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CSGO Betting website!

We need someone and or a team of individuals that understand the concept of this gambling website, and how the steam api works. This is a ground up project, so you will deliver a working production ready version, along with documentation and how to set-up and maintain. Here are two websites that we want to emulate:

[url removed, login to view] for coin flip and jackpot

[url removed, login to view] for roulette

What we’re looking for is a site like skin where a user can login through steam and select in-game items (skins from Counter-Strike Global Offensive) to enter the “pot” and have a percentage of winning based on the value of their items compared to the size of the “pot.”

First thing is the ability to login through steam at the top right using the steam API, located here

[url removed, login to view]

Secondly how to get and return skins from the user is through a steam account.

There’s two examples of this one in C# and the other in [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] C#

[url removed, login to view]

Steam bots that are able to trade with needing mobile confirmation or being able to bypass the escrow system. Both will need to be able to trade with players (Deposits and winnings) as well as hold and store taxed items which I can move when I need to.

Once both players have deposited skins they will both be sent to their coin flip to watch it flip. The coin would be provably fair flip, picking a player to win the round and give them all the skins both players deposited.

If the coin flip has $10 or more in it's pot and has at least 4 items, I would like the bot to keep an item closest to 10% of the pot.

For Roulette we don’t keep any credit! If a player win 10 credit they will get all of it!

You will also need to create a database for this project as well as an animation script for the coin flipping (Which will use the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist symbols for Heads and Tails respectively).

For coin flip players has to deposit a minimum $10

For Jackpot players has to deposit minimum of $2

For Roulette players have to bet with the credit with a minimum of $1

A step by step guide would be this:

- User logs into the website with their steam account.

-From there they have their inventory loaded onto the site

-The inventory is loaded from that users steam account using the Steam API

Some sort of a system that will pull current pricing information for this games skins that will be bet on the site, so a value can be assigned to that item.

From there the user would select the skins and deposit the selected items.

A steam account from from the website then sends a trade offer to the user asking for the items that were selected.

After the trade is completed the user is entered into the pot for a chance to win the prize. The user can enter into the same pot multiple times to increase their chance at winning.

The timer does not begin until another user enters the pots in which case the timer starts ticking down.

When the timer runs out a winner is selected and receives 96% of the pot, excluding their items that they originally bet. The 10% fee is only charged to the other items in the pot. (We want this to be adjustable).

For example a user bets $100 in items and the pot total is $200, the user would receive their original $100 + $80 while our bot keeps ~$20 Our bot would then send a trade offer to the winner with all the items they’ve won.

A new pot begins

We would also want the same features as Csgoreaper such as the Current Pot display, the participants, items in the pot, a chat system, and a list of the recent winners.

Keep in mind that this website will be running on some sort of a linux server, so we are looking for an efficient and simple platform that we can maintain. An admin panel where we can adjust the number of items and minimum deposits along with other maintenance related tasks is required.

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