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    Build a Database 2 Avsluttet left

    Building a Database in Postgresql.

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    Hi i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo.

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    Notepad App 8 dager left

    It required us to create an app that can store note Let say we give this app the name of Notepad The function of Notepad is, user can write note and store it But, only authenticated user can write a note (means user must register) This Notepad app should use PostgreSQL to store the text (the note), author (who write it) and attachment (file or picture) Only author can edit the note that they write, but other user can view it publicly Registered user can search for note that other people has write by entering the keyword

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    Django REST Framework 5 dager left

    ...user (author), text, and attachments (multiple files per note). 2. The note can only be created by an authenticated user. 1. The API should use token authentication specified in the HTTP header. 3. The notes can be filtered by the user and searchable by text. 4. Notes can be viewed publicly but only the author can edit or delete them. **Requirements:** - Django REST Framework as API Framework - PostgreSQL as data storage - Commit the code in Github/Gitlab # Task 2.1: Third-Party Integration 1. Using the same project as Task 1, create a new API endpoint/notion_notes/ where the users can create a note and save it in a Notion database. 2. Create a new API endpoint where users can authorize access to the Notion account and specify which Notion database to use to store notes data. ...

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    Build a single-sign-on, docker based system with the following components: - hyku Image: :latest - Keycloack Image: latest - oauth2-proxy - PostgreSQL (v14.4) - one instance for keycloack - one instance for hyku - nginx Please note: - We were able to run hyku on WIN10/WSL2/Ubuntu 20-04 using Docker Desktop. Here are some "lessons learned": - Fix High Memory Use: - Run hyku in Linux Filesystem (~/..) instead of windows mount (/mount/...) - If Zookeeper fails to start:

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    Need a developer for creating form using Node JS, React and Postgresql

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    Looking for a 5+ years of Senior Front end developer Require Skills ✔ JavaScript, Typescript, React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js ✔ PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB ✔ Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, LESS, Sass

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    I have a Debian Squeeze system running Dovecot 1.2.15 Postfix 2.7.1 PostgreSQL 8.4.22 Saslauthd 2.1.23 I need you to migrate the 47 domains (there are 21 additional domains that are mine, that are just aliases; a few of the 47 domains are just aliases as well) with 612 email accounts to an up-to-date Debian (stable) system. The source system uses mbox format and the new system will use maildir, so the files can't simply be rsynced, but need to be copied via imapsync or a similar tool. It will probably be the best idea to move one domain at a time and evaluate whether the users are happy, etc. Once a domain or two is successful, the rest could go faster. It will probably make sense to do an initial sync and make sure that it looks pretty good, and then I'll turn down t...

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    We have opportunities for qualified Data Engineering Specialist to work for a leading telecommunications company in Sydney, Australia. We're seeking an experienced data engineering specialist who has skills and experience in implementing large scale big data platforms. Our big data / data analytics technologies: Postgresql, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache HDFS, Apache Nifi, Apache Hive, Apache Flink, Apache Druid, Scala and Python Programming language, Kubernetes(K8s)/Rancher/Docker, ELK, Internet of Things, Data Science, AI and ML Platforms

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    We have a map search feature on our existing website that needs some enhancements using Django backend and PostgreSQL (POSTGIS). We would like something similar to Zillow as much as possible using Google Map API. Thank you

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    I need a module in Python flask for Register/login, the registration with email has to be with a verification email, also we can register using Social media (Google, Facebook, Twitter), and then the user can login with email and social media. I have already started the project, you will need to fix/modify the code. I'm using Heroku to host my Python flask backend app, MySQL as a da...Python flask for Register/login, the registration with email has to be with a verification email, also we can register using Social media (Google, Facebook, Twitter), and then the user can login with email and social media. I have already started the project, you will need to fix/modify the code. I'm using Heroku to host my Python flask backend app, MySQL as a database but I'm open to using ...

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    Next.js typescript website -- 2 3 dager left

    I need a website build using and typescript. It should use postgresql as the backend. The design should be using this template that I've purchased. There should be authentication using nextjs-auth(session token based authentication) Common for all pages 1. search bar for looking up people 2. View public profile of user Guest Pages 1. Dashboard mostly blank page with a message to login/register (Search people functionality should still work using the search bar) Login process 1. Login should be using a modal. Guest user from any page should bw able to login/register. After login, refresh the same page to show the loggedin view 2. Login based on email, google and facebook (using nextjs-auth) 3. Registeration fields are fullname

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    I want postgresql 7.0.3 in a docker image that will be able to run on Ubuntu

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    I want postgresql 6.3.2 in a docker image that will be able to run on Ubuntu

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    Overview Working from the database you designed in Assessment A, you will produce a database using Postgresql together with a web interface. You will cover possible security issues and critically evaluate your work. You will demonstrate collaborative group working skills by contributing to a group discussion board (with both original posts and responding to the posts of others) to help other students with technical issues during their development. Tasks 1. Implement your database design in PostgreSQL. (20 marks) You will implement the Flight Bookings database produced in Assignment 1A in postgre. Your database tables must be created using SQL statements which must be detailed in your final report. You will also supply a supporting .sql file which can be run by the assessor in...

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    I am building a web application for a LMS and need some expert consultation to help me with the project partially it is made but need some guidance

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    We are looking for a freelancer to do the following work for us: We have several databases in sde configuration, which are either postgresql or Microsoft SQL Server, and we want to perform the following operation: Every time an entity changes in a certain table that we define, we will receive an alert via a webhook or any other type of notification, and then we can run third-party software that will do the things we need. I tried many things, and I realized that in our enterprise version 10.9.1 ESRI has not yet released the option for webhooks on featurs, so ESRI's webhooks are out of the question for us. If you have an idea, and the ability to solve the problem for us, I would be happy to talk to you, Please leave a message. Thank you

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    Candidate We require a coder to code a website that will be built by us on the Wordpress platform. We will build the pages and the graphics ourselves, but need the services of a coder to make the vision a reality. Here is a full mockup of the website: Skills / task requirement: Web based database: PostGreSQL. mySQL, SQLite etc Coding to update: 1 million pixel overlay image Coding to update: Bricks sold / % of total Coding to create a form that enters data to database Code to send .PDF "certificate" to recipient email address Code to create a recipient page (after successful payment) using a linkID Code to communicate with stripe api triggering the sending of PDF to email / Creation of recipient linkID page Full testing in stripe test

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    Looking for a developer with good knowledge in Flutter (with Dart), TypeScript, NodeJS, Firebase (functions, firestore, database) and also elasticsearch, postgresql

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    We have an existing project that we have made for a client, the previous developer has left and we need a new developer to take over. Please only bid if you understand the below stack. If you do please include in your bid "UNDERSTAND STACK" STACK Front end : Ionic/Angular Backend: Nestjs + graphql + postgresql + typeorm All in one monorepo implemented with NRWL Nx We have a couple of light bugs to fix, and a deployment issue. So need someone that can help debug and assist with the deployment via SSH onto server. And also fix some bugs as well. App Details: The app is a job sheduler for a company. It allows us to create jobs, assign it to staff, and the staff can clock in and clock out of jobs. More details provided to the winner.

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    Restore Artifactory from Openshift Kubernetes(AWS) cluster to EKS/Fargate Cluster(Potentially upgrade before or after migration). Current setup on Openshift 3.11(AWS): PostgreSQL 10, Artifactory 6.5.2 both with Persistent Volume Claims on AWS. New Setup on EKS(AWS/Fargate): PostgreSQL ? or RDS?, Artifactory latest version may be? with persistent Volume Claims, ELB. Prepare Helm chart for PostgreSQL restore/deployment using terraform and using persistent volumes. Preferably RDS? can this be done i.e. moving away from PostgreSQL in Kubernetes to RDS. Prepare Helm chart for Artifactory restore/deployment using terraform and using persistent volumes. ...

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    We develop an Agritech platf...estimate their location, speed, behaviour and movements. We need your help implementing and optimising algorithms in our Python-based implementation. Responsibilities Work with our helpful team, who guide you through the existing codebase to the sections, that need work. You will be writing SQL and Python to develop algorithms and analyse data. Qualifications Excellent demonstrated Python and PostgreSQL skills. Bonus, if you have Docker / Kubernetes skills Bonus, if you can write or want to learn Rust programming language. We are looking for someone to join our team long-term (6 months + ongoing contract extension). We expect you can work 8 hours per day / 5 days a week. We expect you can work at least 4 hours from that with us (we work from 9-5 Syd...

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    Fixing a Web App 1 dag left

    Need someone with strong experience in Strapi and Node.js to link users with different attributes in our project. Past experience must be shown during your bid otherwise we will not consider your proposal. Other skills required: MERN stack development with experience in Strapi , PostgreSQL and HMTL 5. Note: no payment will be given until full evidence of results.

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    need an experienced PostgreSQL DBA for oracle to PostgreSQL migration project.

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    need an experienced PostgreSQL DBA for oracle to PostgreSQL migration project.

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    ...The module uses go lang/gin/gorm/viper tech stack on the backend and react/ts on the frontend. The backend persists its data in PostgreSQL and interacts with other services of the platform using REST API. An ideal candidate will be directly working side by side with one (or two) of our founders who have significant experience in relevant tech stacks. Please no need to use any sort of project manager from your end. CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS Here are our mandatory and nice-to-have requirements. MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: - At least 4+ years of experience with development of backend services using go-lang/gin/gorm stack. - At least 2+ year experience with a SQL DB (PostgreSQL is preferred). - Great communication skills in English. The candidate must be OK interacting with us over...

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    For Reference: Type of User Traveler Merchants Features for Traveler As a Traveler, I should be able to register, login in, log out(O-Auth) As a Traveler, I should be able to search for the location where I want to book activities. As a Traveler, I should be able to see list of activities in searched location As a able to register activity that I want to sell in certain location As a merchant, I should be able to confirmed booking from traveler As a merchant, I should be able to check the cancellation and confirmed cancellation of certain activity As a merchant, I should be able to check feedback from traveler Technical: Platform: Web application Framework: React.js, Typescript Backend: Database: Postgresql Language: Node.js, Typescript/Javascript

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    Will require a strong knowledge of appli...monitoring and logging tools such as Splunk, DataDog, etc. Working knowledge with Jenkins, GitHub, Artifactory, Atlassian JIRA tools. Experience in cloud management or micro-service architecture and related technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, or other orchestration software. Highly proficient with Unix/Linux/Windows operating systems. Ability to write queries/troubleshoot/tune databases e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL. Should have operations centric approach to everything you build, with an emphasis on availability, performance, compliance and security. Ability to manage internal and external customer escalations and work under pressure. Degree in Computer Science or Engineering. Location: Ahmedabad / Gujarat Candidates Only (No...

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    ...a project level. Requirements  Previous working experience as a Node.js Developer for at least years.  Hands on experience with Node.js frameworks and micro services architecture and restful web services.  DevOps experience with containers(Docker, Kubernetes) continuous integration/continuous deployment(Jenkins), and version control (GIT and SVN)  Database experience with SQL(MSSQL,MySQL,PostgreSQL) or NoSQL(MongoDB,Redis,Cassandra,etc.)  Experience with cloud-based API Management/Gateway offerings.  Must be able to work in a team environment and work in an Agile/SCRUM environment.  Design and maintain schemas in our database and write efficient SQL for loading and querying data  In depth experience of mobile application and web development is a definite plus  Full Deplo...

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    I need Reactjs experience person for working on Frontend and Backend of an admin panel. Backend is developed in Python Django. DB is Postgresql. We will provide all required API's. You must know Docker Container and how to deploy build in it. Excellent knowledge of Docker, Redis, Nginx is must. You will also responsible for deployment.

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    A single page android app with login , signup , forgot password , reset password page etc. the home page of app will be used to upload 2 photos and some numeric data on server in PostgreSQL database , using PHP APIs

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    ...are experts in the following area and tasks: Databases in which we work> Postgresql, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Elastic search & Oracle Databases Cloud Space: Amazon Web services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), DigitalOcean, Linode Operating System: Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Unibtu, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux Repo.: Git, Github, gitla, bitbucket Container: Docker & Docker Compose Orch/CICD.: Jenkins & Octopus Deploy Infra as Code / Configuration Management : Terraform & Ansible Database migration from on-premise to cloud Database version upgrade Database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL Database patching optach Replication / High availability setup for MySQL (Master-Master, Master-Slave) , PostgreSQL (Hot , Streaming ) , mongo...

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    Necesito el desarrollo de 3 funcionalidades: registro de usuarios, inicio de sesión e integración con pasarela de pagos de mercado pago. No necesito CSS's ni diseño HTML. Base de datos PostgreSQL

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    ...Protection, Communication Security, System Configuration, Database Security, etc. OS builds (Redhat, Debian/Ubuntu) CA hierarchy, Encryption and key management systems Vendor RfP process by providing a detailed set of technical capabilities and scoring vendor capabilities maintain VRA to automate deployment of PaaS Catalog High level designs and low level design DBaaS (MongoDB, MySQL multi master, PostgreSQL, Couchbase), Hadoop , service orchestration (Ansible, Terraform), Observability (Zabbix, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, FluentD), APIGW (OpenResty, NGINX, KrakenD), SSL, DNS, HA-Proxy, Isitio, Consul, Vault, CyberArk, Envoy, OAUTH, JWT, Nexus Sonatype repository, messaging (Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS), gRPC Vmware VRA blueprints development on top of vmware and K8S platforms Advanced k...

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    Hello, I have one website needed to be updated. Developer should work full time within this week to complete this asap. Thank you.

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    ...GNUMake, CMake, etc. • Yocto Project • Basic knowledge of Linux kernel, device drivers would be good plus. • Collaborating with the rest of the engineering team to design and deploy the code to test/production environment. • Debug, validate, review and test new and existing code. • Experience with Linux Environment (Kernal Level Knowledge). • In-depth knowledge of relational databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB). Knowledge of distributed systems is a plus. • Experience using system monitoring tools, automated testing frameworks and implementing server-side security. • Version Control using GitLab. Benefits: • Deep-Tech Learning :– Operating System Building (Yocto), Library Making, Networking. &bull...

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    Outlook 365 Mail Filer 3 dager left
    VERIFISERT built in the latest Django release The app will get an access token for the user with admin consent from the Microsoft identity platform. The date and time of connection should be stored on the user. All emails sent or received by the user using Outlook are stored using immutable identifiers () The email metadata is stored in a PostgreSQL database and the content is stored in s3. Any attachments are also stored in s3 The user should have the option to store any Outlook emails that existed before they connected the app. They can choose which emails based upon a date range with some common options such as past week, past month, past 6 months, past year, all past emails etc. Alternatively, they should be able to choose from their

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    I have a Django PostgreSQL application that is working great. I need to load some data into some tables that will take too long to do it with the Django client. Is there a correct method for scripting a data import so that the Django managed keys are not broken. I have tried this before and it created application problems that could only be corrected by delete the new records and allowing the data entry through Django interface.

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    Need maps server setup in leaflet, OSM I have few requirements like distance, direction, multi floor building addresses, adding addresses etc I will be using Ubuntu server with Docker to setup OSM maps Need developer who can setup maps, work on requirements for backend customization. Backend programming language: Python Backend database: PostgreSQL

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    Odoo ERP Developer Avsluttet left

    ...Developer - Odoo/ERP Developer - Fulltime/Contractual Exp: 2 to 8 years CTC - As per industry standards Location - Gandhinagar, Gujarat Job Description: Excellent opportunity for Odoo ERP developer in a top IT consulting firm Technical Requirement: Programming Language: Python, JavaScript, and knowledge on Django Platform: OpenERP/ Odoo, Pycharm Web Tools: Jquery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML Database: PostgreSQL (with object relational mapping) Operating System : Linux (Ubuntu), Windows Reporting Tools: IReports 4.2.0, 5.5.0 Collaboration platform: GitHub, Bitbucket, Launchpad, etc. Required Skills: Develop and deploy ERP/ web applications using OpenERP/ Odoo Analyze customers requirements and business workflows in order to map them properly with Odoo. Minimum of 2 years of experi...

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    Church Website Avsluttet left

    Our church seeks a Squarespace website developer to help us build and maintain our church's website. We are a small church so you will be working directly with our Pastor, Admin Asst, and development team. You will be responsible for creati...Qualifications and Skill Sets The desired candidate has: A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or 2+ years of experience in back-end development or full-stack development preferred Proficiency with JavaScript, Python, Java, and PHP. Familiarity with Squarespace and related Squarespace products Familiarity with version control and website design Experience with relational databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and/or SQLite Familiarity with test-driven and agile development practices Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal com...

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    I need a smart contract + escrow written for our automatic sniperbot. The front end + back end has almost been completed. All the needs to be done now is for the on-chain part to be completed. We are using hyperspace API to pull all of our data and we need the sniper to listen and execute the buy on here. Features: postgresql database to store wallet addresses, collections the addresses are watching, and what price they want to autosnipe at etc

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    I need to move an italian wordpress website named The website is hosted on a Linux VPS server, and i need to move it to a new VPS. The new VPS will need to be configured by the freelancer...configured by the freelancerr. Of the current server i only have root access in ssh and admin access to wordpress. PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: In addition Wordpress there are other applications and components to import / configure / on the new VPS: - Wordpress (version 4.9) - 1 MySql database - documents application - 1 PostgreSql database - eGallery application (use Tomcat) - Tomcat - Backup and restore system The freelnace will need to have a thorough knowledge of Linux, VPS, MySql, PostgreSql and TOMCAT. DO NOT send the proposal in the absence of the require...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Debugging a SQL Code Avsluttet left

    Im doing a left join that is duplicating the rows. I need an expert that know Postgresql so that I can finish this.

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    Build Task Manager Avsluttet left

    Requ...Month. • Displaying Task details and status of each student. • Ability to create task. • Push Notifications. • App Notifications. Technology: (Android / IOS)  Frontend: React Native  Backend: Node.js  Database: PostgreSQL  AWS Cloud Screens: • Screen1- to display list of Tasks in a Day, Week, Month • Screen2- to display task in detail • Screen3- to create the task • Screen4- to display availability of student for the task • Screen5- Notifications Deliverables: 1. Frond end coding for 5 screens in react native 2. API development in Nodejs and Database development in PostgreSQL 3. API integration 4. Unit testing 5. Deployment to AWS 6. All code and code base to be in GitHub Out of Scope: • Login & Registra...

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    JavaFX, PostgreSQL Avsluttet left

    Need someone to assist with JavaFX project.

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    Topp postgresql artikler