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Any organization with an online presence wants to ensure that this presence is seamless, and that users and customers can constantly access their website for information, or to purchase goods and services. A network administrator ensures that this technical support is solid, and works to quickly resolve any potential issues within the network, to make sure that all systems are a go when it comes to the organization.

This often includes testing the network for weaknesses, which could lead to resolving more deep-seeded technical issues that could have been lethal to the company’s growth. It also includes utilizing specific e-mail and internet filters to protect the organization from outside threats of all kinds, and ensuring that the company’s network is updated in every sense possible.


A network administrator’s role can be very different, depending on the organization, but almost always requires a diligent eye and a pro-active attitude when it comes to protecting the security and productivity of a company or organization. The position requires a tremendous amount of technical knowledge, and without network administrators, organizations would be susceptible to more attacks, and have much less network resilience, which is essential in terms of overall productivity.

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    Title Systems Analyst(Oracle OCI Specialization) Location 100% Remote Duration Long Term Job Description : "Sr. Systems Analyst (Oracle OCI Specialization) We are looking for a highly self-motivated and experienced devops engineer to join our development team to work on our Oracle Cloud Service. We have IaaS, PaaS and SaaS oracle products and need someone who is highly experienced in managing IaaS and PaaS infrastructure and Security. Job Duties - Design and develop cloud based OS management tools. · Enable and enhance Oracle Linux cloud integrations. · Integrate with existing cloud systems to create a fully featured OS management service. · Develop automated tests for all features. · Code maintenance and patching. · P...

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
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    Linux based Website Hosting Virtual Server in Cloud. Typical tasks include: Monitoring of Server & Domain health & logs for errors Security tightening of servers- Firewall, Anti-Virus, Bots, Ports, Spammers, Hackers. Monitoring Firewall, Emails and Messages - including system file changes detection Monitor diskspace utilization, /var, / tmp etc. and cleanup of files periodically Backup / Restore of daily/weekly/monthly & incremental backup of domains periodically Backup / Restoring & Validate of VP Server & Domains from backups Tuning server performance

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    Windows 7 Firewall 6 dager left

    We are operating some legacy software on an old windows 7 laptop. The software is accessed remotely from two other laptops using a Windows Remote Desktop Connection. The application is due to be retired in a few months time. Recently we have become aware that the machine has been hacked. The current user was thrown out and a program was downloaded using Chrome and installed. Screenconnect Client. This has been removed. We do not know the admin password. We login with an account which has some executive powers, but not all. The laptop is connected via WiFi to a router where the IP address changes from time to time. We need to use Chrome on the laptop and to find the current IP Address so that this can be distributed to the users to modify the RDC connection. We hope that we can st...

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    Project in IoT 6 dager left

    Building a simulation for an application consisting of a cloud and an edge layers. The cloud layer consists of a single process which controls the system and displays a dashboard showing a chart of the reported readings and the status of the window and fan. The edge layer contains the two MCUs. The cloud application periodically polls the sensor nodes to retrieve the sensor data and plots the data using an animated graph. If the sensor reading exceeds certain thresholds, a command is sent by the cloud to turn on/off the devices. It needs to implement the MCUs inside PT and the cloud service outside PT (using Python Script).

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    A. Scenario: The Great Canadian Widget Company (GCWC) is the top manufacturer and distributor of widgets in the country. They have a Head Office in Toronto with Primary Manufacturing and Distribution facilities in addition to company-wide Executive and Engineering resources. There are 4 Regional Offices housing secondary manufacturing, distribution, warranty and second line management responsible for each of 4 regions: Calgary (Western Canada), Montreal (Central Canada), Halifax (Eastern Canada) and Head Office acting as a Regional (SW Ontario). Each region is responsible for branch sales and customer support offices as follows: Toronto Head Office Serves as Regional Office (SW Ontario) for: Branch: Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Windsor Montreal – Central Region Branch: Ottawa, Thunde...

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    The application would listen for UDP port and send incoming messages to an upstream server. Server’s replies are returned to corresponding client endpoints. Below are implementation details (many items are for reducing complexity of the task): - Implementation language C++14 or higher - Compiles and runs on Ubuntu or Debian - Synchronous application running in one thread and serving one client at a time * Optionally multi-threaded or event-driven concurrent operation - Console output to cout/cerr - Supports IPv4 and IPv6 for both incoming and outgoing requests - Uses standard socket API, no additional networking libraries - DNS queries with duplicate trans_id can be ignored - Error conditions don't require sending error packet to client - Listen endpoint is hardcoded to - Upst...

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    Cisco Wireless 6 dager left

    My users are not able to connect to WiFi on my Cisco network.

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    I am looking for a person to install a dashboard for voip balance management I am open to go with the easiest solution and without bugs system If do you guys have recommended according to the suggestion i got there have sippy switch, vos3000, voip switch if you guys know anyother batter solution recommended me on chat please mention a accurate hourly charge otherwise we will not change this in chat...

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    I am interested in learning to setup a windows server in my home environment, setup Active Directory and setup a dhcp server. I need some 1x1 instruction on how to do these kinds of things and help me get it all set up. I have UDM gateway and switch

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    Hello we need to setup a project as per the given docs on AWS server VPS server.

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    Citrix SD-WAN Implementation 6 dager left

    Need a SD-WAN Subject Matter Expert to assist with the following: - implementing SD-WAN with Citrix SD-WAN appliances across two data centers with dual (2) Citrix 1100-200 SD-WAN appliances - providing best practices recommendation on SD-WAN deployment Should have prior experience working with Citrix SD-WAN. More details will be provided on this.

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    Some Task firewall Sophos 6 dager left

    We need a specialist in solutions Sophos in order to create some tasks like - AP Register in Sophos - Implement Sophos Central - Migrate Firewalls and another Firewall Sophos rules - Create Cluster Between two Firewall

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    custom project -- 3 5 dager left

    security report on our servers

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    I need a Cyber Security Trainer from 10th Oct 2022 to 17th Oct 2022 at bengaluru. Primary job is to install, configure the OPEN SOURCE tools listed below and handle practical sessions for students where I will handle presentations 1) End point protection - 11th Oct 2) Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Antivirus/Antimalware... , Content filtering etc - 11th Oct 3) IAM/PAM - install, configure, logs 4) VAPT - install , configure, demonstrate , get students to do handson 5) Ethical Hacking - install , configure, demonstrate , get students to do handson 6) SIEM and SOC tools - - install , configure, demonstrate , get students to do handson

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    Need help of someone who can create DNS values from the server, i will provide putty details and you can login to putty and create/configure DNS...

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    Will give you putty details of the server...your job would be to create dns or configure DNS of the server...

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    You need to create new DNS or configure existing DNS of the server...

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    Cisco WebRCT and Websocket 5 dager left

    Hi, everyone. I have a webphone and I would like to use Cisco has a provider. Can you help me out to make the connection with them. In this project you just need to show me you can make a call and receive a call. We can use any library you want. The webphone is done with CI. We talk about price over the chat. Regards to all.

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    need a network expert to provide fast network tshoot support when a problem arises

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    We’re a small, nimble organisation - a regulatory body covering UK based in London. We are hybrid, 20 employees, IT works ok, MS based. A few software as service add on’s but fairly simple. In short, next year we want to tender for new IT support service. We need a spec, but more than that - we want to know what’s possible and what would make us go from good to great IT wise. I would like someone who gets us, can spend a day or two getting to know us, a day or two developing our spec, a day or two identifying possible suppliers, a day or two reviewing tenders, and a few days helping us to transition from old to new supplier minimising downsides. If that works well, to be our IT advisor on a call off basis for ever! It’s sort of how we do our HR suppor...

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    Autoryzacja 2FA jeśli chodzi o VPN. Koncentrator VPN oraz NPS jest skonfigurowany. Został FreeRadius i po części PrivacyIdea. Po części, gdyż mogę potwierdzić tokeny w ramach pusha na telefony, które działają.

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
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    Amazon Services Expert 5 dager left

    Hello, i am searching for an expert whos is handson with AWS services, or atleast AWS route53, s3, cloudfront, EC2 and services. please contact me only if you are an expert. lets discuss everything in detail via dm lets talk via dm, please bid only if you have experience

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    Mechanism to log and export on demand the details of any data consumption including the user account ID, session duration, devices connected, download/upload data consumed? (With app and website breakdown)

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    Nous avons besoin de personne pour mettre des timbres sur des papiers et les envelopper . Il n’y a aucune qualification recherchée. Cette activité à domicile est accessible à tous : employé(e), cadre, indépendant(e), chômeur, handicapé, en congés parental, ou à mi-temps, femme au foyer ou étudiant… Faites en un complément de revenue

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    Hello, I currently use OpenVPN client for Windows version 2.4.6 client because higher versions do not work with my proxy provider. The disadvantages of OPEN VPN are: 1) Despite that I have uploaded 50 ips in the CONFIG folder. It's not possible to alternate automatically. I need to do it manually. 2) OpenVPN opens when windows starts BUT it does NOT connect automatically. I need to manually click every time which is annoying. I need you to build a version that will fix the two issues above. Please specify with your BID is it is REAL or not. I do not want chatting with providers who submit ultra attractive bids which are not real, simply to attract my attention. Thanks

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    Hi Everyone , this is a very simple job, we are looking for someone to help us out with an issue which we are facing. We have a AD server which is sitting on public IP address, for some reason every 10 or so minutes the DNS service on windows automatically add the Internal IP address into the A records. We need to disable this on both DC01 & DC02.

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    Linux Tech 4 dager left

    My personal computer all messed up with recent Ubuntu update. Scanner and printer does not work. I need someone in Savannah to fix my mess.

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    Lokal Omtalt
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    I was able to create a container and install I need to know/have a script or the commands to do: 1- install OpenVpn with MFA (qr code that will generate the 6 digits the client will enter instead of password. 1-Be able to copy the config file and qr code from the container to external drive to install on client machine. 3- The client will use OpenVpn gui to connect to windows server 2019. 4- Setup a tunnel between local proxmox and cloud proxmox servers, so local users don’t need to use vpn to connect to cloud server (2019 DC Server?

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    I need help connecting my sonicwall to a comcast cable modem.

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    Powershell Scripting help -- 2 4 dager left

    need help in powershell sciprting

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    Trophy icon Office IT Check Up 12 dager left

    I need a tech to go into my office and check on 3 computers. Make sure they are connected to the Internet, printing, etc.

    $110 (Avg Bid)
    Omtalt Garantert
    7 bidrag
    Networking expert required -- 2 4 dager left

    Have some task with excel and report in word, will share details in chat

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    Hello, The project is about building a decentralized P2P network (platform) based on the IPFS or libp2p network framework. The project has 7 main phases: 1) Build a P2P network, where each node/peer participating in this network must be capable of discovering, routing, messaging, file sharing, and pinging other nodes/peers. This can be done through the IPFS or LİBP2P. This step is very easy you just need to install one of the above-mentioned protocols and then deploy it as a private (isolated) network via "Swarm / DHT". 2) Setup a VPN based on hyperspace to enable Master and Worker nodes be accessible in RAY (if you can manage it through libp2p then this task can be skipped). 3) Resource management: each node/peer must be able to manage its resources (i.e. RAM, CPU, and storage)....

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    Sandbox Development 4 dager left

    Cisco packet tracer lab and gns3 network Sandbox development needed

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    iptables in Android 4 dager left

    iptables in Andorid Android is connceted to ZeroTier The request (IPP) will be sent from another device(laptop) that connected to ZeroTier as well to the Android. But i need Android to Forward the request to another device (Printer) The topology of reference is in attachment. The Android was rooted and termux installed. Not restricted to iptables, if you have other better solutions. I can provide remote access to the android if needed. The result of work is the steps of how to configure iptables or other solutions.

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    IT infrastructure 4 dager left

    Need an expert who can Design a remote access control policy For an IT infrastructure and then he/she have to provide quality work related to it

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    ethical hacker 3 dager left

    i want to find vulnerabilities on remote desktop connections .

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    aws devops person needed 2 dager left

    hi there we have a live project running with rds on aws, we need support on server and on code optiomisations for the issues on the server. you will have to work remotely we need freelancer only

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    Migration from PFsense to Opnsense 2 dager left

    i need someone who can copy all Settings from PFSense to a new OPNsense.

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    P2P network based on LibP2P 2 dager left

    Hello, The project is about building a decentralized P2P network (platform) based on the IPFS or libp2p network framework. The project has 7 main phases: 1) Build a P2P network, where each node/peer participating in this network must be capable of discovering, routing, messaging, file sharing, and pinging other nodes/peers. This can be done through the IPFS or LİBP2P. This step is very easy you just need to install one of the above-mentioned protocols and then deploy it as a private (isolated) network via "Swarm / DHT". 2) Setup a VPN based on hyperspace to enable Master and Worker nodes be accessible in RAY (if you can manage it through libp2p then this task can be skipped). 3) Resource management: each node/peer must be able to manage its resources (i.e. RAM, CPU, and storage)....

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    we have some managed industrial switches, link different makes. i want to configure these switches in the ring topology the challenge is I have different make managed switches configure in the same ring topology if anyone help with this pl live massage

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    Poner en marcha una OLT ZTE y enlazarla con Mikrotik y sus usuarios

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    I am going to deploy project If you can help, contact me

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    Need help on Router, ASA firewall, Firepower and Cisco ISE Configuration

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    need to network design using Cisco packet tracer , also need to write report along with design requirement as given in case study

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    We are looking for a casual IT Support Engineer for our fast-growing company in Sydney. The role provides an exciting opportunity for an experienced IT Support / Systems Engineer to join our amazing team. Qualified candidates should have: -Application management, including installing, configuring, and updating hardware and software/operating systems (Windows 7,10, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019) -Case handling, including change requests, complaints, and general inquiries -Strong Analytical and Troubleshooting Skills -Excellent knowledge of standard Antivirus, Backup Applications, storage -Strong knowledge of Windows Servers and key server technologies such as Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, File Services etc -Experience in implementing and managing all Microsoft products, including Windows ...

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    Pro-ject: Title: Requirement: 1. "Implement Azure IoT Central using simulated Hardware. 2. No need physical hardware. Means prototype will be done inside IoT central hub in Azure. 3. Then need to do report as per instruction also. 4. Deadline: 2-3 days 5. Budget: Around $40 Note: Please download and read both documents,

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    cisco meraki 17 dager left

    cisco meraki admin firewal and vpn problem

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