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    221,331 php page error fix jobber funnet, priser i USD

    In need of an HTML developer to help me fix the website that I have. I have a small error and can't find the fix.

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    ...server is encrypted and uploaded to our Google Suite, but in this process of setting it up in rclone, then we must log in and autorize rclone for access, but then we get this error [logg inn for å se URL] We are looking for someone who can get it all setup correctly and either record the setup on video, so that we always have the information or set

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    Website Debugging Avsluttet left

    i'm new to websites development. i hosted my website into goDaddy, then some functions are not working although it was working locally like sending emails, uploading ...functions are not working although it was working locally like sending emails, uploading photos, and other simple features. i need someone to see through my website and fix the error.

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    Hi, Ravi, I think first we have to check server error 500. Very special is, that this urls are not existing and have NO slash at the end. This looks like an old mistake in Laravel which was already fixed. Because good to know: 1. in the past redirects were in Laravel. But now they are in Nginx. Under etc/redirect-meinweekend. ---- 2. In the past the

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    ...description. Of particular importance is to ensure that the content is concise and logical, as well as in agreement and complete fulfillment with the project guidelines. 3 Submit an error-free paper. This entails proofreading to ensure there is correct syntax, grammar, and spelling. If work is particularly shoddy, we do not expect you to do all corrections, but

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    I recently moved my Wordpress blog to a self hosted one with bluehost. And connected Jetpack. But the posts on my new site are n...connected Jetpack. But the posts on my new site are not showing on Wordpress. Also my followers cannot see my new posts and new followers are not allowed follow because it says “error”. Please kindly assist. Budget $10

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    Selenium with C# Avsluttet left

    I have a selenium code that has an error in it, i need someone to fix it.

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    Hi, I would like to get someone to help me incorporate a Two Dropdown menus into the front page of a Shopify theme. Both dropdown menus and a "Submit" button would be linked - the first one would be for listing car brands and the second one would show the respective car models of the car brand selected in the first drop down menu. When the first dropdown

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    I want someone with angular and nodejs experience: for Angular: 1) Change 2 urls in my website and also change a picture. 2) Change api for facebook pixel and google analytics For nodejs : for my server 1) Change username to not be unique 2) When someone create an account on my platform with phone number it also create a fake email. 3) If i pay for ads on the app and i edit it, it does not appe...

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    The below GitHub [logg inn for å se URL] has following ...I do this in my MAC, make cp -r pycocotools /Applications/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tensorflow/models/research/ I GET ERROR make: *** No rule to make target `cp'. Stop. output: investigate and fix the error

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    ...VPS server so not a hosting issue and only have approx 400-500 active users accessing the website at the same time. YOUR TASK: you must investigate all causes of issue and fix it. I require a fast website able to run smoothly during high traffic periods e.g. up to 1000 users. Please note you must dedicate yourself to this project only for the project

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    C# Tasks to be done Avsluttet left

    ...will be given) [logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] [logg inn for å se URL] --------------------------------------------------- show error message if there's any missing DLL's --------------------------------------------------- the inside crop hover hand glitc...

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    I need very quick help. We have a airbnb clone with wprentals theme for Czech Republic. But we can not start, because the freelancer did a lot of issues there. So we need to fix this issues. Also we need a nice theme for this project. Czech language must be the main language, than german and english. We want to use wpml plugin. Issues: - The biggest

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    ...devstack. whenever I try to launch a new instance in devstack, I get an error. I need someone to solve this error. The task to be solved in a day. The error is: "Error: Failed to perform requested operation on instance "pc", the instance has an error status: Please try again later [Error: Build of instance 7a010011-b072-4dd5-9338-cf12faf...

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    I have project in C submit it on 3 days Max

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    I am using [logg inn for å se URL] and it has a function for mega menu You can see i...full_screen_preview/17678863 under the shop tab My store on [logg inn for å se URL] is not showing it correctly as per the attached screenshot and I need someone to fix this ASAP!

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    Russian guy hacked my simple wordpess website. I need someone to help fix it.

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    Need change color on my logo to yellow color. Then need logo(s) setup on a 14x12 paper like in sizes.jpg. on the 14x12 paper need to leave 1" space between artwork and edge of paper.

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    analyze lexical Avsluttet left your parser based on the structure of this sample parser. An appropriate error message should be issued when the first syntax error is found; in this project there is no need to recover from it and continue parsing. (Real-world compilers do some type of syntax-error recovery and attempt to find more syntax errors.)...

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    require an expert level professional to optimize on page performance for an ecommerce website

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    android app for Oreo Avsluttet left

    required a app that can run in background of android OS oreo and simply turn on and off screen atomatically...and it must seems like there is an error in display of phone

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    This is a simple Wordpress template. We have to be able to edit in future everything we'd need to. Homepage: [logg inn for å se URL] We even have the need to create the following pages: Privacy Policy (textual) Cookie Policy (textual) Error 404 page (we'll give a proper graphic sample page)

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    Fb page increase Avsluttet left

    Hello! I’m looking someone to increase my Fb page. I need only USA fans on my page. No fake fans only real!

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    Hello i move the webage laravell page from the old server to new one and now when user want to downlaod file after make a payment have this error SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry how to fix that

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    Our website [logg inn for å se URL] The website does not have a CCV/security code during checkout. Tax is not applied to the shipping price during checkout for canadian orders. Our website is old. We're currently using microsoft frontpage to edit.

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    Hi, I have a php script on centos 6.X based system, Plesk is also installed. I am getting error 502, 504 gateway timeout. mod_fcgid: process 2141 graceful kill fail, sending SIGKILL mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 45 seconds --> Premature end of script headers Need someone to fix this urgently. Thanks Vidhya

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    REQUIREMENTS: NATIVE OR ADVANCED INDONESIAN, SKYP...the instructions and more information on the process. NOTE: In order to ensure the expected quality of the files, we will do a random check. The minimum accepted margin of error will be equal or less than 5% for the project to be considered satisfactory. Deadline: 3 days after awarding the project

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    I require a prototy...animation, preferably using React Native as this is the technology I intend to use in production, but I am open to alternatives. I do anticipate a certain amount of trial and error as the interaction is quite advanced and it will take some time to get right. The presentation of the screens on the device need to be pixel perfect.

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    Web Bug Fix Avsluttet left

    I made the website that use in e-commerce. But, there are a little bugs in my project. So, I need people who fix my bugs.

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    UI of one of our desktop software modules is based...testing, we noticed quite a few bugs mostly related to docking, some UI controls, resolution setting, button styling etc. We would like to hire a freelance WPF UX developer to fix these bugs ASAP. This will be a very short project. Only freelancers will be entertained. Companies, please don'y apply.

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    Hello, we're looking for a PHP/SQL developer to work on a codeigniter project. The server which hosted the previous codeigniter installation crashed and some database files are missing from the initial installation. The website is on a new server (PHP 7.2 instead of 5.4) and the login/signup is giving a 500 error, certainly due to the missing SQL

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    I want to insert a searchbox from external website in my wordpress, I'm struggling with CSS and the styling of the fields

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    ...has allowed us to input job details into an admin panel which would then publish the details on a specific page. The admin form seems to no-longer be working - I am looking for someone to fix the issue. Website is [logg inn for å se URL] The page in question (after publication) is: [logg inn for å se URL]

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    I have a site with features for IG. I have some issues: 1) Activity dont work properly. Example: if I set 30 Likes per hour / 25 Comment / 20 Follow / 20 Unfollow . I dont received the exact amount of actions per hour. 2) Filters dont work. I have set in Activity filters but not work. Example: check the attached screenshot We need to working at all the activity properly according the filters ...

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    ...should be transferred as a raw sequence of bytes. Do not read, write or transfer files as characters. Support only for error handling when the server is unable to satisfy the request because the file cannot be found. No support for error handling when data duplication occurs. The client and server applications should be simple Java console applications

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    I am looking for a presatshop, php expert to fix issues on a dev environment.

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    ...Registration from the frontend is no longer working, and certain parts of the admin are no longer working, such as removing a user from the list of users. The system is written in PHP/MySQL. There is not too much wrong with the system, but it is enough that I cannot use it properly at the moment. I own the code by means of a lifetime license, and there are

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    ...Maybe it is a caching problem? Theme Problem? When you visit the page - [logg inn for å se URL] and scrolling down to the next post, you get sometime the Problem ( See the screenshoot) Who can help me to fix the problem? - Maybe it is the nextpost that makes the error, so it is possible to change it to the theme nextpost (Newspaper

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    ...conditions, the connection should be closed gracefully, i.e. the last requested file should be transferred completely before the closing procedure terminates. In case of error (e.g. illegal command, non-existing file) the server always replies with: - E R R CR LF (6 characters) and then it starts the procedure for gracefully closing the connection

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    ...localhost. I need someone that really knows this technology. UPDATE: I have got it further along but am getting PAM authentication errors like this: dovecot: auth-worker(20393): Error: pam(xxx,IP address</Pg503aFaarLvVLp>): pam_authenticate() failed: Authentication failure (/etc/pam.d//etc/dovecot/[logg inn for å se URL] missing?) [logg inn for å se URL] does

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    You have a good language understanding and are working very carefully. You know google webmaster Tool and are able to find the error in source of Laravel/Nginx. You can check main conroler in laravel and settings in Nginx. 1:1 work is needed to provide information about old and new urls. I am looking for a SEO experienced programme who is motivated

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    Currently I have a webscape in place to bring down data from Yahoo finance . There appears to be an error and I believe it’s a time stamp error . - I need this fixed . This is a simple job for a good python developer . The developer must explain where the issue is and how to resolve it in the future if it happens again.

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    Hi Freelancers. An easy one for you. clairebramwellpearson .com/ is the site, not internal pages links work. What I have been told is - The links on the site direct to directory paths which must be internally redirected by the site software as they aren't actual paths in the domain file structure such as [logg inn for å se URL] Look forward to hearing your quotes. I will be pic...

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    hi, I need your help in running an application. Recently I purchased an item from codecanyon. i got runtime error. have to fix it in my system. thanks [logg inn for å se URL] Thanks

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    We are currently experiencing an issue with our XML sitemap- take a look at https://...[logg inn for å se URL] we have done some research and think the answer is found in the following article: [logg inn for å se URL] we need somebody to rectify this issue so that the XML site map displays properly

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    hi i have a drupal site it has products loaded it has 2 import/export features for the products One for the PRODUCT ...drupal site it has products loaded it has 2 import/export features for the products One for the PRODUCT and another for the PRODUCT VARIATIONS the product upload has an AJAX error (see screenshot) need this to be fixed now. thanks.

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    Hello freelancers, Our company looking for ROMANIAN LINKBUILDER (native speaker which now RO market) who can manage our and build links through the blogs, magazines or other relevant Poland website. Who we are? - We are Czech startup created in 2012 - E-commerce with furniture and Home&Deco ([logg inn for å se URL]) - Nowadays we operate in 5 countries (Czech, Slovakia, Poland...

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    From some days , I ' m having some problem with Google autoplace and Google maps on my website.

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    ...pen to produce a "handwritten" note. The problem is it didn't convert to vector very well. In addition to it not converting to vector centerline paths very well, even if I fix the writing, it is also broken up in many paths. We need the paths to be exactly as a human would handwrite the note. Based on the way that I wrote it, some words may require

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    I have bought android app i have uploaded in play store. there are few bugs in app. so i am looking for someone who can fix this.

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