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    ...lot of research and I’ve prepared a checklist, which I’d like to go through in person. Important note: I require a face-to-face / in person consultation, in the form of one session together (min 2.5hrs - max 5hrs) on either 28/29 Jan 2020, in HoManTin area (I’d give directions later) from 2-7pm. If this first consultation goes well, then I’d require consultations

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    We are seeking an expert developer (not company) to work under NDA on a patent pending solution using CV / ML Experience with Face recognition, Object recognition, Character recognition and real-time detection is critical

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    hi I have a AspDNS website for a client. I would like a simple image slider added to replace the existing static slider on the home page and add in the functionality to add and remove images and links from the slider through the CMS.

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    I have a video of a black & white object rotating on a dark grey backdrop. I need the background removed & replaced with a black background so it looks as though the object is floating. Here's a link to the video: [logg inn for å se URL]

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    Fix login script from sql vularbity and session hijacikng

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    Create a 3D animation of a blank piece of paper animating and folding into a car, a house, a wedding gown. All of it working ...of paper animating and folding into a car, a house, a wedding gown. All of it working like origami folding and unfolding into the different objects. The final frame of each object may be used in a print ad as well as digital.

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    ...architectural style. • Understands relational database management systems (RDBMS) at an intermediate level and has experience interfacing with databases through both SQL and object-relational mapping (ORM). • Has experience using version control systems (VCS) like Git on large projects with multiple team members. In addition to all of the above, the

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    ...languages: PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript or Ruby on Rails A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development Hands-on experience with network diagnostics, network analytics

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    Hi, I am looking for a native English speaker (American) teacher. I would like to have video sessions 1-2 t...1-2 times a week. My goal is to improve my spoken English so basically, I will speak and I need you to summarize my mistakes, give suggestions and tasks by the end of the session. ***When applying, please attach a short video presentation***

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    2 bud making 3D printed Betta fish for my research. At this moment, I would like to four version of 3D Betta fish. 1). Ornamental type with opening operculum(Currently STL and object file available) 2). Ornamental type without opening operculum. (please modify and use same file with 1) 3). Fighter type model (shape is different from ornamental type) with

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    ...Got exception HTTPSConnectionPool(host='xxxxx', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /xxxx (Caused by NewConnectionError('<[logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] object at 0x00000069EED469B0>: Failed to establ ish a new connection: [WinError 10048] Only one usage of each socket address (pr otocol/network address/port) is normally permitted&#...

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    For existing MS sql database having around 9 tables create web service using given entity framework model and web API technology. After this display data in a separate mvc project using web service to given web pages.

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    C# YoloV3 object recognition 6 dager left

    ...once) object recognition running in my windows form app it detects objects in images but only after I manually load the image. I know yolo can detect in real time when using a web camera. I need it to monitor my windows form app in real time. Once the object is detected I will need the mouse to move to the center of the detected object and preform

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    we are looking for a very good developer in ASP with Visual studio and related languages. With good knowledge also with OpenCV - EmguCV image process Guaranteed assistance very fast.

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    ...Entity Framework MS SQL Experience with HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React.JS, Angular, Bootstrap, JSON PostgreSQL Database Design (e.g. Entity Relationship Diagrams) UML Object oriented design and development Design patterns Web API, Web Services Development (REST, XML) Windows Services Source Control and CM Tools SVN and Git experience Unit testing

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    ...calculate the distance. If the user is less than 1000 feet away, it should download a file from Firestore. 3.) If the user is over 100 feet away, it should zoom in on the object and say "[Annotation Name] is [insert distance] feet away. Walk a bit closer. If the user is under 100 feet away, it should say "[Annotation Name] is in the area!", and a button

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    ...[logg inn for å se URL] where those in yellow are fields shown on the page layout of NPSP’s own contact object. The third column is VMS’s own field naming with some remarks within. At the current stage, VMS is in the sandbox environment while NPSP is in the production environment

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    Backlink pr 5+ from Sweden 5 dager left

    ...links. - No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, session ID's, etc. - Links must be permanent and static HTML. - Link pages and our text links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow. - No article directories, link

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    Improving on existing financial model Software development house would like to improve on its financial as per the following scope of work: 1. understanding the business m...valuation best practices and drivers 4. knowledge of financial principles and standards. 5. avoid using micros in excel 6. Timeframe 5 business days 7. Activities: review session,

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    update nexmo logins or api 5 dager left

    ...perl I believe this might be your starting point cat [logg inn for å se URL] #!/usr/bin/perl -I . # use strict; use warnings; use mlib::db; use mlib::html; use mlib::utils; use mlib::session; my $sql0="update sms_queue set result='outdated' where atdate<date_sub(now(),interval 1 day) and result is null"; my $sql="select id,phone,sms_text from sms_...

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    vue.js project 5 dager left

    ...[logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL](_this.api+"/shop_get?category_id="+obj._id) .then(function (res) { var content = ''; [logg inn for å se URL](function (object){ content += '<div class="custom-control custom-radio"> <input type="radio" name=&quo...

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    Real time collaboration web app 5 dager left

    ...(working remotely) to come together on a session in the web browser and enable sharing of ideas through drawing, using sticky notes like icons and by importing any image in jpeg or bmp format. They should be able to see what the other persons have been drawing or writing on the browser session. This session should be saved and anyone should be able

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    We have an bespoke e-commerce website, currently using PayPal exclusively but looking to offer Stripe as an alternati...and Stripe authorises, the process must validate the value paid against the expected value of the transaction before flagging as complete. It’s a legacy system using Classic ASP with no plans to change. Database backend is MS-SQL.

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    Only Frontaccounting developers (Please offering bid ranging from 250- 400 $$) Hi looking for a php developer based on Frontacc...Invoice Voiding Report: POS reporting Cash & Credit & Debit Card Reporting 3 Boxes Stocks availability must shown on the Items windows Sales Tax/ VAT rates VAT Box POS Session numbering Multi stores with Multi POS

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    looking for high level technologist in blockchain , NNs, C++, UIUX, Python, GPU

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    ...singapore changi airport in blender and export it to a X Plane 11 object file. Each object must have - PBR implementation (Find on X Plane 11 site on how to add) - Reflective glass/ normals ( Find on X Plane 11 site on how to add) - 2k HD textures - Only 1 texture file per object I have attach below a picture of another WSSS/singapore changi airport

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    ...- modern - minimalist Colour scheme: - blues (knowledge, trust, calmness) OR - greens (growth, success) Spring to be interpreted as either growth or a spring as in the object (metal coil spring), eg. "spring forward". I'm looking to be provided with the Illustrator source file, also an icon I can use for the Facebook page, favicon etc I look

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    We're looking for an experienced App developers who have worked in related languages (Swift and Object-C fo example). This project is for an app where a customer can take pics of apparel on their mobile phone and get the necessary measurements, for use in a custom clothing ecommerce environment. Similar phone sizing program was made by MTailor for

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    Python Developer 3 dager left

    ...places. Contact : 7659904903 Work experience as a Python Developer Expertise in Machine Learning,Deep Learning,Python framework (like Django, Flask or Pyramid) Knowledge of object-relational mapping (ORM) Familiarity with front-end technologies (like JavaScript and HTML5) Team spirit and some times have to work for Projects. Good problem-solving skills

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    Mailwizz Training 3 dager left

    I need an EXPERT on Mailwizz to train me, and answer my questions emails on Mailwizz. I already have Mailwizz loaded on a server and ready to go, I just need training on the software. We can use share-screen for a one-hour training session. ONLY EXPERTS need apply. Send best fee you can because others will be bidding on this, too.

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    Machine Learning and Object Detection to train and run a system designed to detect symbols in an image, and spit out a JSON coordinate map of all the results and matches. Preferably using TensorFlow and Python, but open to other suggestions. Correctly labeled symbols example is in the attached files.

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    We would like to develop an app for hosting virtual classrooms for our tuition business. Teachers are able to register and be listed for students seeking tuition in tha...supposed to hear each other or should users be connected via chat/text input? The Host has the control to enable Cam, Audio and chat for all parties before and during a live session.

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    Classic ASP to Google Calendar 3 dager left

    I need to use Classic ASP to add/edit/delete events to Google Calendar programmatically. I need to send Start date, End date, and Event Title. Authentication should be carried out automatically, server-to-server (my website to google api), without the end user having to authenticate in any way or log in in his google account. I am on a shared hosting

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    Media Buyer 3 dager left

    ...with the CLIENTS (30 min, once every two weeks you will explain what we've done with their campaigns/ads, what are the results etc) -You should be present on the strategy session calls with every client (I'll be present with you) Sending to me or the team chats each day 1-2 sentences at the end of each day about every client individually (how the ads

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    ...DASH) . Deep understanding of modern JavaScript development (language, toolchain) . Experience in programming interactive browser-based applications . Solid understanding of object oriented design . Write solid, scalable, re-usable code with JavaScript and derivatives . Strong experience writing unit test scripts . Experiment and Client solutions to a

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    I need help with Dynamics CRM ASAP 3 dager left

    I have developed an application for a customer and I need someone to spend few hours tracing a issue for me. This is small job, but...the DEV work as a managed package to Test environment, all added fields to the Account or Contact forms appear as Read Only. If you know how to solve, we can do an on-line session together and you lead the way to solve.

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    I have an existing c# aspnet and angular app - very simple - see video link( [logg inn for å se URL]) but now instead of us bringing in their power bi dashboards - i just want to use the app for them to authenticate so we can get the tokens to access their power bi account and their quickbooks account The app will look like the

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    ...Got exception HTTPSConnectionPool(host='xxxxx', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /xxxx (Caused by NewConnectionError('<[logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] object at 0x00000069EED469B0>: Failed to establ ish a new connection: [WinError 10048] Only one usage of each socket address (pr otocol/network address/port) is normally permitted&#...

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    ... Two shops are aleady in place. 2) Separate the objects and put them at the right place. Some assets we’ll provide will have different things joined into one single unity object. The idea is to export them on a 3D software to separate them. (Example with the associated pictures. You can see that on the asset we provide, around 30 books are joined into

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    stock trade analyst app using asp .net angular,RAD

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    Script which will read stream from local webcam and: 1 - draw line on the stream across middle of the stream. 2- track object ( can be pen or anything) 3 - take timestamp every time tracked object will touch the line on the cam. 4 - calculate the time between timestamps from point 3 This demo is for educational porpousies .

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    A web App in Dynamics365/Azure 3 dager left

    ...credentials and login using that. 2. On successful login they will be redirected to the second page, i.e. Job card landing page with “Refresh” button. 3. Whenever there is a session time out and user hits refresh, our app will use the previously stored credentials to login to D365 and land on Job card device page. 4. This credentials will be remembers

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    ...content 18. Add Search products by description 19. Add Messenger service like WhatsApp 20. Add create groups and invite other to group feature for useres 21. Add weekly group session and sort and filter group according to topic and user type feature for users 22. Add post and messages in groups 23. Add search option for groups according to user name and

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    Need help in the UML task 2 dager left

    It is dividied into 8 sections. I want someone to help and finish it If having doubts need session via teamviewer for explanation along with comments attached is the class diagram

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    We are looking for a web development professionals to support the development and maintenance of a public website based on Drupal content m...CMS Familiar with developing using LAMP stack Experience tracking tasks using Jira software Experience maintaining repository using Git Workflow best practices Knowledge of Object Oriented programming and design

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    Hello, I have 31 scenes of Apartments made in 3dsMax 2019 with Vray Materials to be imported as Game Object into Unity3D 2019 for Vuforia-AR I need experienced ArchVIz modeler only with Unity3D to set nice lighting for Baking LightMaps. Urgent project. Thank you.

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    C# EXPERT .net 2 dager left

    Looking for ASP .net expert to quickly fix some of the bugs in my application

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