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Hello Freelancer, (pleas read care full, and whole message before make an offer, i will not respond to the fastest message, but the one with the beste idea)

Do you know the Siberian CMS app developer system? Im using it for a new project. with this system i can build hundreds of app’s for different customers (dentist) my customers of the system are not the end users of the app. The end users are the patients of the dentist.

With this system the dentist can send a push message to all of the users, or if the user has registered in the app, to 1 users. To work with this, the dentist has to log in to the system and must press several steps before it sends the message. What i would like to have is a standalone webpage where the dentist needs to login (same login as App system) and where he can send a message to all users, or send it to a specific user. (users that have installed dentist app)

Take a look at the image, The image is the option to send Appointment information to the user (probably ics feed?) The image is just a quick idea.

The grey box will contains a how to information section, HTML will do.

The fields are (left to right) Select type, select end user, date selector, and time (hh:MM) And a trash box.

First button "type" this is a dropdown selection box with 3 options.

1. Make a appointment.

User gets a standard message "Its time for your periodic dental control, pleas cal, mail or use this app to make a appointment"

2. New appointment.

User gets a message based on the filled date, time. "You have received a new dental appointment for [date][time] Do you want to save this in your agenda" (ics feed? please advise)

3. Reminder.

User gets a reminder message "You have a dental appointment scheduled for [date][time] pleas come 5 min early" If you can not make it, please let us know"

Seccond button "find patient"

Select the patient (end user) from the app of the dentist that is logged in. The field should be easy to use. The information that is typed should find the user.

Date and Time selector

Select the date and time of the appointment, this should be send in the message our as a ics feed for the end users agenda system.


Trash this row.

Buttons on the bottum

Add new row, should create a new row

Auto fill from CSV, populate the field from a csv*

Send all message, after pressing this, the message should be send to all users.

It is important that the dentist can only send and see the end users that belong to his app.

* All dentist will use different systems for there patient management. What i would like to have (not knowing iff this is possible) is a upload option for a csv that will pre fill the fields. So they will make an export file from this weeks appointments in csv and upload it to the system, the system will send a message to the end user with the reminder.

It would be handy iff this feature comes with an api for the programmers of the dental software.

Please only reply iff you can do this and read this whole message. Also take a look at siberianCMS first, the have a perfect developer section to set up an testing system. The system that i use is live!

Budget is €300 till €750

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