Medical Writing is the practice of composing and authoring medical information intended for a wide range of audiences such as healthcare professionals, medical journals, and the general public. A Medical Writer is a trained expert with knowledge in the medical field and excellent writing abilities to write scientific and medical documents that contain accurate and helpful information. This includes patient education materials, disease awareness materials or other medical publications.

By hiring a Medical Writer, a client can tap into the expertise of a specialised writer to deliver projects related to their specific needs. Whether the document requires compilation of data, summarisation of evidence or writing of research papers, these writers are equipped to handle any kind of project involving the transformation of complex medical information into lucid and accessible contents.

Here's some projects that our expert Medical Writers have made real:

  • Drafting complex documents such as research papers, reports or abstracts
  • Developing therapeutic guidelines and patient educational formats
  • Creating content focused on health policies
  • Translating materials concerning medical therapies
  • Generating customized pathways for approaches to disease states

We understand that having accurate medical content is essential for any project. Our team at is composed of reliable medical professionals ready to deliver projects hassle free. Our clients can entrust us with their project knowing that we have the necessary skills and expertise to accurately handle their task.

Let us take care of your project. With us, you can be confident that you’ll get quality contents from an experienced Medical Writer that provides dependable results on time. Post your project now on and find the perfect Medical Writer for your needs!

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    I'm looking for a qualified medical professional to compose a comprehensive literature review on the topic of bilateral breast hypertrophy, also known as gigantomastia. The ideal candidate will have experience in conducting systematic reviews and will be able to concisely identify the causes and risk factors associated with this condition, as well as analyze its clinical and radiological features. Key Project Requirements: - The review should adopt a systematic review approach - Identify causes and risk factors of gigantomastia - Analyze clinical and radiological features of the condition - Evaluate available treatment options for women with bilateral breast hypertrophy Please submit a detailed project proposal that outlines your approach to this task, including your experience with...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer with a strong grasp of medical terminology to create a brochure. This material is aimed at medical professionals and is intended to provide information about specific medical conditions. - You should be able to accurately convey complex medical information in a way that balances both medical jargon and layman's terms, according to the preferences of our target audience. - Experience in the healthcare field is a plus, as is a portfolio showcasing similar projects. Your goal is to produce a visually engaging, well-structured brochure that successfully informs medical professionals about certain conditions.

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    We would like a full copy of an approved CE market class class IIa. The ideal documents would be related to software of mental health (not a requirement). It should follow the regulation of the EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) 2017/745. It should be possible to modify this copy to kick start our CE marketing.

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    I require an in-depth literature review on fetal heart ultrasounds, focusing specifically on the different monitoring techniques and their implications. Key areas include: - Examining the technological advancements in the field and their efficiency. - Investigating the reliability of the tests and how they impact maternal health and decision-making in obstetrics care. The ideal freelancer for this task should have a firm grasp of obstetrics and maternal health, particularly in relation to fetal heart monitoring. An academic background in Medicine or a related field would be a huge plus. Prior experience in academic writing and research is necessary to ensure a comprehensive and credible literature review. Good command of English and great attention to detail are a must.

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    I'm on a mission to gather funds for a set of extensive medical expenses involving bills from hospitals, medical physicians, ongoing rehabilitation, treatments, therapy, and regular medication. I have had an extensive injury and complications. These costs are extensive due to the need for constant care, including but not limited to: - Continuous assistance - Regular physical therapy - Comprehensive occupational therapy - Medication - Special equipment - Surgery, must have funds ready The campaign is projected to last a little over a year, during which I appreciate all the help I can get. Ideal contributors would be anyone compassionate enough to help including those experienced in crowdfunding, with knowledge of healthcare financing and an understanding of medical needs. Your help...

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    I'm embarking on a research project with a focus on the intersection of Science and Information Technology. More specifically, the heart of the research will be in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Key aspects of the job: - Understanding of scientific research principles - Broad knowledge in Information Technology - Expertise and specialty in Artificial Intelligence Ideal candidates should possess: - Strong Background in Scientific Research - Extensive Experience in Information Technology - A Sound Understanding of AI concepts and principles - Ability to deliver rigorous and comprehensive research. This project is perfect for a detail-oriented person with a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in science. Your contributions will no doubt make...

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    I'm looking to hire a skilled article writer with a strong background in healthcare. The goal of this project is to produce compelling, informative pieces that help raise awareness and understanding of important health issues among the public. The ideal candidate should: - Have a proven track record in writing engaging and informative articles, with a preference for someone who has previously focused on healthcare topics. - Be well-versed in the healthcare field, with an ability to translate complex medical information into easily understandable articles. - Demonstrate a clear understanding of the media and public relations landscape, with a knack for crafting pieces that resonate with a wide audience. - Ideally have experience in SEO and an understanding of how to tailor content for...

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    Molecular Targeted Maintenance therapy in advanced biliary cancer versus combinational CisGem: Research Questions: Design the trial flowchart of the MoTaMy study Explain three benefits of having GCLP (Good Clinical LaboratoryPractice) guidelines in this type of trial. Describe 3 potential risks associated with patient participation in theMoTaMy trial and 3 strategies that were implemented to mitigate thesespecific risks.

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    As an experienced individual, your task will involve the creation of a comprehensive research protocol for medical technology. The purpose, specifics of the medical device, and desired research outcomes will be determined through a collaborative process driven by your expertise. Key responsibilities will involve: - Research and development of a comprehensive medical technology research protocol - In-depth knowledge in various medical devices - Ability to identify potential risks, determine device usability and evaluate patient outcomes. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in medical technology. - Experience in creating research protocols. - Excellent evaluative and analytical skills.

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    I'm in need of a well-researched, informative essay on a health topic for my website. The essay should be focused on providing valuable and factual information about a specific health-related topic, in an easily understandable manner. I'm aiming to educate and engage my website's visitors, who are primarily members of the general public. Key requirements: - Thorough research to ensure the information is accurate and up to date - Clarity in writing, with a focus on making complex health information accessible to a wide audience - A professional tone that's suitable for a general public readership, avoiding overly technical language. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience in health and medical writing, with the ability to simplify and communicate complex health information -...

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    Seeking a diligent, research-minded writer to explore the intricate world of asthma for an investigative essay. Particular focus will be on causes and risk factors, treatment options, triggers and the impact asthma has on quality of life. Ideal freelancer should have: - Medical writing experience - A strong understanding of the medical field - Experience with investigative journalism or deep-dive research - Strong command of English language with impeccable grammar Your task will include but not limited to: - Thorough research on asthma, including latest scientific studies - Detailed analysis of causes and risk factors for asthma - Comprehensive evaluation of current treatment options - Analysis of the effect on quality of life - Understanding the triggers and activators for asthma Ex...

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    I am looking for a competent content creator who can provide medicine-related information for our Instagram account on daily basis. This project includes creation and curation of HIGH QUALITY engaging, informative posts about common signs, symptoms, diseases and treatments with Images like Xrays, CT, ECG etc. Job Title: Medical Content Creator Company: Intellect Medicos Responsibilities: - Create engaging reels, stories, and posts for Intellect Medicos' Instagram page. - Develop content tailored for medical students preparing for exams such as NEET-PG, USMLE, PLAB, MRCP, etc. - Cover a wide range of topics including common signs and symptoms, diseases, treatments, X-rays, ECGs, etc. - Produce daily content to maintain an active presence on social media. Requirements: - Medical bac...

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    I'm seeking a skilled individual who can accurately condense a variety of medical records - specifically Patient Medical Records, Laboratory Test Results and Radiology Reports. The generated summaries should include: - Key findings and diagnosis - Details of treatment plans and progress notes These documents are to be prepared following the standard clinical summary format. Experience and understanding of medical terminology are crucial to this role. Additionally, strong attention to detail and confidentiality are prerequisites due to the sensitive nature of the information. Clinicians or professionals with a background in health informatics would be an ideal fit. The medical records consist of approximately 12,000 pages

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    I am tasked with making medical decisions for my brother, who is currently unwell and receiving inpatient treatment in Florida. I have already had to give permission to cut off his left leg. I am urgently seeking assistance in setting up and managing a GoFundMe campaign to cover the travel and living expenses required for this situation. Ideal freelancers should have: - Proficiency in creating and managing online fundraising campaigns, specifically on GoFundMe platform - Understanding of fundraising for medical emergencies - Excellent communication skills to articulate our need convincingly - A compassionate approach and confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of the situation - Ability to quickly respond to messages and updates as this is an urgent requirement.

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    I require an experienced medical writer to help finalize the manuscript of a retrospective pediatric pulmonology clinical study. The research is focused on evaluating risk factors within this patient population. - Analysis and/or familiarity with pediatric pulmonology is crucial. - Previous experience writing clinical trial results or restrospective studies is necessary. - The candidate should have a strong understanding of cancer research, clinical trials, and drug development. - Excellent writing and understanding of medical terminologies is key. - Ideally, I am looking for a candidate with a background in biostatistics or epidemiology. This project encompasses summarizing the study's methods, results, and meaningful interpretations. With your expert skill set, I am looking forwa...

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    As the author of an upcoming academic research paper on public awareness of epilepsy, I'm in need of a medical content writer well-versed in medical terminology. You will be selected based on the following points you will have this 25$ as a first part of the project (a 100$ on the paper writing) : - Apply an Assessment for the current data analysis performed. (suggest new point of view with thoughtful suggestions). - Processing Excel document into an SPSS format (we need to receive a proof of the spss file). - Write a detailed list of content (what are the topics -with the idea to be discussed for each one- for the medical article you will write with all needed details to be selected for the next step). The ideal freelancer will have experience in medical content writing (PUBMED F...

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    Targeted Genome Editor Delivery (TARGETED) Challenge - Phase 2 Revolutionizing technology development of delivery systems for in vivo genome editing. A $6,000,000 competition to improve in vivo delivery technologies for genome editors in two Target Areas: 1. Programmable delivery systems, and 2. Non-viral delivery across the blood-brain barrier. You need to fill out the Registration Form and be registered on the platform before submitting the solution. Subject of the Challenge   ​​​Recent advancements in the genome editing technology field have enabled scientists to manipulate genomic sequences rapidly and efficiently. Despite revolutionary progress in this area, several challenges remain. Existing gene editing technologies like CRISP...

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