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    Project Link: Online Portfolio: Monkey Feet YouTube Link: TETÉU-ANIMATED FOOTBALL ASSISTANT FOR LIVE UPDATES- FOOTBALL 2014 Teteu-Animated Football Assistant YouTube Link: Website: Natwork Flow v=GNTcY01wwUE ArenasBands

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    ...Routines, HVR etc. - Integrate with Garmin SDK to pull specific health measures - Live Gyroscope, Heart Rate, and Respiratory Rate. - Take this data in real time from an REACT App (core structure built - you will need to independently review GitHub code to familiarise yourself, and then built upon it to pull data) You Will Need: - Demonstratable Understanding and Experience of Garmin SDK (Monkey C) and Garmin API. - Either own or have access to a Garmin Venu 2 watch (If you don't have, I can discuss buying one or having you buy one and then I cover this cost once integration occurs) - Strong knowledge of REACT for building Apps for Android/Apple, and React JS for server side activities. - Familiarity with AWS for hosting If you are successful, we would also be ...

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    Agency Name: Space Monkeys Central Concept: The logo should capture the essence of a modern, innovative, and creative digital marketing agency. The name "Space Monkeys" should be the focus, symbolizing a fun, cool, and futuristic approach to digital marketing. Main Imagery: An astronaut monkey or elements that suggest a monkey in space. This could be achieved through a monkey in a space suit or a stylized monkey with space elements (stars, planets, rockets). Visual Style: Modern and cool. The design should be appealing to a young and creative audience, typically associated with startups and innovative companies in the digital space. Typography: Stylized letters that reflect the digital and innovative nature of the agency. The typography should be l...

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    I want a website built that lists houses for sale, similar to , the information will be sourced with API from , and other websites. This information will the sourced with certain key words and filtered into the different categories. There needs...information will be sourced with API from , and other websites. This information will the sourced with certain key words and filtered into the different categories. There needs to be a members section, this is why if it can be built inside the clickfunnles 2.0 platform that would be great as the members section is already there as well as payment gateway. Please say 'monkey' in your proposal so i know you read this whole description.

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    ...programming language is essential. I don't mind the code converting to C# as is generally the goto code for Net.Core. Also uses Component One ... now Mescius ... components. I will instruct which components to use (you can use unlicensed for development .... just does a nag screen) .... I have the licenses to activate for deployment. I'm very good as ASP/VB.Net webforms .... and also a good monkey see/monkey do programmer for reapplying code once I've got a template/method. I need someone who can convert example code parts, on an ongoing basis, from current into so I can apply across the existing application. Requirements: - Strong proficiency in ASP.Net - Experience with - Ability to handle both complete rebuilds and conversion of existing functional...

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    ...(Illustrator) drawings of animals based on a theme I put in attach. Style is called Monoline and it is a simple single line drawing. I need 50 animals drawn, list of the animals is below. All drawings should be drawn in square format. 1 Lion 2 Eagle 3 Owl 4 Snake 5 Dolphin 6 Butterfly 7 Horse 8 Wolf 9 Tiger 10 Elephant 11 Bear 12 Raven 13 Fox 14 Cat 15 Dragonfly 16 Peacock 17 Fish 18 Turtle 19 Monkey 20 Hawk 21 Spider 22 Bee 23 Frog 24 Deer 25 Giraffe 26 Dragon 27 Swan 28 Bat 29 Crane 30 Penguin 31 Kangaroo 32 Hummingbird 33 Cheetah 34 Ram 35 Otter 36 Seagull 37 Chameleon 38 Gazelle 39 Crab 40 Rhino 41 Ant 42 Panda 43 Penguin 44 Quetzal 45 Salmon 46 Jaguar 47 Coyote 48 Mantis 49 Parrot 50 Raccoon In attach is example of drawing style, every animal should be followed by a one sing...

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    I need a trademark logo for my band. It needs to be a rat with fire as a superpower and a monkey with water as a superpower doing kung fu fighting and must have a Mortal Combat theme Name: Jingles and Jams

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    I’m getting too much unwanted attention from scammers and fraudulent activity…I make music and I’m on all the major platforms but I’m trapped by a game of monkey in the middle by having scammers and what not posing as legit companies and I’ve gotten so many of my own works flagged against me because they were stolen in the cloud…I have a hunch that my distributor is really just a fake of a legit company because they reside on the same server…I need someone to keep my music, verified profiles. And emails protected so i can focus on my music

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    Java Maze Project Avsluttet left

    ...“time waster” activities. You can ignore the time wasters, but should try to instantiate the necessary methods for fully traversing the data: to an external site. The Secret of Monkey Island - This walkthrough is a bit shorter and more forgiving than King’s Quest V, with less items to worry about in your traversal. But that might also make it more challenging to visualize a strong node structure to contain the game’s maze: to an external site. The Legend of Zelda - Less of a point and click adventure and more of an open-world exploration in its day and age. This game is vast, and it would honestly be more than enough to instantiate each node

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    5 bud but again, a life is in the balance and only those with real game will be considered. We've got a very seriously injured woman's life in our hands and this is deadly serious business. If it were someone you cared about and loved and they were in a very bad way, you would want a serious junk-yard dog looking out for you and or your loved ones. We are all business here and zero tolerance for monkey-business and not here to play games but get this need met and move on towards other initiatives. If you're a very good, kind and loving soul as a person, you will understand this and will be your imperative to drive this campaign. If you have real results under your belt and do this right, you will be rewarded very well upon fully funding this and a bonus will be di...

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    Brand and image Avsluttet left

    The brand is monkey spunk. Its a brand and its going places Think Lululemon if she was a monkey and had her cum face on. The energy of orgasm combined with the 'chimp tea party' sense of occasion. Monkey spunk means being present. Negotiating the life's ups and downs with a champagne popping panache. Image is probably a monkey spunking, to be fair. But lets keep it as clean as we can. This is mass market. I'll need to own all IP

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    ...90°F, but I am looking to get them between 70°F and 80°F during the summer. The room is a medium size, at 500-1000 sq ft. I need help with optimising the design of the manufacturing room to keep the temperatures low. We have tried air conditioning but it doesn't work unless we turn the smoke heater off. When the smoke heater is off grease falls down to the ground and on the pits. We cannot have the grease falling on the pits. I either need help designing a grease trap that will still allow smoke to enter the smoke heater or a different sort of air conditioning system that can run while the smoke heater is on. I work for HR at this manufacturing plant. I am asking for this help to improve working conditions for the employees. My quote for this pr...

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    Hello, I need to modify a 3D OBJ file. The file is a 3D image of a small monkey, but I need to delete the tail. Attached is a screenshot of the OBJ file; I will provide the file upon request. Please use the code word 'tarsier' in your bid to ensure that you have reviewed these requirements.

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logotype for my VR experience/game. The text has to match the picture (attatchment) so you can design to fit. Show me the designs using the image as a background. We need the l...experience/game. The text has to match the picture (attatchment) so you can design to fit. Show me the designs using the image as a background. We need the logotype in .psd so we can change the text quickly and whenever needed! Use just the text - with some simple cloud/swoosh/simple shape only if needed to support the typography. Game is in Chinese style. The Monkey King: Dragon Dojo The Monkey King: Flying Dojo The Monkey King: Flying Dragon The Monkey King: Flying Dragon Dojo Please use only the fonts that are legal. You...

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    Java Maze Project Avsluttet left

    ...“time waster” activities. You can ignore the time wasters, but should try to instantiate the necessary methods for fully traversing the data: to an external site. The Secret of Monkey Island - This walkthrough is a bit shorter and more forgiving than King’s Quest V, with less items to worry about in your traversal. But that might also make it more challenging to visualize a strong node structure to contain the game’s maze: to an external site. The Legend of Zelda - Less of a point and click adventure and more of an open-world exploration in its day and age. This game is vast, and it would honestly be more than enough to instantiate each node

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    ...purposes - Also include design of a label including our logo, country of origin, and materials. In french and in english. We can provide the french text. Stuffed Animal Types: - Photos attached: A brown bear with a heart crest, a multi-color dog, a polar bear, long-haired caramel colored bear, a panda bear, a lion. - Photos to follow: a lama, a cow, a blackbear, a german shepherd, a sloth, a monkey, Changes and Additions: - I am open to the designer's suggestions for changes and additions to the original design Timeline: - The redesigned stuffed animals are needed within 1 week. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong design skills - Experience in creating realistic and lifelike stuffed animals - Ability to work within tight deadlines If you are a skilled designer ...

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    ... - Test the website on various devices and browsers to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. - Perform updates to ensure the website is secure and functioning correctly. - Address any issues or bugs promptly. Website Copywrite Homepage: - Main video banner featuring Fyre Wrap by Unifrax, highlighting its key applications in Air Distribution Systems and Commercial Kitchen Grease Duct Systems. - An interactive chatbot that provides answers based on technical documents and fire code PDFs related to Fyre Wrap. Customer Portal Login: - A registration and login for customers to input their company UEN number and contact details. - Upon login a dashboard Quote section - query form where customers can upload their ACMV drawing and specify the total sqm, ...

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    Trophy icon Simple Monkey Design Logo Avsluttet left

    I am looking for a freelance designer to create a simple and cartoonish logo for my project. The logo should have a monochrome color scheme, giving it a sleek and modern feel. I would like the logo to include both text and a symbol, allowing for versatili...text and a symbol, allowing for versatility in its use. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in logo design - Strong understanding of cartoonish style - Ability to create visually appealing designs with a monochrome color palette - Experience in incorporating both text and symbols into a cohesive logo design I have attached some pictures for reference. The design is based around a balloon monkey and I want the design to be an easy to print / stitch outline. I would also like the word SIMIA in a similar outline / style...

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    Employee survey Avsluttet left

    Hi there, I'm looking for a professional to help me conduct an employee survey to gauge employee engagement in my company. The survey would be completed by 50 to 200 employees with the results in a summary report format. The purpose of the survey is to measure employee engagement. This would help i...employees are. The survey should provide insight into employee satisfaction with current policies and practices and uncover areas for improvement. I'm looking for someone who has experience in employee surveys and is able to put together a comprehensive and effective survey to capture the necessary information to provide a clear view of employee engagement. We have done this previously in Survey Monkey If you have the know-how and expertise to help me with this project, ...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my Oil & Gas company. we are in need of a new logo for OCTANOVA DMCC company is engaged in trading refined oil products abroad, crude oil trading abroad, lubricants and grease trading and petrochemicals trading. We kindly request your assistance in preparing a fresh logo design that reflects the essence and activities of the company. Upon completion of the design, kindly provide various logo models for the purpose of seeking approval from the management Requirements: - The logo should be bold and impactful, reflecting the nature of the industry. - I am open to the designer's creativity for the color scheme, but it should look professional. - The logo should not incorporate any specific symbols or images. Ide...

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    Trophy icon vodka label Avsluttet left

    Hey crew, im needing some expert design for a brand new label for a new vodka brand. The label will go onto a 700ml clear bottle with a black cap. Ideally it would be rectangular but also open to being a arch shape as per file ideas and concepts ive attached. Im wanting the word 'VODKA' t...wanting the word 'VODKA' to stand out and catch attention. Preferences to be multicoloured, colorful and new age to avoid the more traditional bland looks on the market. Themes: Retro, colour pop, distopian, new world Size: Rectangle (170mm L x 80mm H), Arch (100mm L x 110mm H) Stock: paper (self adhesive) Mandatory text needed on label: '700ml - 38% ABV', 'PRODUCED FOR ADELAIDE WINE GROUP BY MAD MONKEY DISTILLERY, 6 LA SALLE ST, DUDLEY PARK, SA' Mandatory...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me find Boilers , Generator or Kitchen Grease duct documents pertaining to Construction projects. I'd like them to search for proposals, as they are the kind of documents that are most useful for project development. The proposal documents should relate to technology projects, and be carefully examined in the search. I understand that the search for these documents may be a bit challenging, so I'm looking for somebody who is reliable and has the skills necessary to do the job accurately and efficiently. So if you think you're the perfect fit, please feel free to bid on my project! Thanks for your time! I will pay $50 to $75 for each project you uncover

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    We are looking for a technical writer that can create an online knowledge base for a Survey platform. An Ideal candidate would have strong English writing capabilities and have a very high understanding of the Market Research industry. Someone who is familiar with the following survey platforms Qualtrics, Decipher, Survey Monkey etc would be ideal. Creating a knowledge base requires 1) Organization of Information 2) Creating of content with relevant examples and scenarios 3) Creating screenshots and Images to explain the content 4) Creating video or gifs where applicable 5) Linking various topics 6) HTML / Markdown experience 7) Has created technical documentation in the past

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    13 bud representations. I am looking for a talented designer to create simple, yet recognizable animal icons that resonate with our brand's vision. Contest details: Design five animal icons: Choose any two animals from the following list: cat, lion, eagle, owl, falcon, tortoise, deer, ant, lynx, beaver, elephant, titmouse, dolphin, horse, peacock, falcon, rabbit, wolf, kangaroo, golden retriever, monkey, albatross, panda, zebra, woodpecker, saint bernard, tiger, squirrel, clownfish, german shepherd, bee, dolphin, camel, lemur, hummingbird. Color scheme: Each animal icon should be designed using one of the DISC colors: red, yellow, green, or blue. The color should be vibrant and easily distinguishable. The animal should exist of one of these colours, not all of them. Style gu...

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    I'd like to find a freelancer to help transfer research polls from Word docs to the Survey Monkey platform. I need to construct a feedback vehicle on Survey Monkey for people in a specific state-wide social services ecosystem. Some multi-part questions and logic involved. Survey Monkey expertise is what it's about. If you have a research background, that could be helpful. However, it's not a big research assignment it's really about the ability to structure on Survey Monkey what we have already written in Word. The ideal candidate would be someone we could turn to to both write and structure research for us. Will share Word doc version after identifying qualified Survey Monkey platform experts.

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    I am looking for a skil...on verifying in the discord server. Role ID is chosen by the server admin during the pre-server settings with the bot - Multi-server functionality: The bot should be able to operate across multiple servers simultaneously. - Database: MongoDB to store user data, ipaddr, guild, guild id, roles given [partially done] Additional optional features: in-built chatbot response, integration with Survey Monkey The bot will primarily be used for user verification and role assignment purposes. It should be efficient, reliable, and have a user-friendly interface. The bot will be used to help spread awareness in cyber bullying and mental health in a local context. If you have experience with Discord bot development and are proficient in JavaScript, please submit your...

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    ...copy of a funny monster drawing and a monkey and make it into a 2d logo COMPLETE BY SAT SEP 22ND I’m looking for a talented 3d cartoonist, artist, illustrator, animator who is skilled at copying a sketch drawing and rendering it digitally as a realistic 3D-style animated character that has very good detailing, not one-dimensional but it seems quite realistic. My logo design has been Copyrighted, and the freelance animator, by accepting this job, must agree that the design is my own Copyrighted, original work and I own all rights to my logo that I want mastering and digitising by a freelance artist designer. The artist must be good at bringing humour, character and personality to the fictional creature I’ve designed. The logo I’ve designed has one monkey...

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    ...Experience: 3-6 Years, Experience in iOS Mobile/Apple TV Application Testing Manual + Automation (Preferred Exp of OTT industry) Key Responsibilities: ● Quality Engineering - Manual Testing ○ Good knowledge of testing processes (SDLC/STLC) ○ Experience on Audio/Player playback testing ○ Feature Testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing ○ Ad-Hoc Testing, Security Testing, Monkey Testing, Interruption Testing ○ Ensure test case design and execution methodologies are technically sound ○ Responsible for creating test cases, detailing test cases, test plans, and consolidating and reporting test results. ○ Design and implement quality process and quality metrics for the applications across ○ Experience of using Charles or Any proxy tool to check/modify api requ...

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    ...'iMonkeys'. The colors should align with our attached old logo's palette, and add your creative monkey style within logo, and please make sure the monkey face unique and in funny manner/ humorous. This should be scalable and multipurpose, working well across various sizes and mediums. Envelope Design: A design adaptable to different envelope sizes: Shop Sticker: An attractive sticker design to be placed on the doors or front glasses for our partners of photo printing studios (exactly the same when you see the logo sticker for food ordering apps at restaurants). It should have space for a QR code (which we will add later). Door-Knob Hanger: A unique door-knob design incorporating elements from the monkey logo. Perhaps the ears, face, or any other...

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    Logo design Avsluttet left

    Have a an idea monkey driving exotic cars need about 10 different logos with same concept also a possible loading screen with the one of the logos

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    I am looking for a skilled animator who can create a 10-15 second 3D animation video for an informative/instructional purpose. The project has a tight timeframe of 1 week. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D animation software - Strong understanding of instructional animation techniques - Ability to work efficiently within tight deadlines There is a giant monkey head required to be designed that can blink and turn its head with a slight change of facial expression, the head is designed as its part of a real costume. Nor camera movement or voice over its more like a presidential announcement - just full frontal of mostly the head against a stock image background.

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create an emblem for my brand or business. The emblem will serve as a logo and should have a cartoon-style art style. Specific requirements for the emblem include: - Incorporating a monkey and seahorse in the design - Depicting a journey or adventure theme - Utilizing specific colors, which will be provided upon further discussion Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in graphic design software and tools - Creativity and ability to bring characters and themes to life - Strong understanding of brand identity and logo design If you are a skilled graphic designer who can bring my vision to life and create a unique emblem for my brand or business, please submit your portfolio and proposal.

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    ...looking for a modern style for the logo - Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design expertise - Experience in creating modern logos - Ability to work with specific color preferences For the logo we are looking for a combination of the three attached AI generated logo images. The Nazca lines of Peru are an influence insomuch for their abstracted impressions. We prefer something like the monkey image, though it does not necessarily have to be an animal; and we would like to place it in the triangle above the product name. We are looking for an organic font for the product name and something standard or type-faced for the tagline. The profile of the sacha inchi seed (the pulverized version being sold) would have preferred placement between "Ancient Seed" and...

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    CSV to Excel Avsluttet left

    The below example is the source ItemNo,Language,Text,Linenumber "ZYRI11/4X1/4_1,5",0,"Reducer til tryk-",2 "ZYRI11/4X1/4_1,5",0,"slange F45 - F70",4 "ZYRI11/4X1/4_1,5",1,"Auto grease system",2 "ZYRI11/4X1/4_1,5",1,"Reducer pressure hose.",4 The excel file should be like Language Itemno | language | Text (in one colum-each line seperated by a "alt+Enter") So for all Itemnumbers with language 0 & 1 there should only be 1 row (one for language 0 and one for language 1) In the file there are languages with 2 - these should be skipped - be aware that each row has a line number these should be followed so the lowest comes first

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    360 survey Avsluttet left

    I am seeking a Freelancer to create a 360 survey in both online and printable formats. This survey is for team development purposes and should include a high-level summary and detailed report with individual responses. I need someone who can create a survey and gather data in an efficient, reliable, and consistent manner. Prior exper...individual responses. I need someone who can create a survey and gather data in an efficient, reliable, and consistent manner. Prior experience in creating surveys is preferred but not required. The successful candidate must be an independent worker and have strong organizational skills. Communication skills should also be excellent. We need someone to educate us on how to create this using Survey Monkey (business) so we will pay for his or her time t...

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    Here is our Vision Statement. My goal is to have it reproduced in a prettier more artistic fashion. I want it to be large enough to be displayed in a large picture frame. Grease Monkey Automotive Brand & Vision Statement To be a “World Class” Automotive Repair Shop in the eyes of our Customers, Teammates, and our Community. This is our Vision and this is our Brand. We’ve coined it “Invested In You” and simply put, it represents the 3 elements of our business that are at the forefront of everything we do. These 3 elements are the key to our success! “Invested In You” Our Customers: You are the lifeblood of our existence and we pledge to continually invest our resources in ways that deliver an exceptional experience for ...

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    Title: Monkey Logo Illustration I am looking for an illustrator to create a cartoon-style monkey logo in color. The logo should also include the monkey swinging on a tire. I have attached an example, but we do NOT want to copy this exactly and prefer solid colours. We do not want watercolour. The monkey should be fun and eye-catching. This will be for a business logo so we will need a full-colour version as well as a version with a maximum of 2-3 colour for screenprinting purposes and a black and white version. I will need the vector files when you are done. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in cartoon-style illustration - Experience in creating colorful logos - Ability to incorporate other objects into the design If you have a creative eye and can bring t...

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    Trophy icon Plush Dog Toy Design Avsluttet left

    ...manufacturer and have them manufacture the product from the concept drawings. The drawings would have to fit the 2 current animals as though they were part of a series. The finished products would use the same or similar materials and would be consistent with using 2 main colours "orange and Grey" Some ideas of animals would be based primarily on African animals examples Rhino Lion Giraffe Elephant Hippo Monkey Pig The attached pictures are of an Elephant and possibly a Hippo although the picture has a mane around its neck! Strange as a hippo does not have a mane! Attached are pictures of the products purchased Size: - The toy should be sized somewhere between 18cm x 12cm approximately - The toy is designed for small to medium-sized dogs. Material Preferences: - The to...

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    I'm looking for an expert logo designer to create a design featuring a unique combination of a monkey riding a seahorse, with Excalibur in its hand in an ocean scene possibly with the moon in the background. This logo will be used for my sailboat, as well as apparel designs (t-shirts, etc.) in the future. I'm requesting a logo design, and have a specific color scheme that I would like to follow. The size of the design should be large (over 6 inches). If you're an artist with experience in logo design and have an imagination that's wild enough to implement this, I'm interested in working with you.

    $250 - $750
    Omtalt Forseglet
    $250 - $750
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    As a client, I am seeking a freelancer to help me design an engagement survey. The purpose of the engagement survey is to identify areas of improvement for our business. This survey will be delivered to all our employees. We have chosen to complete the survey in an online format through SurveyMonkey. We just need someone to build the survey on the SurveyMonkey platform. We are a learning and development consultancy, which comprises 150 employees. The survey should be designed so it measures employee satisfaction, assesses employee morale and motivation, and identifies any areas where improvement can be made. The survey should be designed in such a way that the data collected can be analyzed and any insights gleaned from that data can be effectively communicated to the necessary stakehold...

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    Project Title: Create a survey monkey Survey Requirements: - Develop a Survey monkey survey for conducting a research survey - the survey will be bilingual (arabic and english) - the option should be given to participants to save, continue, or quit - The survey should gather valuable insights and opinions from target parties - The form should have a professional and visually appealing design - Include multiple choice questions, rating scales, and open-ended questions to gather comprehensive data - Ensure that the form is user-friendly and easy to navigate for respondents - Implement logic and branching to tailor the survey based on respondents' answers - Provide a clear and concise introduction to the survey, explaining its purpose and confidentiality - Enable responden...

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    Trophy icon Create PFP Avsluttet left

    I need a Profile Picture created for my Linked In business account. It is an aviation career service business. My concept: Cartoon style Monkey caricature with Aviator Sunglasses and a Wrench (the idea is a play on Monkey Wrench) *** Please keep in mind that I need a balance of professional, funny, and likeable. The target audience is Aviation / Aerospace employees. Mostly Blue Collar type skilled tradesman. Only entries that meet the above requirements will be considered. Please read all above text before submitting. Thank you all in advance for your time :-) Company logo attached for reference (Not to be used in Profile Picture design)

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    I am looking for a talented animator to create a video featuring an animated screaming capuchin monkey. The animation style should be 2D, and the video should be less than 30 seconds in length. Sound effects are needed to accompany the animation . No giffs or jiffs Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 2D animation techniques - Experience in creating short videos - Ability to create and add sound effects to animations

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    JOE ROGAN SHOP LOGO Avsluttet left

    I'm looking for a similar logo design to the Joe Rogan Experience for my Joe Rogan shop instead of joes head i would like the head of a monkey! should be on a black background. I have specific colors in mind for the logo see attached examples, it should say Joe Rogan Shop. So if you think you have the perfect logo design for my Joe Rogan shop, then I'd love to see what you can come up with!

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    ...should be sophisticated enough to resonate with adults, but fun and engaging to appeal to children. The style needs to be simple and clean to ensure it prints well on various materials and in different sizes. Animal List and Associated Values 1. Kindness - Dolphin 2. Courage - Lion 3. Resilience - Koi Fish 4. Integrity - Swan 5. Creativity - Peacock 6. Gratitude - Panda 7. Curiosity - Monkey 8. Empathy - Elephant 9. Ambition - Eagle 10. Respect - Wolf 11. Positivity - Butterfly 12. Patience - Tortoise Deliverables - 2 animal icons in SVG and PNG formats from the list of 12 Attachments Please refer to the attached mood board for an idea of the aesthetic we're going for. Note how the geometric forms come together to create recognizable yet abstract represent...

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    Stock monkey app make screens in html&css

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    We need to build a site or WP plugin (I'm not sure of the best way to achieve what we're trying to do) that will allow us to issue surveys, collect responses, deliver the results in a visually appealing way, and allow for users to create accounts and assign surveys to their employees. Basically, a slimmed-down version of Survey Monkey that's proprietary to our company and can integrate with out LMS.

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    ...made to share the concept: We are not designers, so this isn't what it needs to look like, but just to give a rough idea. The template should include the following: 1.) An animated "Monkey in the Middle APPROVED" stamp (for branding) at the bottom of the video. 2.) A placeholder for editable text at the top for us to place our link according to the video we're adding. 3.) Rolayty-free low-volume background music. 4.) A creative branded animated background. 4.) A quick, captive closing animated image that includes: Monkey in the Middle logo (attached). AMAZON TOP PRODUCTS LIFE HACKS AI TOOLS TECH TIPS AND TRICKS Like, Follow or Visit Us at for more. The contest winner will need to provide

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    I need someone to do a survey monkey for me, the tasks include: helping to formulate questions, enter into the template, import contacts from multiple sales representatives' outlook, basically, need someone from start to finish to run this survey project.

    $7 - $20
    $7 - $20
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    Hello, I need someone to do a survey monkey for me, that tasks include: helping to formulate questions, enter into template, import contacts from mutiple sales representatives' outlook, basically, need someone from start to finish to run this survey project

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