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    Wikipedia Biography Creation 6 dager left

    I'm seeking an experienced Wikipedia writer to create a new Wikipedia page for me. The page will specifically be a biography. Key Requirements: - The page should be rich in detail and well-researched, providing a comprehensive overview of my life and achievements. - It should adhere strictly to Wikipedia's guidelines and include appropriate citations and references for verifiability. The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience in writing successful Wikipedia pages. - Strong research skills and the ability to compile a detailed biography from provided information. - A solid understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines, particularly when it comes to biographical content. Please include any relevant samples of previous Wikipedia pages you...

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    I'm seeking a talented writer who can craft a comprehensive Wikipedia article for my Indian vegetarian restaurant. The content must be engaging, well-researched and adhere to Wikipedia's guidelines. Key Requirements: - The article should provide an overview of the restaurant, its history, and its unique approach to vegetarian dining. - Highlight the key dishes and menu offerings, including any signature dishes that have made the restaurant stand out. - The language used must be neutral and not promotional in any way. The content should be rich in information, not marketing. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing engaging Wikipedia articles, ideally with a track record of successful restaurant articles. - Strong research skills to gather accurate and...

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    I am on the hunt for a talented Wikipedia editor with specific experience in creating company profiles. The aim is to fully flesh out and publish a thorough, balanced and fact-based Wikipedia entry for my company, including: - A comprehensive history of the company from our founding date to today. - An outline of our products and services. - Documentation of our most recent accomplishments. - Details on our major acquisitions and partnerships. - A special focus on our expertise in a particular field and our growth in the GCC and Middle East. Anyone with a strong history of Wikipedia work, especially within the area of technology companies is highly desired. Extra points if you have a deep understanding of neutral perspective writing and can naturally integrate compan...

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    1. Scope of Work a. Editing Revise the provided manuscript to meet the registration standards and tone suited for platforms like Wikipedia. The start date of the work shall be designated as April 20, 2024 b. Linking Search for and attach relevant English articles if additional links are needed. - Replace Korean links with English ones, except where no relevant articles exist. c. Registration:

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    Hi - I'm seeking an experienced Wikipedia writer to edit/write/fix content about a band. The article content is already in place but was rejected and I need someone who knows how to edit/fix the content to align with Wikipedia's guidelines. Key Requirements: - You're based in the the United States and speak English. - Your primary task will involve rewriting and editing the existing content. - Familiarity with Wikipedia's notability guidelines and other regulations is crucial. Your submission must meet the platform's quality requirements to get published. - The ability to create an engaging content that is not promotional in tone. It should inform readers about the business or organization. I'm hoping this can be completed within a month or so. I'...

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    I trust this message finds you well. We have encountered a challenge with our Wikipedia page and are seeking assistance in resolving the issue promptly. Despite our best efforts, our brand name has been blocked on Wikipedia after two unsuccessful attempts to publish our page. We have meticulously crafted the Wikipedia code and are eager to proceed with the approval process using the provided code. Could you kindly lend your expertise to help us navigate this situation and secure the approval of our Wikipedia page? Your guidance and support in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your prompt response and assistance.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Wikipedia editor to contribute brief, insightful summaries for new articles on current events. The task mainly involves writing concise yet informative pieces that align with Wikipedia's guidelines and standards. Key responsibilities: - Creating new articles on Wikipedia related to current events - Writing brief, factual summaries that provide a clear, accurate overview - Ensuring all content is properly cited and adheres to Wikipedia's neutrality and formatting guidelines Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experience with Wikipedia editing, including creating new articles - Strong research skills to gather necessary information for current event summaries - Capable of writing succinct, engaging content that is easy to unde...

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    I'm looking for a talented writer with a knack for research to create a comprehensive Wikipedia article about a specific brand. As a beginner freelancer, you should be eager to sift through available resources to distill essential information. Don't worry, I am patient and willing to guide the right person. You should demonstrate: - Ability to follow Wikipedia's strict content guidelines. - Strong research skills. - Basic understanding of brand marketing. - Some level of experience with Wikipedia article creation, though not necessarily extensive. This project requires accurate content, so attention to detail is a must. You might be a good fit if you're technology-oriented, have great English language skills, and you're ready to immerse yourself...

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    My goal is to emphasize our company's...products or services, and achievements. This will help enhance our reputation. So, I'm seeking a wiki-expert capable of capturing our unique corporate story and portraying it to the public in a engaging manner. - Proficient in Wikipedia standard formatting and citation rules - Excellent skills in research as provided references and sources need to be incorporated in our company's story - Detail oriented mindset to ensure all key information - history, products or services, and our achievements - are included accurately - Demonstrated success in creating impactful Wikipedia pages, ideally with a portfolio or similar work examples This project could be a goldmine for freelancers with a knack for spotlighting companies t...

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    I'm looking for a talented writer who can craft a Wikipedia article for me. This will be a personal project, aimed at informing the public about my career as a politician. I have personal anecdotes and stories that I'd like to include in the article. Key Responsibilities: - Create a Wikipedia article that is informative - Incorporate personal anecdotes and stories that I provide Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced in Wikipedia article creation - Strong understanding of the Wikipedia guidelines and standards - Excellent writing skills - Ability to craft a compelling narrative from provided anecdotes - Familiarity with writing about political figures or careers would be a plus

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    I'm seeking a skilled Wikipedia editor to create a Wikipedia community page for our NGO. The page doesn't currently exist, and it's crucial that it is live within a month. Key Tasks: - Create a Wikipedia page for our NGO from scratch - Craft compelling, informative and neutral content describing our organization - Ensure the page adheres to Wikipedia's guidelines and standards Ideal Requirements: - Prior experience in creating Wikipedia pages, particularly for organizations - Proficiency in crafting engaging, neutral, and informative content - Understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines and best practices - Exceptional research skills to gather information about the NGO to be included in the page - Ability to deliver within a tight timelin...

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    I'm in need of a skilled translator to convert a biography Wikipedia page from Portuguese to English. Key Project Details - Translation from Portuguese to English: The Wikipedia page I need help with is a biography. The task requires the translator to faithfully convert the content into English while maintaining the original context and meaning. - Word Count: I'm unsure of the specific word count. It would be ideal to have a translator who can handle varying lengths of content efficiently. - No Additional Research: The primary task is to translate the existing content, without the need for additional research or the inclusion of new information. Ideal Candidate Skills - Proficiency in Portuguese and English: The ideal candidate should have native or near-nativ...

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    We are looking for a skilled Wikipedia editor to expedite the creation of our corporate page (focused on Office Software) on Wikipedia. We have prepared the initial content for our Wikipedia page, adhering to factual standards and structural guidelines. Aware of Wikipedia's restrictions against self-authored content, we are seeking a professional editor with extensive experience in editing English Wikipedia pages. Our aim is for the page to be approved quickly and without issues. The editor's task will be to - refine our submission to ensure it complies with Wikipedia's policies and maintains a neutral perspective. - Manage the entire process until the page is listed to ensure it is successfully added. - Supplement any sections that require ...

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    I'm searching for a fluent Spanish speaker, experienced in Wikipedia editing, to revise and improve upon a personal page. You will add more details to the page and ensure it accurately represents the person in question. This project requires: - Advanced proficiency in Spanish - Experience with Wikipedia's rules and guidelines - A knack for clear, engaging writing - Outstanding research skills - Ability to work within the Wikipedia community's specifications and respect its guidelines for neutrality.

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    Wikipedia article vote performed

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    I work for a company that needs its wikipedia page updated. I'd been working on it myself, but Wikipedia caught on that I was employed by the company and has since blocked me from further updating anything. I need someone with an account to bring it up to speed and for us to make sure its following all of Wikipedia's rules.

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    Caut un profesionist bilingv cu un nivel înalt de competență atât în limba română, cât și în engleză, precum și expertiză în materie legată de conținutul unei anumite pagini Wikipedia care trebuie tradusă. Vă rugăm să găsiți cerințele mele detaliate mai jos: - Pagina in limba Romana exista deja, va trebui adaugata traducerea in limba Engleza. - Termen limită: Proiectul trebuie finalizat într-un interval de timp de 1 lună. - Expertiză: traducătorul trebuie să aibă experiență în materie în conținutul paginii Wikipedia. Jargonul și semantica specifice industriei ar trebui să fie tratate cu ușurință. - Calitatea traducerii: este necesară o acuratețe la nivel înalt, cu o atenție detaliată la lexic și sintaxă. Tradu...

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    1 bud create a new, detailed Wikipedia page. Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide the subject of the page at this stage, but successful candidates should have substantial experience in Wikipedia page creation, ensuring that the page meets Wikipedia's guidelines and doesn't get flagged for deletion. Requirements: - A high level of experience with Wikipedia page creation, formatting, and guideline adherence. - Demonstrated knowledge of Wiki's unique syntax and successful past creations are crucial. Interested applicants should include: - Detailed explanation of their experience, particularly regarding Wikipedia. This task involves more than simply writing content; you should also ensure that the Wikipedia community accepts it...

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    ...thriving business, we're ready to take our online presence to the next level by crafting a comprehensive Wikipedia page. Our aim is to accurately reflect our company's history, key products or services, and our notable achievements and awards. What We're Looking For: - Expert Wikipedia page writers with a proven track record. - Ability to capture and convey our brand’s journey, our diverse range of products or services, and our significant accomplishments. - Excellent research skills to ensure all provided information is accurate and up to date. - Understanding of Wikipedia regulations and policies for businesses. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in creating Wikipedia pages for businesses. - Strong understanding of o...

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    ...presence through a Wikipedia page and a Google Knowledge Panel. Key Points: - I already have social media profiles but I want to enhance my professional reputation with a more authoritative online presence. - The primary goal of this project is to ensure that accurate and positive information about me is available online. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with creating Wikipedia pages and Google Knowledge Panels is a must. - A strong understanding of online reputation management and SEO is highly desired. - Previous experience in creating online content for professionals would be a great advantage. I do have notable achievements that can be referenced, so the professional working on this project should be able to incorporate these effectively in the Wikip...

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    Business Brand Wikipedia Writer 3 dager left

    I'm looking to hire a skilled Wikipedia writer to increase our business visibility through a well-crafted Wikipedia article. Key Project Details: - The focus should be on boosting our brand visibility. - We have a moderate online presence with some online articles and social media activity. Key Deliverables: - A comprehensive, well-written article on our business that is in line with Wikipedia guidelines. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience with Wikipedia article creation and editing. - Strong research skills to ensure accurate representation of our business. - Deep understanding of Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. - Experience in brand building and increasing online visibility. Please provide examples of your past Wikipedia...

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    I need a dedicated Wikipedia page for a specific concept. The existing page has been redirected and needs to be updated. The primary goal is to increase awareness about the concept, provide a comprehensive history and correct any misinformation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Wikipedia editing and guidelines - Knowledge of content creation and verification - Experience in creating dedicated pages - Excellent research skills to gather information from digital sources Additional Information: - Please ensure all changes align with Wikipedia's standards and guidelines. - Only bid if you have prior experience with similar projects.

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    busco redactor de Wikipedia con experiencia, para que me ayude a publicar un articulo el cual ya dispongo, mejorarlo y publicarlo, sin que elimine de wikipedia por autopromoción u otro. Nota: el articulo se publicar y se espera 3 días para que este no se dado de baja.

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    6 bud

    I need a draft English translation of the article originally written in Polish (less than 500 words) to be put in English version of wikipedia. Some sources should be added. Ideal Skills: - Reasonable English proficiency - Experience in Wikipedia Small budget. Total work should take up to 30 minutes.

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    I'm in need of a Wikipedia expert who can create a comprehensive, accurate, and engaging page for a specific individual. This page should include: • Detailed personal information and biography • Notable career milestones and achievements There's no specific deadline, so quality is paramount over speediness. Applicants should have deep knowledge of Wikipedia’s rules and guidelines, with prior experience in creating Wikipedia pages. They must demonstrate their ability to conduct solid biographical research and synthesize information in a cohesive, engaging, and unbiased manner. Proficiency in English is also vital. The freelancer should also have a track record of articles that have successfully met Wikipedia's notability and reliability guideli...

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    Design website Design portfolio Uploading site on host we own already Writing and editing Wikipedia page ( preferred Arabic language) Linking social media links Creating imdb page

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    Accept this quote and hire me for this project. Authoritative Wikipedia Page on Established Company

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    I need a competent and experienced freelancer who can take an existing write-up and create a comprehensive and engaging Wikipedia page for a well-established and widely recognized company. - The freelancer would be required to take the existing draft and improve on it, ensuring it is properly formatted and in line with all Wikipedia standards and guidelines. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Wikipedia page creation. - Comprehensive understanding of Wikipedia's formatting, citation, and referencing standards. - Strong research and editing skills. - Ability to handle a Wikipedia page for a well-established company professionally.

    $412 (Avg Bid)
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    35 bud

    I'd like my Wikipedia page to be revamped and rewritten to be-focused for submission. This project primarily involves working on the content sections of the page. Key Details: - The task is to enhance the content sections of the page. - The writing style should be informative, clear, and engaging. - Additional resources for reference can be provided. These include published books, online articles, research papers, professional presentations, and films. Ideal Skills for this task: - Extensive experience in writing and editing Wikipedia entries. - Ability to present complex information in an easy-to-understand manner. - Meticulous attention to detail and consistency. - Familiarity with Wikipedia's writing guidelines and submission process. - Excellent command over l...

    $408 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced Wikipedia freelancer to create a new, compliant Wikipedia article about an individual. This should be a biography format and includes: - Developing a framework for the article - Writing the content with a strong focus on neutrality and verifiability - Strictly adhering to Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies The article needs to present: - Basic information such as early life, career, and personal life - A detailed focus on the individual's career achievements and works. The ideal freelancer for this job would have solid experience in Wikipedia page creation and knowledge about writing biographies. An understanding of the Wikipedia community and its guidelines is a must. Excellent research and writing skills, coupled...

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    I'm in urgent need of a skilled editor urgent need of a skilled editor proficient in Portuguese to create a new biography on Wikipedia. This project must be executed as quickly as possible. - Expertise: You should have experience drafting and submitting Wikipedia articles, particularly biographies, in Portuguese. An understanding of notable figures and their significance is crucial. - Task: A comprehensively researched, written, and submitted biography of a chosen personality. The article must adhere to the Wikipedia community standards and guidelines for notability and credibility. - Time Frame: I require this project to be completed ASAP, so promptness is essential, without sacrificing article quality or accuracy. If you're the Wikipedia sav...

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    I'm in need of a professional who is proficient in Wikipedia editing. My page is already written, but I require assistance in both fixing existing citations and adding new ones. Key tasks include: - Checking existing citations for accuracy - Correcting inaccuracies found in current citations - Searching for additional relevant sources and adding these as new citations - Publishing The ideal candidate has a solid understanding of Wikipedia's citation guidelines and standards. They should be detail-oriented, meticulous researchers, and proficient in English. Any prior experiences with Wikipedia editing will strengthen your application.

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    Hello, I am looking for professionals who can he...need quality backlinks, not SEO services. Project Details: Provide a list of websites where you can get me a guest post or backlink. I'm looking to work with multiple freelancers for diversity. This could turn into a long-term partnership for the right candidates. Payment: 6 CAD per article provided for guest posts. Special consideration and pricing for those who can secure a backlink from Wikipedia. Requirements: Please, only reply if you can share a list of websites you can access for backlinks. I need real results, so no vague promises about SEO rankings. Next Steps: If you have the capability to assist, please send me a proposal with the list of websites you can offer. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to wo...

    $79 (Avg Bid)
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    I have to perform some edits to Wikipedia but as I am currently in Philippines it is not possible to edit any pages. Wikipedia has blocked Philippines. I would like you to: - create/register your own account with wikipedia, so you must be able to do this from your location - edit the page Yahtzee to add a link to a website all about Yahtzee - add a totally new page to wikipedia about a new game called Sixzee - add an entry on dice games page that references Sixzee Details: - Yahtzee page: Add link to under External Links - Sixzee page to be added. Details to be provided of content. - dice games page: Add entry for Sixzee with link to newly-added page. Important: - the links that are added

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    27 bud

    I need an expert in Wikipedia page creation, who is proficient in Portuguese, to assemble a comprehensive University profile. Preferred Skills: * Proven Wikipedia article writing and editing expertise. * Fluency in Portuguese. Proficiency will be tested. * Exceptional research skills. Frames Milestone #1: Draft writing/editing - $200 Milestone #2: Publishing Pages – $200 The Wikipedia page should be organized in thematic sections to allow intuitive navigation and easy access to the information. I look forward to a professional and respectful collaboration.

    $360 (Avg Bid)
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    In this job, your main goal will be creating a rich, informative Wikipedia page for a known individual with international recognition. The focus will be providing a comprehensive overview of the individual's professional career and personal achievements. Key tasks will include: - Gathering credible sources and documents related to the individual's life and career. - Creating structured, well-written content that adheres to Wikipedia's style and guidelines. - Maintaining a balanced and neutral point of view throughout. Ideal applicants will have the following skills and experience: - A track-record in writing and editing Wikipedia articles. - Experience in biographical writing. - A strong understanding and respect for Wikipedia's rules and standards. - Ab...

    $346 (Avg Bid)
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    I urgently need a knowledgeable wiki editor who can swiftly update outdated information and add missing details to the introduction and background sections of a specific Wikipedia page. - Your Task: - Correct outdated information - Add pertinent missing information - Required Capabilities: - Excellent fact-checking skills - Proficiency in research and referencing - Experience editing Wikipedia pages The task is time-sensitive, thus requiring immediate action. Your comprehensive understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines and policies is a must.

    $877 (Avg Bid)
    Viktig Taushetspliktsavtale
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    Se trata de modificar una entrada en Wiki y añadir una nueva. El texto ya está redactado, pero quiero asegurarme que quede bien.

    $26 (Avg Bid)
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    50 bud

    Caut un profesionist bilingv cu un nivel înalt de competență atât în limba română, cât și în engleză, precum și expertiză în materie legată de conținutul unei anumite pagini Wikipedia care trebuie tradusă. Vă rugăm să găsiți cerințele mele detaliate mai jos: - Termen limită: Proiectul trebuie finalizat într-un interval de timp de 1 lună. - Expertiză: traducătorul trebuie să aibă experiență în materie în conținutul paginii Wikipedia. Jargonul și semantica specifice industriei ar trebui să fie tratate cu ușurință. - Calitatea traducerii: este necesară o acuratețe la nivel înalt, cu o atenție detaliată la lexic și sintaxă. Traducerea trebuie să fie meticuloasă, păstrând integritatea conținutului original. N...

    $64 (Avg Bid)
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    7 bud

    Quiero contratar a alguien que me pueda incluir de manera fiable y sin borrado una biografia en Wikipedia

    $121 (Avg Bid)
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    24 bud

    I'm seeking an experienced Wikipedia editor to create a page that establishes my credibility, optimizes online visibility, and shares my accomplishments, aiming for a Google Knowledge Panel as well. Please include these specifics: - Education and qualifications - Professional achievements Though I'm uncertain about the availability of reliable verifiable sources, your expertise in finding and citing sources is highly valuable. Experience with Wikipedia's editorial guidelines and creating biographical Wikipedia entries is desired.

    $135 (Avg Bid)
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    30 bud

    I need a freelancer who can write and create a Wikipedia page for my business. The page needs to be written in English. The main focus areas should be: - The history and background of my company - The products or services we offer Ideal candidates will be highly skilled in writing, researching, and have experience with creating Wikipedia pages. You will potentially need to mine data from a variety of sources as I am not sure if our existing content is sufficient, so strong research skills are a must. Knowledge of Wikipedia's guidelines for content submission would be highly beneficial. Accurate, engaging and factual content is the goal. If you've got these skills, I'd love to hear from you!

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    59 bud

    I'm seeking a proficient Wikipedia editor to create a detailed and accurate Wikipedia page for my friend, who is a notable public figure. Successful experience in Wikipedia page creation is a prerequisite. Key Features: - Emphasise her Career Achievements: She held the title of "Miss Nude World 2023", and information about this should be comprehensively detailed. - Extensive Research Capabilities: Comprehensive information about her career must be collected and integrated smoothly into the article. Required Skills: - Expert knowledge of Wikipedia's rules and guidelines. - Proficiency in writing and editing in English. - Extensive research skills. - Previous experience in creating Wikipedia pages for public figures is highly advantageous. ...

    $153 (Avg Bid)
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    33 bud

    I have many photos on Wikipedia. I would like someone to put the photo in relevant articles around wikipedia across all platforms. Total of 150 images to be put on major articles.

    $160 (Avg Bid)
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    36 bud

    I'm in need of an expert web scraping developer who can extract textual data from specific Wikipedia pages. This should be a one-off task as there is no requirement for handling updates or changes to these particular pages. Key specifications: - Targeted content: Textual data - Pages to scrape: Specific, to be provided Ideal skills and experience: - Proven expertise in web scraping - Previous experience with Wikipedia or similar tasks preferred - Ability to deliver accurate data in a structured format such as CSV, Excel, etc. Please avoid any unnecessary or redundant information.

    $179 (Avg Bid)
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    13 bud

    I'm looking for a skilled Wikipedia editor with advanced proficiency in the Chinese language. - The project involves editing cultural articles on Wikipedia. - It will primarily require re-writing and structuring of the existing content. The ideal candidate should: - Have a clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture. - Be proficient in re-writing and structuring articles. - Be experienced in Wikipedia's editing guidelines and requirements. Please, only experts with a proven track record of editing Wikipedia articles should apply.

    $609 (Avg Bid)
    $609 Snitt bud
    31 bud

    I'm looking for an experienced and versatile Wikipedia editor. I've created a Wikipedia page but find the editing process challenging. I'm looking for a freelancer with proven experience to help publish and make it accessible. Interested?

    $397 (Avg Bid)
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    44 bud

    I'm looking for an experienced Wikipedia writer who can create a detailed and captivating page related to my business's products and services. It's necessary to have: - Proficient English writing and editing capabilities. - A thorough understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines and standards. - Outstanding research skills. I'll provide some documentation, but additional research will be required. - Experience in creating business-oriented Wikipedia pages. Your tasks will entail: - Conducting extensive research on the products/services beyond the documents I'll provide. - Crafting a well-structured, engaging Wikipedia page with the gathered data. - Optimizing the content to meet Wikipedia's guidelines. Please submit any Wikipedia...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
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    17 bud

    I have a Wikipedia page listing all the shopping centres in a region. I need someone to get all the email addresses from the websites and populate a Google Sheet with them.

    $16 (Avg Bid)
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    81 bud

    ...experience in writing biographies or history-related genres - Ability to write in a casual and conversational tone while providing factual information Responsibilities: We need to create bios of around 500-600 words for 60 celebrities in perfect English. All work must be 100% original, non copied and grammatically accurate. These celebrities are not very well known, so finding information on them on Wikipedia or other sources might not be easy. You might need to go through video interviews on youtube, newspaper interviews, their social media profiles, dig around old articles etc to get good quality information and construct a full and proper bio. All content must be non-copied, human written and plagarism free. We will pay a max of USD 3 Per Article. Please bid with your price...

    $121 (Avg Bid)
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    81 bud

    Topp wikipedia artikler