Audio production generally denotes all the stages of production right from the actual recording of the audio in the studio to the perfection of the master recording. Audio production involves audio mixing, sound editing, sound design, and the addition of effects. It normally involves several processes, which include: ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement or Looping), Foley Mixing and Editing, Mixing (also called Re-Recording), Music Composition and Editing, Production Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects Design and Editing, etc. An audio production may require all or some of all these processes in order for it to be complete.

Audio production is used by music producers, video producers, video game producer etc.

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    Thank you very much for your interest in our company. We are currently engaged in a video-related business. We would like to ask you to do voice-over work to accompany the video. We are looking for a person who can add voices to a video that is around 15 minutes in length. We are delivering the video to the U.S., so we need someone whose speaking ability is good enough to be heard by the local audience. Compensation Compensation: $10 per video Delivery time Audio length: around 15 minutes Delivery time: within 2 days Delivery: MP3 Requirements Female Able to speak English at a level that can be understood by American listeners without discomfort. Male or female voice Those who can work flexibly. Faithful Have a good time schedule. Those who can work with care. People who can...

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    very short voice overs 6 dager left

    Hi I need 5-6 short voice overs I need 3 mum voice over voices 1 dad voice over 2 kid voice over How might we help busy working families feed their family at dinner time Mum cooking – “ my husband and I both work full time, by the time I get home im wrecked and don’t know what to cook” Mum cooking – “ I don’t have time to plan and cook dinner so I end up cooking the same thing all the time” Dad cooking – “when I cook I enjoy it and its nice to give the wife a night off” husband and wife “ we need to spend less on eating out, its costing us way too much” Kid boy “ I don’t get a say in what’s for dinner, I just have to eat what im given” Kid girl “ I sometimes help mum w...

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    Buscamos un productor que grabe voces infantiles en pistas de cantos para niños.

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    is Layla Austin available for voice over? Book is motivational self help book on The Vitamins for Success .. Vitamin A Attitude .. Vitamin B Belief .. Vitamin C Courage .. Vitamin D Discipline ... Vitamin E Empathy .. Vitamin F Fun. .. Introduction plus 6 chapters .. Chapters 1,3,5 male voice .. chapters 2,4,6 female voice .. can send royalty Free background music x 2 for Introduction and body of text ..

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    I need a male with a very deep voice and US accent to read several lines to be used in commercials.

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    I need a Music Video producer 6 dager left

    I'm a hip-hop artist based in London Ontario Canada who needs a music video done for a track "Runnin It", which is the first single off an album I have coming out and been having trouble finding someone who can get a vid done in time. Can send the song upon a response. Thanks!

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    we need a professional translator and voice over artist for our project Skills: Voice Talent, Audio Services, Audio Production, Translation, Arabic Translator

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    I need a voice over for my Udemy course. That would be a preview video. I have a full script ready. It's 645 words. I will give detail instruction and script in inbox. Thanks

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    Need 3-4 musicians to play polka and Germanic style music for Oktoberfest party for 40 people at private residence on the shore in Branford, CT

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    An audiobook memoir, to be recorded in a home in Burbank, California, USA. Have Audacity program and microphone. Need someone local to come in and set up software and equipment for professional level results, or to suggest/provide alternatives and instruct us how to operate them.

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    I have a podcast and I want to improve sound, edit some effects...also I would like my voice to sound more mature, and if you can cut the background noise.

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    "Miralles Music Academy" is the name of the music school. Looking for some great designs. Give me possible spins on this. Hoping it could be better than what I had before(in the pdf attachment). logo design could be prestigeous, or just friendly vibe, etc. ideas about the school: fun, engaging, and transformative music learning. We help people unlock their true potential. Teaches piano at the moment. Hope that helps. Good luck, and have fun!

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    Omtalt Garantert Topp Konkurranse
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    Work the the attached track to mix and master the same. Add the required vocal effects as per the mood of the song. Do the required production to make the mix sound better wherever possible.

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    Song about step son 6 dager left

    I was inspired by a tik tok but I didn’t want a country ballad. Wanted more R and B. Think Jhené Aiko but I don’t hit super high notes. I can maybe keep up with Amy Winehouse. Just want a lax done that I could use for my future mother son dance maybe… but I’d like to sing it. Here’s the lyrics I was inspired by. Works for me and my step son too. So I’d like these incorporated. He ain’t got my smile that don’t bother me a bit But he’s got his daddies eye and it gets me I’ll admit I’m holding on to every moment God knows I’ve missed a few The day we met I knew I had some catching up to do He ain’t got my blood, my DNA but if he did I’d feel the same I wasn’t there for his first steps ...

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    (Entertainment channel "things you didn't know" "fun facts") I need a person to do the voice recording (voiceover) for my youtube videos, the channel is entertainment, so I need a funny voice and with cheerful energy. The project is to record the voices of 12 video scripts per month of approximately 5 to 8 minutes each video (between 1500 to 2800 words approximately). My current budget is 25 usd (in total) for the voices of the 12 videos, it is to work long term for many months. IMPORTANT: The person must be a native English speaker.

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    Narracion -- 3 6 dager left

    Busco locutor para canal de resumenes de anime Actualmente con los locutores hacemos 0.4 el minuto finalizado de locucion. Se trata de una locución simple. Solicitamos que el archivo de audio este ya editado y listo para usarlo. Es necesario una buena voz y un buen sistema de grabación con microfono de calidad. Ejemplo:

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    Cerchiamo voce femminile italiana per files sulla masturbazione, sull'ipnosi erotica e sulla sesualità.

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    Hi We are running a charity music event and we would like Liam Gallaguer to listen to the 3 songs. We need someone who can contact him

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    I'm looking for a dark cyberpunk track for a horror episode. It would be quite slow but be very unsettling. It could be completely custom or a track already composed for exclusive use on this project. It would be around 3 minutes long. Thanks!

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    Depressed—need a song 5 dager left

    I have a story to my life, I want a song to describe my life and my experiences. I have a vision of what kind of song I want to make. I want it to be on the cloud rap genre.

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    Astro Junky 5 dager left

    Hi Guys! I am a lyricist looking to record and create a project, I am looking for someone to aid in recording but mainly beat making and mastering. I have around £600 spare and want to make a 2-3 track hip hop project. If you are interested in collaborating, the complexity of my lyrics are similar to the likes of MF Doom and Earl Sweatshirt, who I take my main inspiration from. My lyrics are poetic yet imaginative, with the use of complex rhyme schemes and repetition embezzled with loads of metaphors and similes. I studied English lit and language at college, however, I have honed my own skills moving away from conventional colloquium, whilst staying humble to my creative upbringing. Although artist such as doom and Earl both provide a cinematic approach to there imagery and soni...

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    we need a professional translator and voice over artist for our project

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    Cordial saludo, estoy buscando un FreeLancer que pueda realizar una locución de un texto de 5000 palabras. VOZ DE MUJER - ACENTO NEUTRO ESPAÑOL. Tengo presupuesto exacto, solo personas que se encuentren dentro de mi presupuesto el cual es de hasta 20 usd. Cualquier duda contactarme

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    Around 200 english words need to record. native american female voice need. If your voice is ok. It needs to be recorded immediately. plz share your voice(without the background and your profile) Thanks.

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    I need someone professional who can edit the files into Korean and provide the voice over in the male as well as the female version for the given script.

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    Hey, I am looking for a woman who could record an audio of my ebook in English. Around 150 pages

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    My name is Grace from Sunrise Media, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. My company is looking for TURKISH Voice artists for our animated project. - About our project: + Educational Animated Series for children + Each episode is 10-12 minutes + We are having hundred of episodes to work on this month + We will provide translated scripts every week - Our requirements: + A demo test is required + The voice actor can perform multiple voices to play multiple characters in an episode. + Completed work must be delivered on time

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    Seeking American accented speakers to record dialogue based on given medical based scenarios with some script guidance - There will be a need for some ad-libbing/improv and role-playing. Conversations are to seem natural. Requirements: - iOS mobile required with Zoom - 2-4 hours of recorded dialogue - Speaking will be a conversation between two people (Doctor/Patient) - if you have a partner to record the dialogue with, this can be arranged! - Each Scenario should be 15-30 minutes - No profanity - Must have American English accent Deliverable: ** Minimum 2 hours of quality recordings

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    Case Study Video Editor 4 dager left

    Hi , im looking for a video editor who can edit my weekly episode of ENGAGING case studies on different companies ** the videos are in HINDI LANGUAGE - if you dont know hindi , you can skip this project the editor will need to complete the following 1. use effects to explain things to viewer 2. use sound effects to create an ambience of the video 3. use brolls effectively For references , iv provided links of the videos below which i already have made myself , 1. 2. LOOKING TO STEP UP THE GAME , with more added quality of work and your creativity 1. script will be provided 2. raw footage will be provided 3. seperate high quality audio file will be provided the aim is to engage the audience with effects , explanations , brolls , sound effects and your creativity to hold the vi...

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    I will sing a few versions of a song but then the musician will have to do what is best.

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    Locutor para videos de youtube 4 dager left

    Locutor para videos de youtube. Precio: 1€ por cada guion Cantidad: 1 cada 2 días Requisitos: Voz agradable Buena calidad de audio El trabajo es de larga duración, solo gente seria con experiencia demostrable.

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    I am looking for a experienced voiceover scriptwriter that is able to take text, I have and summarize it into it's own.

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    Needs to hire 2 Freelancers. Looking for Paris-based French + English speaking videographer and audiographer. We're shooting with a local French family to create over 200 lessons to help beginner/intermediate students learn French. Their son and his best friend will be our 'virtual hosts', showing students around Paris. We need a skilled 360 videographer and audiographer to record mostly 360 video lessons, small amount of flat video for trailer and mobile photography for social media. Production crew = 2x people. Budget broken down: - Pay = US$300/day per person (1x videographer, 1x audiographer) - Days required = 6 (4x days of production, 1x day of meetings/planning, 1x day of uploading footage) - Budget = US$3,600 ($300 x 2 x 6) + expenses like travel and food ...

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    Need someone to fix audio for me 4 dager left

    Have a few files with background noise and some talking in the background I need someone who can pull up the voices and make them loud to actually hear what is said. Also clean up background noise

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    I need a programmer to create an app where a hit song's lyrics are changed arbitrarily upon a push of a button. So if I choose " Let it Be" by the Beatles, the program will use the song melody and put alternative words in place of the existing true lyrics, creating a funny new song..

    $467 (Avg Bid)
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    A female voiceover is needed for a short business video - clearly spoken English. Voiceover only is required. Script has been prepared.

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    We would like transcriptions from audio (i.e. WAV files) featuring a variety of solo instruments (including drums) to a “piano roll” representation (MIDI files). This is different from transcription to sheet music because (at least initially) we don’t require high-level semantic information like key signatures, measure boundaries, etc. However, we do require precise timing information for each note, within ~100 milliseconds. We will provide a single-instrument WAV file and a MIDI file with our current best automated transcription for each track to be transcribed. The completed work product should be a new MIDI file with all transcription errors corrected. Errors in the provided MIDI file could range from only a few extra notes that need to be deleted to entire sections of...

    $7 - $13
    Forseglet Taushetspliktsavtale
    $7 - $13
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    Hi, We have a YouTube channel in the niche of MOVIE EXPLANATION IN HINDI, A VOICE-OVER ARTIST required who can explain/ narrate movie suggested by me. Duration 08-20 Min. Script will be given in Hindi. Movie Link also be shared. A Good quality audio is required (in .wav format) We are looking for a long term partnership. Here is a sample for your reference- Our budget right now is Rs.1500 for 5 videos, we can pay per video/ per week or even monthly. We would love to hear from you

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    I work for a small indie film studio based out of Melbourne, we are in the midst of producing an over dramatic comedy short film. We need a female based out of Melbourne that doesn’t have a very strong Australian accent to read a two sentences and and record themselves doing so in a way that it convincing sounds like it was recorded by the main character with their hidden phone. When recording, stand about a metre away from the phone and don’t make an effort to project your voice, just talk as if it’s a real conversation to a patient. The only skill required is to read the lines convincingly, to make it sounds realistic. Please record about 3 revisions of the same lines so we can pick your best one. The script is below: INT DAY CLINIC THE DOCTOR IS SPEAKING TO THE C...

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    I am looking for a Grison - Graubünden speaker who would have to record 90 minutes of audio by translating standard German into their dialect and reading it out loud using our tool. Only native speaker please.

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    I am looking for assistance in overcoming what I believe to be a glitch in my apple logic pro x 10.7.4 software. I am attempting to bounce a track by formatting it for radio play. I clicked the mp3 format in the bounce destination area, but the destination area is not for an MP3 bounce where you can select the bit rates. I think the destination area is stuck on the PCM destination area and I have no idea what to do to bring up the destination area for mp3. I even reloaded the logic pro x application but to no avail. I have uploaded an image of the destination area I am getting and also a screen shot of what the destination area should look like. Thanks for anyone who can help figure this one out.

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    Music composition 3 dager left

    Hi, I need a very experienced composer who could compose me 10 different musics to publish them on my blog. Each of the music must be inspired by those you will find in the links below (Sorry, but I did not have time to download these musics, but the links will take you to them): music 1: music 2: music 3: music 4: music 5: music 6: music 7: music 8: music 9: music 10: Above all, do not delay in writing to me after having consulted these musics.

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    i am aware what hapeping just want to hear the convo

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    * Looking for someone, who could do Tamil voice-overs * should have professional microphone * should be able to write Tamil conversational script as well from English books. * should be available for long term

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    Abriremos un restaurante que tendrá una canción para avisar una promoción en diferentes momentos del día, la canción es un fragmento de "La Mordidita" de Ricky Martin, del segundo 42 al minuto 1:11, pero quisiéramos agregar algo breve al principio del fragmento para darle más fuerza y al final. Porque siempre estará sonando música y para que se distinga cuando es momento de promo

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    Se solicita un locutor para vídeos de Youtube. Precio: 2$ por audio (8-10 minutos). Pago por paypal por adelantado. Género: Hombre. Tono: Tiene que ser MUY ENÉRGICO, una voz agradable y con muy buena vocalización. Requisitos técnicos: A ser posible tener un micrófono, o un smartphone con muy buen micro (valoraré la calidad de audio). Un software de edición (como Audacity) para hacer los cortes. Entrega: A 3 días después de realizar el pago. La forma de trabajar será en paquetes de 4 audios. A 2$ el audio sale a 8$ por negocio. El audio debe enviarse con con los cortes hechos (no hace falta edición de reducción de ruido y ese tipo de cosas, pero sí cortar las partes donde te equivocas). Se en...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I am Singer and I m looking for a music maker who can make music arrange and mix master. Beginners are also welcome.

    $201 (Avg Bid)
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    To record one piece 16 minutes long played by string quintet in the first half of a concert at St Mary's Church, Goldsborough on Sunday 30 October at 3:00, and to make one CD of it, for the composers' private collection.

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Remix Production 3 dager left

    Looking for Ghost Producer to do remixes and original music production for me

    $124 (Avg Bid)
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