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Machine Learning is a scientific discipline which focuses on automatically recognizing complex patterns and making intelligent decisions based on available data. This branch of study develops algorithms for computers to evolve behaviors for the same. If your business needs help with machine learning algorithms, you have come to the right place. You can hire expert freelancers with machine learning experience right here. Simply post your job today!

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    i need the help of a very good Data scientist and deep learning expert in jupyther for some simple speech recognition replicating the results of a paper using some algorithms that best to help with the datasets provided, Thanks

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    I am looking for a knowledgeable ML generalist to write good, complete, thorough, well-researched project plans (including estimates) for projects to develop and deploy ML solutions. Is this something you would be interested in? I would pay for writing and research time, up to say 3 hours/day, as long as the output is good. Is this of interest?

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    Transfer learning to predict cancer using gene data. The coding has to be completed within a week.

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    face recognition expert 6 dager left

    [logg inn for å se URL] I will share details in a private chat.

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    Bitcoin Forcasting and Prediction 6 dager left

    Hello, We are looking for a Data scientist and analyst to create BTC predictions for low timeframe, and middle time. We need to include tick data + order book and other elements if needs. I need somone with rich experience in the area and have something to show.

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    [logg inn for å se URL] I need to make my own facejs and face-api I will share details in a private chat.

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    Hi. I need to increase my classification model accuracy

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    Extract data from graph peaks and show time interval

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    Have to extract data from graph and show time intervals

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    Need to submit Notebook in Kaggle competition.

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    People counting application 6 dager left

    An application to count the no of people in a image, video and live feed using computer vision. An application to set and reset and be able to do forecast. Display graph.

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    I need a someone who have well experience in deep learning ,autoencoders

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    ML code Tensorflow 1.4 to 2.0+ 6 dager left

    A machine learning or AI expert needed to build, run and update classifier ML learning code. CNN, LSTM, Mask-RCNN

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    machine learning 6 dager left

    crnn based multiple direction of audio(DoA) estimation using tensorflow

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    We are a Military Contractor in the AI, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Network [logg inn for å se URL] have 2 projects that needs immediate attention as stated above

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    Given a training set of y images where y >>>x, where x is c percentage of y. Evaluate performance by conduct testing on (providing confusion matrix and validation accuracy graphs) Case 1: All labelled y images Case 2: All labelled x images using random sampling Case 3: All labelled x images using active learning algorithms including least confidence, margin sampling, highest entropy and m...

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    The machine learning and python experience is required. The tool should have three models inside it that are the best suitable regarding the dataset. I have the dataset link.

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    I want someone to rewrite a python code in R for Bayesian distance clustering. The python code is available but has a few errors. More details will be provided over a chat

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    I need a trained, validated and tested model with LSTM to predit the output. One year long data with 4 to 5 (max) input parameters and 1 output is with 15 minutes frequency. The model is intended to be used for development of preditice control. Please contact only, if you have advanced expertise in R.. Some important information> 1- Pre-preocessing of data to check null values, correlat...

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    I am already working on aa deep learning project but i am having some problems in my code. Because of that it's not working. So i need help in my existing code and make it run. For the experts it will be very easy to work.

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    We have a macro used for automatic image data analysis in clinical research that has broken which we need fixing/rebuilding urgently.

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    develop a code in python or matlab for calculating computer network reliability using artificial neural network

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    Nvidia Jetson Trainer 5 dager left

    I'm interested in the Jeston hardware and the Isaac framework Nvidia is providing. I want to go through the examples to get an overview about the technology. The examples don't work because of different reasons. I need somebody that in best case has done this before and guide me trough the examples and solve upcoming issues. I'm especially interested in SLAM and navigation topics. A...

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    Hello. Machine learning guys. I need to make a software ALTR from rtsp video real time capturing. Please check uploaded video , so the result should work like that. I hope to choose best freelancer.

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    Need an expert who can predict stock price will discuss about details with right candidate

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    We have four relatively standard TensorFlow / TensorFlow Lite models that we wish to port to CoreML and then integrate into a Flutter app. The models should run using accelerators on recent iPhones and provide good performance. The models are: MobileNetEdgeTPU, MobileDET SSD, DeepLabV3 (mobilenetv2 backdone), and MobileBERT. For tooling, we extensively use GitHub, Discord, and Google groups/driv...

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    ML Model output notification 5 dager left

    Hi. I have a classification program and I would like to receive its output via emails.

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    Face Detection and cropping using google ml kit. Only coders contact. It needs to be linked with mobile app, google ml kit provides the api. Budget is Rs. 3,000.

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    I want to open .ngd file. Anyone can build a .ngd file opening tool. Sample is in attachment

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    Image Copy and Paste using augumented realty, mobile application

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    I am looking for freelancer who already has a base solution that he can work on top and customize for my needs and who already has experience in the field hopefully within the next couple days if the software is ready Software needs to be able to: -Scan local network -add live camera streams -run object detections -run face detections -be web-based frontend or have a good GUI -Run on GPU -Keep lo...

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    Implement the DBSCAN clustering algorithm on the data set for business purpose

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    This project is to finish off a machine vision RTSP live streamer- that sends detection results to database and gives alerts - Need to display live detection results via web - need to save detection result to mongodb - need incorporate current mongodb to project - Need to be able to stop and start detection using buttons and API endpoints i have created - HTML design will be supplied - need to...

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    Using the flat assembler (fasm), write a program that plays tic-tac-toe against the computer. Below is a sample game loop. It assumes the player is X and computer is O with the player making the first move. gameLoop: call printBoard cinvoke printf, "Your move (1-9)? " cinvoke scanf, "%d", Square call placeX call checkXWin ca...

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    We are looking for a Freelancer that has experience with image detection for retail purposes and deployment of digital content to digital displays based on human subject movement and products within retail store environment. I.e. bottleshops, grocery, etc. Application needs to be able to interface to existing retail store security cameras. Identify specific age and gender types, perhaps build a d...

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    An IP based camera will be streaming video the AI engine should receive the frames and should identify the patterns or object. like identification of small insects , or fungus , etc. Once identified the engine should store the relevant details like type of pattern, time stamp, measurement of patterns. matching probability, etc. Should be compliant with Security Issues

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    Bloomfield is looking for assistance with processing hi res stereo imagery we collect of agricultural crops into geo-aligned point clouds, as well as photogrammetry reconstruction of small objects from hi res photos. Our ground-based stereo cameras move through crops attached to ATVs, tractors, and robots. We image plants and fruit from the human perspective, with active lighting. The ideal cand...

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    I have a project in which i have used the ml model to detect face masks and if the person is not wearing a mask his identity will be recognized by another model which we have trained it is working fine but I had to do some minor changes to it these changes: Perform the classification efficiently  Using multiple datasets which could attain the optimum prediction.  Database creation and addit...

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    python developer 4 dager left

    python developer for automation. max budget is 100

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    I'm running a research project which requires me to measure specific dimensions of feet from filmed video or still photos. Filmed from above, using an A4 paper (placed at wall with heel against wall) as a standard size for reference. Looking to automate the process of capturing 3 specific measurements: length - heel to longest toe (blue) width at metatarsal heads (green line in pic), width a...

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    I need matlab simulink for Pump 4 dager left

    Electrical engineer required for simulink model of electromotors + converters .I have 2 simulation one of them is water pump simulation but with alot of running time and the other one is to indicate potential fuel savings when energy storage is deployed and we should use this model to develop a model of multiple flexible pumps that provide grid services with the help of control.

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    Image to text extraction program 4 dager left

    Image to text extraction program in Machine learning

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    Machine learning program for image to text extraction

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    I need monitoring only number sequence, with ocr number recognition software. Check jpg

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    I want to implement an atypical artificial neural network algorithm with 4 equations. Which include methods of Forward propagation and Backward propagation.

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    We are urgently looking for a Developer with hands-on experience in Neo4j, cypher, Knowledge Graph creation and performing classification and clustering over KG Embeddings using machine learning algorithms. NOTE: The budget is just a placeholder and will be discussed during the interview process.

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    Company Name Standardization 4 dager left

    I am looking for someone (preferably with ML or NLP skills) to standarize company names. Right now, the data has issues concerning punctuation, blanks, corporate forms (e.g. GmbH, KG) etc. Also companies that in theory are the same company are listed as two distinct firms. The aim of this project is to standardize those company names. Ideally, an algorithm would detect similarities across those co...

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    I have a semi-supervised dataset and I need to do multi-class and multi-label classification using different methods of clustering.

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    am working on a few marketing analytics projects and i need someone to help me with the coding - it will need to be done on R/Rstudio. there will be a continuous flow of work for the next 6 months, and possibly longer.

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