Chemical Engineering is a field of engineering that applies the principles of chemistry, mathematics, biology, and physics to solve a wide range of problems. A Chemical Engineer's skillsets can be used to develop and design efficient processes, transform raw materials into valuable products, control pollution, reduce energy consumption and optimize the effectiveness of processes at the same time. Many chemical engineers also venture into biotechnology, nanotechnology, and materials science.

Here’s some projects that our expert Chemical Engineers made real:

  • Solving difficult equations and calculations
  • Modeling processes using MATLAB software
  • Designing reactions for greater efficiency
  • Developing new processes from raw materials
  • Crafting models for sediment transportation
  • Developing effective educational slides
  • Creating laser focusing techniques for surface finishes

At you can find the right Chemical Engineer to bring your ideas to life. From designing efficient processes to modeling sediment transports, our experienced professionals will help you build products that are reliable and cost-effective. By working with an expert freelance Chemical Engineer on, you will be provided with a unique solution tailored to meet your exact needs. So why wait? Post your project now and start making your vision a reality!

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    Thermal Analysis of 1D material stack. SOW with more detail posted below

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    - Pre-shipment Inspection: This involves the evaluation of the products in terms of quality, packaging, labeling, quantity, and shipment accuracy. - During Production Inspection: Monitoring the production process to ensure that it meets certain quality standards and prevent defects. For this project, the most important aspects I need to be inspected are the functionality, performance, and appearance of the products. The ideal professional for this job would have a strong background in electronics and quality control. They should be detail-oriented, have experience in working with electronics, and have a proven track record of conducting thorough inspections. Experience with pre-shipment and during production inspections is a plus. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any ...

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    I'm seeking an expert seamster/seamstress to bring my unique concepts to life. Your task will be developing a variety of garments that incorporate both fancy and casual elements. An understanding of various fabrics is crucial, these include but are not limited to Cotton, Polyester, PVC leather, Satin, Linen and Microfiber. - Sewing skills: The candidate must be very skilled at sewing. We hire entry level if they are talented, but the more experience the better. - Fancy and Casual Garment Creation: Being versatile enough to switch between different styles is necessary. - Material Proficiency: Familiarity with a broad range of fabrics is a must. -Attention to detail: The candidate should have a keen eye for detail and the little things. -Fast-paced: Being able to make differen...

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    I am looking for an expert to design and construct a computer-controlled machine specifically focused on the measurement analysis of geometric dimensions. The required abilities and experience include: - Extensive knowledge in both hardware and software design. - Experience in dealing with measurement analysis machinery. - Expertise with handling calculations related to length and width, surface area, and positional dimensions. This project is ideal for freelancers with a deep understanding of geometric dimension analysis and those who have previous experience with computer-controlled machinery projects. The machine must flawlessly analyze and provide precise data relating to the measured dimensions for quality control purposes.

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    I am seeking assistance from a well-versed formulation consultant, ideally with a focus on haircare products. I need support in developing next-level haircare solutions. Specifics about the exact product will be disclosed to the hired freelancer. Key Responsibilities: - Oversee product formulation from concept to completion - Execute stability and performance testing of formulations Ideal Candidate: - Degree in chemistry or related field - Extensive experience in haircare product formulation - Demonstrable record of similar projects - Ability to work within strict timelines while maintaining professionalism and rigor. Together, we can create exceptional products that revolutionize the haircare industry.

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    Dear Friend, I would like to sit down (using Zoom Meetings (Video)) with a radiologist and be able to ask a few questions about my knee MRIs. I would like to discuss: * ACL, PCL, ALL * Hoffa Pad impingement / Fibrosis / Arthrofibrosis * Knee Plicas (Infrapatellar Plica, Suprapatellar Plica, Medial Plica) * Tibia-Femoral Rotational instability. Many thanks, Erlend Hammer

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    I'm seeking a talented engineer with experience in bulk solid material engineering, particularly in the context of belt conveyors, vibrating discharges, chutes, redlers, and bucket elevators. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proven experience in bulk material handling - Mechanical engineering expertise, with proven experience in designing and optimizing belt conveyors, vibrating discharges, chutes, redlers, and bucket elevators - Knowledge of chemical engineering principles to ensure the safe and efficient handling of solid materials - Previous work on similar projects will be a significant advantage - Ability to work with precision and attention to detail - Engineering certifications would be a plus To apply, please include detailed information on your previou...

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    I'm seeking an experienced chemist or product formulator to create five or six superior car care products: a car wash shampoo, wheel cleaner, tire shine, an interior stain remover, a rinseless, streakless spray sealant. With a focus on safer alternatives, all formulae should be entirely biodegradable and non-toxic. Key Responsibilities: - Formulate high-performance car care products - Ensure products are biodegradable and non-toxic - Testing formulas for efficiency and safety Ideal Expertise: - Strong experience in product formulation, particularly with car care products - Knowledge in eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredient selection - Proven ability to test and adjust formulas for peak performance Our target audience encompasses vehicle owners, car wash businesses, and auto-detaili...

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    Targeted Genome Editor Delivery (TARGETED) Challenge - Phase 2 Revolutionizing technology development of delivery systems for in vivo genome editing. A $6,000,000 competition to improve in vivo delivery technologies for genome editors in two Target Areas: 1. Programmable delivery systems, and 2. Non-viral delivery across the blood-brain barrier. You need to fill out the Registration Form and be registered on the platform before submitting the solution. Subject of the Challenge   ​​​Recent advancements in the genome editing technology field have enabled scientists to manipulate genomic sequences rapidly and efficiently. Despite revolutionary progress in this area, several challenges remain. Existing gene editing technologies like CRISP...

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