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    We are looking for a diligent person who can skim different public tender platforms on a daily basis (aprox. 30 min per day). The person must be reliable, be able to follow instructions and offer high-quality work. Optimally, this assignment develops into something bigger if there is a good fit helping us with data analysis and more.

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    Cloud Design solution 6 dager left

    Proof of Concept for one of the website on the cloud, should be on public cloud platform (AWS, GCP, Azure), The solution should be optimised for costs and easy to maintain/develop in the future.

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    Web Crawling 6 dager left

    Brief for Data Extraction / Crawling Requirements We wish to extract BE and BTech Question papers for a select list of 72 subjects from Question paper bank sites. These are University sites as well as other independent sites that have collected these question papers for use in public domain. These question papers need to be from 2015 onwards only. A list of the Universities and the sites will be provided. Additional sources may need to be researched and added to this list to be able to complete the task required to 100% coverage The tasks will require the following output to be submitted: • Question papers by University / Subject in PDF format • Verification by a SME of the Question paper as to its veracity for the subject • Control sheet that displays at a glance t...

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    OSINT automation web app 6 dager left

    ...Similar to Google alerts but based on a user’s set list of web domains/Telegram channels which user specifies and maintains. Key objective is to identify sources based on query, bot will return source is query is successful. Detailed scraping of actual data is not required (ie. only basic analytics, article date, article name). The bot (spider) will run mostly media, news, aggregator sites and public telegram channels. Once initial query is compiled and database is populated, the bot will alert once keyword is mentioned in new content and add it to query database. Scraping or saving of the actual content is not required. Key functionality: Landing page with authorization Query design Bot domain list Bot Configuration through web interface Content mining, scraping Bot...

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    My company is offering sponsorship for our partnering book developers and manufacturing firms. These books companies are staging and launching newly written, edited and produced books, which will be available for the listed means before packaging, sales, marketing, exportation, distribution for purchase and resales. We're hiring native Portuguese dialect/language speaking translators who can transcribed, proofread, document, type and translated all written English Content words from English to Portuguese. Translator must be bilingual even more trilingual. Maybe intermediate or advanced English level, sound and standard Portuguese speaking language. Maybe additional basic different language. Translator should also be familiar with the computer operating system.

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    Hi I have a 3D Plan Ready for a Camping site , Need some modification and need the following To do the assessment we need a Site Plan, with a North arrow, drawn to scale in pdf format (with layers turned on if possible) showing the proposed footprint of the building with dimensions from the closest building part to the boundaries shown. The Site Plan should also show the closest public road and show the lot size within the lot boundaries.

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    Public-Facing Project for Nonprofit

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    I need a report/essay writer 6 dager left

    ...level of product returns (refunds) due to Covid. The VP of Operations proposed those refunds to be posted in the 2021 results to give some breathing space for 2020. Discuss the ethical implications of this proposal from the VP of Operations. Aftab Pty Ltd is also considering converting their company into a public company so that it can raise additional finance for expansion by issuing shares to the public. Evaluate the pros and cons of the private company structure as compared to a public company. Based on your analysis and discussion, make recommendations as to what are the current strengths and weaknesses of Aftab Pty Ltd as compared with the chosen competitor. Highlight any areas (and appropriate suggestions) for improvement. Identify and discuss the limitations ...

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    Write a Petition 6 dager left

    I would like to create a persuasive petition, to generate a public interest in the prosecution of two parents who were/are known child abusers. There is a mountain of evidence 10+ years, of witness reports, photo evidence of the injuries, medical reports that are consistent with the injuries and their dates, 000 transcripts and witnesses, DHS child abuse reports, text messages recordings, admissions and more. When the investigator presented his evidence to his senior sergeants, they made the decision to not present the case to prosecutions based on the decision in a letter they mailed to the victim stating there is "insufficient evidence." I would like to pursuade the readers that there has been an injustice in the decision, that the senior sergeants did not evaluate the e...

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    Discrete Mathematics 6 dager left

    Looking for an individual with very sufficient discrete mathematics knowledge concerning topics like: Integers and division algorithm, Congruence modulo relation and modular arithmetic,Number theory,Cryptography as an application, Counting techniques and combinatorics, binary relations, function, equivalence relation and partition, ordered structures, a finite collection of elements, natural numbers, like 1, 2, 3, . . . on a number line, a process (algorithm) involving finite number of steps, a network (graph) involving finite number of nodes

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    Trophy icon Design me a Logo 14 dager left

    I need a logo for a not-for-profit organization. The name of the organization is The Caribbean Agro-Economic Society The acronym of the organization is CAAES OBJECTIVES of the organization (If they can help) (a) To provide a forum for the examination...universities; regional and government institutions; and the private sector, with respect to matters related to the economics of agricultural production and related industries. (d) To disseminate agricultural information throughout the Caribbean. (e) To adopt a regional approach to the collection, collation, and analysis of agricultural data. (f) To establish a closer working relationship between the public and private sectors in agricultural production and marketing. (g) To publish available material for the benefit of the whole ...

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    Graphic Design for Rule Book 6 dager left

    We are looking for graphic design support to edit and design our organization's rule books (4) f...and online access. The current documents are in a word format and the style is not consistent throughout as a result of multiple editing over the years. We need someone who can clearly understand our directions in English, is able to work to tight deadlines, will quickly grasp the scope of the project, is detail oriented, and is able to deliver above and beyond our expectations. This will be the public face of our organization and used by approximately 10,000 people annually. The Rule Books govern our organization's activities. There is no room for errors. ** NOTE This is purely a word document with no graphics or photos beyond our logo. Delivery in multiple file formats to...

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    ...We prefer the use of Photon for multiplayer purposes and the deliverable should contain the following scenes: Scene 1: Login Login, Password + forgot my password Screen for simple registration of users ( User, password, confirm password) The users should be registered in a SQL database, maintained with the application in an AWS server. - Scene 2: - Option to enter the main lobby ( a public multiplayer scene in MMO RPG style) - Option of creating private rooms ( send the nickname via chat to invite friends) - Chat includes text messages and audio (with a UI), that stores messages. Audio in .ogg or other forms of compression. - Data such as friends, text messages and audio addresses should be stored in the database. The audio files should be stored in AWS storage. ( ...

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    ...0423441165). This means the rights of the Government to use, disclose, reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies to the public, and perform publicly and display publicly, in any manner and for any purpose, and to have or permit others to do so. If you are competing as a business, and are unable to comply with the IP agreement for all or part of your solution, contact the challenge team at ************************************************* CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: Please submit questions to the challenge Public Clarification Board or to

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    Migrate an access database (about 30 very simple tables with little data) to SQL Server. Migrate structure, relations and data.

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    STARS Above 6 dager left

    Need an Experienced Website Builder to Repair and Improve an EXISTING Interactive web-site that includes photos, images, and text. The website currently allows members of the public to create a web page for someone they know, and place Photographs (in picture-slide format), Text, and, in the future, Videos. Other members of the public, can find, view, and with the page- creator’s permission, add comments to the page. Knowledge of WordPress and other coding methods is important to create a user-friendly site, across all devices especially smart phones. Able to maximize SEO for the site. Able to add Payment Processing. Able to offer advice on best practices to create a website that is easy to use and navigate. MUST be ONE PERSON dedicated to this project to ensure ...

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    create a leaflet and C fold leaftlet for the house of braid. we are are a hair braiding company and we are located in the now, has to say that we offer the different services which we have to offer and events which are below and be seen in the black yellow image post: Services: Male and Female Braids Children Braids Braids With Hair Extensions Braids With add-ons : (hair detangling, hair straighten, hair curling) Events: Fashion Shows Birthday Parties Weddings Corporate Events Pop Up Shows Festivals Private and Public Exhibitions We are looking for someone long term as well so we are looking for quality as well. each design needs to have a 3mm bleed around the whole design and be in size A5 ()

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    English Teacher 6 dager left

    I need teacher who have experience in teaching Grammar business communication public speaking

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    create a leaflet and C fold leaftlet for the house of braid. we are are a hair braiding company and we are located in the now, has to say that we offer the different services which we have to offer and events which are below and be seen in the black yellow image post: Services: Male and Female Braids Children Braids Braids With Hair Extensions Braids With add-ons : (hair detangling, hair straighten, hair curling) Events: Fashion Shows Birthday Parties Weddings Corporate Events Pop Up Shows Festivals Private and Public Exhibitions We are looking for someone long term as well so we are looking for quality as well. each design needs to have a 3mm bleed around the whole design and be in size A5 ()

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    Tourism Grant - North Georgia 6 dager left

    Public-Facing Project for Nonprofit

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    ...collections. - ERC721 smart contract Required for crowdsale NFT minting. - Metadata and API build, configuration and compiling. 2500 total maximum NFT's will be minted. Each NFT minted will be 1 of a kind calculated from a predefined list of trait data via ERC721 algorithm. -the collection has not been scratched yet. -codes of all items will be written according to the rarity table. -pre-sale and public sale will be made. -mint will be made on the site. -for security reasons, all known attack codes will be written into the contract. If you do not know the codes, they are provided to you. We can create on the Solana network or the Binance network. A detailed guide file or deployment video will be sent by you on how the contract is deployed. You should also give us detailed...

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    Company name : event management Industry : entertainment an event planner Location :kingdom of Saudi Arabia /Riyadh Size : small company Product and Services: event management / branding employees /culture /staff gathering /happiness and holiday day /crowds management /rental tools and equipment of enter entertainment /design the event from A to Z /public events . Scope: The scope will cover the follows : 1) Conduct a situation analysis (SWOT). 2) Determine the marketing goal/objective. 3) Conduct an industry/market analysis. 4) Determine the target audience. 5) Develop the marketing strategies and tactics to reach the target audience. 6) Assign roles. 7) Set a marketing budget. 8) Evaluation and monitoring Requirement • Design the profile and post&rsqu...

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    I am a U.S.-based publicist and own a business. I have a couple specific questions for a CPA. Please don't respond unless you are U.S. based too. I will not post questions in the public forum or in message chat.

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    I want to customize the WoWonder PHP Social Network Script for a particular group of pe...Network Script for a particular group of people with necessary changes such as adding new features, modifying the existing marketplace, removing non-usable features and so on. The team needs to be smart & fast in the turnaround time. Initial Work to Include : 1. Complete redesigning of Marketplace to include hourly based services with Payment Gateway which will be Escrow Based Payment system. 2. Public User Profile UI to be changed 3. Live streaming service to be improved 4. UI & field changes in the Landing & Login Pages 5. Admin Panel to include more fields 6. Modifying Group 7. Online E-Book reader to be added on the website 8. Add Database in Admin Panel 9. Use the Script &...

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    Dataentry 5 dager left

    The Art of public speaking READ IT CAREFULLY,There was a time when rulers used to rule according to their whims. Their orders were supposed to be orders of God. People could not do anything else but obey them. But the time has now changed. Even a dictator at present finds it difficult to go against public opinion. In one way or the other, he has to appeal to the public. He has to respect people’s feelings. He can do so only if he knows how to put his views before others in a convincing manner. Importance of Public Speaking-The importance of the art of public speaking is still greater for democratic countries. Can a leader win his election without the support of the people ? Can he get that support without impressing upon the rightness of the cause...

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    ...improvement of the company's corporate image. • 8. Responsible for conducting market research, analyzing market information, grasping the status of competitors, and grasping the current market situation. • 9. Responsible for the introduction and implementation of the store promotion plan, and is responsible for summarizing and evaluating the promotion effect. • 10. Responsible for coordinating relations with relevant news media, and responsible for preventing and preventing the emergence of negative reports that are unfavorable to the company. Copy writer Department Job Application Requirements & Qualifications: • 1. excellent copywriting work experience, love writing, love learning, and use copywriting to implement strategies. (must have a case) ...

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    My server is a VPS hosted by It runs on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3. The Operating System is Webmin v 1.984 and Virtualmin v6.17-3. There are 3 WP sites on the serverl. A developer has recently installed it, but has not finished the job. Today is India Day – national public holiday. I am concerned that I might not see him until 27th. Meanwhile,I can't access emails and several warning messages are appearing. These are the deliverables: 1. Configure my desktop email client Thunderbird to access the new server to receive emails sent to , and ; 2. Remove security warnings by configuring SSL certificate settings so that they are accepted by all browsers. NO phone calls or emails; Quote your price for the job, not your hourly

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    ...(Android & iOS) Custom Domain and Email Server Full Configurable Look & Feel Additional HTML Pages Fully configurable Homepage Custom CSS Responsive Design On request Design Customization Integration in other Website / App Environment (API) CONTENT MANAGEMENT Post Discussion Poll System Interests/Categories System Feed Settings SEO Settings Content Localization USERS MANAGEMENT Users Invite and Import Public or Private (invite-only) Community Social Relation - Follow Follow or Friendship Social Relation Users Suggestion Engine Users Scoring System Loyalty Program Users Registration with Staff approval Staff Roles (Admin, Editor, Moderator) Staff Content Prioritization Users Search Engine (by username, location, interest, age, gender) Verified Users User Profiling & Cl...

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    ...stock exchange. It is a revolutionary way for Influencers to earn better than average money in ways not seen before and also by utilizing the same skill sets and or marketable activities they are already using - a lunch date, a promo blog, mention, shout outs, autographing sessions, fundraising etc. At this time ICON EXCHANGE is about to go " public " with its mission and simultaneously debut its very own crypto currency the ICON COIN into the public blockchain. Therefore, ICON seeks to add several active Influencers to its platform and begin showcasing those and their talents while preparing audiences to invest into the Influencers career directly. WE NEED TO ADD 25 TOP QUALITY SOCIAL INFLUENCERS TO ICON EXCHANGE THIS WEEK! CAN YOU ASSIST? Influencers with ...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Shirts 5 dager left

    I am looking for a logo for a Jeep Event. The name of the event is Great Lakes Jeep Jam. I need TWO logos. One is for the shirts that will be sold to the public and should be very eye-appealing and colorful. The second logo needs to be very simple that will be used to be given away free to our volunteers, so prefer that to be in one color.

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    Help With my linkedin profile 5 dager left

    I need someone to talk with me (Preferably USA Based) And work with me to update my linkedin profile to be better public facing.

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    I am seeking a long term partner who is able to construct institutional grade excel financial models. All data is in the public realm, and I will provide the format requirements . Please see below youtube clip for an indication of the 'style' of model I am looking to replicate - see this as the minimum, any other model outputs / analysis that you see think is relevant feel free to include. Do note that aesthetic style and presentation is important. Initially, as a test I will want a single model produced and we can take it from there. Longer term, intend to make dozens, so provided the first is satisfactory, this will be a supply of consistent work. To be considered, you must have past examples of DCF equtiy valuation financial models to submit as samples. If these are ok...

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    ...questionnaire and submit it! 6- one American can only record once 7- only native Americans these are the 4 questions to talk and record freely about for at least 1 minute: - Please talk about a recent challenge you had to face and how you dealt with it - Please speak freely on any topic that captured your mind recently - Please talk a little about your social life and your personal relations with people - Please share your feelings about a current tv show you are watching (or book you are reading)...

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    Blockchain dev for NFT project 5 dager left

    Hi I am looking to hire a well-experienced blockchain developer for my team's upcoming NFT project. We are in process of launching an NFT Project -Blockchain stack Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, Immutable X and Cardano -Responsibilities smart-contract metadata upload 2 Web landing page with full metadata upload, smart contract, whitelist interrogation, public sale interrogations 1 website company page like Larva Labs metamask integration whitelist integration Website creation Website Design -Must have experience NFT marketplace NFT minting site Smart contract audit, writing and optimization Blockchain NFT Game development. Trading bot. Please bid if you really want in team. NOTE: Don't bid if your hourly rate is less than $30.

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    ...>Force arrow button >Back arrow button. To be able to navigate the stream of privous days would be great but is no must. >Live 24 hour loop: 24 hours slideshow button >Image download button (best with highest picture resolution from the server if possible) Camera is offline: it would be great to indicate this and to show per default a live 24 hour loop or a specific picture (to be defined) 4. Public/private view Possibility to protect the web-interface with a user name and password (maybe this should be done directly with the webpage setup?) 5. Easy add new cameras to webpage/frontend Through inserting the snippet it only takes short time to add the client´s IP camera on the webpage. If the picture cannot be loaded it would be good to indicate this on the...

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    Cloud Consulting Technical Writer 5 dager left

    In search for a good technical writer around Public Cloud space. We are a startup in a journey to build the Knowledge Hub to ease the journey for Enterprise Cloud users.

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    this project is an e-commerce as a companies directory that has those main features: 1- Registering. 2- Create Company Profile 2.1 - Create Company sections 2.1.1 - Create Items for public search that belongs to Each section. 2.1.2 - Create Featured Advertisements based on shop's Items . this feature is not mentioned in the document but mentioned on here as point to be discussed later. 3- View Offers Magazines List *the project back-end must be in Asp.Net Core 3.1 or Higher *the project front-end must be for Mobile , Web cross platforms (Flutter / Xamarin) *the project is supporting RTL & LTR languages

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    We are a TCSP license holder/company secretary based in Hong Kong, is now seeking for helpful and responsible part time freelance auditor as our long time partner. We will prepare all accounting draft and you will only need to do the audit work, as well as the tax representative of our clients. Please tell us your quote for a NIL report.

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    Description: Developers are being sought for a search and scrapping project for a cosmetic website (GUCCI) to register the products in their different presentations, with their respective characteristics, in a database. Nothing visual should be developed for this project, since it should be executed via the console, which will automatically lead to future execution. The description of everything that is required is specified in the attached document. Operating system: linux Language: python Database: mysql

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    You will be tasked to private message a specific group of individuals on Facebook in the aim of getting them to be engaged with our website. It is a targeted message and not spam. You will tasked to message up to 370 individuals that are simply found through public profiles of their friends. We have the profiles of their friends for you to search through and reaching out to specific names as per an excel spreadsheet. They have been specifically targeted among 15-20 public profiles. Not all the individuals in our list will have an Facebook page, we expect 60%+ of the individuals to have a profile. The job is straightforward HOWEVER it will have to be done progressively over time as private messages in Facebook have restrictions of 15-20 per day. Experience in understanding t...

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    My project is about the "Embedding Application Security Requirements within Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for in-house software development in Public Transport Entities. I have done my review session and I received comments from the panel committee that need to be fixed for my MIT project. The freelancer must have an experience in security management and academic writing stills.

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    Top 3 Web laravel 4 dager left

    1. Build a Web mobile layout only 2. Let public user to create category, and fill the shop name, can fill many shop name 3. Any login user have 3 stars for each category, they can vote for any shop with 1 star, so they can vote 3 stars. 4. They have one bomb, which they can give any shop which will deduct their star 5. so the stars will calculate for ranking 6. User also can comment while stars or bomb given. This is hourly rate and pls bid with your hourly rate and non negotiable of bid price. If u interested pls direct message me with ur question. U can use any frontend for it. Only full time work available, don't bid if u cannot commit, thanks Thanks

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    CryptoBuxx () is a new crypto gift certificate program offered by the Certificate Exchange, Inc. and available in specific denominations backed by crypto coins. We are a new one of a kind product that is looking to make a big splash with the media. My background is in PR/marketing and I needs someone who can help create media lists, craft pitches, and follow up to get the story published. I can help, but I don't have the time to do it all myself. I'm not looking for consultations, but rather someone who knows what needs to be done and who can get it done! If you think you are the right person, especially if you have exposure/experience to the world of crypto currency, please submit a proposal for 5-10 hours a week for several months and help us get this product launched and the...

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    Build me an app 4 dager left

    Online Children Magazine and content management. App needs to be compatible with both Apple & Android. there be authorized registered users. Submitting content in form of text, image, video, audio files. Admins would have access to view submitted content and approve or reject before publishing to public. I would create all requirements for front end. I will define database structure. I would have designing also done on my part. Need a coding hand to bring all this together for a fully functional app.

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    Lead generation 4 dager left

    I am a real estate divorce specialist in NYC, I am looking to get divorce leads. Since it is not public information in our state, I need help finding them. How will you go about that? How many leads should I be expecting? Thank you.

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    I would like a database of all schools in Australia including public, private, primary and secondary schools. I would like the name of the school, the address, the main telephone number and the main email address.

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    Adult Web site not up and open to the public yet. We are looking for a software generalist with a creator mindset. Someone who is flexible and open to exploring broad solution sets and analyzing options adult web site that needs complex projects completed Technical Skills: chameleon script. Laravel PHP. Node.js SDKs JaaS Python ajax SQL Css

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    ...Where do we need your help? What are we looking for? ● Build brand new CeleBreak technology solutions to help scale to more fields, users and cities. There are many features on our list and we want you to partake in conceiving, designing, and building them with us! ● Build our internal admin control center in React. Controlling games, managing players and automating regular tasks. ● Assist with our public website and help us begin the process of rebuilding ● Research and integrate with 3rd party tooling for business intelligence and automation workflows with our backend api ● Build charting and reporting views of our data for management to have better insights on our system. ● Perform regular library and 3rd party integration upgrades and patches ● Handle technical issues reporte...

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    28 bud experts with the purpose of developing an interactive video game on the blockchain, where the characters (champions) would be a collection of NFTs. Our programmers are already working on the smart contracts and the development of the 3.0 website. However, we require the services of an Artist/Graphic Designer to accomplish our idea in order to be able to continue with our project to the public. We would send you a template and in return we expect to receive a sketch that sets the foundation on which the collection is built upon. The idea is to create a collection of 9999 images with a combination of approximately ±40 unique traits. More details will follow once the offer is accepted. The price range is between 250-750 EUR depending on the quality of work. If...

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    Topp public relations artikler