Apple compressor is a tool designed by Apple Corporation. The purpose of the program is to compress and encode audio and video media files. It is dependent upon Final cut studio with which integration can be done on the Apple operating system. It has built-in settings. With these settings, media files can be converted into a commonly readable format. The compressor has a defined destination folder in which transcoded files are placed. The processing is done in a series of steps after which transcoded files are moved to the final destination folder.

Apple Compressor is more powerful and flexible than any other video conversions and compression tools. Unlike other compression tools, apple compressor is designed to provide customized output settings. With MAC compressor, images, videos, and audios can be converted into a high-quality output.  

Additional advantage of apple compressor is that it is provided with a complete complaint package. With the package, it is easier for users to import files like movies, trailers, captions, descriptions, and subtitles. One of the finest features is that it can be used with Qmaster for clustering purposes.

It has a distinct feature of manipulating audio and videos. These features include adjustment, speeding, slowing the frame rate. This can also be used as a professional editing tool. There are time codes, image filters and watermarks provided for editing techniques. There is an added distributed encoding feature available in every apple Compressor.

It is a resourceful program intelligently crafted with functions and resources that provide efficiency to its users. Users can organize the workflow framework that makes it more productive. It is convenient software with keyboard shortcuts.


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