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    I need a program written in php to have the following functions: 1. receive multiple pdf file paths and combine these pdf files into one single pdf file (PDFs -> PDF) 2. receive a pdf file path and convert the pdf file into a word file (PDF -> WORD) 3. (PDF -> JPG) PDF file split into JPG files 4. (JPG -> PDF) JPG files combined into PDF The program

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    I need to convert php serialised string to json using only C Sharp program, the input data set will have two columns ID and PhpSerialisedData , sample attached. I want someone to create a c sharp string manipulation function/method to convert the PhpSerialisedData to valid Json format. The manipulated data will be added as an additional column to the

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    We have an XML file that we display in a particular format on our web site. We used to convert it every time a client connects but now the file is too big at about 4.3Megabytes uncompressed we want the method that loads the clients web page as quickly as possible so probably to pre-build the Web page from XML to HTML/Javascript page only once. We want

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    We have an application that uses PHP to access and parse an XML newsfeed file on to one of our pages. It selectively will gather. The lbi items are what we place on our template files which are HTML pages. The php page is the code that we execute and it references a xml file and HTML page at the lbi file contains. What I need is someone to make

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    Looking for a web developer who can convert the attached PSD/Indesign (We have the document in both of these formats) into HTML and create a PHP program that will convert the HTML into a US Letter Size PDF with page numbers, headers/footers, etc just like the attached design.

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    Trophy icon Convert html tables into xls struktur Avsluttet left me) Regqurements: - program in php 5.6 or better 7 compatible - PAP - form to select html file (in) and xls output file (out) - program to convert tables to xls - some processing messages to confirm conversion is successfully done Delivery: - php files and xls files - conformation program is workable and testet -

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    modify php file Avsluttet left

    I have a php contact script that sends email to me when the form is submitted however in my program I design my form inputs in it inputs the unencoded parts around my table If you open my php script and look on lines 60 - 78 you will see what I mean. Also on line 60 I need it to change the double quotes back to single quotes automatically. Looking

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    I need a really simple windows program that can convert a given text to a video file. For example the program will take a text of 3000 words content and split it into 7 pieces and convert it to a video file of 7 slides. I want to keep it simple. You can do a php version of it too if you know how to.

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    PhP or Bash Avsluttet left

    Write php cli or bash script which will: 1.) Move all file types ".raw" to directory rawdir 2.) Add an interface with arguments that will allow you to set the "source directory" where the script searches for ".raw" files and "destination directories", where the files are moved to. If the user does not give arguments, the script should be executed

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    This require an app written in PHP(ideally) or NodeJS using real time speech to text APIs from Google or Microsoft to convert spoken words to text and save a mysql database with second by second timestamp BACKGROUND: We have a web application based on PHP (mysqli extensions) / MySQL / HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / JavaScript / AJAX. This application involves

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    Create a program to convert PDF to TXT made with PHP. It will work like a API, where I send you the pdf file and you give me back the txt Important: to have experience doing it and if possible someone who speaks spanish would be great thanks I enclose 3 samples

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    Bash and PHP CLI Avsluttet left

    Write php cli or bash crypto which will: 1.) From all file types ".raw" moved to the rawdir directory 2.) Add an interface with arguments that will allow you to set the "source directory" where the script searches for ".raw" files and "destination directories" to move the files. If the user does not give arguments, the script should be executed with

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    I need to convert a php program to C++. The php program is quite simple, it reads huges CSV and split them in many smallers CSV depending on some rules.

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    It is needed to convert around 1,000 lines of PHP code into Java code to be integrated with a Java program we already have. A simple PHP code which requires less than five minutes will be given at first as a test at first. We can pay a maximum of USD 150$ for the selected candidate.

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    YG1 new WP website Avsluttet left

    ...hours. Developer is responsible for both back-end and front-end development, including installation of themes and plugins. Requires a basic understanding of skills (namely PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and aesthetics (understanding element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, and so on). A strong understanding of industry trends

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    Php to C++ Avsluttet left

    Convert a small program from PHP to C++. Read all information on those WORD files.

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to create a PHP/HTML5/JAVA program that will print directly to a barcode printer. I need to generate a barcode with some text. The application must get a unique ID from MYSQL database convert it into barcode and print directly to a printer. The size of the label must be adjustable.

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    Have a code in .Net and want that converted to PHP. Currently, this program also uses, Sql server 2008 r2, Sql server management studio 2008 and Crystal reports runtime.

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    We have a downloaded template and a downloaded user management php program called user spice.. Need someone to convert the user spice pages to fit the templates.. so all pages of user spice should have look and feel of the downloaded template

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    Simple project to convert one JAVA app to PHP. Write new code. Must know JAVA, Must know PHP, must know MS SQL. This JAVA program connects to multiple MS SQL databases and runs queries. By converting to PHP, I am looking to have web based software and make it look modern and more simple to use. See attached file. PIN 2648

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    Convert php ( curl ) code to exe program ( works fast )

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    Write some Software Avsluttet left

    Hi i want to create a software in php or simple it convert javascript program into php or vb .net program [logg inn for å se URL] PDU SMS message creator create single message at a time. i want to import a list of number and a text message . and want to generate into bulk and each message store into a text file.

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    ...a C program based on Flex/Bison with two funcionalities: 1. executed as a standalone command: pnorm <path-to-php/html> 2. Provide a function to other C programs... by example: int pnorm(char *orig_filename, char *dest_filename) { ....... } > In this case, the output is to dest_filename, not stdout. The program should read an HTML/PHP file

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    Hi, I run an online video conversion website. The script is built in PHP and recently I have encountered some bugs on the website and today the script stopped converting any new videos. My script uses youtube-dl program to download MP3 from YouTube and then convert it to another format using FFmpeg. Since the script broke down today, I'm

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    I have a program that send out emails automatically, i have designed a template for the email. need to convert the in-design template to php, so it could work with my program.

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    I am writing cloud software In php to generate dxf CAD files for a CNC machine. The CNC machine doesn’t understand bezier curves so we have to convert them to lwPolylines (with bulges - 42) I’m searching a developer or a mathematician(linear algebra, geometry, vectors) to help me write a function who can convert cubic beziers in lwPolylines. The

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    We need an app that allows us to grade student's tests done on a bubble sheet, and store those grades into a database. We currently have a PHP script that grades tests, but it requires the teacher to manually type in student's answers. We want an OMR app that, at minimum, converts bubble sheet answers into texts to save time. To give you a clear

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    Create graphically appealing pages feeds 8 fields to php program (already created) and outputs them to a results page. Also create an about-us page. I like the below website. Please get ideas about how this page from the below website: [logg inn for å se URL] the existing php website it connects to is at... [logg inn for å se URL]

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    Before we go to far, my old program is write in Indonesia language. So if you dont understand, don't apply. But, if you think you still can do it, then go on ! I need you to rewrite my some old-native-php program in codeigniter. What you need to do : - just write the code in codeigniter what you don't need to do : - doing analysis about the

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    ... I want to convert this source code that is based on C++ to php code. I don't want all funictions of this source code i just want some function that will do check and apper state of lines. This program run on linux console after compiler as the folowing ./multics -C /var/etc/[logg inn for å se URL] (-C path of file config) This is program will r...

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    Please read this thoroughly before bidding and give me a good price. Very simple. I have this - its a script from codecanyon: [logg inn for å se URL] We want the SLIDERS, options and the "magnifying of elements" EXACTLY like this: [logg inn for å se URL] Specifically the GRAPHS: [logg inn for å se URL] The script that we are using is this: [logg inn...

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    ...Documental Manager Service in PHP to be integrated on our existing PHP E-commerce platform. Users must remain equal. Will work as a module so they can apply or we can activate. Once active, the user will have a root folder with some automatic subfolder we decide (invoice, contract, ....) As a complement a bill program are required to create electronic

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    I have program based on php and iis software , run locally. connected with MSSQL 2012 database. WE would like convert this as a desktop [logg inn for å se URL] SQL database with ODBC, using MS SQL server 2012 and .net (C#) its a very small task...need to done in 1-2 days max 3 days.

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    We are looking for a highly experienced PHP and ASP.NET developer to convert a PHP/MySQL program to ASP.Net, MVC and C# platform. The developer will also be required to enhance the application with modern and appropriate technology, user interface and functions. The project must be completed in 10 days, the developer will not retain any rights

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    Write some Software Avsluttet left

    We have a server which compiles the code in PHP, Java, C#, which the user submits. We would like to hire somebody to write a Unit test program which will send input values(STDIN) and check output(STDOUT) from these programs and match it. check this link [logg inn for å se URL] u need to register with programmr to take

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    Write some Software Avsluttet left

    I have accounting program in DOS language now i want to convert it in .net / php language. I want a developer who can develop this program.. And the developer should be from Ahmedabad(Gujarat , India). He/she should personally come to my office to understand my current accounting software. Tally software is not preferable.

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    Convert a part of a Python script (USTVNOW plugin) to PHP. USTVNOW is plugin on Kodi. [logg inn for å se URL] This plugin allow us to watch US TV on internet with a account (signup). When we put our email and our password in the settings the plugin for the free version, it is possible to watch ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC and PBS. I want a PHP

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    Build a Website Avsluttet left

    ...guidelines and how you program to see that it meets the standards and not a "dodgy code". Web app contains (PHP): - User Login and Registration - Fill in a small form - Name - Number - Email - Upload file (Take a photo via phone and the photo is resized to 1024 pixels before uploaded to database (MYSQL)) - Option to convert JPG file to PDF

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    Convert existing program (or rewrite) to use PHP

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    ..."www dot time dot gov" to verify convert your local time accurately). I own a real estate investing firm, and I need someone who can help market my services via telephone and email, as well as perform some web-based tasks and is an effective and efficient user of MS Excel spreadsheet program. As a FULL-TIME personal assistant, you

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    ...translator Google API to convert it to the language id of the user reading it. Platforms needed to be available on: 1. iOS 2. Android Needed a Cross Platform APP built on JavaScript: Features of the APP: 1. Chat 2. Voice Call (VoIP) 3. Video Call • No Filter / Logic • Similar To Snap Chat 4. Application Program Interface • Translation

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    Hi, I need a web based program in php which will accept a folder containing MS word files and the program shd convert all the word files found in the folder to pure html files automatically without human intervention. You should not use the ms word html converter option to convert the word file to html because it will store a lots of messy html codes

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    ...Time (make use of www dot time dot gov; to verify convert your local time accurately. I own a real estate firm, and I need someone who can help market my services via telephone and email, as well as perform some web-based tasks and is an effective and efficient user of MS Excel spreadsheet program and a CRM. As a FULL-TIME personal assistant,

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    convert from EXCEL (content) - to PHP. Create Admin panel to manage Users and Prices. this program have to be MOBILE Friendly. work on desktop and mobile. on mobile work as application.

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    I'm looking for some one help me to convert current website into responsive. I have already the new design and its ready for website need some one install it to work with our system and be responsive -My website based on program calls MEM and work on windows server Project is : 1- Install the main language in English and install the same template

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    ...ready themes at godaddy server. *Adjust themses and fill up contents as instructed. *fix hosting issue with godaddy support team *Adding modifing wordpress plugin and convert any given website to Arabic using WPML plugin or any other way. Install logo and ability to design quick logos if no logo file is availble. *Prepare a list of websites as

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    ...We need to successfully convert any and all C constructs into PHP constructs using a parser. First the software will read any C environments universally parsed through a PHP handler which is passed by a mod_rewite to the PHP Hnadler that knows what to translate to PHP. 2. Second it will translate those constructs into PHP constructs accurately withou...

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    JSON > QBXML Avsluttet left

    Project is to create desktop app to convert JSON output from estimating program into QBXML for import into Quickbooks Enterprise v14 as Purchase Order. App must be written in PHP/java and be fully commented for in-house maintenance after release. Prefer, but not required, to use Consolibyte open source dev kit ([logg inn for å se URL])

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    ...add a column to the file with the lowest price found. For any question do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks, Regards, Marco Program: (1) Import data from a file on your server. (2) Automatically detect encoding and convert if needed. (3) Read instructions from your added spreadsheet header. Example top line (in whatever order is correct for your

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    You must be an Expert in datatables, jquery and ajax for this project. No time to learn it just for this project! Task: Convert basic html-datatable to serverside ajax-datatable. Details: I already have a html-datatable as you see in #iplist.jpg. This is generated on every pageview and works perfectly once loaded. Searching takes just a second

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