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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Hiring someone to do aso for my android app. I need my visibility on google play to go up. Need this in one day

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    looking for top flight cyber security engineers and operators to join a new company. this is ground floor and the only compensation at least provisionally will be equity on a vestment schedule. i.e. you stay x amount of time and complete your okr's then you can exercise your options. in short or due time we hope to have cash flow to support payroll so it will be paid just not intially maybe e...

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    Looking for someone to help me setup OpenPose to detect people walking and using their cell phones. OpenPose represents the first real-time multi-person system to jointly detect human body, hand, and facial keypoints (in total 130 keypoints) on single images. See here for details on the system: [logg inn for å se URL] I want to use OpenPose on video to determine whether someone is ...

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    Dear programmer! We have a worked out wireframe and backend logic for a modern ECommerce Interface. We need one strong programmer to help us code this up. You will be working with our CTO to develop this project as a Mobile App for iOS Requirements: - Strong Solo Workers Only. No Teams. No Project Managers. Just One Programmer. - Proficient with Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch - Exp...

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    Looking to apply social network ideas and QR codes to implement a simple management tool to help better manage elderly care. Scan QR code for each resident, scan QR code each meal, scan each record, each visit to the Dr, physic, and keep accurate records of everything, while at the same time allowing some backend functionality to spot and prevent variance in the quality of care and for comments an...

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    I need a programmer to develop Dropshipping automation software. Pre requirements: Meet deadlines ** Be transparent Update on project progress ** *** Unfortunately it falls into a blow the last time I closed with a freeancer here, so I do not release the money before the service is ready. *** More details by the chat.

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    We have a new project for translation from English to German. Text is related with Manual for Agricultural Machinery domain. Translation will be done on same XTM-Cloud tool and word-count is approx. 12000 words. Budget for this project : 300.00 USD.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. I need my personal website for my business in India which should be great in design and awesome working

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    Hello TharX, I got your reference from a sudhir Bhatti from [logg inn for å se URL] I want a brand thing identical to him (the scope is the same). We are in also cloud security field. Let me know your availability for this project. Thanks Nikhil

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    I need (up to) 700 HTML pages catalogued. • $150 AUD • Due date 15th March 2018. Should take 1-2 minutes / page max • A bonus if done before 15th March ($50 AUD) • If you can't meet this deadline please do not apply. It will require to login into Joomla websites and simply copy and paste their HTML pages into a word document (removing any HTML code - I have an e...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Travels website bookings for out station from Bangalore to out station

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    + Capture rushes footage of the devastation and scale of the flood + Upload to a cloud service and share the link to download - Show the scale of the rains/floods and the effects (entire landscape filled with rain water, remote villages/urban areas, buildings damaged, homes destroyed) - Devastation of people (seeking higher ground and safety, vehicles submerged, people attempting to move in the w...

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    We would like to develop a mobile app by the blockchain technology. The flow as follows - User take a photo - The info such as time, location will be saved to the blockchain network - (optional) photo will be saved to the network or other cloud, please propose Please propose what blockchain network you will use, or a newly developed one. Kindly share your reference.

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    I am starting a new IP Business Systems focused on Cloud Communications, Network, and Surveillance for SMB and MLE. I am looking for help with my business logo as well as putting together a simple yet professional website.

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    I need custom radar scans created from my trading systems. One will use the Ichimoku cloud with my own custom indicators. The other will use a custom version of regression bands with more of my custom indicators

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. for retail and wholesale our products.

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    What I need done is the following: Roughly 10 pages of artwork (it would be preferred that the artist is capable of very light animation on a few pages (cloud blowing across the screen or the like). Kid friendly drawing with vibrant colors and multi-cultured characters.

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    I am in need of an Android mobile application that can be used galaxy tab4 to galaxy S7. It needs to use oreo, lollipop, and pixel. Specifications for core functions include: -simple ui design similar to Reddit on Twitter - simple profile with ability to save data on Google cloud services Please let me know if this can be accomplished. - ability to have social networking functionality - abilit...

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    Hi, basically i would like to upload videos to cloud and app will download and play the videos locally. I will use Android HDMI stick for the project.

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    WordPress plugin - broken link / discontinued item checker

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Temporary website is at [logg inn for å se URL] I would like it hosted on my google cloud account

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    I am looking for someone to create an HTML table that has collapsible rows to show features of different plans for a software product. It should be very similar to: [logg inn for å se URL]

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    I own and operate a mattress store. I need a POS System that allows me to conduct sales and track inventory. I also need it do some basic reporting. A good example would be something like square [logg inn for å se URL] but i will be using a separate system for collecting payment. I will need it to be able to print receipts and operate in the cloud from my website server if possible. * S...

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    Looking for SERVER/HOSTING/SECURE SITE - tech for opencart. Small Project - I just need to secure the site since it is not done correctly. It needs to index as https://www. - (it used to but not anymore). As a result shows blocked on some devices like site loads but products are blocked from browsing and visibility. 1. Also, it needs to pass canonization test - www resolves to NONE www ...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Real Estate Investment

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    I am looking for an experienced website developer to build/design a website using shopify. The website will need to be developed from scratch using specific instructions which will be given to you after applying. The site is going to be for a fishing lure business. Our current shopify website developer is backed up with our other projects so this will just be a one time job.

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    I need a video really close to that one. [logg inn for å se URL]

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    I need a responsive website. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Arduino based project. Remote weather monitoring station. Sends the collected data to a mobile phone via Sms.

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    I need an Android app.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design my blog. I have very tasty grapes tree

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    CLoud based monitoring of Mikortik Router, using The Dude NMS

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    Requirements: To be considered for this project you... * You must be available for communication via video calls * You must have excellent English knowledge * You must reply with a suggested solution and a real price quote * You must have extensive web development experience, and preferrably training equipment experience. Background: * We produce a strength training device which includes ...

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    Android application with cloud database(FCM)

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    This is a simple project based on the one posted by Josh Morony at: [logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] Your implementation must be done on top of this project. Please, don’t create new projects. Implement the login with Passport / Facebook. You can use the Facebook credentials of a Facebook app created and configured by yourself. I will do the same later afte...

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    Hello, I need a Server Linux professional to set a domain address to a cloud server. We have 3 domains. And we have a cloud server which includes the files for our websites. We want one domain to be set to that space and 2 other domains to redirect to the main domain. The cloud server platform is in Plesk

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    Requirement: ***Familiar with Jumi*** *Experience with Tabulizer or related data table tools assist. *Experience with membership extensions assist. Task: 1. Setup the user groups, memberships, profiles and Subscriptions by Membership Pro in Joomla 2. CRUD Module development

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    Can I ask for your help in securing the site - you did the set up for us way back and it worked super. We just need correct transfer from www to one www and http to https, goes through google cloud. Issue is that other tech reset a site for us and messed up www to none www. Now it works on some devices and it looks blocked on others. I sent you an email, got no reply. Maybe you busy but I am post...

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    We have an application built with Laravel and MySQL that we will deploy to a cloud server. The application is already built and running on our web server. We aren't sure yet if we'll use Google or Amazon, so this project is where we will move the app to both Amazon and Google servers and evaluate the pros/cons of both. As well as PHP/Laravel & MySQL, the application also stores...

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    I am designing a poster for a technology application and need to show 12 product features (see below) within a cloud. i.e. Cloud as in "cloud computing". I have attached a screengrab showing where this artwork will be inserted. Paperless NHVAS Fatigue, Mass & Maintenance CoR Speed EWD Job Scheduling Jobs Driver Index Messaging Corrective Actions Analytics...

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    I am looking for someone to develop a website (with iOS and Android App if possible) similar to www.kangaride.com. Would need to sign in/create profile via Facebook Ability to rate rides/user after having a ride Ability to view available rides from / to and dates Ability for Admin to "verify" users

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    I need a new website. it. I need to customize a job board. I need to add video conferencing capabilities.

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    Have built a cloud based mail server using Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL, Amavis, Clam AV and Spam Assasin on a remote host. Current approach is based on Ex Ratione - [logg inn for å se URL] The project is to get this mail server operational. Thank you.

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    I need to fix broken links on website plus update some pictures and info

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    We need 100-300 test scripts for Oracle ERP Cloud for the AR, AP, GL, Asset, Procurement and more.

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    I need my website re-configured. Just a one time small help to Write Java ATG code to create node

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    We're building a review / social media SPA React/Redux application. We want to use this theme from Envato: [logg inn for å se URL] Theme theme is CSS / Jquery only so you will need to convert the necessary pages into React/Redux. There should be no JQuery left. The data will come from Firebase Real-Time Database and Cloud Functions (Rest API). All the queries will be built for you...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Our website is education based. we have purchased webiste and basics done. need to edit and design them according to the requirements.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I need a android app that should work like Ola and UBER ... Requirements: [logg inn for å se URL] to give order to nearest partner when customer searched and Accept/Decline and give directions to partner to reach customer(like Uber ) [logg inn for å se URL] track partner on live map and show ETA [logg inn for å se URL] ...

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    Some one who is really professional in understanding ReactJS and integrating with a microservice.

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