of colors can guarantee to light up any place it is used in. With its slight playful mixture of warm and cool colors, this palette would be ideal for garments and even self-care products. 


Elegant color palette

Forma Silvestris elegant color palette

Forma Silvestris Color Palette
This sophisticated fancy color palette uses contrasting light and dark blues and whites to create a soft silver feel to this combination. Silver evokes a luxurious feminine tone in the imagery. This color palette is ideal for fancy events and content such as wedding invitations and can be found on Color-hex.


Monochrome Beauty elegant color palette

This gorgeous elegant color palette is everything you need if you are looking for a more somber and modish set of colors that looks ravishing in a setting. This palette would be best suited for the office atmosphere or even for the minimalist furniture at home. 


Grecian Holiday elegant color palette

Grecian Holiday Color Palette
This pastel palette takes inspiration from the colors of cycladic houses associated with the Santorini hills and other locations of Greece. The use of pastel adds a tone of sophistication to the combination and complements the warm coral and Grecian blue. This palette can be found on Canva.


Sleek and Modern elegant color palette

Sleek and Modern Color Palette
This elegant color palette uses a black and white monochrome with a dash of cobalt blue to add a modern touch to your designs. The fluency of this color combination adds style and elegance to a range of contexts but this palette is optimum for a modern context. This color palette can be found on Canva.


Cool color palette

Green Logo cool color palette

Green color palette
Green is the color of nature, symbolising growth, harmony and freshness. The gradual increase in shade of the pale green gradient creates a fluency to the palette creating a soft and gentle tone. This color palette is ideal for nature-based content and can be found on Color-hex.  


Aqua Blues cool color palette

Aqua Blues Color Palette
This aqua palette uses murky, subtle colors to create a mysterious and slightly sombre feel. The gradual change in tone from the light mist color to the peacock blues creates a comfortable and complementary combination. Aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection and makes this color palette ideal for sophisticated and calming content. It can be found on Canva.


Beachy Touch cool color palettealt

Cool colors in summer are something you cannot avoid in the season. This super fun set of hues gives you the shades that can suit any beach setting. This combination of colors that includes three different shades of blue, teal green, and white makes one of the best options in cool color palettes.


Woody Dalliance cool color palette

Fan of some cottage core vibes? This cool color palette, includes a combination of shades that will remind the receiver of mystical woods. This one-of-a-kind palette is best suited for any setting incorporating nature.


Lively color palette

Spring Getaway lively color palette

Spring Getaway Color Palette
This lively color palette, like its name suggests, uses soft pale colors to create a gentle spring tone. With the use of the cherry blossom pink and light brown, this combination presents the full colors of a cherry blossom tree, symbolic of the fragility and beauty of life. This color palette is ideal to add a natural beauty to your content and can be found on Color-hex. 


Apt Bedroom lively color palette

Apt Bedroom Color Palette
This playful color palette uses contrasting colors for any of your design. Taking colors from opposite sides of the color wheel creates greater impact when they’re combined and offset against one another. This colorful palette is ideal for livening the imagery and can be found on Color-hex. 


Fun and Tropical lively color palette

Fun and Tropical Color Palette
This fun color palette uses warm color tones to create a well coordinated combination. Despite the contrast of blue with yellow, the warm tones complement each other and evoke a pleasant feel to the content. This palette is ideal to add a summery and vernal tone and can be found on Canva.   


Microsoft lively color palette

Microsoft Color Palette
This bright and pure palette is a lively combination of colors often associated with the Microsoft logo. This digital fusion presents a bright and energetic tone that has effectively used each color to complement the other and create impact. This palette is ideal to add a lively and fun feel to the content and can be found on Color-hex.  


Trickling Color lively color palette

Trickling Color Palette
Red represents power, passion and courage. It is also commonly used to grab attention and provide urgent information. Through this rich red color palette, the imagery and content leap off the page and grab the viewer’s attention. This lively yet powerful color palette is ideal for promoting powerful messages of both warning and love and can be found on Color-hex. 


Natural color palette

Carina Nebula natural color palette

Carina Nebula Color Palette
This earthy natural color palette, uses variations of brown and dull greens to create a mature color combination. The contrast of the drab green enhances the natural browns and prevents any dreary tone to the palette. This collection is ideal for nature-based content or mature and antique imagery. It can be found on ColourLovers.    


Naturally Elegant natural color palette

Naturally Elegant Color Palette
This sophisticated color palette uses warm tones of yellows and greens. These slightly darker shades soften the bright joyfulness invoked by the yellow, and present golds and greens with greater prestige. This color palette is ideal for reputable content to add a tone of elegance and can it be found on Canva. 


Outdoorsy and Natural natural color palette

Outdoorsy and Natural Color Palette
This nature-based color palette with its shades of green and brown, creates a tranquil combination. The bright lime green adds a touch of energy to this color fusion. Like the name suggests, this color palette is ideal for environmentally friendly and “green” based ideas and can be found on Canva.


Garden Fresh natural color palette

Garden Fresh Color Palette
Orange represents enthusiasm and creativity and is an effective gender-neutral color to add dimension to any design. The complementing pear green color and white helps the orange pop and enhances its attraction. This palette is ideal for food content as orange is often associated with health foods and stimulates appetite. This color palette can be found on Canva. 


Playful color palette / Childish color palette

Crowdwish Final playful color palette

Crowdwish Final Color Palette

This bright and striking palette, uses the same degree of luminosity of the five principal colors to create a gaudy combination. With the diversity of colors this playful color palette creates fun and energetic imagery ideal for grabbing attention and heightening the mood of the content. This color palette can be found on Color-hex. 


Nightlife playful color palette

Nightlife Color Palette
This playful color palette uses the four principle printing colors (CMYK) cyan, magenta, yellow and black to add a crisp and lively effect to any design. This striking combination represents the bright colors used to grab attention on billboards scattered around the city. This makes the palette ideal for vibrant content and can be found on Canva. 


Day and Night playful color palette

Day And Night Color Palette
This contrasting palette uses dark blues and a bright yellow to create a vibrant and striking combination. Yellow symbolises happiness and energy, and its juxtaposition with the dark blues creates an energetic impact. These playful colors are ideal for a modern touch of joy and can be found on Canva.


Happy Sunflower playful color palette

This playful color palette vibrates happiness with its warm shades and also a touch of blue to balance the coolness. Something as refreshing as sunflowers on a sunny day, this palette can be best used in playground settings or in children’s rooms.


Neon color palette

CMYK and White neon color palette

CMYK and White Color Palette
This neon palette combines bright basic colors to create a childish and playful composition. The contrast, with the inclusion of black and white, balances the vibrancy of this combination and enhances each color. This color palette is ideal for fun and jovial designs and can be found on Color-hex. 


Always Sunset neon color palette

Always Sunset Color Palette
This neon palette takes inspiration from the vivid colors of the sun as it sets below the horizon. These soft fiery colors complement each other and with the significant amount of yellow present, and together they create a happy and lively tone. This color palette is ideal to add striking joyful colors to your designs and can be found on Color-hex. 


City Lights neon color palette

A set of color combinations that will be as funky and stylish as the city lights on a busy night. These bold yet playful colors are best highlighted when put together, making this neon color palette a strong combination for any lively tone. This set of shades can be best incorporated as room highlights or home décor lights. 


Aqua Marine neon color palette

This tropical combination of colors used in this palette brings out the bright shades found in marine life. The color combination is an exemplary concoction of bright, warm, and cool shades that adds vibrancy to any setting. This neon palette can be best used in jovial play areas or even for food businesses. 
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