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    Create an Animation Avsluttet left

    Project Link: Online Portfolio: Monkey Feet YouTube Link: TETÉU-ANIMATED FOOTBALL ASSISTANT FOR LIVE UPDATES- FOOTBALL 2014 Teteu-Animated Football Assistant YouTube Link: Website: Natwork Flow v=GNTcY01wwUE ArenasBands

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    I want to start own NFT project named Solana Monkey King. I want collection of 100 unique 3D monkey kings.

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    I have a trailer to be shot next month for an Asian superhero series called EVOS. In order to prepare the crew I am looking for storyboards to be designed of all the shots. I will list 5 to do for this contest - winner will have the full trailer to do for extra payment. ...a falling plane, its engine on fire. He dodges a flying turbine blade and catches a falling passenger. - A WOMAN jumps out of a window to catch another WOMAN who has already jumped. The 2nd Woman disappears through a portal in mid-air. The 1st woman goes through the portal, background changes to outside a volcano, and she lands at the edge of a volcano, dodging someone's kick. - A HUMAN-SIZED MONKEY fighting crooks with a large staff. - The winner be given the rest of the script to storyboard, and paid her...

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    Commercial 4 dager left

    Certify the gallons of a grease trap are capable to withhold the food being processed by my restaurant.

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    Trophy icon ED referral survey Avsluttet left

    It’s a survey on survey monkey on the quality of emergency department referral across Northern Ireland. Targeting emergency medicine doctors and doctors from all other specialities. We need to create a poster with the survey QR code to be distributed in different departments in different hospitals to gather as much responses as possible

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    Trophy icon The Monkey Bar logo 1 dag left

    I am needing a design for my shop space. We call the shop "The Monkey Bar" I am trying to find a logo for the wall of my shop. I was thinking maybe something like the words The Monkey Bar with a peeled banana as one of the letters or something. Open to anything really. Just an idea. Preferably just a 1 or 2 color design.

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    Animal Cartoon Character 11 dager left

    I need someone that can create an cartoon character similar to the sample i provided but instead of a monkey i want a goat. The ideal goat will have several different expressions as well as interchangeable clothing. Please send a sample of what im seeking.

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    This is a job even a monkey can do. You have to "Restore original image" and "Regenerate Thumbnails" on wordpress (see attached pic) for each one of the attached images (see pic). Then check (at least on laptop AND mobile) that all thumbnails of that image have really been re-generated and now get displayed logo-free on my website (remember to empty your browser´s cache). The final aim is removing my old logo - added automatically by a plug-in called "Easy Watermark" - from all images on my website. Pitch only if you can do it NOW. Not spending more than 10$ on this. Your pitch should start with the words "heya" to show you read this. Otherwise you´re landing in the bin.

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    Wedding photos look too dark with too much shadow. Need to brighten up background and people and remove shadow and grease from faces. See sample screenshot image.

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    Monkey Sreet Avsluttet left

    Hi, my name is Robert Wilson and I have been building a Shopify Store named Monkey Street. It is a T-shirt shop with 18 designs so far and it is not open yet. I am looking for someone who can look at the website with a checklist in mind of possible aspects for the site I may have missed or could improve upon. I also would like to organize specific mockups I have created I have not been able to figure out how to do on my own. I am looking to keep the site simple but want to make sure all the infostructure is present and correct.

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    Our logo would be great with a monKey as the character. I have examples. Something fun to use for embroidery and stickers.

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    ...week program "Create More Time" that I would like to have a short video created to offer the program and results clients will receive through the program. About my Program In just 12 weeks + Bonus Session: Go from Procrastination to Proactivation Get more done in 1/2 the time Give yourself time off and Truly enjoy it Go way beyond your own expectations and Eliminate your Limiting Beliefs and Monkey Brain No more 40+ hour weeks and Get more rest Learn how to love yourself and trust yourself and Become Your Future Self! You'll have 12 Modules and BONUS Session: (Optional) Weekly Group coaching Calls - 1 Hour Thought Awareness & Self Coaching Model Course Material Worksheets Resources and Recommendations Module 1: Your Brain on Change – Your 6 -12 Week G...

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    I want a monkey swinging off the leaning tower of pisa wearing a raptors jersey with the number 92 on the jersey and the Monkey has to be grabbing a fish

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    I have a tool called Chinese Poker that is 100% based on the DISC assessment. The only difference is i use Chinese zodiac signs of Ox, Dog, Monkey and Dragon instead of DISC. I need an assessment that can be taken online but uses the four animals instead of DISC. A simple DISC (Chinese Poker) assessment where the results are exactly like a DISC profile but the results are with one of the for animals.

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    desinger monkey Avsluttet left

    desinger monkey smoking weed

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    Create a Design Avsluttet left

    Drag & drop any images or documents that might be helpful in explaining your brief here design monkey

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    Illustration 3D Avsluttet left

    ...- 1 Coin Template Token - 9 Object All of this need to have top quality. NFT 10K COLLECTION 11 Character with hundreds of changes & assets Brands to use: * Adidas * Nike * Gucci * Prada * Balenciaga * Louis Vuitton * Michael Kors * Jordan * Valentino * Versace * Nasa * Formula 1 * Meta Verse * Apple * Coca Cola * McDonalds * Pepsi * Amazon * Shell * Mastercard Masks: * Gorilla Mask * Monkey Mask * Globe Mask * Hamburger Mask * Lion Mask * Fortnite Masks * Call of duty Mask * Dog Mask * Elephant Mask * Tiger Mask * More Masks Traits: * Pablo Escobar * Hitler * El chapo Guzmán * Sadam Husein * Osama Bin Laden * Hugo Chavez * Al Capone * Lucky Luciano * Carlo Gambino * Amado Carillo Fuentes * Daddy Yankee * Justin Bieber * Michael Jackson * 6ix9ine * Batman *...

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    ...see the attacments plz. it has 2 files one for anmails and the other for verbs (just write the meaning of the wolf in urdo) put each word dwon belw the english word like this Wolf بھیڑیا anmalis names are: Anteater Armadillo Baboon Bat Beaver Bison Black bear Chimpanzee Chipmunk Deer Fawn Elephant Fox Gibbon Giraffe Gopher Gorilla Grizzly bear Hippopotamus Hyena Kangaroo Koala Leopard Lion Monkey Moose Orangutan Panda Polar Bear Porcupine Raccoon Rat Rhinoceros Skunk Squirrel Tiger Wolf Zebra the verbs are: do not trnslate the verbs in sentences only the meaning of the verb in base form do not make to ask to anter etc. only the meaning of the verbs in urdo with text like this. Ask Answer Enter Leave Count Draw Erase Write Think Read Tear Type Tie Touch Raise Cheat Bully ...

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    Help to create a NFT Avsluttet left

    Want a pixel 64*64 , or Monkey Kingdoms Further details will be discussed in private

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    Ape face 3d modling Avsluttet left

    I need 3d modling for ape face or monkey face With eyes mouth nose teeth and toung and rigged

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    Damn It Duncan Avsluttet left

    We are having a memorial golf tournament for a friend who passed away. His name is Duncan, Everyone use to always say Damn It Duncan to him that is the name of it. He was in the monkey business and was a highway patrolman. I thinking of a good font and then have a monkey with a trooper hat on him hanging from the words.

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    Create a Design Avsluttet left

    I am looking for an illustrator that can help create a simple design of different variations of a probiscus monkey.

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    design nfts famous apes create , bulk uploading setting price all at one place for our open sea project if You have a base monkey character and more trait categories right? different mouths, eyes, glasses, chains, nike shoes, lambo, earrings etc... use a bot for bulk uploading and use app for generating 10,000 images if possible use g20 country flags

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    This is a company focused on buying the top 1% of artwork. We want our branding to be minimalistic, but elegant and to convey exclusivity the moment you enter. We'll be displaying our artwork in a gallery as well as on a website, and the mascot is a well dressed Monkey such as the attached. We want our website to use light, so white is a theme we're looking for and complementary colours of white. This is a sample we'll be displaying on our website too

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    Implementation of Garmin watch app for Fenix 6 smart watch using Connect IQ SDK, and deploying the app on Connect IQ store. Mockups are ready. Total of 3 watch screens to implement. Design and final scope will be disclosed with the shortlisted candidate. Only bid if you have experience in Connect-IQ SDK and Monkey C. Deadline: 1 week.

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    Trophy icon HIBRID MONKEY Avsluttet left

    I would like to alter this image, I want to change the face to a hibrid alien and and monkey. want the suit to match the tie Green with a solid silver line. I want the pipe placed in the center and the smoke to be sparkling. contact me for more information.

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    ...everyone complements each other. You will take on the role of designer and work closely with the developer, web designer and PR. You will draw a lot of illustrations, the number of sketches we will determine together. The more motivated and creative you are to work, the more the final "hype" for the project will be. What is your job? You'll be drawing a base, the base layer. For example, take a monkey. Then you need to create all different accessories/elements, each on separate layers. For example, you'll make 15 kinds of hats, 20 glasses, ... Once you have made all the different layers, we randomize them with a specific generator. The layers will be placed on top of each other and from a total of 50 accessories, 5000 images will be created. Further details ...

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    ...Elevations-label all exterior finishes (Walls, roof material), highlighting ground levels both existing and final (All elevation details for new development, alterations or extensions).  Structural Details - Include details of all structural components; foundations, columns, beams, footing, lintel, stiffeners , staircase plan (reinforce and section), roof vent detail, etc.  Drainage Details -must include grease trap, trap gully basin, septic tank, absorption pit, tile field, manhole etc.  Drainage Plan - The existing and proposed storm water drainage and Plumbing layout. Position of existing and proposed features such as sanitary drains, septic tanks, absorption pit, soak away pit, tile field, surface/storm water collection, containment and final disposal point etc. Essent...

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    Dreamed of my deceased grandson. There was a grey monkey, elephant, giraffe, my grandson, and myself. We were in heaven. I want my grandson brought to life please. With myself and the animals too in heaven.

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    i want someone who own a monkey or can rent one . i want from him just an 3 videos . every video about 2 -3 minutes for the monkey while eating or playing . the monkey most be cute and small. i will own the copyrights of video i will pay for all small 3 videos 100$ I need someone who own a monkey or can rent monkey (small monkey better), and can record a video for it doing some stuff (discussed later- scripted) .. the video length will be only about 2-3min i will pay 20$ per video and need alot of videos maybe 4 videos per week

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    I need to create 10 images different with inside faces of animals different (monkey, turkeys etc.) .jpeg i need

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    Monkey simulator Avsluttet left

    Hi i like playing roblox and I’ve always wanted to have a successful game so I came to this website to see if someone would make me a game i can pay you also it would make me really happy so thank you if you do. I really don’t mind what the game is called or what the game is about as long as it’s good

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    Lady Genie character for a company logo but abstract character, it should look very professional and not like a cartoon. Once character is finalized logo (company name) to be designed accordingly. Reference: BIRA monkey, as it's an abstract character and even though the character is monkey it looks very professional. Also, the logo character doesn't have any link to company or its name. * Reference is only for illustration of the requirement and not to be taken literally to build the character.

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    Want someone to create a NFT project from the reference of the bored ape monkey club the idea and theme will be different if anyone interested do send requests

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    I need an EXPERT to assist with filters and compare to develop slides for a presentation that has many layers. World Wide (WW) results in 2 PPTs: one for Executive Leadership (with more frank information) and one staff-facing version. For the WW results, I have a sample format For each question we showed the results for the 9 Country Offices (broken out) plus a combined result for our Global Offices, while highlighting WW trends. Extra breakdown of slides specific to each of the Country Offices, as well as specific to the following 3 Global Office regions: US; Asia Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Nepal, Singapore), Europe/Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, UK).

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    Trophy icon Nft Zombie Project Avsluttet left

    I would like you to create me a nft collection that i can auto generate! Same style as image attached but zombie (not monkey) (all images must fit together in same position) .5 skin color/ designs .5 mouths .5 eyes .5 hairs styles .5 tops .5 background colors

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    combine two pictures Avsluttet left

    I am making a proposal for a new children's book "Gina Great Dane meets a new friend Mr. Monkey." So I need for you to create a picture that lets Gina be face to face with the monkey.

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    Atticus and Grandma Avsluttet left

    Similar scene as other project but this time Atticus and I are sitting in swing together reading a book. He is in same clothes and I’m wearing white Sun dress that ties around my neck. It has gold trim along bust line. As I’m reading him the story, his animals are there too. His giraffe, a gray haired monkey and an elephant too.

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    Trophy icon Create a Logo for Personal Brand Avsluttet left

    The Logo should contain my Name (Christian Hafke) and the Initial Letter (C) maybe both initial Letters (CH). The Logo should be separate from the Name and Placed above or left from it. Simplicity and dynamics are important :) Name: As example for the Name see "Name examples separate from the Name and Placed above or left from it. Simplicity and dynamics are important :) Name: As example for the Name see "Name examples 1-3". I added also a Sample of my Signature that can be smoothed out as the text (see "Signature"). The colour schemes from examples 1 - 3 are my favourites, but you can also make suggestions. Logo: The Logo should contain the Inital letter C and a Monkey, in subtile form minimalistic and elegant. For examples see "Logo1" an...

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    Just some art work y either just a photoshop or what as long as it’s a picture is good enough , but it must be a monkey version of Lee Chong Wei (Badminton Player). I wish it’s a mix , then can have having his smash style like the pic provided and put this word on the picture BSKRIZ|Oogaverse|OlyVer#5047 as well as the day u complete ur work

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    I have completed a questionaire on survey monkey, that asked people to respond to the types of traits that leaders need in either the for profit or non profit sectors. I would like help analyzing all the data to see if the traits required do actually differ. I need to write a methodology and findings chapter approx 1,500 words each. The questions were based on the work of

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    I want someone to create 100 digital art pictures for me cartoon format of a monkey. These are to be individual creative and fun. Along the lines of the attached image. Hopefully better.

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    The characters are : -Human -Alien -Zombie -Robot -Cat -Dog -Monkey All characters are Humanoids ( bipeds) Story should be around these topics : - Artificial Intelligence - Machine learning - Cryptocurrency movement - NFT movement - Pandemic Virus - Disruption of society - Urban Rebels - Globalization The main story should be max 200 words world with good and bad actors fighting for domination . Additional : Short paragraphs for each topic 50 words each related to general story. Additional for each type of character 3 short descriptions ( different ) max 100 words each. Relate for the type of characters Example:: - Human Male ( Good) - Human Male ( Bad) - Human Female (Good) - Human Female ( Bad) - Alien ( Bad) - Robot ( Good) - Robot (Bad) - Zombie ( Bad) - Animal (Goo...

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    • Objective: customer satisfaction questionnaire, dashboard, report. • the questionnaire is about (Customer satisfaction about LG TV). • at least 10 questions for 40 people(you can use survey monkey or google form) to do the survey. • to do the dash board you can use or excel. • Please follow the requirements in the attachment(assignment question) • two samples are attached.

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    ... The final design should look nice, but great care should be taken to ensure that the Word document is easy to edit with no formatting quirks. Up to two revisions would be required to ensure we can get the Word document exactly how we want it. Before applying for the job please quote ‘funky monkey ‘ ...

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    Chapter 7 Avsluttet left

    5. Monkey Business A local zoo wants to keep track of how many pounds of food each of its three monkeys eats each day during a typical week. Write a program that stores this information in a two-dimensional 3 × 5 array, where each row represents a different monkey and each column represents a different day of the week. The program should first have the user input the data for each monkey. Then it should create a report that includes the following information: Average amount of food eaten per day by the whole family of monkeys. The least amount of food eaten during the week by any one monkey. The greatest amount of food eaten during the week by any one monkey. Input Validation: Do not accept negative numbers for pounds of food eaten.

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    2 projects: application to house responses to survey monkey with forms to expand the fields in the database and ad hoc reports to interpret the data and display the user interface in an application with many forms and queries in order to symplify report production for the end user.

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    Hi, I need Laravel expert to work on a few Tasks on Laravel Projects - The Origin Survey Project is this - Now Your task is - Build the Design Survey, Preview & Score, Collect Response, Analyze Results, and Present Results just like Survey Money Platform. Please don't bid on a placehiolder, Put the exact price you can delivery this Project. Thank you :)

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    I need someone to design a graphic for me similar to the one I've uploaded. Everything besides the monkey is original. I want a similar graphic

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