A database could be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the vast amount of information in a corporate network. To add, access, and process data stored in a computer database, you need a database management system such as a MySQL Server. MySQL is the world's most widely used Open Source database management system. It is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. Your business might be using MySQL databases, so you may need help from MySQL experts and administrators. Freelancer.com offers you a lot of professional and expert MySQL freelancers ready to help you having your jobs done.

Do you have the experience and the ability to do MySQL projects? Freelancer.com offers you a lot of MySQL projects with clients who want help with establishing a MySQL database or edit one that already exists, converting an Excel database to MySQL, and solving MySQL problems.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on MySQL projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project!

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who do quick integration between Twilio and Fluent CRM. I have everything ready with Twilio and whatsapp business manager is already active. We need to send a message via webhook using FluentCRM webhooks. Only apply if you have integrated Whatsapp API before.

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    Hi there, i need profesional developer and full with responsibilities with the project Fast response also my criteria for this. Okay , u may see the existing system here : login and password please ask me. what i need is , add the new module and develop existing menu : -Layout List menu from side bar change it to top bar- 1. Supplier : (New Menu) a. Crete PO (monthly) (have 3 status : Open, Outstanding/partial delivery, closed/all delivered) b. Oustanding PO (status outstanding) c. History PO (status closed) d. Purchase (create payment for monthly PO, can be partial payment, cash/credit/transfer), also have detail filter e. History Purchase (status Paid) f. Payment (later will be inform) 2. Distribution (New Menu) a. Receive Goods (We can track price movement a...

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    We project built on Laravel (webpage) that needs some tweeks for client. We need somebody who can start right away on this project details...

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    Tengo un inconveniente con los codigos q moodle genera para la certificacion, hemos recibido reclamos q dicho codigo no esta funcionando correctamente y verificamos y evidentemente cuando introducen el codigo no aparece el alumno

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    I have PHP/Laravel project, which old developer was working on that project, and now he has left because of some personal problem. If you can help me, Please contact me.

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    I use sendinblue for email forms. I need a tool that checks for new subscribers in a specific list in sendinblue and then updates my mysql database. Running on ubuntu. There are various example languages to do this in sendinblue and should be easy job. Could be curl, python, php, node or which ever. Should update real time.

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    This project is all backend work. 1) SMS phone number integration through 2) SMS chat bot integration Route all Conversica SMS messages through Twillo phone number.

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    Hi, the problem is I can access to my WordPress dashboard wp-admin. But it's not loading properly and whenever I click it gives me a 403 forbidden error I have tested (send me a message starting with code word "lucino" if you are reading this): - removing all my plugins - changing my database password - removing users and their files - changed my htacces file - replaced my entire wp-included and wp-admin folders with original wordpress files - check my debug file and my Apache file error and didn't find any fatal error - check my folders and files permissions -clean themes and leave just one - check for strange files like index, php and html So if you have any ideas let me know but please don't start to try everything I already tried because I'll cancel th...

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    Hi, the problem is I can access to my WordPress dashboard wp-admin. But it's not loading properly and whenever I click it gives me a 403 forbidden error I have tested (send me a message starting with code word "lucino" if you are reading this): - removing all my plugins - changing my database password - removing users and their files - changed my htacces file - replaced my entire wp-included and wp-admin folders with original wordpress files - check my debug file and my Apache file error and didn't find any fatal error - check my folders and files permissions -clean themes and leave just one - check for strange files like index, php and html And still nothing. I'm sure I got hacked and i deleted the WordPress users and files but still can't find how to re...

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    Las plataformas de pago son Mercadopago y PRISMA. Necesito configurar los sdk, el pago a través de la web, y las respuestas y actualizaciones de estado de pago cuando sea necesario.

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    Linux based Website Hosting Virtual Server in Cloud. Typical tasks include: Monitoring of Server & Domain health & logs for errors Security tightening of servers- Firewall, Anti-Virus, Bots, Ports, Spammers, Hackers. Monitoring Firewall, Emails and Messages - including system file changes detection Monitor diskspace utilization, /var, / tmp etc. and cleanup of files periodically Backup / Restore of daily/weekly/monthly & incremental backup of domains periodically Backup / Restoring & Validate of VP Server & Domains from backups Tuning server performance

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    i want to edit something on a php website add some funcation

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    SQL code optimization 6 dager left

    I have an SQL code that need to be simplified. If you have any idea how to do it, hit me up.

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    I want to build website where live tracking of buses and e ticket facility is given effectively and on one tap you can redirect on google maps and live track on maps too

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    ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi realizzi il gioco forza 4 in java,entro il 13 ottobre,il gioco deve essere capace di far giocare due persone,chiedendo loro di inserire il nome,assegnarli due colori. il seguito il programma deve poter interormpere la partita,per poi poterla riprenderla. I need someone to make me the force 4 game in java, by October 13, the game must be able to play two people, asking them to enter the name, assign them two colors. afterwards, the program must be able to interormpire the game, and then be able to resume it.

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    Hello i am looking for a developer to create a Website as a POC using Wordpress we use Rest APIs that need to be connected to GET and POST to more over we have JS plug as well to be used on a last page what you need to know 1- Wordpress 2- RestAPIs 3- JS 4- MySQL please put for me in your bid if you have done and worked with a following and how thank you

    $10 - $300
    Omtalt Forseglet
    $10 - $300
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    Laravel script, add hided payment module that is inside script. Make bugfixes, be longterm programmer for this and softwares in betting area. Longterm , different projects. You need to search info about api for some works

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    Un proyecto de pagina web en el cual necesito conectar una api de la aplicacion Centry, la cual debe hacerse una suscripción a el webhook.

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    We project built on Laravel (webpage) that needs some tweeks for client. We need somebody who can start right away on this project details...

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    I need a Text Ads website based on Laravel with the opportunity for Pro Members to earn passive incomes. Please, check the project details in the file attached before to make a bid.

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    I am trying to compare budget numbers to actuals. I can get the NZ to pull the zero for the budget but I am missing some budget categories that have a value but actuals are currently zero. I am not sure how to fix the NZ expression in the query to pull all budget categories even when the actuals equal zero?

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    Clean dB from one list to another 6 dager left

    Hello Freelancer, My name is Daniel. I'm a single e-commerce entrepreneur. I was using regularly Freelancer as I had different clients requiring different services. That was then with telepartout dot com. Today, I want to do something for me as I am a podcaster writing about yoga via yogapartout dot com and a newly yet to be built new web site named Here is the problem I have I have two email lists and need to balance them out. Using RSS feeds for communication is a must for my communications. On one hand, the system I use which is the mail list provider named Feedblitz dot com. They provide tools where one can up and download CSV files. On the other hand, I store my client's list via an open source CMS system named tiki dot org. The first step will be this: I need ...

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    Our team wants to build a webpage for experimental purposes. We aim to see how people imagine a specific concept without using a text description. Thus, participants in the survey would use images to describe their feelings and understandings of a specific concept. For example, what do they think about a specific Eating experience in a specific country? In specific, we can describe briefly the project below. Besides, there is a wireframe that we want to have in the end. Front end requirement: 1. The webpage needs to have a database that stores information about users and their selections on the survey. 2. The webpage database needs to connect with two platforms API: Amazon Mturk () and Prolific (). The purpose is to make sure once participants complete the survey, and submit their ...

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    What we're looking for: a developer to perform a few fixes in a Yii application. In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience and tell us about a recent Yii project you’ve worked on.

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    API software for amazon wholesale 6 dager left

    Need an api built to go through wholesale product spreadsheets and cross reference the amazon listing and eliminate all products that aren’t profitable. The software should go through spreadsheets and cross references amazons listings and tells me what’s profitable. These spreadsheets are thousands of items so I need to eliminate the ones that aren’t profitable to save time.

    $250 - $750
    Omtalt Forseglet
    $250 - $750
    43 bud

    I need a Coder to solve Complex DSA problems in C++/Java/python.

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    Hello 1) i have to fix a file for working with 2 getJSON request, now don't work cause go in conflict 2) create function for block connection from same IP if max connections is set to X, now i have the bug, with static IP can open multiple connections. I'm looking for someone to pay hourly not excessive, cause i have other job to offer

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    Programador Dolibarr 15.0.3 6 dager left

    Busco un programador experto en Dolibarr para personalizar dos módulos + un conector que integre las facturas hacia una API externa. Posteriormente quisiéramos modificar o desarrollar otros módulos, por lo que pediríamos mas servicios. Importante poder ver referencias, cumplir plazos, entregar documentación para que otros programadores puedan continuar el desarrollo y preferiblemente idioma español.

    $30 - $248
    $30 - $248
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    There is an existing Windows desktop app created as a Client-Server application with a MySQL database. There is a rudimentary Laravel web app showing the calendar, the client list and the existing appointments. There is a need to add new pages to the web application, e.g. the detail view of the appointments and agreements. These two pages exists in then desktop app and need to be created similiar on the Laravel application. Please see the attached description of the work to be done and make your offer.

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    Host my php script on aws 6 dager left

    Need to create aws account and host php script with sql database in aws server which need to run smoothly even if 50000 concurrent users at a time login

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    6 bud

    I am building out a website that is intended to be a shop, i need all functions to be available including the cart, tracking, listing of items, etc.

    $180 (Avg Bid)
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    75 bud

    I need to install a script in php. I will send instructions in php and a video in a message. I will also send the login information. I will pay $10 max. I will give perfect reviews.

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    Hi, I have issue in my website some user unable to login after Migrate database from Mysql 8.0 to Mariadb 10.6. And another example if upload image not saved in database from some user.

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    I have a PostFix email server with MySQL and RoundCube as email web client. I want to have a registration page for the RoundCube where user will insert below info: 1. Full name 2. Main Email address 3. Alias Email address 4. Secondary Email address (for email recovery) 5. Password and Password confirm 6. Invitation code 7. Captcha verification On submit: 1. An invitation code will be checked 2. A new user should be created in PostFix mail server with the main email address and password provided 3. An alias email address should be added to the same user in PostFix mail server Next, we want to create admin pages to manage users, invitations, profiles ... etc. I'm looking for a PHP/MySQL developer with experience in RoundCube. This is the first task in a series of following tasks.

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    I want fixed bug laravel -- 2 6 dager left

    Hi I want fixed bug panel laravel and recovery info form api

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    Etsy Blacklist 6 dager left

    I need a web developer with database experience. I need the website to be build on the Joomla platform as I'm familiar the platform and how to manage it; preferably using the Gantry Framework. The website front end should be simple like Google with one search input field, that queries a joomla backend database and returns matching results. The search needs to look for any matching criteria such as first, last name, address. In addition, this website should allow guests to register for an account. Anyone can use the search button but only members can upload their stories. Members will be able to login and upload their stories and attachments such as pictures, pdf and text.. Once they upload their story, I need to be notified, easily read it, vet the content before it's ...

    $880 (Avg Bid)
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    Desarrollador PHP 6 dager left

    Se requiere desarrollador PHP con conocimientos en Laravel 7, 8, MySQL, básicos de Javascript, Jquery y boostrap 4, ubicado en la ciudad de Bogotá o Ibague para vinculación laboral

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    Need 2 Apps. App1 and App2. I want to access the following things in other phones through this two apps. 1. Gallery Pics 2. Camera access 3. Installed Apps

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    desktop exe using python script 6 dager left

    Hi I have a project for you. Using this documents, I have a requirement of fetching data from this api and give output in excel sheet. And Also take input from excel and give output,

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    15 bud
    Need a social Listing website 6 dager left

    I will give full specs to selected bidders. its a social network where user create listing page Listing page either public or private user can follow listing Each listing will be show as a feed like twitter where user click expend the listing by clicking on the listing title rate element in the listing or add element to their own listing You can use open source twitter script to make the necessary updates for listing or I can provide you some idea to find twitter open source script in php

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    Senior Power BI Developer 6 dager left

    We need a communicative and collaborative people-orienter senior Power BI Developer with very good SQL background to support our Data Analytics and BI Team. This is a long-term project and having a consultant and service approach one of the most important criterias for this position apart from the technical prowess. Speaking German is an added advantage.

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    43 bud

    After the website was migrated, there was a bug that could not register and log in

    $31 (Avg Bid)
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    15 bud

    Need an experienced full stack developer with expertise in core php and laravel for working on some bug fixing and other general improvements on an already live site. It would be an added benefit if the developer also has experience with react or vue because, in the future, the 2nd phase of the project will be to revamp the fronend using vue or react. Want to hire on a full-time basis (remote) with monthly compensation alongside opportunities for further performance bonuses

    $193 (Avg Bid)
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    ThinkPHP Admin Panel Development 6 dager left

    Need a developer who can help complete a ThinkPHP Admin Panel for an E-commerce web app. Primarily need to complete the frontend UI improvement, api integration and database management. Opportunity to begin full-time remote work based on performance.

    $153 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a site in CodeIgniter (PHP) which I need to add PayPal buttons created from my Paypal account.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    58 bud

    Add a new database for Odoo Community 14 (Contabo, Ubuntu server) , with ssl. With my own domain.

    $51 (Avg Bid)
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    12 bud

    Looking for someone to help me update my website to be PHP 8 compatible.

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    88 bud

    BI analysis dashboard based on user entries in database ( Marathi)

    $358 (Avg Bid)
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    Topp MySQL artikler