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    Formatting Macro 6 dager left

    Wanting to format a data export (.csv file) into a table that has all of the options available in a way that is easily readable and you can see what decision is associated with Title and Description.

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    I have attached a requirements document for designing a Navigation bar in VB.NET, WinForms, targeting .NET Core 6

    $139 (Avg Bid)
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    15 bud

    I need to communicate with a console through TCP port 10001, I will give a public IP so that you can work. I will also give the manual privately.

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    Excel VBA export 6 dager left

    Please create an Excel VBA to automate do the following work. Document references

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    Excel Dashboard 6 dager left

    Need An Excel Dashboard created from a given set of Data. Need this project completed in the next 2-3 hrs as it is urgent. I can talk you through exactly what is required.

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    51 bud
    excel data price list conversion 6 dager left

    I have a price list from the supplier , it has thousands of line items , i need only the products i have listed to be manipulated. i will provide markups for the various price lists i have and pricing for the price lists.

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    We are getting this error using the following: Please help ? The download of the specified resource has failed Dim objHTTP As New xmlhttp 'Dim objHTTP As New xmlhttp Post = api_xml_request eventlog = "open objHTTP" url = "" ' LIVE EBAY '''' url = "" "POST", url, False "Content-type", "text/xml;charset=""utf-8""" "X-EBAY-API-COMPATIBILITY-LEVEL", "961" "X-EBAY-API-SITEID", "3" "X-EBAY-API-CALL-NAME", apicall "X-EBAY-API-DEV-NAME", "58874018-0523-4c6f-8dd2-f320043b552b" "X-EBAY-API-APP-NAME", "Pinnacle-9eb7-40d2-9090-38cf66c85b11" ...

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    Build excel application or website 6 dager left

    I want to create a website, or excel application to track customer orders sent to a depot with a location. (each customer order with a quantity of several items) once the order is removed, it closes. I have the plan and the operation of this website

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    I am looking someone who can design and develop attandance software for windows where data is being imported from QR code Scanner. Data will be in Vcard format in QR code and when scanned it should be shown in software and should be able to filter as per class, month, year. The date should be in Nepali format. I have attached a sample interface of software i require and QR code format. Additionally, I need an software which can generate this QR code in bulk by importing CSV excel file. The QR will contain School Code: Class Code: Student Name: Roll No: Expiary Date: Address: Phone: I have attached QR code sample format and software interface sample.

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    we requires real time experience on UFT,QTP Developer and must have knowledge on manual testing.

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    hurry up ............... up ....

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    Want an automated excel sheet which refresh every 5 minutes on own and give me information about moneyflow of live market.

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    Necesito una base de datos de venta simple en microsoft acces para alimentar informacion de clientes

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    Boa tarde, Pretende-se obter um ficheiro de registo de vendas relativo a cada cliente, com gestão de stocks de entrada e saída conforme cada encomenda, bem como o controlo do fluxo de caixa, registo de clientes e outras situações. Um ficheiro simples prático para ser usado como base de dados e controlo de gestão de vendas.

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    Excel & Google Sheets Experts 5 dager left

    I am looking for an excel and Google sheets Experts for long term.

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    I need to change dd/mm/yyyy hh/mm/ss to dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

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    We have an existing desktop-based software developed in the above-said technologies. We are now looking for an expert who can handle the updates in this software.

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    Very small job that I need done asap. I have 2 years of sales data for 6 outlets and need the data put into graphs based on % increase by product, by store and compared to the year before. Can send the work for a quick quote if needed.

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    Small Program VB 5 dager left

    Treasure Game Designs have asked you to create a computer game that will allow users to search a map for treasure.

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    We are a cabinetry supplier and need help building a stone benchtop calculator that assists our designers in pricing up stone in a matter of minutes. Some formula inclusions and rule application will need to apply when building the calculator.

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    I want a spreadsheet or tool created that ultimately let's me answer 5 - 10 questions. The selection of answers for each question is per-determined. For every question I must be able to select multiple per-determined questions. Once all questions are answered i want the tool to spit out a simple word doc with the questions and then the answers below. I also want to be able to amend the per-determined answers from time to time. I would also like each question to have 2 - 3 answer selections so I can add to it in the future. There are some areas 2 or 3 where figures need to be entered and those figures will automatically pull into sections of the per-determined answers ... I have all the Q's + pre-determined answers already, I have a firm idea of what I want and how it sho...

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    Write a excel 5 dager left

    Excel sheet writing and entering data

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    I have an MS Dos program using Comma separated values that is used in my work. I need to update the database so I can use it in Excel. Some of the information is already in an excel spreadsheet and the CSV data needs to integrate with it. Data needs to go from uploaded file (see [login to view URL] )to an existing excel database.

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    In the attached excel file, I would like to get the Week endings between the following columns: Columns Q to AN represent stages of a call ticket. For example: Column Q represent the start date of stage DNQ 1 and Column R represent the end date of DNQ 1 and also Start Date of DNQ 2. .and so on. I would like to know how many WEEK ENDINGS it took DNQ 1 (Column Q) to move to DNQ 2(Column2 Q) and display the result in Results tab. Note: Week Endings should be calculated MONDAY TO FRIDAY. Column Q and R are an example in my explanation, and this concept should apply from Column Q to AN Purpose: Compare dates between column stages and distribute the data in result tab by Week Ending (M-F) and also another table by month.

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    Her Marka/Model Farede Çalışan Legit Macro/Script Yazılımı .lua ve .mgn2 uzantılı Macro/Script dosyalarını ortak çalıştıran Özel bir yazılım istiyorum detaylar aşağıda; Bloody, Logitech yazılımları gibi güvenli olacak. Arka planda Belli olmayacak! Anti-Virüse Yakalanmayan Temiz bir yazılım olacak. Bloody, Logitech scriptleri ve makro uzantılarına destek verecek ve çalıştıracak. Örnek: (.lua ve .mgn2 ) Her mouseda marka model ayırt etmeden stabil çalışacak. --> Yazılıma Girişler: günlük, aylık, haftalık , yıllık key ile olacak.*** --> Key sadece 1 Bilgisayar/1 Kullanıcı için geçerli olacak *** Uygulama içinde Harici Bir Macro Editörü olacak. Kullanımı, ara yüzü kolay ve anlaşılır ola...

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    Please write "I know SmartConnect and Magento 2" in beginning of the proposal for consideration for this project Hi We are looking for an individual or company knows how to build an integration between 2 platforms: SmartConnect and Magento 2 This projects will get the source data from SQL Server and write back data to Magento 2 using its Rest API. Knowledge of 2 platforms required.

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    excel vbscript + scraper 4 dager left

    need experienced person in excel vbscripting for scraping data and sorting

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    I have an MS Dos program using Comma separated values that is used in my work. I need to update the database so I can use it in Excel. Some of the information is already in an excel spreadsheet and the CSV data needs to integrate with it. Data needs to go from uploaded file (see [login to view URL] )to an existing excel database

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    Excel VBA Expert 4 dager left

    I have a VBA app with issue. Hope to fix issue. I will send more via chat.

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    We currently have for work 3 separate Google Sheets documents; one for table bookings, one is a calendar with all our live music & DJ bookings put in & one is a date list with all our upcoming events. I need someone to ideally create a google sheets document that would ideally be a formal weekly calendar with all three of these documents as one. We wanted to use a software like ResDiary but our owners want to strictly keep all documents on Google sheets, but we're aiming for this document to be the same kind of thing. We need a booking-calendar-event management. We need a Google Sheets and Google Apps script to build a Booking management system. Synchronise booking data with your GOOGLE calendar - Delete/add/update/ mark as done.... You can access to it via phone/table...

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    In need of a developer to 'finish' a Windows Desktop Application. The Foundation & Structure of the application has already been 70% completed by a different developer. In need of a new developer to finish application. Ample experience in .NET, VB.NET and Microsoft Access

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    Create excel dashboard 4 dager left

    I need an excel expert to create a Dashboard on excel for a manufacturing company. Only Senior profiles with minimum 5 years experience in the field will be considered. Send across your work samples with your bid to be considered for this role. One time project for now, may lead to recurring work.

    $18 - $153
    $18 - $153
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    Excelsheet help 4 dager left

    I need someone to teach me in english without coding and done it automatically using excel E.g summary (i also have the address located at b1) I have different name tab e.g company in there e.g c1 is the address, everything inside is fix row and column, e.g name date How can i do such that if in the future i create a new tab e.g company b it will automatically display the thing i want address,name, date at the summary page without clicking each and every individual tab to find out the detail NEED IT BY TOMORROW

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    hello ,, i am looking for my own set up for generating signals based on nse fno data ( trade book data ) . I am already in talks with one data vendor who can provide data. Need a good coder of excel with good experience in excel data coding for stock market

    $101 (Avg Bid)
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    debug excel file macro error I have created a simple macro in excel 1997 version that works well. It gives me an error in later excel versions. Can you correct the error in the macro?

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    Excel Macro VBA Automation 4 dager left

    i have two excel files. one is product pricelist table. second is the excel table where i copy-paste the prices from first excel file. after i copy the price into the 2nd excel file's table, i will drag and highlight whole table & right-click copy. afterwards, i will paste that whole data into my e-commerce system, so the system will generate readable price by itself. now i want easier automation for the process i do (copy-paste price to another excel table). i want a loadable macro in my 1st excel file, so whenever i highlight the rows of price in excel file 1, and right-click copy, it will automatically re-formats the data into a table and apply it on my clipboard. so i can direct paste into e-commerce system.

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    Hello, I need to program a pipeline excel spreadsheet that pulls in raw data from a separate spreadsheet. It’s all based in on foundational number. Thanks

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I Need to create an excel sheet where I need to develop an automated way to cross reference pick and pack list that is categorized. I started making queries, power bi to manage relationships but keep getting stuck. If someone can help me.

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    Needed are very basic samples for CMD (commandline dialog, black window) for Windows Rules: 1) read all instructions before you bid 2) Expert is needed that will do these tasks less than 5min per each task. If unexperienced programmer applies that is fine, however cost is still evaluated same due it's complexity. 3) Time needed is 2day that is more than enough due codes are very simple 4) no copyright. all rights are transferred to buyer of course, when transaction is complete 5) expected ZIP file of all programs in time 8) see attached instructions, all tasks should be complete 10) batch files are to be separate, each in separate .bat file and numbered accordingly 11) batch files are to be written in Windows Notepad, saved as BAT and should do what is in requirements (attached TXT f...

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    Data from Excel to Powerpoint 3 dager left

    Need to create automatic questions and answers in PowerPoint through Excel data.

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    Microsoft Automate 3 dager left

    Microsoft Automate expert required to take news feeds Multiple from twitter directly into an excel page. It must also be editable for the owner to add extra twitter accounts to the automation. The excel will need to auto create a new tab daily also to distinguish between each 24 hour period the feed is taken from. must be done using chrome.

    $566 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to create several excel spreadsheets I need them done ASAP we will need discussion around this

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    You will combine two datasets to create the dashboard. (All datasets are attached) 1. 2. Indicator Create beautiful slicers using the Indicators, "cal_region" and "b201a_nkosuo_suport_received". I also need a map. Please use both datasets for the dashboard. NB: 1. The 3rd Excel file (Indicator ) is just a guide that tells you the units that the indicators are measured. Some of the indicators are measured in percentage, others in numbers, and others in currency. 2. 5 indicators from "Indicator " have direct links to 5 variables in the dataset "". See the word document titled "Variable Linkage". 3. The attached image "Color Code" shows the color blend I need for the dashboard. 4. Please do what you can and attach snapshots of you...

    $7 (Avg Bid)
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    New Business Development 2 dager left

    I need to create several excel spreadsheets I need them done ASAP we will need discussion around this - Budgets, Reports, Performance sheets, Tasks sheets all in Excel ideally have one master sheet with others that are attached and feed into one reporting sheet. There are 52 locations to keep track of across several work spaces. - I need to to be simple and scalable if needed.

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    Automatic script 2 dager left

    We are looking for someone who can create scripts to convert detailed pdfs into excel sheets. This is a fairly straightforward task and provided the task is completed in a satisfactory manner we can provide full-time work.

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    Automation Scripts 2 dager left

    We are looking for someone who can create scripts to convert detailed pdfs into excel sheets. This is a fairly straightforward task and provided the task is completed in a satisfactory manner we can provide full-time work.

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    I need an Excel Expert 2 dager left

    I have two lists: - a bill of material showing with the following columns: product code, drawing no., qty - a list of product with the following columns: product code, delivery date first lot, qty lot 1, delivery date lot 2, qty lot 2 I need to allocate the product of the second list to the drawings of the first list, showing the latest date of reception of material for each drawing .

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    Optimalize code 2 dager left

    Project consists of 1 form with 3 modules Source code optimized for performance

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    I have slicer to filter the data...after the data is filterd i just need to copy paste the visibile line alone to another sheet

    $6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Topp Visual Basic artikler