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    I'm working on an academic project that requires advanced statistical analysis. I need assistance with regression analysis and hypothesis testing. The statistical analysis is for ...testing. The statistical analysis is for an academic project, so I need someone who has a deep understanding of these methodologies. For the documentation, a comprehensive and professional LaTeX documentation is needed. It should include advanced formatting, custom LaTeX macros, and complex mathematical formulas. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in regression analysis and hypothesis testing. - In-depth knowledge of LaTeX, particularly in advanced formatting. - Experience in academic projects is a plus. ***It consists of 6 advanced statistics questions and you are expected to write their...

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    I want someone to turn my .doc resume into 2 latex versions based on latex templates

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    I am looking for an experienced Java programmer, well-versed in handling .tex files. Your task will be to write a script that can efficiently parse and extract certain data from these documents which include the text content, references and citations, and any mathematical equations present within. Skills and Requirements: • Profound knowledge of Java for data extraction • Understanding of .tex files • Familiarity with using regular expressions to parse text • Experience with handling UTF-8 for any special characters and equations This project doesn't require the text to be reformatted, it simply needs to be extracted to a plain text .txt file, preserving the content, citations and equations as they are in the source .tex file. If you have prior experience in a s...

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    I'm looking for an expert in LaTeX, specifically someone with an advanced understanding of partial differential equations (PDEs) at the post-graduate level. Ideal Skills: - Advanced understanding of PDEs - Proficiency in LaTeX for mathematical equations - Post-Grad level Mathematics Budget: $8- $11 USD per page Application Requirements: Please include your experience with LaTeX and PDEs in your application. Relevant credentials or examples of past work in these areas will be highly advantageous. This project requires a high degree of mathematical maturity and accuracy. I will be working closely with you, thus clear communication is key. I am eager to hear from any freelancer who meets these requirements and is up for the challenge.

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    NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED IN 10 HOURS FROM NOW........ TOPIC- Multi-cloud approaches will lead to a breakdown of barriers between providers. - Formatted using the IEEE Conference Style Template in two column mode (Note: It is not required to create your report using LaTeX, but the report must be as per the IEEE Template). The IEEE LaTeX and Microsoft Word RTF templates can be found at: - Between 6 to 10 pages in length depending on the scope you cover. The report is quite flexible and open-ended; it defines the technologies that support and advance this trend and includes your opinions and observations about it. You are also free to provide instances of these deployments from the actual world. It is recommended that you employ several

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    I'm looking for a developer who can create a Medium complexity Java parser for converting Latex documents to Simple Tex format, with specialized handling for figures and tables within the Latex format. The parser needs to have built in error handling where it should stop and report the error if it encounters an unrecognizable Latex syntax. This project requires: - Proficient Java programming skills, including familiarity with parsing patterns and concepts - Experience with TeX/LaTeX document processing - An understanding of error handling mechanisms - Ability to tackle medium-complexity tasks, including handling figures and tables in LaTeX.

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    ...comprehensive training in LaTeX from scratch to an intermediate level. I have never used LaTeX before, but I am eager to learn in order to write academic papers, professional reports, and engineering and computer books. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Extensive knowledge and experience in LaTeX - Ability to teach LaTeX from basic to intermediate level - Experience in creating academic papers and professional reports using LaTeX - Knowledge of advanced LaTeX features for formatting, citations, and figures - Patience and excellent communication skills to guide a beginner through learning LaTeX Key requirements for this project include: - Understanding my goals for learning LaTeX - Providing a structured training...

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    As part of an academic project, I'm looking to hire an experienced LaTeX user who is capable of working with Arabic and English content. The task at hand involves mixing these two languages within the same LaTeX tables using Overleaf. The detailed project requirements are: - Ability to work with bilingual content (English and Arabic) within LaTeX. Any experience with Arabic typography is considered a plus. - Creating tables in LaTeX, which could contain a mix of both languages in the same cell or different cells, depending on the content's specifics. - The mixed content will primarily be text. The freelancer must have a clear understanding of how text, in both languages, is handled within LaTeX tables. Comfort with Overleaf and an understandi...

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    ...of a talented Latex document formatter to transform a literature review from a Google Doc into Latex format. The literature review contains various sections, citations, and references, and we require someone proficient in Latex to ensure it is formatted correctly and professionally. Responsibilities Transform the content provided in a Google Doc into Latex format, maintaining consistency in formatting, font styles, and spacing. Structure the document into appropriate sections and subsections as outlined in the Google Doc. Incorporate citations and references using Latex bibliography tools, ensuring they are correctly formatted according to our style guide. Implement any necessary adjustments or revisions based on feedback provided. Requireme...

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    Seeking an adept LaTeX formatting specialist for a one-time project to format a document in accordance with our university's submission standards, based on specific handbook guidelines. The primary responsibility is to format an existing document to meet the university's submission standards using LaTeX, ensuring that the layout, structure, and formatting align with the specified requirements. This one-time project offers a flat-rate payment and requires a candidate with strong LaTeX skills, familiarity with academic document formatting, and attention to detail. If you have the necessary expertise and experience, please submit your resume, examples of prior LaTeX formatting work, and your proposed flat-rate for the project. We are eager to collaborate ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to aid in statistical data modelling. My project entails operating in R Studio with Latex code, and I require assistance with several specialized techniques. Your proposals should identify your approach to the following: - Parameter Estimation: Drafting a strategy for effective parameter estimation in my R Studio model. - Confidence Interval: Propose enlightened tips and incorporation techniques for the confidence Interval in the model. - Hypothesis Testing: The model needs to incorporate hypothesis testing. Please, make sure to include in your proposal your approach to these tasks, successful applications will comprise a detailed explanation of your processes and understanding of my requirements. Please note, the type of data for the p...

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    Mình cần xây dựng code hoặc tool có thể tích hợp vào python để chuyển đổi file văn bản từ latex sang word (.docx) mà vẫn giữ nguyên định dạng, có thể chuyển trực tiếp từ latex sang word hoặc chuyển gián tiếp từ pdf sang word cũng được.

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    ...math quizzes. Your primary tasks will include: - We currently have a database of math questions. Your main task will be to go through each question and replace every $ sign with ( instead - Reorganising the questions to be split into parts - Creating multiple choice options for each question - Potentially editing where needed In terms of ideal skills and experience should be: - Knowledge about LATEX code and HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL maths is preferred (but not a must!) - No previous experience is required, I am happy to provide training - Paying high attention to detail is a MUST. As well as taking initiative and being independent - Excellent communication skills Overall, this is more of an assistant role and NOT a technical role. All necessary training will be provided in the begi...

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    Hello Freelancers, I have made a document of one report in the Latex and now I want to add some names in it. So I am looking for Latex Expert to edit the code using Overleaf. If you have prior experiecnce you can apply. Thank you.

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    I'm urgently in search of a well-rounded and outstanding programmer fluent in numerous programming languages. It's essential for you to excel in Python, Java, C++, C#, Scala, Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript, Go, SQL, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, HTML/CSS, and be experienced with NoSQL and LaTeX. Ideal technical expertise includes: - Data Visualization: Proficiency in matplotlib, D3.js, bokeh, or comparable tools - Machine Learning: Familiarity with TensorFlow, scikit-learn, PyTorch, or equivalent - Unit & Functional Tests: Experience using Selenium, Cypress, Mocha, or similar - Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or equivalent knowledge - Containerization: Docker The central task is to perform insightful programming assessments and coding within my enterpris...

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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer who specializes in using Latex and HTML to create educational graphics. This project revolves around the creation of a graphic that will simplify the understanding of specific topics for high school students. The key details required for this project include: - Expertise in using Latex and HTML for graphic design. - Strong Latex skills required. Only Latex code to be used for making figures. - Experience in designing graphics that incorporate both Mathematical equations and scientific theories. - Clear understanding of high school level Mathematics and Science. Ideal applicants should demonstrate excellent skills in simplifying complex information through engaging visual representations. This is a highly meticul...

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    I am looking to create a technically sophisticated presentation with LaTex Beamer. This presentation is required to be high-quality and should encompass the following: * An advanced level of interaction and animation that keeps the audience engaged. * Utilization of mathematical notation and equations; experience with similar slides is a bonus. * A minimalist black and white color scheme to maintain a sophisticated feel. Knowledge and application of good contrast for readability is crucial. Ideal candidates would have: * Extensive experience with LaTex Beamer. * Proven experience with technical and interactive presentations. * An eye for minimalist and professional design aesthetics.

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    I need an experienced LaTex editor to add the Glossary, Abbreviations, and Notations sections to an existing file available on Overleaf Online. The titles "Glossary", "Abbreviations", and "Notations" should be listed in the Table of Content. The work is needed by today.

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    8 bud an online system. These PDF contain some questions (3000 in total) from an exam question bank. The questions have a body, four alternatives (a, b, c, d), the correct highlighted alternative, an image (sometimes), points from 1 to 3. The question body also sometimes has mathematical formulas or notations for which LaTeX will be used in order to make these formulas accessible. This is a common LaTeX editor which is used to help with writing mathematical formulas with LaTeX: The images that questions have (around 10-20% of questions have images) will need to be screenshot and then be uploaded in the online system after adding each question. I have attached a sample PDF in this post and also a screenshot from our online system so you can see

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    I'm seeking a talented designer who can craft an upscale plastic packaging for my latex balloons. Your design should align with the following requirements: - Purpose: The packaging should go beyond being functional. Its design should visually represent the high quality of the balloons contained within. Insofar as possible, it should enrich both the in-store display and shipping of these items. - Size: Created for large capacity, each package should accommodate 50-100 balloons safely, without compromising their quality. - Design Preferences: I envision a combination of colorful, vibrant aesthetics with elegant and sophisticated elements. The design should be appealing to a diverse customer base, driving customer engagement and sales. Key skills and competencies include packa...

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    51 bud be formatted like this: Column 1- URL to image in a google drive folder Column 2 - Filename of image (title in all caps) Column 3 - Title Column 4 - Year Column 5 - Medium Column 6 - Dimensions Column 7 - Section of website Example: (Row 1 of Spreadsheet) Never Drop Your Guard, 2020 acrylic latex, enamel, paper collage on canvas 6' x 7' Column 1- (URL to image in a google drive folder) Column 2 - NEVER DROP YOUR GUARD Column 3 - Never Drop Your Guard Column 4 - 2020 Column 5 - acrylic latex, enamel, paper collage on canvas Column 6 - 6' x 7' Column 7 - Please provide your quote for this page, and then your quote for the other pages under the ART section. If you have not read this entire description, please do NOT apply. This is a straightforwar...

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    Help me develop thesis in latex

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    I'm currently seeking a competent Latex software expert to refine my thesis. Operating within a Windows environment, your expertise will come to the fore in crafting a modern thesis aesthetic. I will anticipate the use of the following LaTeX packages in the project: - AMSMath package - Graphicx package - Hyperref package Ideal candidates will have exceptional skills in LaTeX software, substantial experience working with academic documents, and a strong understanding of the following packages: AMSMath, Graphicx, and Hyperref. Your proficiency in crafting aesthetically-pleasing, modern thesis documents will be paramount to securing this collaboration.

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    I'm seeking a talented and creative individual to convert 2D images into a realistic latex rubber face mask. - Mask Design: I don't have a precise design in mind, but I desire a mask to look like a specific person. - Reference Images: I am able to provide some reference images to assist in crafting the mask design. - Desired Skills: Previous experience with latex mask production, and a keen attention to detail would be advantageous. This task requires an artistic eye and a knack for capturing the likeness of specific individuals from only a few images. Please consider submitting a bid if you are confident that you can create a mask that meets these requirements.

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with expertise in typing LaTeX and computational sciences. The main task will involve creating advanced post-graduate level scientific documents. Your responsibilities will include: - Writing complex mathematical equations using LaTeX - Ensuring proper formatting for high-end research papers - Knowledge and comprehension of computational science terms and principles The ideal candidate is skilled in LaTeX typing, specifically with respect to computational science content. Demonstrated experience in creating scientific documents and research papers at a post-graduate level is highly desired. Your ability to handle complex computational science terms is crucial for this project.

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    I need an expert in abstract algebra to assist with various topics such as group theory, ring theory, field theory, etc, although not limited to these. You should have comprehensive experience in this field for a seamless experience. Your tangible deliverable will be mutual understanding based on your expertise, though details will be discussed as we proceed. You also need to type it in LaTex

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    I'm in need of someone to convert a 70-page academic word document into precise LaTex format. Here are the requirements: - The converted document must follow my provided LaTeX template exactly. - All content including fonts and formatting of the original document must be preserved. - convert any mathematical formulas - Additional feature needed: hyperlinks within the text. The ideal candidate should be proficient in LaTeX and Microsoft Word, have excellent attention to detail, and previous experience with document conversion. It will be an asset if you have worked on projects that require precise template matching in the past.

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    As a driven professional in need of urgent assistance, I'm seeking a skilled individual to develop a precise, succinct latex report for my Crowd Density Detection project. The report must be delivered by tomorrow, 10 am sharp. The pre-set template will be provided. Key requisites: - Encapsulation of Introduction and Background, Methodology, Results, and Analysis sections - Adherence to specified Font size and style, Margin size, and Heading style guidelines - Incision of relevant Figures, Tables, and Equations Ideal qualifications: - Strong experience with latex report preparation - Ability to adhere to formatting requirements - Quick turnaround and timely delivery - Attention to detail. Your timely assistance will be highly appreciated. Happy bidding!

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    Hello potential freelancers! I'm in need of a skillful individual who can promptly and accurately convert a Word document of intermediate complexity - inclusive of text, images, and tables - into LaTeX format. Here's what I'm looking for: - Ability to professionally turn around the project in more than three days, but ideally within 7-10 days. - Proficient in Word and LaTeX formatting. - Knowledgeable in managing documents with text, images, and tables. Looking forward to your bids and working with you!

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    ...specifically for plastic and composite materials, to inform the design. Key Responsibilities: - Create a prototype design based on my drawings. - Draw detailed plans required for a manufacturer to understand my vision. - Material suggestions but part of the design I want made with latex. Qualifications: - Proven experience in mechanical engineering / product design and or sketches of your own work. - Proficient in AutoCAD software or other drafting software. - Understanding of plastic and composite and or latex materials manufacturing. - Comprehension skills, perceptive and abstract thinker. -Able to acknowledge the vision, not just look for quick solutions to check boxes. About the product: -This product is to be made for nursing and care homes, a solution to one of th...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a Latex poster that visually communicates the contents of a provided paper on image processing Background in image processing or related field, or sufficient technical knowledge to grasp the subject matter. Upon project completion, I expect a visually appealing, informative, and comprehensive poster that reflects the key points from the provided paper. YOUR MAJOR SHOULD BE COMPUTER SCIENCE AND YOU SHOULD BE FAMILIAR WITH IMAGE PROCESSING. I will provide the paper when you send me a message. 17 DOLLARS IS THE MAXIMUM THAT, DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN'T DO WITH THIS MONEY. I can offer and it should be in Latex or some other formats but should be dazzling. You should be familiar with the subject which is image processing, translation ...

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    I need assistance in developing a Bluetooth-enabled ring prototype that serves as a tracking device for children. My initial thought is to use resin or latex in crafting the ring. Ideal skills and experience: - Product development expertise - Understanding of information technology, particularly Bluetooth technology - Experience in working with child-friendly materials - Understanding of how to integrate software or firmware into physical products Main responsibilities: - Take lead in building a prototype of the ring - Consult, if necessary, with the company hired to write the firmware or software for the ring - Ensure the ring’s design is appropriate for children. Please note, the ring's Bluetooth connectivity range doesn't need to exceed the standard.

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    Hi, We have a new company that is setting up a service for automatic transcription (speech to text). We are delivering the result in various formats. One of them is a pdf suitable for reading. For this we are using a LaTeX-template. We are doing speaker diarization here as well, and these are labeled "Speaker 01" (in Norwegian "Taler 01"), and each of these have a timestamp associated with them (HH:MM:ss). The text might have paragraphs (though the example has very few). In addition, the pages should have a footer with page numbers and maybe logo/text. There is pretty much freedom here. We want a template that makes the output look professional, and make the text easy to read. The intended use case is printing.

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    The objective of this task is to convert a Word document into LaTeX. The primary reason is to meet specific publishing requirements. Key Aspects: - The project involves extensive use of advanced mathematics and symbols, equivalent to the postgraduate level or higher. The candidate must therefore possess a strong understanding of these concepts. - Latex package knowledge: The potential freelancer should be familiar with using LaTeX packages related to mathematics and symbols. Ideal Skills: - Advanced mathematics - LaTeX conversion expertise - Familiarity with LaTeX mathematics and symbol related packages. This task requires skilled execution to maintain the integrity and complexity of the original document during conversion. If you believe you fit the...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a Latex poster that visually communicates the contents of a provided paper on image processing. The poster should be structured around a compelling storyline that engages the viewer's attention. Key requirements are: - Visualize and explain image processing algorithms, with an emphasis on translation and super resolution methods as detailed in the provided paper. - Showcase the applications of image processing, particularly in translation and super resolution. - Highlight the efficacy of translation and super resolution techniques. The freelancer ideally possesses: - Skills in Latex and graphic design. - Strong ability to translate complex scientific concepts into attractive, easily understood visual elements. - Background...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to design an informational poster using Latex, a documentation preparation system, which combines elegant typography with the necessity for moderate detail including some technical terminology. The purpose is to succinctly present information in a format that balances clarity with the precision required for moderate technical terms. It is based on a paper about image processing. So if only you are familiar with Computer Science and Image processing send me a message. I will provide the paper when you send me a message. 15 Dollars is the maximum I can offer and it should be in Latex or some other formats but should be dazzling. You should be familiar with the subject which is image processing, translation and super resolution. Your you s...

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    ...need a freelancer well-versed in LaTeX, particularly ASME style, to assist with the manuscript preparation. Key requirements include: - Converting content from a word document format into a LaTeX-based conference presentation manuscript with ASME style. - Ensuring that the layout, charts, diagrams, and illustrations are properly aligned and presented. - Proofreading and editing the manuscript to ensure it is error-free. Ideal candidates would exhibit: - Proficiency in LaTeX. - Familiarity with ASME style of manuscript formatting. - Experience with academic conference presentation manuscripts. - Strong attention to detail for error-proofing the document. In essence, I need someone who can promptly turn my Word document into a polished, ASME style LaTeX...

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    Buongiorno, Ho un articolo scientifico su un documento word e cerco di esportarlo in una presentazione con latex . Il documento è in fase di bozza e deve essere curato per quanto riguarda la correttezza di alcuni informazioni oltre a modificare e aggiungere le parti mancanti. C'è una parte mancante quello delle video da inserire, che secondo me sarebbe necessario documentarli dentro in un modo in cui vengono organizzati e commentati, in modo che sia chiaro: - cosa funziona e cosa no? dai tools scritto nella bozza - cosa testano i vari video (perché è stato girato quel particolare video? cosa dimostra?) esiste dei documenti che saranno forniti in alllegato.

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    I am writing a computer science textbook using LaTex. For the book, I need figures(sample figures are attached, also ) This is one year long process. As writing goes on, when I need some figure, I will ask your help and pay accordingly. I assume I will need about 50 figures or so for the book. Thank you for your help.

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to design an informational poster using Latex, a documentation preparation system, which combines elegant typography with the necessity for moderate detail including some technical terminology. The purpose is to succinctly present information in a format that balances clarity with the precision required for moderate technical terms. It is based on a paper about image processing. So if only you are familiar with Computer Science and Image processing send me a message. I will provide the paper when you send me a message. 15 Dollars is the maximum I can offer and it should be in Latex or some other formats but should be dazzling. you should write the paper enough in the poster that tells a story. The dimensions of the poster should not exc...

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    Objective The primary goal of this project is to p...Probabilistic Models Learning to rank models Deep Learning Models, like DSSM Timeline The project needs to be completed ASAP. We aim to deliver a well-organized and informative overview within the shortest possible time frame. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional requirements or questions. I look forward to working on this project with you! Important: I will pay 1.5$ for each "approved" latex page (no photos, just text and equations). The content should be original, not copied from and resource. I would check different plagiarism checker tools. The page that is copied, will not be approved. Please let me know in advance that you accept this condition, and let me know how many pages you intend to write (...

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    ...will be main functions that the application will need: - The ability to display a maths multiple quiz to students. Students will then complete the quiz and submit to be automatically marked by the application. Then, the solutions will be displayed to the student for them to read - A backend admin account that is able to add and edit math questions in these quizzes. This will include images and latex code (rich text editor). The admin account will also be able to edit users - The ability to display PDF documents for a user to read - A custom exam generator. The student will select the topics they wish to be assessed, the difficulty, and the length of the exam. The system will then randomly select questions from the database that fit these parameters to then display to the student ...

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    About this project: -3 renders for 3 configurations (open cross-section). Just like in our renderings (below). 1(latex 3cm + foam 3cm white) 2(Foam white 6cm) 3(Foam gray 3cm + Foam 3cm white) -on the bed (all in a cover. Bedroom from the first project) - Rolled up (all in cover) Total - 11 renders Fabric posted below. Gray zipper. A label sewn into each piece (IZER logo) Our shots for the pattern below.

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    PDF to Latex Avsluttet left

    As an author, I am in need of a professional with proficiency in Latex for a critical document conversion project. My requirements are as follows: - Ability to efficiently format documents in Latex, aligning with both aesthetic guidelines and technical standards. - Proficiency in creating tables, graphs and other representations within Latex. The documents involve data presentation that requires clear, accurate, and compelling visualizations.. The core of this project revolves around the conversion of a PDF document into a Latex one. I already have the PDF document prepared and ready for this undertaking. Ideal candidates should have significant experience in managing similar projects, a keen eye for detail, and a track record of timely task completion and de...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer who can seamlessly integrate multiple, detailed tables from Word documents into my LaTeX journal template. My goal is to maintain the journal's sophisticated standards and align with my vision, hence meticulous attention to detail is paramount. This project requires a skillful blend of technical proficiency and an eye for orderly presentation. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in LaTeX editing and formatting, with a strong portfolio of work in academic or professional publishing. - Experienced in converting tables from Word documents to LaTeX, ensuring fidelity in the layout and content. - Detail-oriented approach to match the magazine's high standards. - Ability to communicate effectively for understanding specific ...

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    PDF to Latex Avsluttet left

    As an author, I am in need of a professional with proficiency in Latex for a critical document conversion project. My requirements are as follows: - Ability to efficiently format documents in Latex, aligning with both aesthetic guidelines and technical standards. - Proficiency in creating tables, graphs and other representations within Latex. The documents involve data presentation that requires clear, accurate, and compelling visualizations. - Competency in writing mathematical equations within Latex. The documents contain complex mathematical formulations which need to be accurately converted and displayed. The core of this project revolves around the conversion of a PDF document into a Latex one. I already have the PDF document prepared and ready for...

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    For my research, I need a seasoned LaTeX professional who is adept in creating meticulously structured research papers. The main requirements include: - Excellent LaTeX skills, specifically within academic writing. - Familiarity with the APA citation style. - A keen eye for detail, ensuring each section aligns correctly. Unfortunately, I don't have the exact sections number yet, but I anticipate a complex structure. An expert who can handle depth as well as breadth is crucial. Knowledge about standard research paper sections is an absolute must. Please provide examples of similar research papers you have formatted using LaTeX and APA. From there, we can discuss a timeframe and price that suits both parties. Looking forward to working with you.

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    TRABALHO EM LATEX Avsluttet left

    Preciso transcrever um artigo de 27 páginas para LATEX

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    I need a LATEX expert. If you are not, please don't apply. IF YOU ARE AN EXPERT, IT IS AN EASY TASK. I have a and two , resume and resume2. I want resume and file in with proper formatting and without any number settling in. I tried with input{resume}input{} in but only one resume shows up.

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    If you are a LATEX expert, it should take you 5 minutes! I need to merge with but the formatting is messed up Given the ASAP nature of this project, I am looking for someone who can dive in immediately and has a track record of delivering high-quality work under pressure. If you have the skills and the drive to undertake this project, I’d love to hear from you.

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    Topp latex artikler