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    Hei texotech, jeg har lagt merke til profilen din og ønsker å tilby deg prosjektet mitt. Vennligst se gjennom prosjektbeskrivelsen slik at vi kan diskutere detaljene.

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    This game is a color matching puzzle unity3d game To add some features on game like: *make It online * register/log-in/password reset *player need to pay 5 credit every play NOTE: it also relfect on their credits * Admin control: a) can add/deduct credit on player b) can banned or block player * anti cheat system * Modify the trading system into ( Pair to Pair) a.) Player can sell the earn cash point on game. (Buyer need to notify the seller or chat the seller and sent the reciept of the payment before releasing/ transfer the cash point to the buyer.) Note: seller must verify the payment reciept before releasing/transfer the cash point to the buyer. b.) Buyer can notify the seller while the seller is in playing mode then seller can just pause the game and the seller ca...

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    Hi Everyone, I have lost at least 4 hours today trying to fix an issue with My python code: There is a website with a list of posts, I want to get the link of each post and trigger the click of the post if the URL is matching the same one i already have, basically it should load the page, find the correct post with such HREF and if the HREF is matching the one I have, it should click on such post, The problem I face is that each method I tried to use which should return a WebDriver list of elements, instead is returning a single element instead of a list

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    Logo adjustment 6 dager left

    I require a qualified graphic designer to upgrade our logo for a website. The style, colours and design are already ok, just need to refine. I only have the .png file so needs to be recreated (matching the design)

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    Prepare analysis on the Orders Data and Customer Data while touching upon monthly revenues, users, monthly revenue per user etc Prepare an analysis showing how many users placed a Purchase order, while how many actually converted bifurcated by Month Customer Profession Prepare a COHORT analysis showing the purchase pattern of users by month Cohort Analysis: Cohort analysis is a type of analysis where we understand the behavior of customers by groups over a period of time. Eg. How are the customers who joined in the month of Jan 2021 are performing in the coming months in terms of # of orders placed, # of purchases made etc See example Cohort Analysis table

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    Trophy icon Create Custom Logo 2 dager left

    This project will be for 2 logos, First off we manufacture parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles, Our company name is HALESPEED all one word. We are looking for a logo that says HALESPEED but the "S" is a lightning bolt, we will also need a matching logo that is H (Lightning Bolt) S so it would look like H*S. By winning this contest you will need to provide both logos, in black, white, stainless texture and in all common formats. Please be original in your design and do not copy other entries. Logo should be "Western" yet still similar to Thrashin Supply Company

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    Need a data scientist to build a custom mapping algorithm using some type of AI. Must use python and deliver within 2 days.

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    Research manuscript writing for the research titled “ Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern in common bacterial spectrum in septic pediatric patients in AFHSR “ to be finished in 2 days

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    1. Backpack and butterfly shape is settle down. Pls see AI file. 2. Two version Backpack background color required: Light pink and light purple. 3. Decorative pattern design of Butterfly wings. Lovely , fresh , clean style liked by little angel girls.

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    Hadoop Assignment -- 3 6 dager left

    You are given 2 CSV data sets: (a) A course dataset containing details of courses offered (b) A job description dataset containing a list of job descriptions (Note: Each field of a job description record is demarcated by " ") You have to design and implement a distributed recommendation system using the data sets, which will recommend the best courses for demarcated by " ") You have to design and implement a distributed recommendation system using the data sets, which will recommend the best courses for up-skilling based on a given job description. You can use the data set to train the system and pick some job descriptions not in the training set to test. It is left up to you how you pick necessary features and build the training that creates matching...

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    Trophy icon Thank You Card 3 dager left

    I am in need of a 4" x 6" thank you card. White background with a plum color palette made of plant/flower design with some golden pattern. The winner of this challenger will be hired to design a total of 5 cards using the same theme. Here are 2 examples of what I like. Thank you

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    Create a C++ program that will parse a string matching expression aimed at producing a true/false result. Assume a reference string 'THIS IS A STRING' and a user entered pattern/expression "his || sTring" The objective is to test whether the pattern matches the reference string - which it does in this example. Allowable operators are: ||, or = OR &&, and = AND ^ = XOR !, not= NOT ( ) parenthesis for nested patterns The parser should follow the usual C++ precedence rules. Another contrived example for the same reference string: "(this or that) and (str and !srt)" This would also produce a 'true' result. Note the operator has 2 forms - C style symbol or a str...

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    Design a demo project using C#, WPF, MVVM with Prism. Project built with Visual Studio 2022 and using version 8.1.97 of Prism. Project needs to have a main window into which one of two user controls may be shown based on one of two buttons click in the shell window. The user control #1 is an input form to collect the following data: • First Name • Last Name • Address • City, State, Zip • A button to add the person to the People list • A button to save the XML file of the People list User Control #2 is another input form to gather the following data: • Automobile Make • Year • Color • Yearly Miles driven • A button to add the car to the Autos list • A button to save the XML file of the Autos list The attached image shows the ma...

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    Trophy icon Name finding for a Barbershop 5 dager left

    Hey Folk, Please help me find a cool name for my Barbershop. It should be a place where people comes together not only for hair cut but also to connect and get inspired. A club kind with p...Please help me find a cool name for my Barbershop. It should be a place where people comes together not only for hair cut but also to connect and get inspired. A club kind with premium service. Most of all the Afro community as customer. We are planing to also have some entertainment in the shop like kicker/pool table… Some keywors: Bantu, Hair, Cut, Mind, Head, Black, Elite… ((And any other matching above description). I'm open to your proposal, which will be used later on to design Barbershop's logo. Attached the floorpan of barbershop; Maybe it could inspire...

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    3d modeling + animation 5 dager left

    Create a 3-d pattern based on a photo. Then record 7 seconds with light source panning above. Looking to get the 'wingtip' design re-created so it's three dimensional in a ceramic white... and then basically record having a light source move from the left to the right so it creates a sense of depth and movement. The background needs to be transparent.

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    Photoshop Comic Design 5 dager left

    ...long. Within each template you'll need to do the following. 1. Team text – Amend the text of the team name everywhere it appears in the comic 2. Team colours – Change the colours used on the front cover and the first few pages 3. Kit colours – Change the colour of the football kit for one team, throughout the comic. Some very minor design work may be needed for some teams, depending on the kit pattern. 4. Export the pages according to our spec (each page needs two exports) Step 3 - You'll need to export 6 images per comic, from all 42 templates from step 2. These need to be put into a mock-up template and exported to produce the final promotional images. This is a simple, yet time consuming job, that needs to be done with a great deal of care. ...

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    I have a logo, and I need : 1- Re-drwa the logo using Ai. 2- Logo usage guidelines 3- Color palette 4- Typography guidelines 5- Iconography 6- Brand book design 7- Business card design Ai. 8- Letter head design Ai. 9- Pattern design Ai. 10- Do's and don'ts My budget is 40$.

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    Need damask/cherub print designing to print on apparel/horse accessories. I need to own full copyright. Repeat pattern. Images attached for inspo.

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    Hi there, I am in need of a Business package design for a coffee brand such as Logo, Cup design in 4 sizes, coffee packaging, Banner, and a coffee machine sticker with brand, we would like to have it designed in same colour and pattern of Afghanistan Hazrat Ali Mosque Mazar Sharif (please Google), please include unlimited revision on quote as well as realistic 3D design or rendered

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    Build an App in IOS and Android 5 dager left

    Have you done any App for matching user and service providers with location based like a  I want similar to this but I can provide you the content for this new mobile app. Pls send only similar app as I dont have the time to go through your list of Apps. Thanks & Regards

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    A Higher Level 5 dager left

    Thats the Company name. Tagline is Authenticity Lives Here Slogan is Live the life you want. Love the life you live. Id like the text to connect, maybe script. Capital letters should connect. Higher should be higher. I like cobalt blue, white, and black as the color pattern.

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    Your task is to convert the 28 web pages done in Figma into working HTML (no backend coding!). * HTML must be pixel perfect, matching the design in Figma on any screen. * HTML must have any screen support (mobile and desktop). * All popup screens should open when clicking on the button. Here is an example of one of the pages. I have attached all the screens as images for you to make your calculations.

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    I need lists of influencers on Instagram that match these criteria: From Country: Norway, Sweden or Denmark. AND: They do NOT work with an influencer agency. Can you deliver a list of influencers matching those criteria?

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    I need lists of influencers on Instragram from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark that include this information: - Instagram username - Name - Phone - Email - Country - Followers - Engagement rate I ONLY want influencers on Instagram that match these criteria: (Important!) Country: Norway,...Denmark that include this information: - Instagram username - Name - Phone - Email - Country - Followers - Engagement rate I ONLY want influencers on Instagram that match these criteria: (Important!) Country: Norway, Sweden or Denmark. Engagement rate: 5% or more. Followers on Instagram: 50 000 or more. AND: They do NOT work with an influencer agency. Can you deliver a list of influencers matching those criteria? If yes, include 3 influencers like this in your application. Will delete if you...

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    Hi, we are creating learning platform for stock market. we want to display some chart analysis data to our platform. for that need to identify some pattern from given data. we will provide more information before allocation. few examples attached. developer don't need to plot data on chart.

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    Using mapreduce recommend the best courses for up-skilling based on a given job description. You can use the data set to train the system and pick some job descriptions not in the training set to test. It is left up to you how you pick necessary features and build the training that creates matching courses for job profiles. Project submission- 1. Code files with comments for your MapReduce implementation of training and query steps 2. . Document the design of your logic including training, query and feature engineering. data csv is too big will share separately

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    Effect of intervention 4 dager left

    STEM education research looking for student performance after intervention applied in a program. I need help with data analysis in transforming survey collected data run inferential statistics on multi regression/matching to control the variables and knowelwdge on SEM(structural equation model). Thanks

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    We are wanting a A5 flyer explaining to our customers why they should buy from our store. We also want to roll out our new support program. It must be eye catching but the text must be clear enough to read. We will provide the images to use and also the logos. It will need to have the same color scheme as our logo with the addition of the matching colors of our gold, silver bronze and platinum packages.. Flyer will be double sided so the front side will have information and the back will have our packages and contact info. Background: We are an I.T company specializing in collecting disgarded tech and refurbishing what we can for resale. We sell everything from laptops to gaming PCs and everything I.T related. We also specialize in computer, phone and tablet repair as well as onsit...

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    App for learning Thai named Easy Thai There are 10 courses, each associated with a Thai animal. I need svg icons with matching style for each of them 1. Ant 2. Fish 3. Chicken 4. Snake 5. Cat 6. Dog 7. Monkey 8. Buffalo 9. Tiger 10. Elephant Also I need an app icon (in required sizes for app stores) Any suggestions about colors and UI design is welcome Project web:

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    Get Google Vision Search Results 3 dager left
    VERIFISERT to deploy the prototype 3-Assistance in setting up the Google account for access to the Google web services Payment will ONLY be made for milestones: Milestone 1: Working web app on your device Milestone 2: Deployment of a prototype on my Google account Milestone 3: Working prototype on my device Please see the uploaded file. The User Story: User will upload their image So as to find all matching results using Google API Vision System will show all results...

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    Omtalt Forseglet
    $250 - $750
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    Hello, I am back with the details for the second projec...needs to be found also on the arcade. For this matter, I attached the 3d model of the door that I designed (Iconostasis ) and you can use it to copy and modify parts of it, and place them on the arcade. You should find a harmonious way to combine elements from the door , in order to create a beautiful arcade. On the rounded edge of the arcade, there should be a repetitive pattern, something like the pattern that is circled with red and can bee seen in the picture ”Inspiration ”. At the bottom of the arcade, I would like you to design something similar to what is circled with blue in the picture ”inspiration ”. The Z height of the model should not exceed 30mm. At the end, I would need the file...

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    Position: Wireless Network Engineer Requesting to get a Job description complete with requirements and job duties. Also need to get a matching/ similar resume written for the position based of the job description.

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    Hi Shafin Building on the website designs you did for us we now need matching templates for: 1. Direct mail - email messages that may have 2 or 3 paragraphs that inform our prospects and customers what we're up to 2. LinkedIn Articles and Blog posts 3. Twitter messages As ever shout if anything's not clear. Mark

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    I need a designer to design 10 different all overprint that is matching with teenager from the age 18 to 25 years old The design should be attractive and could create trending product

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    Trophy icon updated food truck signage 3 dager left

    i have a black & white logo file and a QR code file. i would like my logo, QR code, and mobile number on a 40cm x 60cm car magnet sign. additionally, on another 40 x 60cm, “fresh delicious TACOS” (without quotation marks). i’m looking for some additional colour and tex...code file. i would like my logo, QR code, and mobile number on a 40cm x 60cm car magnet sign. additionally, on another 40 x 60cm, “fresh delicious TACOS” (without quotation marks). i’m looking for some additional colour and texture to give it all some life and tie it together. i’m thinking modern, cheeky, fresh, and absolutely no sugar skulls/cacti/dancing chillies/sombreros please. i’ll need matching business cards too. photo is off my current signage, which is a...

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    ...(mixture of red and white). Lists normally include general headers white wines – red wines, etc, but not always, meanwhile I need a colour attached to every line in the csv output file Name I need wine names in a standardised format that the database will recognise. The complete list of wines in the database can be downloaded for comparison – however, Excel VLOOKUP is not sophisticated enough for matching between the two data sets Some wines include maker name + wine name + region + vineyard name. Others just include maker name. E.g. for Bordeaux wines producer name only: Chateau Margaux. For Burgundy producer name + village name + vineyard name Domaine ABC + Vineyard name + reference for Premier or Grand Cru + Village name Producer names and wine are often in ...

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    Hi! I need a recommendation quiz for my WordPre...the button to trigger a quiz screen 2. The user takes the quiz by selecting options 3. After the final question is answered, the quiz will evaluate the result 4. Redirect to the result page to show the recommended listing ads. 5. The user can click the individual ad to see more details ---------------- Other requirements: - Quiz result should show a matching score (please refer to the example website) - Quiz results should be sorted by matching score, from high to low - Quiz should have a dashboard where I can edit questions, answers and logic - This quiz has to work with WordPress custom tag, custom field, category - This website doesn't use Woocommerce (it's not an eCommerce website) Example:

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    3d design 2 dager left

    I have a fusion 360 file as attached and I want to add an emboosed geometric pattern on that part and the patter should match after I make a circular pattern for 4 parts. Attached file 1 ( mubkhar v1): the fusion 360 0art that you'll add emboss on it Attached file 2: an example of real work done by a guy Attached 3: the geometric patten that I need you to emboss it on the part ( something similar to the attached pattern)

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    I need to be able to download my outlook email attachments daily from a specific list of sender emails to a share drive in w...can be running and the outlook 2019 can be running in background BUT screen will be locked. The process that save the attachment will show up, or not, in Task Manager is not important. UI is not important. Criteria on saving the attachment is based on: 1) Senders may be from one or several in a list of senders email address; liked any one in the list of sender. 2) wild card partially matching of attachment's name, liked Attachment-20220292, Attachment-20220932, and so on. I can't install python modules. In Outlook Rules Wizard, the run a script is removed. The EnableUnsafeClientMailRules is missing in registry. can you come up with t...

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    ...several use cases and success stories (About 3 to 5 use cases/success stories). - High level wireframe for our website along with the associated text and direction for each section/page. All the above materials are to be in English language. Language should be sales oriented and easy to be understood by both technical and business audience of large to huge enterprises. Used terminologies should be matching with the most fashionable and trending with respect to the AI/Cognitive/NLP/NLU international industries in a way that illustrates and raise interest of the targeted audience....

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    The task is to design an RF energy harvester circuit for dual-band frequencies from GSM/900 MHz and GSM/18000 MHz using Keysight ADS software. It requires transmission line impedance matching and a rectifier circuit. The circuit will be fabricated later so layout design is also required. Please see the attached pdf for details.

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    Writing a book (or booklet) bringing together hard science (not just conjecture or vague complaints) showing the relationship between the toxic chemicals in every day products with the emphasis on sticky encapsulated fragrances that are used in laundry products cleaning products and are released in many stores and other public venues. Matching the chemicals in these products with emerging health emerging and quickly amplifying health problems particularly in America. questioning the legality of encapsulated fragrances on our civil rights.

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    Need to build out a mapping algorithim that helps identify exact and closely matching fields. Logisitc regression is preferred.

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    Hi, I have some pattern vector file, but I would like to see them "live" as animation for social media posts. The file example: (in .ai) ideally the animation should be looping, create a 10 seconds storyline min. Please send me your portfolio as well. Thanks!

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    ...the public activities, restaurants, hotels, entertainment in the city and make recommendations to locals, but it can be used for normal chat as well. Features listings of Chat Application (User) : * Login/Registration * User profile * Photo upload * Geolocation * Geolocation based Chat rooms * Manual chat rooms (listing) * Chat room Search functionality * Chat filters (Keyword Restrictions) * Matching algorithm * Chat room popup (Location based) * Private chat feature * Chat integration * Payment gateway integration * Subscription plans * Social media integration * Push Notification * Block users Features listings of Chat Application (Admin) : * Login * Accounts moderation system * Gallery moderation system * Statistics * Messages Stream (View and Delete) * View abuse reports...

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    Hi, I have both vCenter and ESXi hosts on latest versions. But since beginning one ping fails every now and then. Sometimes every couple of minutes more or less than other times. Each VM including vCenter, each host miss one ping at different times. I also observed some pattern of missing pings across different hosts one after the other host missing pings for example after 30 successful ping one of the hosts miss pings one after the other. I have distributed switches and network setup across 3 hosts. However if I am not wrong I have seen pings missing even on single host right after it's installation so I mean without even distributed switches, kernels, nics etc... configured even and still missed ping issue was there. Hosts are connected to mellanox ethernet L3 switch. And...

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    help me build a color and pattern sorting machine

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    Power app flow creation 14 dager left

    I need a power app done for staff claim with matching excel columns and rows and then sent for approval once user submits and then emails back the user. The information is also getting stored in sharepoint in different folder with each claim submitted.

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    Photoshop 4 dager left

    I need to duplicate a pattern to complete a circle

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    summary of videos Avsluttet left

    I have three videos (12 minutes each) and i want you to write the summary of each video It should be done within 30 hours The pattern you should follow is ; Introducing Main paragraph Conclusion.

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    Topp pattern matching artikler