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    I'm looking for a skilled and creative logo designer t...LOGO CONTENT: IOD I= TOOL WRENCH O=Normal, but inside the circle needs to be a outline of a tooth (white) D= the curved line in "D" needs to be like gears (settings icon) inside the D should be a octagon nut that is white as well. Key project requirements: - Logo should be image-based only, without any text - The design should embody a vintage feel, incorporating elements that evoke a sense of history and nostalgia - The color scheme must be limited to navy, white, and gold Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven track record in designing vintage-style logos - Proficiency in color theory and color palettes - Strong portfolio showcasing image-based logos - Ability to take a client's vision and translate it...

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    Shopify Store Merge Expert Needed 6 dager left

    I'm looking for a professional who can merge two Shopify stores. The key tasks include: - Merging product catalogs: Both stores have different products, and I want them all to appear on the consolidated store. - Combining customer data: I need all customer data from both stores incorporated into the new store. This includes not just email addresses and order history, but any other relevant information. - SEO maintenance: It's crucial that the SEO rankings of both stores are maintained during the merge. I want to ensure that the consolidated store is as visible as its predecessors. The ideal freelancer for this project is someone who has: - Extensive experience with Shopify, and specifically with store merges. - A strong understanding of SEO principles and how to maintai...

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    Nepal Football Web App Development 20 dager left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a user-friendly web application for fans of Nepal's football scene. The app will be an exciting hub for all things related to Nepal's football. Key Features: - Player Profiles: Users should be able to see detailed profiles of their favorite players, including their stats and performance history. - Match Fixtures and Results: The app will display upcoming match fixtures and provide real-time updates on ongoing matches, as well as final scores. - News and Updates: Keep the app fresh and engaging with the latest news and updates on Nepal's football scene. - User Profiles: Allow users to create their own profile to customize their experience and interact with the app. - Comments: Users should be able to engage with the ...

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    ...for the title to blend the English translation with its Vietnamese counterpart, all while intertwining a symbolic image. Key Requirements: - A traditional and ornate style: The title design needs to have a classic, ornate touch to it, in line with the historical theme of the film. - Incorporation of a dragon: This mythical creature holds significant cultural and symbolic value in Vietnamese history and folklore, and I'd like it to be featured in the design. - A colour scheme of blue and gold: This choice was made to ensure that the design has a prominent yet elegant look that suits the film's genre and thematic elements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly in creating ornate and detailed designs. - Familiarity with Vietnamese a...

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    Tradingview Script Enhancement 6 dager left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to help modify my existing Tradingview script. The primary goal of this modification is to simplify the existing indicator, making it more efficient and effect...accuracy of the indicator. This will help in making better trading decisions. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Tradingview Pine Script: Extensive experience in coding and modifying indicators is essential. - Strong understanding of trading strategies: Experience in developing indicators for various trading strategies is highly desired. - Proven track record in script optimization: A history of improving script performance in previous projects is a plus. This project is ideal for a developer with a keen eye for detail and a solid understanding of trading indicators ...

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    I'm on the hunt for a seasoned...Payment gateway integration: Implementation of a robust, secure, and user-friendly payment system for smooth rental transactions. - Notifications for payment reminders: This feature is essential to remind users of pending rental payments, facilitating timely transactions. - Data of Rentals Paid: The app should maintain a record of all the rental payments made, providing detailed transactions history to users. Ideal candidates should have high-level expertise in Android and iOS development, a robust understanding of payment gateway integrations, experience in integrating notification systems, and capabilities to develop a detailed record-keeping system. Mastery in user experience and user interface design is a plus to make the app intuitive a...

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    Hi, On a website that collects the history of 7000 actions in D1, I want to be able to create filters and name them. For example I want to be able to create: - a "Golden Cross" filter managed using a Python library: EMA 50 crosses EMA 200 on the rise. - a “Variation” filter: // Percentage of movement over xdays xPCMax = 10 // Percent variation xdays = 8 // number of days over which the variation is calculated Percent= (close/Close[xdays]-1)*100 with the condition: Percent >= xPCMax Then on the list of actions, you can select one of the filters from a drop-down list. Filters can be deleted, modified etc... Filters must be able to handle 4 conditions maximum. The yfinance, numpy and pandas libraries are installed on a dedicated PHP server

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    I require the development of an efficient Android application centred on loan applications and salary credit monitoring. The application should also consist of the following components: - Employment verification: This feature should check and display the salary history of employees. Ideal candidates should have experience building systems that handle such personal and confidential data. - Secure employer login: There's a need for a secure login feature for employers. Freelancers with a background in cyber security are preferred due to the sensitive nature of the data involved. - Direct integration with HR system: The application should be able to integrate directly with the employer's HR system. Experience and knowledge of integrating with a broad range of HR systems ar...

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    ...Account: Property ID 3. Account: Type 4. Location: Situs Address 5. Location: Legal Description 5.5. Property Values: Homestead Cap Loss 6. Owner: Name 7. Owner: Mailing Address 8. Owner: % ownership. 9. Property Land: Acreage 10. Property Land: Sqft 11. Property Roll Value History 2024 Improvements 12. Property Roll Value History 2024 Land Market 13. Property Roll Value History 2024 Appraised 14. Property Roll Value History 2023 Improvements 15. Property Roll Value History 2023 Land Market 16. Property Roll Value History 2023 Appraised 17. In the upper right 'View Map' / 'Interactive Map' you will place a link to that map (web address) for the property in the spreadsheet. ie:

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    Soccer Website Development 6 dager left
    VERIFISERT similar to Chelsea Football Club's England website. Key Features: - News Section: Regularly updated news articles and press releases. - Fixtures and Results: A comprehensive list of upcoming matches, past results, and match reports. - Player Profiles: Detailed bios and statistics for each player. Additional Sections: - About Us: An informative page that gives an overview of the club, its history, and its mission. - Team Standings: A league table that showcases the club's position in the competition. - Photo Gallery: A collection of high-quality images from matches, events and more. Design Preferences: - The website should have a color scheme of Blue and White, akin to the Chelsea FC England website. Ideal Applicant: - Experience in developing sports websites, p...

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    I have a section (div) on my page where we send messages to other users. And we save it in a history - leaving only the most recent one. I would like it to stay in a certain place, the last 5 I sent.

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    I have a requirement to create a script in XCode Swift that can interact with the windows of running a variable. - It is vital that the script does not hide or unhide the window but instead moves it. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in XCode Swift. - Strong experience with CoreGraphics & Appkit. - Previous experience with MacOS system scripting. Please note that this is a comprehensive, complex project and I am looking for a freelancer with a strong background in MacOS system scripting and a history of successful projects using CoreGraphics & Appkit. Get a list of NSRunningApplications. 1. Using CoreGraphics & Appkit move the window of the running application to the front 2. Move the mouse in that window 3. Store the previous window position in a variable &...

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    ...payment after the good is received, Via customer verification on photo or video and a manual verification, UPI linking with bank accounts and UPI Payment App. Great UI/UX Design. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: Users should be able to create accounts and securely log in. - Payment Processing: Facilitate secure and seamless payment transactions. - Transaction History: Users must be able to view their transaction history. - Escrow Technology: Implement an escrow system to ensure secure transactions. - UPI Integration/Banking App: Integration with UPI and standard banking functions. Platforms: - The app should be available on iOS, Android, and Web. I prefer the use of Flutter and ReactJS for the development. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Kajabi specialist who can help me set up my newsletters and sales funnels. - **Setup Assistance:** You will be responsible for the complete setup of my newsletters and sales funnels on Kajabi. This includes not only t...effectively lead to an increase in subscribers. - **Frequency:** I'd like to send out newsletters on a weekly basis. This means your setup should be conducive to regular, timely, and effective communication with subscribers. Ideal candidates for this role should have: - Proven experience and specialism in using Kajabi - A strong understanding of email marketing and sales funnels - A history of successful email list growth strategies - Excellent written communication skills - The ability to work according ...

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    ...cleaned and labeled image data I have to create an effective predictive model. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a predictive model using the given image data. - Implement an effective machine learning algorithm that can predict outcomes accurately. Requirements: - Proficiency in Predictive Modeling: You should have a strong background in building predictive models. - Experience With Image Data: A history of working with image data in a predictive modeling context is highly desirable. - Data Preparation Skills: While the data is already fully cleaned and labeled, being able to perform additional data preparation may be necessary for the project's success. - Strong Communication: You should be able to explain complex technical concepts in straightforward terms. Your success...

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    ...for a mix of fantasy, cosplay in the designs. -Elements: We're keen on incorporating nature-inspired elements. They have learnt the hard way that being at one with nature is the only way- the costumes need to reflect this in an otherworldly/practical way. -Style/Aesthetic: The costumes should encapsulate a fusion of styles - Futuristic, Bohemian, Tribal. These people have a rich and radical history. The ideal person will have the creativity to blend these themes and elements together. It's an unusual task requiring unusual ideas. We want something which feels real, feels true. We are struggling to make sense of it all and how to bring it all together- hoping someone else will be able to realise this for us. Thanks!! I will attach some images to see what we mean- th...

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    I'm in need of a meticulous professional to handle an employment verification task. This is an urgent job. Key Requirements: - Employment verification services: You'll be tasked with verifying the employment history of a candidate. - Quick Turnaround: The job is time-sensitive. Your role will entail: - Confirming the job title and responsibilities of our candidate. - Establishing the dates of their previous employment. Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in HR, background check services, or similar fields is highly desirable. - Great attention to detail and ability to deliver under tight deadlines is crucial. Please note that I'm looking to get this done as soon as possible, so prompt availability is a plus.

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    I am in need of an expert designer with substantial experience in creating digital company profiles. Key Tasks: - Develop a medium-length digital company profile approximately 3-5 minutes long. - Incorporate essential aspects such as company history, products/services and a team overview. Ideal candidates should have: - Experience in digital profile design. - The ability to convey information succinctly and engagingly. - Strong understanding of blending engaging visuals with informative content.

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can handle mobile scraping for me. The task is focused on extracting product details. Key requirements: - Your application should provide a history of past work. This will help me understand your experience in this area. - Please ensure that you have experience in extracting product details with mobile scraping. Looking forward to reviewing your applications!

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    As an Odoo CRM user, my main feature of the system. I am looking for someone with: - Extensive experience in the Odoo CRM focusing on contact management. Showcasing your past experience in similar projects is crucial. - Ability to incorporate and manage client's data effectively while also keeping track of the history of contacting. Deliverables: - A robust and fully functional contact management module - The module should effectively manage and organize customer data - It should seamlessly keep track and document history of interactions with each contact Your application must clearly outline your relevant experience with the Odoo CRM contact management. The final product should be user-friendly and effective in helping manage contacts and their su...

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    I'm looking to create a modern website for my painting company. Key Pages: - Home Page: This should provide a welcoming and professional introduction to our business. - About Us Page: This page should reflect our company's values, mission, and history. - Services Page: This page should clearly outline our services and have a Gallery of previous projects. Design Style: I'm looking for a modern design style, which is clean, sleek and professional. The chosen freelancer should have a strong portfolio that showcases their ability to create modern designs. Functionality: - Gallery of previous projects: This is a key aspect of our website. It should be easy to navigate and clearly display our work. - Contact Us Form: I'd like to include a contact form for potent...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled graphic designer to create a gourmet, upscale and artistic logo for my Asian fusion restaurant with cocktail business, House of Percy. The restaurant is located on Percy street, due to the 300 year history of the building, the logo should convey a sense of sophistication and elegance, reflecting the haute cusine and cocktail we offer. The ideal candidate will have a flair for creativity, an eye for detail, and experience designing logos in the catering industry. Key elements: - Reflect gourmet and upscale theme - Incorporate the name 'HOUSE OF PERCY' and 龍騰軒 FIY, The chinese name of the restaurant 龍騰軒 means soaring dragon, 2024 is also Year of the Dragon in Chinese lunar calender. Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skill...

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    I'm in search of a creative web designer to help me with the mockups for a web platform I will be launching. The website will be called LifeTimes, and it's going to be a platform that focuses on family history combined with social network and multimedia. Here is the website that explains the functionality and the key features it will have: The aim is to design it 'mobile first' but also have it usable on desktop. The designs need to illustrate what the text shows in the sections titled: 'What is lifetimes' , and 'key features' sections of the website. I have also included by Figma (basic wireframe) and some more details in the attached word document. Please note: 1. This word document was also used as a scope of work for MVP for a web dev...

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    I urgently require a specialized professional for pre-employment vetting services in Karlsruhe, Germany. The hired freelancer will be responsible for comprehensive background screening to ensure the reliability and integrity of potential employees. Key Responsibilities: - Criminal record checks - Employment history verification - Reference checks As part of the background screening, special attention must be given to: - Education verification - Credit history - Social media checks The purpose of this background screening is to: - Carry out risk assessment - Ensure compliance with legal requirements - Protect the company reputation Ideal candidates should ideally possess robust experience in human resources, talent acquisition, or a related field, and be familiar with G...

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    C++ Ray Tracing Engine Development 6 dager left

    I'm looking for an expert in C++ programming who is capable of creating a highly efficient ray tracing engine. Key details are: - The Ray Tracer must be coded in C++. - Real-time rendering is one of the critical requirements for this task. - The graphical interface should be a Command Line Interface. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with C++ programming - History of working with real-time rendering - Knowledge of Command Line Interfaces - A solid understanding of computer graphics would be beneficial. This task will test your skills in C++, real-time rendering, and command line interfaces to create a one-of-a-kind ray tracing engine.

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    I'm looking to have a 4-5 page histo...on anti-apartheid resistance in South Africa from the 1950s to 1970s. It should focus primarily on the violence during Apartheid. - Construct an argument in the form of a thesis - Support this thesis with evidence from both primary and secondary sources - Apply and integrate ideas or concepts from the course to support the thesis Ideal Skills and Experience: - A strong background in African history, specifically the anti-apartheid movement - Demonstrated experience in historical research - Excellent analytical and writing skills - Ability to form a strong, evidence-supported thesis - Familiarity with academic writing and referencing standards Looking for work that demonstrates depth of knowledge, is well organized, and clearly convey...

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    ...Subscribing and unsubscribing(suggest platform to integrate) 9. View to talking with AI, access after paying subscribe a. The most difficult part of application is investigation about cost with integrated with AI service to talk in foreign language. b. Modern view with text in clouds and reading text by voice emulator. c. Possible choose many foreign languages. d. Possible choose language level e. History of conversation with AI and comments what can improve f. Automatic end of conversation when context say it 10. (optional) It will be perfect if you can implement an AI emulator...

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    I need a Laravel expert who can help me with an existing project that stopped functioning properly. The issue: The homepage of the project opens correctly; however, other pages just show a blank page with the error "test." Here are some insights into the project's recent history: - The project was deployed on a new server, where it worked correctly for about a week before encountering this issue. - I'm unsure about any changes made to the server configuration during the one-week working period. Key Tasks: - Investigate the project thoroughly to identify the root cause of the issue. - Fix the bug causing the error message to appear on other pages, ensuring that the entire project runs smoothly as before. - Provide documentation or guidance on how to prevent sim...

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    I'm looking to employ an experienced social media manager who can effectively seed text a link posts on Reddit. This project is focused on: -...potentially convert to sales or set-ups If you have thorough knowledge of Reddit's algorithm, and the best practices for engaging Reddit's community, you are the ideal fit for this project. You should have a track record of generating web traffic, increasing brand awareness, and lead generation via Reddit. Priority will be given to freelancers who can demonstrate a clear strategy and have a proven history of managing effective Reddit campaigns. Ideally, you understand our brand and can craft posts that will resonate with Reddit's user base. Let's harness the power of Reddit!

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    ... This project will leverage the power of AI and machine learning to create a personalized experience. Key functionalities: - User Registration: A secure, easy-to-use user registration/log-in interface. - Personalized Career Suggestions: Implement machine learning algorithms to suggest careers based on users' distinctive skills and interests. Please note, I'm not seeking to include past job history or education level at this time. - Career Path Details: Each suggested career should include a basic yet informative description. In-depth information or exploration of growth opportunities is not necessary for this project. Ideal candidates should possess: - Experience in both web development and ML algorithms - Understanding of user-focused design principles - Ability ...

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    I am in need of a comprehensive, detail-oriented writer who has an in-depth understanding of the society of Spain in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Specific requirements include: - An e...terminology and accurate historical contexts. - Meeting appropriate academic referencing and citation standards. -Using provided sources as well as anything you find helpful The ideal freelancer for this project would have: - A background in history, particularly European and Spanish history. - Excellent research and writing skills. - Experience or demonstrated ability in academic writing on historical topics. - Ability to deliver the finished piece in a timely manner. This project is great for writers with a love of history and an ability to present that history in a...

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    More details: Which specific areas of evidence law in Northern Ireland are you looking to cover? Sexual History evidence and burden and standard of proof What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Experience How soon do you need your project completed? 01/05/2024 2 questions answered within 4000 words and use of Oscola referencing which is placed in foot notes of the essay. References are included in the word count.

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    ...For the cover, I'd love to see an enchanting character in vibrant settings filled with color. Injecting a sense of joy and excitement into your illustrations is vital. However, the coloring book attachment will be simpler, focusing on coloring book sketches for children to fill. The story is about a cowboy clown who travels through time via a magical book to meet important people from Americas history. A background in children's book illustration will be highly advantageous. Strong skills in creating lively, cartoony images are a must. Your portfolio should include works that are bright, colorful and appealing to children. Success in this project could lead to more work in the future as I write several different genres. Let's create something special that can spa...

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    I'm seeking an individual with experience in creating engaging and visually striking presentations. The project involves creating a presentation document targeting ...viewable from the walls, particularly the popular Chester Zoo's lanterns. Skills and Experience: The preferred candidate will have a strong understanding of design and layout to create an engaging visual journey through the presentation. Proficiency in Adobe, InDesign, or other document design software will be necessary as the final document should be delivered in PDF format. Any background in history, tourism or local knowledge of Chester would be a plus. The illuminations will take be placed around the city viewable from the walls relating to specific places around Chester for example horses running aroun...

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    Roles & Responsibilities, Business Rules, UI-Specifications There will be two types of Users - Admin and Prepaid Mobile User. Functionality for Admin user: Upon starting up, the application will show a list of Pre-paid Mobile subscribers whose prepaid plan is about to expire within next 3 days. Admin can select a subscriber from the list and will be able to see the complete history of previous recharges including the name of the plan, date and mode of payment. Functionality for Prepaid Mobile User: Upon starting up, the application will ask for the prepaid mobile number and validate if the number is correct and exists in the active subscriber database. Once the mobile number is validated, then the application will show all available recharge plans under various...

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    I'm seeking a skilled individual for a project that involves accurately converting a Googl...converting a Google document into a Word document. The objectives include: - Incorporating collaboration tools in the Word document. - Integrating a commenting and revision history system. Key aspects: - The Word document must completely replicate the original formatting of the Google document. Every detail matters. - I may need guidance when it comes to design and layout specifics for the Word document, so open communication will be key. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Microsoft Word and Google Documents - Ability to precisely match formatting between document types - Understanding of collaboration tools and revision history features - Excellent communication skills to provide ...

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    ...adventure genre for single-player mode. - Prioritize exploration mechanics, taking players through an immersive experience. - Use that partially finished existing game developed and complete it. - Take the game design docs and implement them into the game. Ideal freelancer: - Expertise in Gameboy adventure game creating using GB Studio. - Proven understanding of exploration mechanics. - History of developing engaging single-player games. - Strong knowledge of adventure genre design elements. The game is currently about 30% done but it has a ton of art, music, and the game design doc completed. I need someone experienced with prior work inside GB Studio to complete the game. In short, I require someone who can create an explorative adventure game that is solely...

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    I need an experienced Figma designer to create designs for a Personal Finance Mobile App with a photorealistic design style. The app will need the following features: - Budget tracking - Income tracking - Expense tracking - Financial goal setting - Loan Repayment tracking Project deliverables will include: - UI screens - Mock-ups - Prototypes - Assets Project duration = and a strong understanding of Figma is a must for this role. Your ability to beautifully translate our features list into photorealistic designs that harmonize well with the purpose of a finance tracking interface will set you apart in this project. The attached Designer Brief will provide more details for this engagement. Looking forward to receiving your bids along with your work hi...

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    Data Collection 5 dager left

    I am seeking a professional to collect data for market research purposes primarily through online surveys. No specifics about the data type have been provided yet, therefore versatility in collecting text, numbers and images will be a valuable asset. Ideal Skills: - Market research - Dat...specifics about the data type have been provided yet, therefore versatility in collecting text, numbers and images will be a valuable asset. Ideal Skills: - Market research - Data collection and analysis - Proficiency in creating and conducting online surveys - Ability to handle various types of data: text, numbers, images Experience: - Prior experience in online market research - Demonstrated history of successful data collection projects - Knowledge in creating engaging, determinant onlin...

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    ...of corporate law, preferably in Vietnam -Be highly efficient in research skills -Be proficient in writing and breaking down complex subjects -Possess strong communication skills in English Experience in researching for virtual asset service providers would be an added advantage but is not compulsory. The final list must include all the details of the legal company researched, contact person, history of similar services provided , portfolio , email contact, phone contact. Please list similar projects you've done in the past in research. Thank you...

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    ...done if less efforts. 5. Subscription packages based on per user billing and features restrictions and open in those packages 6. Stripe subscription billing 7. Show Subscription management inside customer login where he can see packages, upgrade/downgrade packages and make payment. Also can update payment method, transaction history and invoices 8. Saas management at superadmin side to manage the customers and their billing, saas packages, invoices , history and add/delete/block customer features inside CRM based on subscription plans choosen by customer. 10. Free trial option for 15 days on initial signup. On free trial all features will be enabled and once free trial is over, show notice to customer on login regarding payment. Also send reminder emails on free...

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    ...connect and collaborate in a secure digital environment to address legal matters efficiently and conveniently. Key Features: Remote Access: Users can access the platform from anywhere and at any time via desktop or mobile devices, allowing for maximum flexibility. User Profile: Each user, both client and attorney, will have a personal profile where they can view personal information, activity history, and shared documents. Secure Document Exchange: The platform provides a secure and encrypted system for exchanging sensitive documents between attorneys and clients. Documents are uploaded, shared, and stored securely to ensure confidentiality. Integrated Communication: The platform includes integrated communication tools, such as instant chat and internal messaging, to facilitate...

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    ...seasoned developer to implement a Tally System for our small business operations. It is a standard Tally setup SILVER Single user edition For Standalone PCs perpetual licensing. This system should be compatible with Windows and and or ChromeOS include the following features: 1. Inventory Management: Efficient tracking and management of resources to prevent overstock and outages. ALso to track history of items. 2. Sales Tracking: Recording and evaluation of sales data to assess performance and project trends. 3. Tracking of expenses:Tracking of expenses including billables, 4. Financial Reporting: Basic financial reports to aid in decision-making and ensure legal compliance. 5. System must be ready to be integrated local authority invoicing compliance (Zambia Revenue Authority S...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to craft a fantasy-themed children's book. The target audience is elementary school children, so the design should be engaging and appropriate for this age group. My story will focus on teaching history, so the illustrator should be able to create visuals that bring historical events to life in a fantasy context. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proven experience in illustrating children's books - Ability to adapt to a fantasy theme - Familiarity with history, especially in the context of making it accessible to children - Understanding of the cognitive and emotional development of elementary school children - Excellent communication skills, as we'll need to collaborate on creating the visuals for th...

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    I am looking for a proficient writer with a solid understanding of economics and history who can craft a comprehensive article of 1000+ words exploring "Why was sustained economic growth so rare before the later 18th century & why did this change?". This piece should primarily focus on: - Technological advancements - Trade and commerce - Social and political factors Additionally, the spotlight should shine on pre-18th century Europe and the Middle Ages, but also offer a global perspective. Experience in historical and economic research is ideal for this task, and the ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner is crucial. AI should not be used. Can use AI to get an idea of how to format the article. But AI should not be detected when ...

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    I am urgently in need of a Laravel VueJS developer, well-versed in application logic, for a task that entails promptly identifying and rectifying bugs. This doesn't mean that less experienced individuals are not welcome, but those with a robust history in Laravel VueJS will be favored. Key responsibilities in this role include: - Debugging and rectifying problems related to the application logic Ideal candidates should possess the following skills and experience: - Laravel and VueJS expertise - Proven problem-solving skills - Ability to work swiftly under pressure - Solid background in Laravel VueJS, particularly in application logic. Nevertheless, if you are confident about your skills and feel like you can tackle the task at hand, I strongly encourage you to apply. If ...

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    I'm in need of a talented website designer to create a professional yet engaging company website. Key Features: - Contact Form: I need potential clients to be able to reach out easily through a contact form. - About Us Page: The website should include a detailed 'About Us' page that encapsulates our company's ethos, history and values. - Testimonials Section: We have a number of satisfied customers and it's important to showcase their feedback in a dedicated testimonials section. The website should be: - Engaging and user-friendly - Mobile-responsive - SEO optimized Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in website design - Experience in developing similar company websites - Strong understanding of UX/UI - SEO knowledge would be a plus Interested freelancers, pl...

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    ...Freelancer should be displayed/listed on website. 2. Review systems like Fiverr 2.1) Rating and review box should display when a service is marked complete by user in service history. There should be a transition on complete mark ie, Message box should be closed/disappear and rate us and review section should fade in. 2.2) This review for a particular service completed by freelancer has to be shown on freelancer profile, under reviews section and on that particular service page, under reviews. The user who bought the service everytime can review that service only one time each. Files access In service order history, under message box, Files are not visible for admin. Files should be accessible for admin. Icon on advocate In the freelancer profile page, in services sec...

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    I r...existing informational site, that's lost its shine due to an old-fashioned design, into a sleek, engaging, and visually appealing platform. Key Deliverables: - Reworking of visuals to accommodate our corporate color scheme. - Incorporation of contemporary and stylish design elements. - Preserving the website's informational purpose, while augmenting user-interface. Desired Experience: - Proven history of web development and design modernization. - Proficiency in UI/UX design for maximum visual appeal and user-friendliness. - Familiarity with corporate color schemes and branding. - similar feel to our HQ website Remember, the project's aim is not just a simple facelift. It’s about enhancing the overall user experience while making the design visually ...

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