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    Zoho Expert 6 dager left

    I'm looking for a Zoho expert who will help us make our CRM more efficient. Also this person MUST be knowledgable in Zoho Analytics.

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    Zoho Creator Developer 6 dager left

    We are looking for an experienced Zoho Creator Developer to help build and improve on our existing Fleet Hub app. You should have experience in working on Zoho Creator, and be familiar with their Deluge script. This will be ongoing work for the right person.

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    We need your expertise and knowledge to help set up Zoho Finance Plus for us and help us migrate our old data from Tally to Zoho Books

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    We have one US company to set up zoho to manage our business , to work with quickbook , we have warehouse do wholesale business, we need someone who speak English and Chinese who can help us

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    CRM Email & SMS Marketing set up 6 dager left

    Hi, We are looking for help to automate our Email and SMS marketing. Currently we use Hubspot for CRM Hubspot free edition ( we do not planning on upgrading) WE will also look for you clean up the Crm - reduce the amount of columns, ensure all data from our chat is recorded in the CRM. Help us streamline Email marketing and...CRM. Help us streamline Email marketing and SMS automation - we will look for you to recommend a syste What we want to achieve. Automated Marketing ( Welcome mailer & SMS, 3 months Mailer, 3 days before mailerl and an expiry email & SMS all automated. We currently pull data from 4 sources and this will remain automated Around 1000 active and 1000 dormant accounts. We have been considering ZOHO for the email and SMS marketing but we open to look...

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    I want to build a database for my company. I already know the basics. But, I need someone with knowledge of scripting (Deluge) to help with some tasks. The person will be helping me in the project while I screenshare and make the changes

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    FSM _ Field Service Management - Zoho Creator: An field service management provides managers with insights into their workforce, and helps them to better plan and manage work hours to easily control labor costs and increase productivity. Including employee task is the process of monitoring your project's tasks through their various stages from start to finish. This involves actively making decisions for your tasks to accommodate changes that can occur real-time, with your end goal being the successful completion of your tasks. Inventory management - Zoho Creator to Inventory: Creating warehouse details in zoho creator and managing inventory items, managing inventory stocks throughout zoho creator Enternal Test Services - Zoho Creator: This is a Que...

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    Have Zoho Creator, just upgraded to Zoho One CRM. Need to customize CRM and import Creator data to CRM. Looking for custom functions in CRM

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    Future Fibre 5 dager left

    We are a small fibre reseller and we want an app and link on our website (once we get that done) that we can send to clients new and old to...address or pin google Once submitted we get mail and client get notification for record purposes 2.1 Submit tech support/ enquiry 2.2 Change line status upgrade downgrade or cancel their line Upgrade and downgrade will be text box to enter speeds Cancellation will be min 1 month calendar date 2.3 accounts enquiry 3. got to accounts ( a link will be here to connect them to their zoho accounting ) 4. request IT / Network support 5/ Report outages or receive a notice of outages ( clients are grouped in FNO and into areas) 6..Check my line ( a feature we want to bring in at a later stage that they can see the status of there...

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    **Awarding in 30 minutes time** I require someone with a lot of experience developing custom HTML email signatures to fix and test - requires emailing through zoho CRM to actual desktop and mobile email mailboxes - 2 issues: 1 - image not showing on mobile version of email signature 2 - too much padding on desktop version of email signature

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    I have zoho books accounting account and i want to link only sales data entry into another accounting system. Example - I make sales invoice in zoho and when i save and print it should send data to another accounting system on same time. I want to use main software as zoho but same sales data link to another system and that system have API code which need to link with zoho books. I want only link Sales invoice data only my understanding is you have to make one program and you have to fetch sales data from zoho to another system and need to add one button after review data click on approve and post data on another system. invoice must have FDN No and verification number and QR Code on Zoho invoice - attached sample file anyone can do ? Am...

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    We need a Zoho CRM Consultant who supports us "live" via talk how to set up our crm properly. What we have so far: 1. Contacts migrated into Zoho 2. An Idea how our overal formular for all single customer data should look like What we need to understand: 1. How do we organize (Email-)Lists in a proper way (do we need zoho campaigns as well?) 2. How do we deal properly with leads and their categories and when do they could/should be contacts 3. how do we organize our forms via our wordpress-Website. We think that we need 2 x a 1,5h slot to do this. What we need is a real zoho crm expert/consultant. Looking forward to hear from you!

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    Zoho CRM API Scripting 3 dager left

    I need help on a limited basis coding scripts for addition Zoho CRM functionality. The ideal candidate will have experience with Zoho Deluge scripting language and/or Java Script, familiarity with Zoho CRM’s API, and implementation of functions for CRM automation.

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    Google suite 2 dager left

    Looking for someone who can migrate current setup of Zoho to G Suite

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    Setup newsletter code for zoho 2 dager left

    We have the code for a zoho newsletter, it will need to be integrated into the wordpress website, in a popup and a widget. Styled according to the theme.

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    We are looking for engineers who can handle zoho. API and system construction, other service linkage, CRM and AI, ``twilio's phone, etc... First of all, what can you do with zoho? Please let me know. I would like to request a trial, compensation, and continuation of work according to the response time.

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    I have been using Zoho CRM for a long time, we also use get response for basic email induction sequence, a different service for text messages and now we are looking to set up an appointment scheduler to allow customers to book appointments directly.

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    Retail Marketing Solutions LLC “RMS”, is a newly International "Digital Agency | CRM Software Company" start-up, specializing in: Web and eCo...Programmatic Marketing Management: Qualifications: ** Bachelor's Degree, or Equivalent ** Minimum of 8-Years’ Experience ** Knowledge | Execution of Successful New Business Development - Digital Footprint Project Strategies ** Strong "English" Communication Skills ** Strong Team and Quality Management Experience | Skill-Set ** Strong Industry Knowledge of Digital Marketing CRM Platforms (Zoho | SEMrush | Hubspot | Yext | etc.) Compensation & Benefits: **Sales | Customer Relations: Compensated Monthly - $20.00 (USD) per Hour **Profit Sharing: Prepaid on ALL Projects - $2.00 (USD) p...

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    Need urgently one expert in zoho software to arrange the implementation, customization and training for staff

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    This Individual will be responsible for Deploying all the applications of Zoho People including Zoho Recruit, Zoho Payroll, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Connect etc. with full blown functionalities Ours is a 30 member team and hence will not need too much of data transfer and deployment should get completed in less than 4/5 days. Need someone with prior experience in deployin Zoho People suite with high level of expertise in deploying Zoho recruit Thanks

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    its a live website I want a professional touch to it

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    FULLTIME JOB OFFER is a worldwide working design office for exhibitions and events. 5 employees in Germany, 2 employees in Dubai and 2 employees in the Philippines. Preference is given to candidates from the Philippines as we are looking to expand there (Olongapo area). We are looking for a new employee to join our small team. Your tasks / Your strengths (all in English) ZOHO CRM professional Organizational talent vituell Assistant experienced / CEO assistant Microsoft Office confident (Excel/Word/Outlook) can work accurately can work independently and in a structured way, even with many projects at the same time can control and follow up marketing / mailing actions independently you are able to grasp and optimize workflows quickly ... and are looking for a permanent and

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    Online business consultant with a brand new Zoho One account looking for a qualified developer to automate my crm and sales process: including SalesInbox, Campaigns, Social, Forms (for wordpress), Book, Invoice, Expense, Checkout, Subscriptions, Contracts, Meetings, Bookings, Customer Portal, and Zoho Classes. There is no data to migrate as this business is a new entity. All bids welcome!

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    EPC QR Code on ZOHO Invoices 15 dager left

    The task is to implement the EPC QR Code that will be printed on invoices created in the Zoho Books application. I am attaching the current view of the invoice and a sketch of the invoice as it should be after the above code is implemented.

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    Zoho One and CRM help and training 11 dager left

    We are in the process of fully implementing our Zoho CRM system and some of the other products in the Zoho suite. I am needing some assistance with our automations getting our system to perform certain tasks. I would also like to know where the automation functions are so that I can tweak and maintain them in the coming years.

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    Ola Danilo, Tenho que executar o disparo de um email (template HTML ja esta pronto) para um grupo de 40 mil leads (ja tenho tambem a BD). Tentei fazer por conta propia pelo Zoho Campaings mas a taxa de abertura/interaçoes esta bem baixa. Precisaria de um especialista no assunto para melhorar esses resultados. Aguardo seu retorno

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    We Cosmicpowertech currently using zoho we have to develop end to end Crm software.

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    - Datenumzug von zu Zoho CRM - Einrichten von Formularen (Modulen) - Einrichten von ZohoCampaigns

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    Applications such as crm+, zoho desk, invoice, inventory from zoho one applications for our company We want to configure it to use it in accordance with our company. If you have a zoho certificate or samples before, please make an offer.

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    Need help to setup Zoho Social Marketing tool,Zoho CRM and Zoho email marketing tool for our SME

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    We are a clothing manufacturing boutique and we need an app to be created under "Zoho Creator". The process involved are 1. Order Receiving - The order is received and an order number will be assigned to it in numerical and barcode format. 2. Booking Date - every order will have booking date and delivery timeline. 3. Due Date 4. Process a. Fabric Purchasing, Embellishment purchasing, printing or dying, hand work or embroidery 5. handing over order to workshop, first to cutter and then to stitching. 6. Finishing 7. Delivery of the order. > In all of these process, few of the process like process no 4 adds cost to the order. so we will need this to understand how much cost was put into finish the order. > We pay our staff on per piece rate basis on weekly bas...

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    I need someone to link and integrate zoho with shopfiy my deadline is the same day

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    Migrating ERP of my company to Zoho one. I am owner of a paper coating and green packaging manufacturing company. It’s a 4 years old organisation with 2 production units now with 15-20 white collar employees and 100 -150 labour. I am targeting to migrate our ERP to Zoho one or SAP System based ERP whichever suits our domain and future vision better. Looking for resource who has good experience in operating/user story creation of ERP system and is well trained in process management and ready-made solution deployment and data publishing.

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    I need someone who is an expert in Zapier and can help me connect Zoho Form entries to a new row on an Excel spreadsheet. I want to feed 3 different Zoho forms entries onto one Excel spreadsheet with 3 worksheet tabs. The Zoho forms are 1) Payment form 1 2) Payment form 2 3) Enrollment form. The 3 Excel worksheet tabs would be the information from each of those Zoho Forms. IMPORTANT, I want the freelancer to be willing to perform this work in a screen share format like Anydesk. I want to learn what you're doing, and also be present to help with passwords/access.

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    I am looking for an excellent well-experienced person to do my accounts book writing in Zoho books.

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    Office 365 Setup Avsluttet left

    ...connectivity at office and DC location • Employees having reliable and secure devices i.e. laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices, to access data and communicate with their clients. A2 Desktop and laptop • Local IT will ensure the local connectivity to access Azure cloud A3 Testing • The business will have an opportunity to complete user acceptance testing. A4 Systems • Currently client is using Zoho for Cloud data storage. • Employees are using office 365 procured thru • Acronis cyber protect is being used to encrypt data and emails • Fortigate Firewall is in place as a layer of security. 1.4.2 Constraints C-1 Onboarding time • The working group will setup Office 365 tenant. • Advise on appropriate licenses that caters to c...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for a simple set up of CRM for our small company of 8-10 People . Our Products are Limited . Attached is our quick requirement document . CHECK the Sales and Service Process attached

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    need someone to work on part- time basis to do data entry in zoho books to maintain accounting, to raise invoice , PO and enter expenses

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    Need to Migrate from QuickBooks online to Zoho Books

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    Hi there, I need few reports in Zoho analytics using SQL queries. You MUST have experience with Zoho analytics and SQL both to execute this project.

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    Hi 1. we sell car insurance 2. To sell car insurance, we have a webform which customers fill in and submit 3. Webform runs on zoho forms 4. Webform has integration with stripe so that customers can pay us for their insurance 5. The integration runs on a webhook programmed in stripe 6. We require that customer's credit card details are saved in stripe when form is submitted 7. Form is working fine, but credit card details are not saving 8. Need help to program webhook so that credit card details are saved Thank you

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    Zoho CRM Builder Avsluttet left

    I need someone with zoho crm building experience. [Removed by Admin] I will walk the individual through everything that needs to be done and they will create the process for us.

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    need an accountant Avsluttet left

    we have a startup which is not yet started, and before that we need setup all accounts in zoho books. we have alot of expenses list to enter in zoho books, i want you to help me with this and want you to setup zoho books accounts as per our company requirements.

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    I need to build an App (using Zoho) Creator (or another Zoho App) for creating Construction Deficiency "Punchlist" Reports. The app needs to: - Have the ability to add images - Synchronize with Zoho CRM (including the images taken) - Create a PDF report, which can be emailed to a client - Have a signature section- where homeowners can sign (the signature will show in the Report) - Have Dropdown sections - Other items (as needed) Overall performance, look and feel to be similar to the following "Report and Run" app: Please confirm: 1. Time it will take to build 2. Proposed budget 3. Ability to execute project

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    We are a car hire business in Sydney Australia. We use Traccar for our gps tracking system. We want to engage somebody as a freelancer to develop and improve our Traccar system, including to integrate it with our fleet management software (Zoho Fleet Hub). Please submit an application and tell us about your experience with developing in Traccar ().

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    Zoho CRM. HubSpot CRM. I have to integrate in my small bussines a crm system to automate my bussines I want to have everything from marketing to the customer, calendar, management, sales, revenues, monthly earnings for each car, for each driver, an opinion to the customer when booking a service and also a reminder to me to keep everything under control I take care of rental car whit the driver, limousine services, transfer to airport etc I want to find a better system at a good price and quality that has Italian and English languages

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    Zoho Salesperson Avsluttet left

    Looking for a salesperson with Zoho knowledge. This person should be responsible for bringing on leads and helping close sales. The salesperson will get a commission for sales closed by others, but the lead brought by the salesperson. Extra commission for sales closed by the salesperson. The leads should ideally be from the USA, Canada, or Europe. As we keep growing, we are in constant need of projects. We are looking for a long-term relationship that helps bring more projects.

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    Need to customise Zoho platform.

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Appadurai N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need a customisation of my zoho for my business.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
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    We look to automate our Inventory and Financials between Amazon Seller Central and Noon Seller Central with (Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Creator for some customization needed) but we not only need a Zoho developer but also an adept person with the Accounting and Finance to map for us all the headlines we need with our automation, migration, and reconciliation.

    $1191 (Avg Bid)
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    Topp zoho artikler