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    We are on a dedicated server running AlmaLinux 9. We recently changed hosting providers and have been blocked from sending or receiving to gmail. We have the option of using our provider's name servers or Plesk's. We have tried countless combinations of settings on the Plesk side and the Ionos side without success. We are currently setup to use a subdomain for mail - Here is the message we receive: Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550-5.7.26 This mail has been blocked because the sender is unauthenticated. 550-5.7.26 Gmail requires all senders to authenticate with either SPF or DKIM. 550-5.7.26 550-5.7.26 Authentication results: 550-5.7.26 DKIM = did not pass 550-5.7.26 SPF [] with ip: [] = did not pass 550-5.7.26 550-5.7.26 To mitigate

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    ...freelancer who can help me download customer information from a Plesk-based SQL server and save it to a spreadsheet. We are using to post data to a plesk management panel which uses an sql database to store all our customer data So you may need knowledge in MVC and sql if you wish to win this and future projects Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SQL and database management - Experience working with Plesk and SQL servers - Ability to create a system for downloading data from a SQL server to a spreadsheet - Familiarity with spreadsheet software (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) - Strong attention to detail and ability to ensure data accuracy Requirements: - Download customer information from a Plesk-based SQL server - Save the data...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up replication and configure general settings in Proxmox VE. Replication Setup: - I am specifically looking for a two-way replication setup. Server Setup: - We have two servers running in a cluster, we need to replicate a Plesk instance between the two servers. Our endgoal is to have a working failover for Plesk and Proxmox Preferred Communication: - I prefer to communicate via instant messaging throughout the project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proxmox VE expertise - Experience in setting up replication - Strong knowledge of general server configuration - Proficiency in instant messaging communication.

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    Requiero un experto en servidores VPS que me optimiece mi servidor y configure los correos electrónicos en pelsk para que permita el envío de mails.

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    I am in need of a Plesk Linux expert to resolve an issue with my websites not loading on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I have root access to the server, so the necessary permissions are available. Requirements: - Expertise in Plesk Linux administration - Proficiency in troubleshooting website loading issues - Knowledge of VPS server management Responsibilities: - Identify and resolve the issue causing the websites to not load - Optimize server settings to improve website loading speed - Ensure the websites are functioning properly after the issue is resolved Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of Plesk control panel and its functionalities - Experience in diagnosing and resolving website loading issues - Familiarity with VPS server management and o...

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    Quiero sociar un dominio a Plesk, estoy teniendo problemas para asociarlo.

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    ...Google Cloud Platform and be familiar with Plesk. Requirements: - Experience with Google Cloud Platform and Plesk - Ability to set up and configure a hosting server for website hosting - Knowledge of standard server configurations and software installations - Ability to review current site data and estimate the right size of instance and the monthly costs. Responsibilities: - Set up and configure the Google Cloud Platform hosting server - Install and configure Plesk for website hosting - Ensure the server is optimized for performance and security - Review our current pool of websites (Size, DB size, Monthly Traffic) size for the server GB, CPU, and RAM SOME QUICK DETAILS: CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2686 v4 @ 2.30GHz (16 core(s)) Version Plesk Obsidian...

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    I need an experienced professional who can help me configure my Plesk webmail so that my emails do not end up in the SPAM folder. My IP doesn't seem banned, but I don't know if I'm setting the DNS records correctly. I have access Webmail access to Plesk to modify parameters and do the necessary tests

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up Docker containers in Plesk. Containers to be set up: - Planka - Metabase with production ready database NOT H2 database - Outline Docker image: - I already have a Docker image for the containers, so there is no need to find or create a new one. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Docker container setup and management. - Familiarity with Plesk and its integration with Docker. - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the setup process. If you have the required skills and experience

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    Migrate WordPress website to a self-hosted Plesk server - The current website platform is WordPress running on SiteGround - The client wants to keep the same design and layout for the new website - The client prefers a self-hosted Plesk server for hosting the new website - The client has tried using Duplicator Pro and UpdraftPlus Premium, but encountered problems with both plugins Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in WordPress website migration - Experience with self-hosted Plesk server setup and configuration - Knowledge of WordPress themes and plugins to ensure the same design and layout are maintained during the migration process

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    Project Title: Webmail access issue troubleshooting in Plesk Description: I am currently facing an issue with accessing webmail on my Plesk server. I am unable to access the webmail interface and need assistance in resolving the problem. Requirements: - Experience with Plesk server administration - In-depth knowledge of webmail systems and troubleshooting - Strong understanding of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error and other specific webmail errors - Ability to diagnose and resolve webmail login issues Skills required: - Plesk server administration - Webmail troubleshooting - Error message analysis and resolution Error message: "Unsupported PHP version. Required PHP >= 7.3.", domain using php 8.2.12.

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    I need PHP 7.0 installed on server for a old version of moodle that I am running. I believe I need php 7.0 and the latest version of it is 7.0.31. Currently, in plesk the earliest possible version of php is 7.1. php 7.0.31 will need to be registered in the Plesk GUI. Plesk Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS Plesk Obsidian 18.0.56

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    Plesk Server - Site Fixes We are currently seeking a skilled freelancer to assist with the following tasks for our Plesk server for 4 basic wordpress/joomla sites: - Server Migration completion: We require immediate assistance with migrating our site to a new server. The sites have been copied across, but have not been configured for Plesk correctly. - Error Troubleshooting: Sites are showing domain default page, and have db connection issues. - Plesk optimisation: Optimise MariaDB and Swap Usage overall on the server to make it run more efficiently., Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Plesk server management and migration. - Proficiency in SSL certificate installation. - Strong troubleshooting skills to quickly resolve any erro...

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    VM is in azure and the plesk server is not responding, giving blank white pages. Looks like storage issue. Need to get this sorted asap.

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    We are looking for a performance specialist to optimize Plesk for improved performance in WooCommerce. Specific performance issues we are experiencing include slow loading times throughout the entire website. Our website url is : The main areas of the website that are particularly slow are the product pages and the checkout process. Our specific performance goal is to improve our Google PageSpeed Insights score. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong knowledge of Plesk and WooCommerce - knowledge of Linux/ubuntu servers - Experience with optimizing redis/memcache/varnish - Experience in optimizing website performance - Familiarity with Google PageSpeed Insights - Ability to diagnose and resolve slow loading times - Understanding of

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me transfer my website hosted on a vps using plesk to IONOS. Here are the details of the project: Backup: I don't have a backup of my website files and database, but I can provide access to the current hosting. - Experience with Plesk and IONOS hosting - Knowledge of website transfer and migration - Attention to detail to ensure a smooth transfer process Budget: 50/70 € If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to me with your proposal. Thank you.

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    52 bud subdomain anyway and wondered if it is better to create a fresh installation and move the content and settings from the old version to the new version. Here is the issue: My redmine is offline because "it is too old". ------------------- Error ID: 59b4fe76 Details: Web application could not be started by the Phusion Passenger(R) application server. ------------- The new system runs on: Plesk Obsidian v18.0.55 OS Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS We tried to install REDMINE ourselves but keept running into this error: "App 699590 output: not downloading because PASSENGER_DOWNLOAD_NATIVE_SUPPORT_BINARY=0" The OLD redmine need this lib: libmysqlclient20 But on the server only the new lib is installed. And the support told me to avoid installing and old lib. Makes se...

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    I am looking for a Plesk Server expert to provide training sessions. Skills and Experience: - Advanced expertise with Plesk Server - Experience in server management, website and domain management, and email management - Excellent communication and teaching skills - Ability to provide concise and effective training sessions Training Sessions: - Each session should be 1-2 hours long - Clear and comprehensive explanations of Plesk Server functionalities - Hands-on training to ensure practical understanding and application Overall, I am seeking someone who can provide beginner-level training on Plesk Server, covering server management, website and domain management, and email management. The ideal candidate should have advanced expertise in Plesk Server a...

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    Sehr geehrte Debian und Plesk Spezialisten. Ich habe noch einen VPS Server mit installiertem Debian 9 und Plesk und würde dem gerne ein Dist Upgrade auf Debian 11 verpassen lassen. Bitte nur deutschsprachige Angebote, vielen Dank im Voraus!

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    Create a script/ extension/module to install on plesk / Ubuntu server to display google ads on all plesk pages according to service plans. Web hosting users should see the google ads when they are working on configuring the web hosting.

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    I am trying to send mail from joomla using 2 methods - smtp from a mail created on my plesk server - using gmail smtp none are working I need one or the other to work

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    plesk cron job error Avsluttet left

    run-parts: /etc/ exited with return code 1 getting thiss error.

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    Hi, Need a Magento developer to perform store / server update. The ideal candidate should have experience in theme customization and plugin development + Plesk In attached file a partial audit for website performance aspect

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    My server is down because there isn’t free space, you need to clean log files and reboot the VPS to bring services back.

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    I am looking for a skilled Linux Plesk expert to make specific modifications to my server. The main focus of the project is on security enhancements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Linux Plesk server administration - Knowledge of security enhancements and best practices - Familiarity with SSH port changing and SSH key implementation - Understanding of secure desktop SFTP and SSH The project does not require ongoing maintenance, only the modifications to be made. However, the freelancer should be able to implement the necessary security measures, including changing the SSH port and implementing SSH keys for secure desktop SFTP and SSH access to the Server. Also would like detailed logs on how was implemented ie; history so it can be replicated if needbe. U...

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    Hi Gratian Technologies, am an old client of yours. Mainframe as per last project you have completed. 1) I have trouble updating my Plesk server to the latest settings. Says that my version is of the old something so cant update to new PHP... 2) Need to optimize my WP & Woocommerce database as it is getting heavier. 3) Improve website security 4) Since I have worked with you, a friend needs to create a Woocommerce website from scratch. I would like to recommend you.

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    I am looking for a skilled Linux server administrator to help set up a CentOS server environment for running a Puppeteer script. The server is a dedicated sever runing PLESK under an IONOS contract. The server needs to be configured with Python 3.10.4 and Google Chrome, and the necessary libraries installed to execute the script successfully without affecting the running of PLESK. The project involves the installation of the following libraries: 1) pyppeteer==1.0.2 2) mysql-connector-python==8.2.0 In addition to this it is required to deploy assist the developer to deploy code on the server and make a test run.

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    ...and experience in network troubleshooting and problem-solving - Familiarity with Virtualizor and OVH, (Maybe Plesk too, but unlikely to be the source) - Proficiency in Linux system administration - Ability to identify and resolve connectivity issues in a timely manner Issue at hand: Any additional IP's I assign to my Plesk server, do not work, I can't: telnet to 443/80 traceroute doesn't resolve I can see the packets hitting the Plesk server (via tcpdump), but not being acked I can't traceroute out from any of the additional ip's as the source from the Plesk server out to something like Google. What is working: The main IP for the root server / Virtualizor The main IP for the Plesk server / VM I believe it's an IP misc...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can fix the 502 Bad Gateway error on my Plesk server. It suddenly stopped working... server is bought from Hetzner with Plesk installed. Was working absolutely fine till now... no changes made. Will create milestone only after I see any progress (if you don't agree with this don't bid). Also I would not like to share direct login, so preferably working through Teamviewer (if you don't agree with this don't bid). Thanks

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    ...proven experience in Plesk VPS, AWS DNS management, and WordPress Multisite setups. Our objective is to remap and update the domain to point to a specific site within our WordPress Multisite network hosted on a Plesk VPS. Current multisite setup: (main site live) - (sub site live I had a dev update domain) - (domain to change and remap to ) Tasks include: DNS Configuration: Update the AWS Route 53 DNS settings to ensure the domain points to the correct IP address of our Plesk VPS where WordPress Multisite is hosted without affecting mail servers. Ensure that DNS propagation is successful and the domain resolves correctly. Plesk VPS Configuration: - Configure the existing domain setup for in Plesk to point to the

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    subir aplicacion en produccion a servidor plesk ,y dejarlo funcionando

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me restart the on my Plesk server running on Linux on AWS. I have a plesk server (ubuntu) using AWS. I had an issue where space made the server crash. I cleared out space, but now the will not start. Is this something you can fix, if so, how much and how quickly? Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with Linux operating system - Expertise in managing Plesk panel, specifically with the ability to restart - Familiarity with AWS environment and server management - Quick turnaround time and ability to complete the project ASAP

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    Hello, do you remember working with me on moving my sites to VULTR& Hostinger in the past? We also talked on an audio call on Freelancer. I have a small requirement i.e. to set up my domain's email on Plesk which is currently set up on my GMAIL using but I want it to be changed so it comes in Plesk. I have Plesk, GoDaddy, EZOIC & Cloudflare.

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    Hello, do you remember working with me on moving my sites to VULTR& Hostinger in the past? We also talked on an audio call on Freelancer. I have a small requirement i.e. to set up my domain's email on Plesk which is currently set up on my GMAIL using but I want it to be changed so it comes in Plesk. I have Plesk, GoDaddy, EZOIC & Cloudflare.

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    ...address bar. I believe nginx reverse proxy is the most effective way to do that as x-frame is not what i want, I need the url to change according to the same architecture. Purpose: - The main purpose of this project is to maintain branding consistency. Content: - The content that needs to be served from the other domain includes both static and dynamic web content. Hosting Environment: - Ubuntu - Plesk - Wordpress Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in web development and server configuration. - apache and nginx competence - Familiarity with server-side programming languages such as PHP or Node.js. - Knowledge of DNS and server configuration. - Ability to work with both static and dynamic web content. If you have the skills and experience necessary for this project, pl...

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    Hi, we need a script to run via cron from Plesk. It should run a check on the EAN13 column of our DB and insert the missing ZERO numbers at the top of the code to bring the digits "always" to 13 numbers. Example: Ean in DB with 8 digits = must insert 5 "zero" numbers (0) at the top Ean in DB with 9 digits = must insert 4 "zero" numbers (0) in header Ean in DB with 10 digits = must enter 3 "zero" (0) numbers in header Ean in DB with 11 digits = must enter 2 "zero" (0) numbers in header Ean in DB with 12 digits = must enter 1 "zero" number (0) in lead payment and/or Milestone ONLY after successful completion.

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    ...operating system and command line - Ability to diagnose and resolve server issues promptly - Familiarity with web server optimization techniques This project requires immediate attention, so I am looking for someone who can start working on it right away. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with your relevant portfolio. Im getting this error in Plesk Webserver Configurations Troubleshooter. nginx is refusing to start. "Error: Unable to start service: Unable to manage service by nginxmng ('start', 'nginx'): [2023-10-20 16:26:12.004] 240024:6532aa24008e3 ERR [util_exec] proc_close() failed ['/opt/psa/admin/bin/nginx_control' '--start'] with exit code [1] " and my Wordpress Video...

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    Migrate SolidCP (WebsitePanel) to Plesk (windows) We want a script / plugin / extension to migrate account by account from solidcp (which is the fork of websitepanel) to plesk We are currently using SolidCP (WebsitePanel) as hosting control panel and wants to migrate to Plesk. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in migrating hosting control panels, specifically from SolidCP (WebsitePanel) to Plesk - Proficient in handling data transfers and ensuring seamless migration - Familiarity with both SolidCP (WebsitePanel) and Plesk control panels - Understanding of server configurations and settings

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    I am looking for a Magento expert to install Magento 2.x on my server and install a theme that I have already selected. I would prefer to work with a freelancer who has experience in Magento installation and theme customization. I am getting errors while installing so I need you to guide me step by step on Google meet call. I will not provide access. I speak English, hindi and urdu

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    Linux Ubuntu Server was under attack and became infected. I wanted to upgrade from Ubuntu 18 to 20. After that neither Plesk nor the websites (Wordpress) worked. The database appears to be affected. Goal: - Restoration of server functionality (Plesk, websites: e.g. connect database for Plesk and websites, delete virus/delete infections) - Backup and transfer of websites including databases to other servers If the server is secure again, it may continue to operate, otherwise data should be moved to a new one

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me import emails into my Plesk email service. Email Service: - Currently using an email service other than Gmail or Outlook (specified in the answer) Number of Emails: - The total number of emails to be imported is unknown as the client skipped this question. File Format: - The emails to be imported are in a file format other than CSV or EML (specified in the answer). Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Plesk email service and email import/export processes - Knowledge of various email file formats and their import methods - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any potential issues during the import process Please provide details of your experience with Plesk email service and email import/export processes, as w...

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    Project Title: Fix open_basedir restriction on a Windows Dedicated Server I am currently facing an issue with the open_basedir restriction on my Windows Dedicated Server. The specific error message I am receiving is "File is not within the allowed path(s)". Hosting Environment: Dedicated Server Operating System: Windows Plesk Desk Error- file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(C:inetpubvhostshttpdocspublicstorageC:inetpubvhostshttpdocspublicstoragetest/) is not within the allowed path(s): (C:/Inetpub/vhosts/;C:WindowsTemp) I am looking for a skilled professional who can help me resolve this issue and ensure that the open_basedir restriction is properly configured on my server. The ideal candidate should

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    ...migrating my Cpanel account to Plesk. The account size is small with only 9 websites/subscriptions to be migrated. All are basic wordpress/joomla sites, and are not using email, or any additional web host services.. Additionally, I would appreciate help with optimizing Plesk after the migration is complete. Both accounts are hosted with Linode, and root access can be provided. Due to the small size, looking to get this done in a 24 hour timespan. Project needs to be completed within 24 hours of acceptance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Cpanel to Plesk migrations - Knowledge of Plesk configurations and settings - Expertise in optimizing Plesk performance Additional Services: - Assistance with setting up Plesk is not required ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me open a port on my Virtual Private Server running on Plesk. Requirements: - Familiarity with Plesk and Linux operating systems - Experience troubleshooting connectivity issues - Ability to work remotely and provide clear explanations Project Details: I am experiencing SSH connectivity issues on my Virtual Private Server and need assistance opening a specific port to troubleshoot the problem. I have administrative access to Plesk, but I am not sure if I have root access to the server, so the freelancer should be able to determine this and provide guidance accordingly. Deliverables: - open port 22 on the Plesk server, that's it really

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    INSTALL EXTERNAL SMTP SERVER ON DIFFRENT SERVER AND CONFIGURE INSIDE PLESK TO SEND EMAILS we can use plesk to plesk or plesk to smtp. please note we have to do it this way as my ISP running the plesk server blocks port 25 outbound connections. I HAVE TWO SERVERS plesk server where websites are hosted port 25 blocked another server is a datacenter that has port 25 unblocked that will be used as the smtp server or we can install plesk on this and use it for emails only.

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    Hello. We have a server related issue. the website goes off all the time, i can't even access Plesk.

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    We need set up Nginx for a PrestaShop website running version 8.1, which is hosted on a CentOS OS within a Plesk server.

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    need pro in plesk Avsluttet left

    I am looking for a professional who is experienced and proficient in Plesk to assist me with server configuration. Tasks include: - Configuring the server settings and optimizing its performance - Implementing security measures and ensuring the server is secure - Setting up domains, subdomains, and email accounts - Managing databases and backups Requirements: - Prior experience with Plesk server configuration - Advanced technical expertise in Plesk - Strong understanding of server security and optimization - Familiarity with domain and email management - Proficient in troubleshooting and debugging If you are an experienced Plesk professional with advanced technical expertise, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous work and an...

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    I am looking for a pro in Plesk VPS optimization to improve the performance of my server. Specific optimizations: - Performance optimizations Experience and skills required: - Expertise in Plesk VPS optimization - Strong knowledge of server performance optimization techniques Note: The client did not provide information about specific applications or websites hosted on the server.

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    ...WordPress website with Woocommerce used, hosted in IONOS VPS (Virtual Private Server). I’ve set up monitoring and it we seem to be hitting high loads on CPU and processes. Php_fpm is the identified process. For example, just looking this morning and cpu load is between 95-105%! Last night I ran into a problem where I got that error database connection message again and I was unable to log into plesk (error 500). This is the first time it has happened since moving onto VPS. I had to restart the server which worked and cleared the cache – IONAS reported it will have been from maxing out resources. From what I can see PHP fpm perhaps needs optimising as its using a lot of processing resources. I need a professional hand to rule out the problem and fix the issue ...

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