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Software architecture is a complex but critical discipline that impacts a wide range of industries. It is the practice of creating a plan or blueprint for constructing every aspect of a software system in order to maximize flexibility, maintainability, scalability, manageability, security, or other critical factors. Software architecture is a basis of efficient software construction and should be the focus of any prospective software project.

A skilled software architecture developer specializes in adding value and creating a powerful framework for the development of software. Their work involves abstract modeling and figuring out how modules interact with each other to support the desired functionality of an application. They also have an eye for detail to enable good UX/UI design and ensure secure coding techniques are employed.

Here’s some projects that our expert Software Architecture Developers had made real:

  • Developing scripts and APIs that process data and generate real-time reports
  • Setting up virtual applications on cloud servers
  • Designing databases with built-in security features
  • Creating several layers of authentication and authorization
  • Integrating payment gateways into eCommerce solutions
  • Maintaining an active directory to safely store sensitive information

The level of knowledge and skill possessed by these talented professionals is unmatched when it comes to planning and designing complex software solutions. These experts make sure all necessary tasks get done correctly so that valuable products can be developed without any hiccups.

We invite you to post your own project in and hire a Software Architecture Developer today to make your next venture successful!

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Fortnite Vbucks generator for PC. The generator will be specifically designed for personal use and should be capable of generating more than 50,000 Vbucks at once. And needs to be able to give any fortnite player vbucks using their Username Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in game development and coding languages such as C++ or Python - Familiarity with the Fortnite game and its currency system - Experience in creating secure and efficient generators - Ability to deliver a user-friendly interface for easy use and navigation Please note that the generator is intended for personal use only and should not be distributed. If you have the necessary skills and experience for this project, please submit your proposal along with relevan...

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    Customise Odoo CRM Workflow module 6 dager left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can customize the Odoo CRM Workflow module for my personal use. Requirements: - I have a detailed plan for the workflow and would like the freelancer to implement it. - The project has an immediate deadline, so the freelancer should be able to start working on it right away. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in customizing the Odoo CRM Workflow module. - Strong understanding of workflow management and customization. - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet the immediate deadline.

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    I am seeking a Java Developer with expertise in JavaFX for an ongoing project. The tasks involved in this project include both new development and maintenance. The timeline for this project is urgent, with a deadline of 1-2 weeks. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Java and JavaFX - Experience in both new development and maintenance of Java projects - Familiarity with mySQL database - Knowledge of other Java frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate is a plus.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to convert a Borland C++ 5.5 project to Visual Studio 2022. The project is of medium size, consisting of 10-50 files. Requirements: - Expertise in C++ programming and experience with Borland C++ 5.5 - Proficiency in C++20 and familiarity with its features and changes - Strong understanding of code conversion and ability to ensure compatibility and functionality The project does not require any specific functional changes or modifications. It should be converted as-is. Timeline for the project is flexible, so there is no strict deadline. However, prompt completion would be appreciated. If you have the necessary skills and experience, I would like to discuss further details and provide the project files for review. The project URL is here: (versi...

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    convert a c# project into Django 6 dager left

    I am looking for a skilled developer who can convert a large C# project into Django. The project consists of more than 20 files and I would like all functionality to be retained in the Django version. The timeline for this conversion is 1-2 weeks. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience in both C# and Django - Experience in converting projects from one language/framework to another - Attention to detail to ensure all functionality is accurately transferred - Ability to work within a tight timeline

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    Social Scheduler Chrome Extension 6 dager left

    Project Title: Social Media Scheduler Chrome Extension Project Overview: We are seeking a talented developer to create a Chrome extension that will enable users to schedule and automate posts on various social media platforms, including Instagram (Business and Personal), LinkedIn (Profile and Pages), TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and YouTube. This extension should provide users with a seamless and efficient way to manage their social media content and engagement. Project Goals: Platform Integration: Develop the extension to seamlessly integrate with the following social media platforms: Instagram (Business and Personal) LinkedIn (Profile and Pages) TikTok Pinterest Facebook Twitter Google My Business YouTube Authentication: Implement user authentication for ea...

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    I am looking for a real estate CRM developer who can create a customized CRM system with specific features including lead management and integration with our existing software. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing CRM systems for the real estate industry. The key functionalities and features I want to include in my CRM system for a real estate business: 1. **User Management:** - User roles and permissions for 3 to 5 users, including a Virtual Assistant (VA). - Secure login and access control. 2. **Lead Management:** - Capture and store buyer, seller, first-time buyer, and land development leads. - Lead categorisation and tagging for easy segmentation. - Lead scoring and prioritisation based on engagement and interest. 3. **Website Integration:** -...

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    I am looking for a PHP developer who can add new features to our existing code. The specific functionality we need in the new module includes user authentication, data validation and manipulation, and integration with external APIs. For this project, we have a specific requirement for the programming language PHP or framework to be used, so we are looking for a freelancer who can work with our preferred language or framework. In terms of performance requirements, it is crucial that the new module ensures secure and encrypted data. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in PHP - Experience with user authentication and data manipulation, UI development -UI to server connection - process mathematical calculations- process output - display on UI - Familia...

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    I am looking for a software developer to assist with full software development using Python. There is no specific framework or library preference for this project. The scope of the project includes bug fixing and improvement, as well as specific feature development. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience with software development - Strong problem-solving skills I want a windows based software that can scan all my system jpeg tiff png images and make a database so when I want to search a perticular image it can find it quickly

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    I am looking for a data scientist to assist me with a beginner assignment in Python. The project involves working with a provided dataset and have a specific deadline.

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    lineage 2 6 dager left

    Hello I would like to open an Interlude x1 server, only with hats in stores as a subsidy, and a subsidy for coins up to exp 1.5. I am asking for a quote for the server for 2 years, with no Pay to Win ! If u are programist and have a time and want earn money, write me a private message and we will discuss the details. Ad1. Soul Crystal Window shows which monsters you need to hunt and which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon Item Search window allows you to find every possible source of getting item that you are interested in Offline Private Store Sales premium or vote boosting runes, Player can buy on webstie or vote on server. Shadow weapons and D/C coupons are enable Ranking Window Automatic Crystallization Sales No Dual Box No Auto Pick Up Seal Stones drops are evenly split between...

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    Experinced Java Developer 6 dager left

    Need to implement a library in java code

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create an AI tool that can summarise Teams meetings. I would like the tool to get the team meetings held, summarise it and then possibly put into Micorosft Note. Here are the details of the project: Specific Requirements: - The AI tool should have specific requirements that I will provide. Preferred Programming Language: - I am open to suggestions for the programming language to develop the tool in. Integration with Software/Platforms: - I don't have any specific integrations in mind, so I am open to suggestions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing AI tools and algorithms. - Proficiency in Python, Java, or other relevant programming languages. - Knowledge of natural language processing and machine learning techniques. - Familiar...

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    Trading tracker 6 dager left

    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a stock trading tracker with real-time updates. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing portfolio management features. The project will involve implementing the following features: - Portfolio Management: The tracker should allow users to input and manage their stock portfolio, including the ability to track stock prices, view performance metrics, and generate reports. - Real-time Updates: The tracker should provide real-time updates on stock prices, allowing users to stay informed about market fluctuations. - User-friendly Interface: The tracker should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. - Customizable Price Alerts: Users should be able to set price alerts for specific stocks, rec...

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    Please read entire description before you make a BID. I`m looking for a ChatGPT/linux/PHP/HTML specialist for the following project: - I want to run ChatGPT from local linux server (any distribution) - when interact with it, I want to give answers, ONLY from specific legit sources that I will provide (I DO NOT WANT TO USE ALL WORLD WIDE WEB). For example couple of website or local database. - on top of this I need the GUI interface to be in HTML/PHP. So the end user will interact with ChatGPT thru this GUI. I need a quote for this and a time to finish. I do not have a strict deadline for this project, but I am hoping to have it done in a timely manner. I look forward to hearing from you. PS: IF YOU BID AN AMOUNT (ANY) IT MEANS YOU ARE AGREE WHIT THAT BID AMOUNT, DO NOT TRY TO ASK FOR...

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    We are seeking an experienced embedded systems engineer to develop a high-precision weighing system using STM32G473 microcontroller. The project aims to create a robust system capable of accurate weight measurements while mitigating the effects of external disturbances. budget $30 Key Responsibilities Develop firmware for interfacing with sensors and implementing filtering algorithms (e.g., Kalman filter) to ensure precise weight measurements. Design and integrate user interface components for seamless interaction and display of weight readings. Conduct rigorous testing and calibration to guarantee accuracy and stability under varying conditions. Requirements: Proficiency in embedded C/C++ programming for microcontrollers, specifically STM32 series. Strong knowledge of signal processi...

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    GCP Support 6 dager left

    GCP Support - Cloud Storage Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with GCP Cloud Storage - Expertise in setting up connectivity from .net application using c# - Ability to troubleshoot any issues related to GCP Cloud Storage Project Requirements: - Provide support and assistance with setting up connectivity from a .net application using c# to GCP Cloud Storage - Troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the setup process - Communicate via chat/messaging for efficient and quick communication Preferred Method of Communication: Chat/Messaging

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    Project Overview The objective of this project is to develop a chatbot utilizing OpenAI's latest Assistant API. The chatbot should be capable of handling natural language inputs, maintaining conversation context, and providing relevant, accurate responses. The primary goal is to enhance user engagement and provide assistance through automated responses. Technical Requirements 1. OpenAI API Integration: The chatbot must be built on OpenAI's latest Assistant API. The developer needs to have experience with OpenAI APIs and a solid understanding of their usage limits and billing. 2. Environment Setup: The chatbot should be developed in Python 3.x. Necessary libraries, including openai, should be properly installed and configured. 3. Chatbot Features: Ability to create and manage con...

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    App script for booking appointment 6 dager left

    Project Description: App script for booking appointment Platform: Web-based TASK: Tools: Google Form, Google Calendar, Gmail Develop process: Insert SSN INITIAL PHASE NEW CLIENT fill up the form with all personal data INITIAL PHASE ALREADY REGISTERED Choose the type of the appointment Add additional information about the reason of your medical appointment Add medical prescription (If you have it) SECOND PHASE Choose empty timing (if available): only in this case the customer has the appointment booked in Google Calendar. The event is added in the client personal Google Calendar. Receive confirmation mail DOCTOR: 6. Once that the user booked the appointment all the data inserted in Google Form are. collected in a Google SpreadSheet 7. The event is...

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    Project Title: Make/Integromat API posting I am looking for a freelancer who can help me integrate the Simpro API with Facebook. I need assistance with posting and retrieving data from Facebook using Integromat. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in working with Integromat and its API - Strong understanding of the Facebook API and its functionalities - Experience in setting up and configuring API integrations with social media platforms - Familiarity with data posting and retrieval processes using Integromat and Facebook API Timeline: Urgent (within 24 hours) If you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this project within the given timeline, please submit your proposal.

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    Devlop a simple windows software 6 dager left

    develop a windows software auto open website in windows browser feature panel - admin can send the website open request

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    I have an app i am working on and need help with few issues. I need an expert. Not someone that will learn as we go. We will work together on my PC. I will pay per hour.

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    I am looking for a chrome extension developer who can consult and code to automate tasks and enhance my browsing experience. I have a few specific tools in mind that I would like the extension to interact with, but I am open to suggestions. I have a strict deadline for this project, so I need someone who can deliver within the specified timeframe. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in chrome extension development - Strong understanding of automation and task scheduling - Experience in integrating extensions with other tools and platforms - Good communication skills to provide advice and suggestions for tool integration - Ability to work efficiently and meet strict deadlines

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    Scrape eCommerce Inventory Data 6 dager left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me scrape eCommerce inventory data from a custom-built platform. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping - Experience with custom-built eCommerce platforms Specifics: - I have a specific website or URLs from which the inventory data needs to be scraped. - The data I am interested in scraping is stock availability. If you have experience with web scraping and custom-built eCommerce platforms, please submit your proposal.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a trading journal website for me. The website should have the following features and meet the specified requirements: Features: - Tracking trades: The website should allow me to enter and track my trades, including entry and exit points, trade size, and profit/loss. This should be applicable for intraday, swing and options category. - Performance analytics: I need the website to provide me with detailed analytics and reports on my trading performance, including metrics such as win/loss ratio, average profit/loss, daily profit/loss, weekly day wise comparison, monthly analysis by selecting dates to compare my profit and loss and overall performance. - I need the details that can be exported to excel or csv for my further analytics - I need t...

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    I am looking for a Python developer to assist with a not-for-profit initiative focused on measuring housing affordability in Canadian rural communities. The project involves web scraping rental rates from specific websites and updating the data twice per year. Specific requirements for the project include: - Web scraping rental rates from a list of specific websites provided by the client - Updating the data twice per year - Ensuring accuracy and reliability of the scraped data Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in Python and web scraping libraries, such as BeautifulSoup or Scrapy - Experience in scraping data from multiple websites - Knowledge of data cleaning and manipulation techniques - Attention to detail and ability to ensure data accuracy If you are interes...

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    We are seeking a skilled API developer to create an API that will integrate demo games from an external website into our database. The primary task will involve establishing a seamless connection between our database and the targeted games on the external platform. Develop a robust API to fetch and import demo games from a specified external site. Integrate the retrieved game data into our database efficiently and securely. Ensure smooth communication and data transfer between our system and the external site. Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues related to API integration.

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    I am looking for a Flutter developer who can fix the issue with my Android app crashing after logging in. The app freezes and becomes unresponsive on devices running Android 11.0 and above. This issue occurs with all user accounts. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Flutter and Dart programming languages - Experience with Android app development and troubleshooting - Knowledge of debugging tools and techniques - Familiarity with Android 11.0 and above specifications - Ability to identify and resolve app freezing and unresponsiveness issues

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    I am in need of a programmer familiar with iresponse v4 mailing app and pmta mailing service Tasks to be accomplished include customization and integration of the app. I have a list of specific features and functionalities that I want added to the app, which I can provide. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in iresponse v4 mailing app - Experience in customization and integration of software - Strong problem-solving skills for bug fixing and maintenance

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    Looking for experts in C language 6 dager left

    Looking for an expert in C language with a focus on Networking to develop a new program. The program is of a simple complexity level. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience in C language, specifically in Networking - Proficiency in developing new programs using C language - Familiarity with Networking protocols and concepts - Ability to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise during development - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail

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    Integromat setup 6 dager left

    I am seeking a freelancer who can assist me with setting up Integromat for API integrations. Here are the specific details of the project: Tasks to be automated: - API integrations Specific APIs to integrate: - Yes, I have specific APIs in mind SIMPRO API Expected turnaround time: - 1-2 days Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Integromat setup and configuration - Strong understanding of API integrations - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines If you have experience with Integromat and API integrations and can complete this project within the specified timeframe, please submit your proposal.

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    Tengo un trabajo, que requiere conocimientos solidos en MATLAB y un poco del software GMSH, para elementos finitos, para el mallado del elemento en 3D, donde se quiere por medio de unos codigos ya estipulados en las clases, realizar la estimacion de un asiento elastico producido por un flujo subterraneo. Los codigos que tengo tienen alguno errores que ante mi desconocimiento no he sabido arreglarlos, por lo que necesito que la persona contratada los corrija para que pueda por medio de ellos, resolver dicho trabajo.

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    I am looking for someone who has ALREADY developed a NFC business card wordpress plugin or software. Essentially I want to sell digital business cards on my wordpress site. 1. I have the website created in wordpress so no design is required. 2. I need a system that bolts onto an existing product then sends the customer a unique login to a customer area which displays his unique link (NFC business card link) where he can track how many times it has been scanned and also customize his VCARD 3. I as admin must also be able to amend his VCARD should I need to and each purchase ordered must clearly show me the unique LINK that I must program the VCARD to for that customer. So Customer buys VCARD... they get access to customer area they can choose their VCARD (say 3 different styles) and uplo...

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    Developer for C programming 6 dager left

    I am looking for a developer who can implement specific algorithms for my C program. I already have existing code that needs to be modified and enhanced. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in algorithm implementation and be proficient in C programming. They should also be able to understand and work with existing code efficiently.I have the code i will are 9 files need to update and remove budget is 10$

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    I am looking for a mobile app developer who can create an Android app for "Sonar Shadi". The main focus of the app will be on search and matchmaking functionality. Platform: Android Main Features: - User Registration: Users should be able to create an account and provide necessary information for matchmaking. - Search and Matchmaking: The app should have a search function that allows users to browse through profiles and find potential matches based on their preferences. - Chat Functionality: Once a match is found, users should be able to communicate with each other through a chat feature within the app. Budget: Less than Rs.10000 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Android apps - Knowledge of database management for user profiles and matchmaking algorithm...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a GUI front-end using PySide6. The GUI should be compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Design: - I have a specific design in mind for the GUI but also open for suggestions. Functionality: - The main purpose of the GUI is data input, computing and visualization. I would like the freelancer to provide a scalable GUI code which can be extended with back-end computing algorithms. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PySide6 - Experience in designing and implementing GUIs - Ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces - Strong understanding of data visualization techniques If you are confident in your skills and can meet these requirements, please submit your proposal with relevant ex...

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    App for 8 ball pool 6 dager left

    I am looking for an experienced Android app developer to create an app for 8 ball pool. The app should be developed specifically for the Android platform. The project requirements include: - Multiplayer functionality: The app should have the capability to allow users to play 8 ball pool with other players online. - In-app purchases: The app should include the option for users to make in-app purchases, such as buying virtual currency or unlocking additional features. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong knowledge and experience in Android app development. - Proficiency in integrating multiplayer functionality in Android apps. - Familiarity with implementing in-app purchases in Android apps. If you have the necessary skills and expertise in Android app development, and have ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up an Airtable inventory management system for my manufacturing process. The specific features I need for the system are inventory tracking. I currently have an excel system in place that needs to be migrated to Airtable for automation - specifically related to bill of materials so that we can minimize use of in and out entries. The size of my inventory is small, with less than 100 items. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in setting up and customizing Airtable - Experience in inventory management systems - Knowledge of barcode scanning and production scheduling would also be beneficial.

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    I am looking for a skilled cryptographer for a personal project that needs to be completed within 1-2 weeks. Requirements: - The freelancer must have past experience and a proven track record in cryptography. - Detailed project proposals are required in the application. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and expertise in cryptographic algorithms and protocols. - Experience in developing secure communication systems and encryption methods. - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java. - Familiarity with cryptographic libraries and tools. - Ability to analyze and identify vulnerabilities in cryptographic systems. - Understanding of key management and secure key exchange protocols. Please include your past work and relevant experience in your applicati...

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    Mobile App Developer 6 dager left

    I am excited to collaborate with you on an innovative mobile app development project. The core objective of this app is to create a robust and interactive system where an Admin account has the ability to control and synchronize activities on multiple Sub-admin accounts. Below are the key features and functionalities we are looking to implement: Platform: The app will be developed for Android devices. Account Types: There are two distinct account types within the app: Admin Account: This is the primary control account. Sub-admin Accounts: These accounts are controlled by the Admin account. Installation and Setup: Post-installation on Android devices, both Admin and Sub-admin users will set up their respective accounts. Control Mechanism: The Admin account will have the ability to contro...

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    Project Title: SIP to WhatsApp Integration Description: I am in need of a developer who can integrate SIP with WhatsApp to enable both text messaging and voice calls. I currently use Asterisk as my SIP provider and already have a WhatsApp Business Account. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with Asterisk and SIP integration - Proficient in WhatsApp Business API and its integration with SIP - Familiarity with handling text messaging and voice calls through WhatsApp - Ability to ensure smooth and reliable communication between SIP and WhatsApp - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving any integration-related issues - Strong problem-solving skills to address any challenges that may arise during the integration process

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    Python expert needed to convert pyc files to py files for code modification Skills and experience required: - Expertise in Python programming language - Proficient in converting pyc files to py files - Familiarity with code modification techniques Project requirements: - The purpose of converting the pyc files to py files is for code modification - The complexity level of the current pyc files is basic - Comments need to be added to the converted code for better understanding Additional information: - The converted code should be easily modifiable and maintainable - Code optimization or analysis is not required for this project - Attention to detail and accuracy in the conversion process is essential

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    I want AI export 6 dager left

    AI Export for Image Recognition in Java for Software Development Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Java programming language - Experience in developing AI functionality for image recognition - Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and neural networks - Understanding of software development principles and practices - Familiarity with image processing techniques and libraries

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a chrome extension for downloading WhatsApp group contacts. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing chrome extensions and be familiar with the WhatsApp API. Functionality: - The extension should be able to download all contacts from a WhatsApp group. - The extension should have the option to export the downloaded contacts to a spreadsheet. Additional Features: - The extension should have the capability to perform automated messaging. - The extension should include group management functionality. - The extension should be able to send data to a server for data analytics purposes. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in JavaScript and knowledge of the Chrome extension development process. - Experience with the WhatsApp API an...

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled developer who can create a messaging system that allows users to send encrypted messages between each other. The project involves implementing a server-client model and creating a user-friendly GUI for the parties to interact. User Authentication: - The system should have two-factor authentication to ensure secure access. - The authentication process should require both a username and password. Programming Language: - The project should be developed using a server-client model. - The preferred programming language for this project is Python. Encryption Method: - The messages exchanged between users should be encrypted using the RSA encryption method. - The system should implement RSA encryption to ensure secure communication. Ideal Skills...

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    Web Scrape 6 dager left

    please i want to web scrape this website and also make it accessible as an api you would pass the link provided submit it and retrieve response and download links that it generated

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    tengo un servidor de magma avanzado hasta cierto punto pero ya hay temas que superan mi conocimiento en programacion

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