Kinect is the ultimate tool for gaming and other fantastic projects which require motion-sensing technology. It’s the latest advancement in computer-human interaction and its uses are seemingly limitless. Hiring our Kinect Expertss on can enable a variety of precision actions and controls for your project.

Our expert Kinect Expert can create custom solutions to make a remote or virtual reality scenarios with movement as inputs or simply record gaming videos. They can integrate depth sensors into existing systems, detect foot locations of multiple players, track head movements and more.

Here's some projects that our expert Kinect Experts made real:

  • Calibration of 3D cameras
  • Development of motion-based gaming experiences
  • Integration of hand sign recognition
  • Automated counting of people with ceiling cameras
  • Application creation with reference to Xbox 360 console and Unity

Our expert Kinect Experts have already demonstrated their capabilities to effectively implement motion tracking and 3D camera calibration solutions. Their expertise enables variations on all sorts of modern features from 3D scanning software and virtual reality solutions, to detection of head pose. With all our talents, clients can find the best solutions to their project requirements by hiring an expert Kinect Expert on to bring their projects to life.

Invite the client to post their own project and hire a Kinect Expert on today to realize their vision! Hire one of our experts today and make your project happen.

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