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    Email-Verifier Avsluttet left

    I want an email-verifier to be made. I want the program to tell me whether the email address is good or bad. It should connect to the SMTP server but SHOULD NOT send test mail. I know it is not possible to get 100% correct answer in every case. I want it done in ASP., and I want it fast. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    Shopping Cart Avsluttet left and Merchant accounts, shipping and tax calculations, etc.. Site registration should be simple with only "Name" and "Email" as required. Certain areas of our site needs the user to have registered, so we must be able to tell the difference. Both the Shopping cart and Registration tool should write out to the same MYSql database, with a variable

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    15 bud easier navagation through and a few extra buy and sell items and a chat window for players also the clone script should tell when a player is online or not, and a few casino games like black jack, roulette , craps, poker. Email to all player. Also MUST contain a gamemaster me who has control over the game. This is the person who players come to as

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    1 bud programme of studies, date of matriculation, email etc.) b) financial details (payment by credit card or bank, amount paid by the student and amount due). From this database our business office is building manually some statements of accounts in word and send it manually by air mail and email. About the new system we want you to project and

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    1 bud need of a smallish contest script written. My minimum requirements are that the script be able to allow users to sign up for the contest by supplying thier name, address, email, etc. They would then select a password, or the script would select one for them. To play the contest, they'd register, by entering their password into a form. The script would

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    ...alias /cgi-local/ which points to the /cgi-bin/ on the new server? If I must use /cgi-bin/ then I will use it, but it would be a real inconvenience to have to email 100s of toplist members and tell them to change their linking codes. (1) How much will it cost? (2) I need a DEFINITE time frame so I can redelegate the domains. (3) What do you suggest for

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    This project have been posted before but I closed it down because of new requirements. This is the new project: I recive emails with *.jpg attacments into an email account wich is set up only to be used for this purpouse. I want to automatic post the incomming pictures to a picture gallery. I have the gallery ready, the MySql is ready, but I'm sick

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    Car Broker Site Avsluttet left Eg. I will sell your car for a fee of 5% or negotiable Then if you agree I have it on my webpage. Then people go to it and see your car and want to buy it. They email me, and I tell you. Then you contact them and after its sold you pay me the commission (5%) Or if you are looking for a second hand toyota car (specific model or sumfin) you contact

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    I will be developong a HTML email for one of my clients to send out to their target audience. I need someone to develop "a send to a friend" link. The client also wants a data capture mechanism so that they can analyse all new contact details. Can someone quote for this and tell me their availability of the next fortnight. Thanks Helen

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    * Modification One When Member A sends an internal Message to Member B, I'd like the system to automatically send an email to Member B's registered email account to tell him that someone has just messaged him and that he needs to log into his account to read the message. Member B should be able to switch this feature on and off because he might not

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    ...else) 6) Contact : opens an automatic default email software listing this address ( we will tell you once the bid is confirmed) 7) How to order : write neatly that the users have to send a cheque or money order and specify the item`s code to the company address ([login to view URL] , Malaysia) and also email us at ................. *************

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    ...of them or disaprove 3) In admin I need it to tell me total number of cars 4) add a date script that generates the date when car was added 5) Deals with 2 - Automatically Email user telling them that moderator will be approving car before posted.. Then when I accept it another email that tells them there car is now on the site 6)

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    ...the numbers and the other for holding a score for each correct guess. The first bag can't not have neg. numbers. I hope you can help me out.. If you have any questions please email me... thanks It has to be tested so that if the user puts a -number in it will accept it but won't get any points for it..... I have all the details below... thanks again

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    81510 Tell A Friend Avsluttet left

    I need a Tell A Friend Script with a few Extras. PMB for the extras I need.

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    ...Standard Security implemented with a password to open the file. Adobe points me to a "partner" site that has security dll's, but they are asking a fortune for one...although they tell me I can write an add-in to accomplish it even though their SDK does not show how. I don't know C++, so I'm stuck. I have managed to open a pdf within VB (using the Active

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    3 bud need of a smallish contest script written. My minimum requirements are that the script be able to allow users to sign up for the contest by supplying thier name, address, email, etc. They would then select a password, or the script would select one for them. To play the contest, they'd register, by entering their password into a form. The script

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    81755 Roommate Site Avsluttet left

    Roommate Site P... Join Sign in window. Newsletter window Search sections Help / FAQ's Tell a friend script. Affiliate Program Payment Processing Members Area ( login) with Members stats etc. Administration Area Newsletter administration Link administration. Member Membership Stats and Information Email Manager Settings Affiliate Administration

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    ...DOWN FOR MORE INFO [UPDATED 10/09/02 2:00PM est] Thank you all for responding, it seems that I provided too little info. as you can see from all the questions below, so I will tell you what I need and what it is supposed to do. i have a Small Electronics Shop, and i have numbers # everywhere, on post-it notes, catalogs, i need a basic - simple database

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    32 bud from files created by an application that can be downloaded here: [login to view URL] then choose the 1040 product. If you need a customer no. to install, email me. The classes will include objects and methods for extracting specific data from these files. A sample of one of the files is attached. The project will include two steps:

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    ...including the following: Home page - Some flash work. I like [login to view URL] (without the music). I want most of the text to be editable. The focus of the site is to tell people about our services. (Web Services below) Web Services - I will basically just need some type of header file for this page and maybe some graphics and design input. It

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