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    we are a startup in crypto-space, right now we are looking for programmers (full-stack) to finish developing our project, we would integrate some components from a project vuejs+typescript into our vuejs project (Dashboard). Desirable Skills: Ideally full stack dev, vuejs+typescript, api's, smart contracts. We are looking too for people who are committed, eager to undertake, and with long-term work capacity for a Vesting Contract for 2 years. If you have motivation for the crypto and would like to contribute in the crypto space this is your opportunity to start. More details DM.

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    For our Solana validator node we need to generate an address over REST. We studied above documentation but were unable to find out how this can be done. Pfa. screenshot of our validator node and identity (main address)

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone to create a chain fork and explorer, preferably Solana based. We need a chain that has API's set up for token creation, wallet creation, NFT minting, transactions etc BSC type/spec is ok for ETH fork - ideally EVM compatible Otherwise a 3rd Gen Chain fork - Solana, Avalanche

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    Crypto Arbitrage Web App 6 dager left

    I require the build of a Crypto Arbitrage responsive site/Web App that scans all exchanges for price differences in between exchanges for just a select number of coins, defined lift of currencies, then it buys from Exchange A (where it has lower price) and selling in Exchange B, C, D, E etc (where it identifies a higher price) and so it should be registered in as many crypto exchanges as can be added by admin to increase likelihood of a successful arbitrage transaction. Also needs to get pre-approved transactions so it can place BUY/SELL transactions in less than a minute in between exchanges Web App will identify highest possible trades and do one of two things, alert the user and ask if they wish to commence the trade, or if set on automation it will commence the trade without instructi...

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    I'm looking for programmers capable of producing games for PC, online, MMORPG style, with an initial capacity of 2,500 players distributed 1875 each of the 4 servers, in the beta version. Based on the graphics, code and gameplay of UNDEFEATED, produced by students at Vantan Games Academy, and released on 2 Aug 21. Link game:

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    Token Listing 6 dager left

    I need to list my token on CMC. CG , Kucoin ...... etc

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    Looking for expertise around crypto, especially for launching NFTs. We are finalizing the design of an NFT now and are looking to launch it in 1-2 months. You should have extensive experience launching NFTs and contract development in Solidity and blockchain security. Please respond with example projects/contracts that you've launched.

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    We are working on an application related to Tax related to Crypto. we need couple of blogs to be written related to Crypto Tax related. We will share you couple of references to consider and write. Let us know, how good you can write an SEO friendly content?

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    Am looking for a virtual assistant who is into crypto currency, because that's how I will be paying

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    We are an Argentine company that we are looking to create a cryptocurrency and an exchange page.

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    Smart Contrat 6 dager left

    Hello, is it possible to make such smart contracts as this one

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    I am finding Laravel and Bitoin payment expert. Not ethereum and solana

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    Hi. I need a blockhain dev that can create a stop loss smart contract for lp yield farming. The bot / smart contract has to monitor the value of the lp (like yieldwatch or apeboard) every minute (as often as possible) and liquidate positions depending on the % loss factor of the position. Turn lp back to stables. On every blockhain like yieldshield Thanks

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    Hi, I've been working on a R script that pulls in account info from Coinbase Pro, runs some basic functions (i.e., RSI) and decides to Buy, Sell, or Do nothing and I have this set to run every 15 minutes. However, I'm having issues with the public_orderbook() function from the rgdax R package I'm using, which is key to pulling in the current asking price and initiating a buy action. I have a busy month coming up and hope that I can find someone willing to take on what should be a quick project. Please note, that I understand that these projects are typically done in Python. However, I'm a huge R enthusiast and do almost everything in R (I'm a biobehavioral researcher), so I want this to stay in R. With that said, I am not married to the rgdax library, I got this ...

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    Wanted legal Advisor for CryptoCurrency Related Issues in Tamilnadu. Should have good solving capabilities.

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    Telegram Job 5 dager left

    I need someone to enter EVERY Crypto project on coinmarketcap (web with a list of lots of crypto projects) and enter the telegram server of all of thems. Check if they have DISCORD, if they have, don't do anything. But if they DON'T have a Discord server ask to contact admins. Then send a text to admins (will share more info later) If you think you can do this FAST and EFFICIENT contact me. ( Note: you may need more than one telegram account because there's a limit of groups you can join in one hour) Thanks for your time!

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    We have 2 sources for all 100 articles, all ready in english. Must do a light rewrite for each article to render it unique and not copied 1/1 from the sources. requirements: Must be an native English speaker Have related experience in crypto/trading to understand the articles so mistakes won't happen Can deliver 10 circa finished articles every day until the 10 article mark.

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    Openware Project 5 dager left

    if you are experienced with Openware projects, pls come and say a hi )

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    Job Duties: • Plan and implement programming functionalities for Applications, AR, Web and so on • Troubleshoot and optimize code for mobile platforms • Maintain and make enhancements to existing code to fulfil new requirements • Implement, test, debug, and ensure integrity of all code • Communicate effectively with the Design Team to establish productive work pipeline, and integrate mediate assets • Tune and create light and render configuration presets • Participate in planning, and execute best practices or efficient workflows to ensure timely delivery • Keep up to date on the latest tech knowledge, and share them downstream with fellow team members • Ensure proper documentation

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    Market Making bot 5 dager left

    Looking to have a market making bot developed Trade for mostly for volume making and price corrections Basic requirements are -API integration -Volume make & Price Adjustment -Admin panel

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    trading bot on kucoin & huobi 5 dager left

    Looking to have a trading bot developed Trade logic will be provided Basic requirements are -API integration -Place Stop Limit orders along with SL and TP -Ability to support multiple assets -Admin panel

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    Ico smart contract 5 dager left

    I need an Ico contract that works as escrow for holding and distributing tokens to the proper said people. Must be fore multiple escrows at a time handling different projects,

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I'm urgently looking for a fully customizable cryptocurrency wallet and funds manager written in python 3, that can safely and efficiently move funds between addresses and to and from all large CEX's and DEX's. I need this application to be customizable so that I can implement it as part of cryptocurrency trading bots that I am developing. The funds manager application should be compatible with BTC, USDT and XMR, and also allow for payments to and from legacy, bech32 and segwit btc addresses. I need to be able to send instructions to the funds manager through a command prompt as well by calling it in python applications. This project is fairly time-sensitive and I would like to have a working result within a few days if possible.

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    Built a crypto coin for us with website, app and wallet also that support that coin I give 100$

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    We need someone with Blockchain and Unity experience, to help us with integration of crypto transactions within our game. Please provide detailed answer for the following questions within your bid: 1) Are you familiar with git (pull/push/merge/commit) ? 2) What git client you are using ? 3) Are you familiar with ? 4) What do you know about client/server part ? 5) Do they know basic rules of safety ?

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    This project is for 1. creating a new token on the Flow blockchain, and 2. writing a smart contract that allows Flow NFT's minted on our platform to be staked, so the owner can earn these tokens over time Feel free to let me know if you have any questions Looking forward to working together ^^

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    Liquidity MM trading bot 4 dager left

    There is a project for liquidity mm trading bot.

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    Build a polygon (MATIC) project 3 dager left

    I am building a new token called human verified token. The website is It works like this Blocks are approved based on solving CAPTCHAs. The CAPTCHA protocol used is hcaptcha. Whenever an hcaptcha is solved, it generates a token signifying that a correct solution was generated. This token will be used to approve the block. A block needs to be approved every 30 seconds. As multiple people will be solving the CAPTCHA and proposing blocks, only 1 of them will be approved. This can be done in some random manner, for example it has a fixed number of zeros in its hash

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    Need someone to supply me with cryptocurrencies btc,eth,and usdt. High interest rates are paid

    $10000 - $20000
    $10000 - $20000
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    Crypto token generator platform 3 dager left

    Hi, I want to create a crypto token generator platform where anyone can come and create the token and launch it. Please take a reference from We want a similar kind of platform.

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    Create a Virtual Machine in the cloud and deploy

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    Hello, We are looking for a skilled professional with experience in the crypto/NFT areea to prepare our NFT collection for launch. We have our frontend almost ready, we just need the backend integration with MINT-ing options, WhiteList, etc on the Solana Network. - Previous experience is required and will be verified. - This is only an initial project, long-term future collaboration is possible if we like each other. - The website is made on the Wordpress platform. - The collection will be launching in 2 weeks from now. May the odds be ever in your favour!

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    I need a website similar to Uni Swap and its capabilities Farm sticking and liquidity capabilities are not currently required But icons must be available If you are able to do only, please send a sample of the work Minor changes in appearance are required, only photos, images and very little detail Network needs based only on bsc

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    This bot is for Kucoin futures both long/short by collecting information from TradingView app/website. 1. Must have trailing take profit feature my manually predefining trailing percentage before the trade 2. Must have stop loss feature 3. Must read the closing value of the 1min chart of the Crypto coin on Trading View app. 4. User must key in the start trade offset percentage from the closing value beforehand. 5. User must have option to select either Manual/automatic trade start before reading the Closing value from Trading View. If Manual, then user must hit enter to start trade. 5. Must close trade upon hitting enter 6. Reading Close value from 1 min chart Trade start and trade close position must be within milliseconds

    $214 (Avg Bid)
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    Build a Credits website -- 2 3 dager left

    would like help building a website where visitors can buy credits to use on purchases in my site

    $2580 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    44 bud

    we need a blockchain and crypto developer need for work on our wallet

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    Hi everyone, We are two friends who are wanting help to develop and deploy a trading bot that would be deployed on the Binance and FTX Futures markets. Our goal is to have a private website where we can deploy the bot in many different trading pairs, that would automatically long and short futures contracts based on a list of parameters (Moving Average crossovers, time and percentage changes, and more). We are looking for someone with expertise in this area, that can handle the API, webhooks, and general development of the backend, and who knows the best ways to use live market data from exchanges and run the bot at key trigger points We have front-end development experience and will handle the designing of the website UI, and will work with you in combining the frontend and the backen...

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    Built cryptocurrency using any block chain .

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    We have a sale contract embedded HTML file that needs to be integrated into a website. We expect the following function to bring into action. Create a page inside our website (probably this page will appear as a reaction to a CTA button) This page will have the following: a) Function to connect user's wallet(Metamask/Trust wallet). b) Receive BNB to our wallet. c) USD > BNB > SLN currency conversion. d) Name and Email Id input box.

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    Blockchain developer 2 dager left

    Want blockchain developer Good knowledge about blockchain project in market Experience of writing whitepaper Can give suggestions , can be team manager in long term The priority for who provide blockchain certifications Please don't contact if you don't have above requirements

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    I am looking for a freelancer to write an article about Blockchain and its applications. This article will help in building a company’s project where information about the Blockchain applications will be helpful. The article must cover the following points: (1) How Blockchain Works (2) Blockchain applications: (A) Cryptocurrency (give an explanation and real example of how blockchain is applied with cryptocurrencies) (B) Smart contract (give an explanation and real example of how blockchain is applied with smart contracts) (C) Supply chain (give an explanation and real example of how blockchain is applied with supply chain, more specifically how Walmart applied Blockchain) (3) The future of Blockchain The priority will be given to a person who can finish the projec...

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    Data Source – Documentation: Languages – Python written into a Google CoLab Notepad/Jupyter Notebook Task 1: Create a table through writing a notebook that pulls tick by tick trading data (with highest available timestamp frequency/granularity) from Coingecko API to give 24 hours of trading data (12am-11:59pm of 2nd May 2022) for 3 x exchanges (listed below), and 4x coin pairs (listed below), along with trading data variables (all in a consistent format). Task 2: Variable List List all available trading data variables for each exchange and each coin pair from the API (for exploration and understanding of potential future data pull requests).

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    I have a discord server, I need someone to moderate/chat/talk in the server and promote the server to reach out to potential investor, it is NFT server

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    Tron API from trongrid 1 dag left

    Hello! We need tron API using trongrid. For create new address, Deposit response, including trc20 tokens, Fwd all amount to master wallet, master wallet can change. Need document in details

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    Need someone to supply me with btc,eth,sol, or usdt. High interest rates paid to the supplier. Contact me for more info

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    We currently have a Laravel application which uses Sanctum to generate API tokens. We are passing the Ethereum address and wallet connect session ID from our mobile app to the API for the login request. We need a validation method/class to check: 1) WalletConnect session is valid and has not ended/been disconnected 2) ETH address parsed matches the one from WalletConnect session WalletConnect Docs: You will need to provide this solution in your own clean Laravel/Sanctum project. Automated bids will be ignored/deleted. Only bid if you have experience working with such solution.

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    Now I have made my own site. I am going to make the payment gateway. But I have no experience about payment integration. So I don't know what I should choose, paypal or crypto...etc I need expert who has experience about payment gateway integration. Thank you.

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    Build a website -- 2 1 dag left

    Background information: • Website provides information on crypto. • Products cover newsletters and best practice tools • Some features are paid (only in crypto) General principles: • Everything needs to be standardized, standardized templates. No customization • Fancy design. You will propose some standard design and I will pick. • I provide the text; you will do the lay-out. • Any external costs are confirmed and paid by me Pleas read the requirements before posting.

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    Topp Cryptocurrency artikler