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The McGrath Foundation was co-founded by Jane McGrath and her cricketing husband Glenn, after Jane's diagnosis and initial recovery from breast cancer.The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and aims to increase breast health understanding. GOAL Our goal was to increase awareness, number of installs of the app and the amount of donations received through the McGrath Foundation Digital Cup, an exciting mobile cricket game. SOLUTION We promoted the McGrath Digital Cup with Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing. In the game player’s had the option of becoming a Coach. Coaches were required to stump up a $30 donation to the McGrath Foundation and then invite their mates by email or Facebook to create a team of 11 players. The selected teammates simply donate $10 to play. Our campaigns resulted in an increase in number of unique visits, reach and reduced the cost of conversion.

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Varcas Interactive is a Bangalore based creative digital agency founded in 2014 that focuses on innovative designs and ideas that transforms brands into lifestyle. We forge a unique brand persona humanizing your brand by telling your story. This allows your brand to connect with your audience embedding brand loyalty and creating a special bond. We are not just another creative agency. We don't try to force your products; instead recreate a brand that inspires people and shares moments with its customers. We help you lean into tomorrow by designing how your consumers experience your business, whether it’s the product, service, marketing or communications. We value the importance of employee to client ratio. This ensures, each client receives personalized and round the clock attention.

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