Infographics is a creative approach to visual communication that uses creative visuals to represent complex data. Infographics have become an in-demand media method of communication due to their ability to convey a lot of information in a visually appealing and cohesive manner.

An experienced Infographic Designer will have the skillset and vision to craft an infographic that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing. They can create custom visuals for client specific needs and can translate static data into dynamic designs. From minimalistic designing with light colors, to full details-packed designs with moving elements, our expert Infographic Designers can create any infographic concept that you may require.

Here's some projects our expert Infographic Designers made real:

  • Creation of inforgraphics to show consumer trends and statistics
  • Designing of manuals, instructions, and even interactive elements
  • Crafting visuals for marketing purposes such as storytelling
  • Producing maps that show geography or multiple points of origin
  • Formatting and designing printable documents and medical reports

Our talented Infographic Designers brings complex concepts and ideas to life and rely on their combined skillset of illustration, writing, communication, data visualization, visual hierarchy, color theory, and more. With their help you can be sure to get the message across and have access to cutting edge visuals that represent your data in a creative manner. So if you’re in need of an informative infographic for any project or concept, hire an experienced Infographic Designer now at!

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    I am currently seeking a skilled and creative individual to develop 3 educational PowerPoint presentations. The ideal candidate should be a new freelancer who can deliver excellent quality work at an affordable rate. Key Requirements: - The presentations should be tailored towards adult learners, so the content and design should be sophisticated and engaging. - I am looking for someone who can think outside the box and create beautifully illustrated designs that speak directly to the work. - The work should be completed ASAP. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in designing educational material, particularly for adult learners, would be a significant advantage. - Proficiency in PowerPoint and a good eye for design. - Strong communication skills ensuring that the presentation...

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    300 Social Media Post designs 5 dager left

    I run an asset finance business financing all type of items. I have 5 preset social media borders/template. I'd like 100 posts for FB, 100 for IG, & 100 for Linkedin. These must be unique to each other. I have the milestone days in mind (IE xmas / easter etc) however need them created, and formatted as best for the site. Please do note propose a price, then have a 300% increase in our private chat. i don't want to waste your time. Key requirements: - 300 post designs for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn - All posts should aim at boosting brand awareness Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva - Strong understanding of each social media platform's design requirements and optimization - Marketing...

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    I need help creating a set of infographics to visually represent the performance of our children's healthcare services. Key requirements: - The infographics should focus on 10 KPIs related to children's health - Each infographic should present data on a specific KPI, making it easy to understand at a glance - The design should be engaging and suitable for a healthcare audience Please note that I will provide the specific information to be included in each infographic. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in data visualization, particularly for healthcare or social services - Proficiency in graphic design and creating engaging visual content - Previous experience in creating infographics for healthcare organizations would be a plus Looking forward to seeing your creative...

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    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer with proficiency in creating engaging social media graphics, specifically tailored for Facebook. The primary role of these graphics is to promote an event. The designer ideally should have: - Expertise in creating attention-grabbing Facebook visual content - An impressive portfolio of social media graphic design - Awareness of the latest Facebook image size specifications - Familiarity with event-related graphic visualizations.

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    I am writing a book on the African economic predicament and have a section that is about the problem of weak national currencies across the whole of Africa and how to solve it. So, am seeking an expert to provide facts and insights about the national currencies. The insight I want from the expert will focus on explaining what backs the value of national currencies and exchange rates. The information will be presented in the form of infographics. Ideal candidate: - Has a deep understanding of economics, particularly about national economies. - Can present complex economic concepts in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. - Proficient in creating visually appealing infographics.

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    Position: Flashcard Designer Description: We are seeking a talented designer to create 2.5 in x 3.5 in affirmation flashcards for women, with an additional 0.1 in bleed for cutting purposes. Each flashcard will feature a powerful quote on the front and a detailed explanation on the back. The cards are intended to inspire and empower women with strong, positive messages. Card Examples: Card 1: Front: You are a bad*ss, and you own every damn room you walk into. Back: Your inherent power and presence make you unstoppable. Walk into every room like you own it, because you do. Confidence and assertiveness are your default settings. Card 2: Front: No one can dim your fierce-*ss light. Back: Your inner brilliance and strength are untouchable. Don't let anyone or anything dim your fierc...

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    I urgently need a talented thumbnail creator to help design eye-catching and engaging thumbnails for my YouTube channel, Single Pop. The channel focuses on storytelling videos related to single parenting, fatherhood, and personal growth, primarily targeting adults aged 20 years and above. Key Project Requirements: The thumbnails should be visually appealing, engaging, and able to grab the attention of an adult audience. Thumbnails need to accurately represent the video's content while being creative and unique. Consistency is key; the thumbnails should maintain a recognizable style that aligns with the channel’s branding. For each video, create 5 different thumbnail options to choose from. Urgency: I have an urgent need to complete this project as soon as possible. Therefore, ...

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    I'm in need of a distinctive, engaging e-book dedicated to survival skills and emergency handling for kids aged between 6 and 10. Your responsibilities will include: - Creating relevant content on emergency situations and outdoor survival skills - Integrating interactive outdoor games for both the child and parent - Incorporating nature-oriented art projects as part of learning and creativity enhancement Candidates are expected to be experienced in: - E-book creation and interactive design - Children's education or related fields - Knowledge in practical survival skills and emergency procedures Ideally, I'm looking for someone who has excellent infographics skills, a knack for unique, child-friendly design and understands how to approach complex topics in a kid-friendly...

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    I am seeking an experienced PowerPoint designer to create a highly engaging, succinct, and informative presentation for my company. The most important aspects of the presentation will be the Company Overview and our Product/Service Details. Key Requirements: - Strong understanding of PowerPoint design. - Expertise in distilling complex information into digestible, engaging formats. - Proficient in Infographics. - Proven ability of creating professional, informative, and visually appealing presentations. Very engaging and high quality presentation that captures the audience Presentation Details: - The presentation must include our Company Overview: who we are, what we do, our mission, and our value. - Highlight our Product/Service Details: our offerings, their features, and benefits. - ...

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    Graphic Designer 2 dager left

    We are seeking a creative, talented and motivated Graphic Designer with a minimum of three years of proven experience in professional graphic design and production. This person will be expected to possess technical and creative abilities while embodying strong organizational and communication skills. This person will work alongside our landscape architecture and planning project teams to translate elements between digital and print media using the Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic design/interactive software. NB: This opening position is for Canada and USA freelancers ONLY RESPONSIBILITY: * Support the project team for design and implementation of assigned projects * Develop varied Architectural Graphic and Sign Design solutions for project work at all stages of projects from co...

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    I'm looking for an infographic map of Africa to feature on my website introduction page. The map should be a compelling yet straightforward representation of the various challenges the continent faces. Key Requirements: - The map should not be to scale. It's meant to serve as an illustrative story board rather than a precise geographic representation. - The style I'm looking for is professional and sleek. The infographic should highlight several key challenges in Africa: - Limited resources - Infrastructure deficits - Socio-economic complexities - Nutrition and Food Security - Education and Skills - Gender and Equity - Environment and Climate Change - Governance and Institutions - Trade and Migration - Work, Entrepreneurship - (SRHR) - Health Ideal Candidate: - Experien...

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    I require an experienced content creator based in Lahore, who can produce a multitude of engaging and original content tailored to the general public. The content will primarily consist of graphic designs and infographics. It is essential for these creations to reflect our corporate brand identity, translating our values and mission into the content. Key Responsibilities: - Generate diverse and creative graphic content including infographics. - Ensure all content aligns with our brand identity by reflecting our company values and mission. Required Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in creating engaging and original graphic content. - Ability to translate corporate values and mission into visual content. - Strong understanding of graphic design tools and techniques. - Previous e...

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    I'm looking to create an engaging PowerPoint presentation. The primary objective of this presentation is to educate. I want the subject matter to be a comically presented resume. I want to make the learning experience enjoyable for my audience by incorporating elements of visual humor and illustrations into the resume. Ideal Skills Required: - PowerPoint presentation design experience - Graphic Design to create amusing visuals and illustrations - Experience or a strong understanding of resumes - Good sense of humor with a knack for clever, visually-oriented comedy. This project will require a balance of professionalism and humor. I need someone who understands how to keep the presentation educational, yet funny.

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    This project requires the expertise of a seasoned infographic designer to create a professional and formal infographic that educates users on the procurement process. Aimed at enhancing user understanding, the content in this infographic must be presented in sequential steps. Critical information to be included encompasses: - Detailed steps of the procurement process - Pro tips for effective delivery - Common pitfalls in procurement and avoidance measures - What constitutes specification (Difference between brand specification and product specification) - What constitues an Internal Purchase Request (IPR) - An informative IPR checklist All content should be communicated effectively and engagingly, keeping professionalism at the forefront. Freelancers bidding should have a strong backgrou...

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    educational video content 1 dag left

    I'm looking for a professional who can help me create a visually appealing and informative presentational videos content catered towards students and educators. Key Requirements: - The primary aim of the presentation is to inform the audience, so it needs to be well-structured and easy to understand. - I prefer using graphs and charts as the main visual elements. These should be clear and concise, providing additional context to the information presented. - The overall design should be engaging and suitable for a younger audience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrable experience in designing presentations, especially for educational purposes. - Proficiency in creating effective and visually appealing graphs and charts. - Understanding of making good content - Excellent visu...

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    As an entrepreneur, I’m on the hunt for a talented professional to develop a corporate-style PowerPoint presentation for our next big project. Key Aspects: - The presentation will contain between 31-40 slides. - I'm looking for someone who can incorporate compelling Infographics, Data charts, and Relevant images to bring the message across to my audience. Ideal Skills: - Stellar PowerPoint skills - Proficient use of Infographics and data representation - Strong visual sense to select and edit Relevant images Your experience creating corporate-style presentations and dealing with complex data will be the key for this project. I look forward to seeing your bids and a potential partnership.

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    2D Animated Video Explainer 11 dager left

    2-3 mins video explainer. Example: Include your portfolio You will need to add in the sound effect. Script and Voice over will be provided by my end.

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    I need compelling and captivating thumbnails for my YouTube channel focused on Lego. These thumbnails are for short videos looking to boost my subscribers count. - Design Style: Eye-catching, meant to grab the viewer's attention amongst the competition. The style should reflect the fun and creativity Lego brings. - Video Length: Thumbnails will be for short YouTube videos. - Focus/Theme: The theme of the channel and thus the thumbnails should revolve around Lego. Think bricks, minifigures, their creative builders, etc. Ideal skills and experience include: - Graphic Design, particularly experienced in creating YouTube thumbnails - A basic understanding of YouTube’s algorithm. The thumbnails should be eye-catching not only for viewers but also for YouTube's system - Famili...

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    I need a PowerPoint presentation that showcases our chiropractic services in a vibrant and engaging style. The ideal candidate for this project should be able to: - Create 10-15 slides that outline our services including Chiropractic adjustments, regenerative medicine, decompression, shockwave, Rehabilitation exercises, conditions we treat, etc. - Design each slide to be visually appealing, bright, and engaging. - Use a mix of images and text to effectively communicate the information. The end result should be a professional yet vibrant presentation that resonates with our target audience. Experience in creating similar presentations for healthcare/medical services would be a plus. Prior knowledge of chiropractic services is not mandatory, but an understanding of how to present and mar...

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    I'm looking for a proficient presentation maker who specializes in creating engaging, investor-specific slideshows. My project revolves around presenting a building's features and assets. The ideal candidate should: - Have experience in crafting slideshows for an investor-oriented audience. - Have a knack for visually appealing presentations with the ability to aptly utilize Text and Images in a coherent and seamless manner. - Have a keen understanding of which text and images pair together best when it comes to catching the investor's eye. This task involves creating a visually compelling slideshow that effectively communicates the value of the building to investors. Your main mission will be to use Text and Images to convey the information concisely and professionally...

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    I'm looking for a skilled animator who can create a captivating 2D infographic animation video. The purpose of this project is to promote a new brand as an awareness campaign for launching the brand and its products to a general audience. Key Requirements: - Prior Experience: I value freelancers who have a robust portfolio of past work. Please include samples of your previous animation projects in your application. - Creativity: The ability to effectively translate complex ideas into simple, engaging visuals is crucial. - Understanding of Audience: The video should be tailored to resonate with the general public. I'm looking for someone with a proven track record in creating engaging 2D infographic animations. The ideal freelancer will also have a strong understanding of mark...

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    Translation of a document from the German language to English, Italian, Spanish, and French using Deepl and fixing the alignment. Total no of documents in German = 44 Total Translation and Alignment Document Required = 44*4 = 176 Ideal Candidate: - The ideal illustrator should have excellent working experience producing infographics, preferably dealing with statistical data. - Knowledge in data interpretation and a keen eye for detail will be highly appreciated. - A background in illustrating sophisticated information in the most understandable way will be regarded as a valuable asset for this project.

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    I'm in need of a professional and clean whitepaper design. Key to this project is the ability to create an engaging document that will educate readers about a specific topic. I want to make sure you are using our design approach frrom our website. It is We are not using block in our font. Please use the color scheme on our website. The font we are using is Montserrat. Please see the uploaded document. The winning has a sample Whitepaper attached to the bid. See the content attached to this project. The winning freelancer will be working with us with producing multiple whitepapers, datasheets etc. Specific Requirements: - The whitepaper should be designed to educate readers. - It should be professional and clean in style. - I require the inclusion of charts and gra...

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