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    Vi er et lite Malerfirma som ønsker å ranke høyere på Google med vår nettside, slik at vi kan få mer trafikk. Nettsiden er laget hos

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    Vi ønsker å få markedsført siden vår og få opp på google ads - vi ønsker å starte markedsføring av en side.

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    Ønsker primært å få "bort" de to linkene under som kommer opp i google ved søk på "Flaxvatn" og "Team Flaxvatn". Sekundært få dem lenger bak på treff. Ønsker at denne siten skal komme først:

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    Setup google analytics in magento.

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    Google map system Avsluttet left

    Hei, ser du er norge og fra Halden, kommer fra Halden jeg også. Jobber for tiden med et lite hobby prosjekt i HTML, PHP å Javascript. jeg er ingne programmerer men prøver å få gjort det meste selv. trenger en jeg kan leie inn for gjøre små ting i koden og bygge opp script jeg ikke klarer selv siden du er norsk så hadde du passet bra, er noe du tar på deg? Det som skal er kodes er php script og javascript. kanskje noen css inne mellom hvis jeg strå fast på noe.

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    +regnskapsfører +bryne +regnskapskontor +bryne +regnskapstjeneste +bryne +regnskapsføring +bryne" +regnskapsfører +sandnes +regnskapsføring +sandnes +regnskapskontor +sandnes "regnskapskontor stavanger" "regnskapsfører stavanger" +regnskapsføring +stavanger +regnskapsfører +bergen +regnskapskontor +bergen +regnskapsføring +bergen +regnskapsfører +oslo +regnskapskontor +oslo +regnskapsføring +oslo +regnskapsføring +trondheim +regnskapskontor +trondheim +regnskapsfører +trondheim +regnskapskontor +kristiansand +regnskapsfører +kristiansand +regnskapsføring +kristiansand +regnskapsfører +sarpsborg +regnskapsføring +sarpsborg +regnskapskontor +sarpsborg +regn...

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    SEO in Google Avsluttet left

    Hi, How much for 1 place top ranking for these keywords in Norwegian Google: +regnskapsfører +bryne +regnskapskontor +bryne +regnskapstjeneste +bryne +regnskapsføring +bryne" +regnskapsfører +sandnes +regnskapsføring +sandnes +regnskapskontor +sandnes "regnskapskontor stavanger" "regnskapsfører stavanger" +regnskapsføring +stavanger +regnskapsfører +bergen +regnskapskontor +bergen +regnskapsføring +bergen +regnskapsfører +oslo +regnskapskontor +oslo +regnskapsføring +oslo +regnskapsføring +trondheim +regnskapskontor +trondheim +regnskapsfører +trondheim +regnskapskontor +kristiansand +regnskapsfører +kristiansand +regnskapsføring +kristiansand +regnskapsf&osla...

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    * 300 * 500 * 1000 * 4700 * 500 * 500

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    We need help to build feed from our Woocommerce shop to our Google merceht center so we can use Google Ads. The feed need be based on our 7 category spreted and updates daily feed information and our account need be approved by Google We need help as well install slider for images on main page has support for desktop and mobile. Random show our products in categories and brands

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    Need freelancer with experinece in creating banner ad using google web deisgner

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    Google Looker Studio Expert 6 dager left

    I am looking for a Google Looker Studio expert who can help me with creating dashboards and visualizations. Skills and experience needed: - Strong proficiency in Google Looker Studio - Experience in creating interactive and informative dashboards - Ability to understand and analyze data to create meaningful visualizations - Knowledge of LookML code for customization and optimization The project requires someone who can work with existing data sources as I already have all the necessary data. Communication during the project will be through email, so timely and clear communication skills are important. If you have the expertise in Google Looker Studio, data visualization, and are comfortable working with existing data sources, please reach out to me.

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    I am looking for a developer who can help me resolve an OAuth Google Drive Picker redirect error in JavaScript. Requirements: - Proficient in JavaScript - Experience with OAuth and Google Drive API - Familiarity with resolving Invalid Redirect URI errors - Ability to troubleshoot and debug OAuth configurations - Strong communication skills to discuss recent changes made to the OAuth configuration This project requires someone who can quickly identify and fix the issue with the redirect URI. If you have experience with OAuth and Google Drive API, please reach out to me.

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    I am looking for a Google ads expert who can help me optimize my ads and fix the disapproval issue I am currently facing. The ideal candidate should have experience in Google ads optimization and resolving disapproval issues. Current Issue: - Disapproval: My ads are currently being disapproved by Google due to a policy violation. Disapproval Reason: - Policy Violation: Google has flagged my ads for violating their policies. Required Changes: - No specific changes: I am open to the freelancer's suggestions on how to fix the disapproval issue and optimize my ads. Skills and Experience: - Google ads optimization: The freelancer should have a strong understanding of how to optimize Google ads to increase click-through and conversion rates. - R...

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    need experienced google web designer. if you dont have Google web deisgner experience ,please dont

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    Google Search Console 6 dager left

    Hello, we are looking for a Google Search Console and SEO expert who can index all new website to google and do the best SEO for new website to be in the top positions on google search. Our platform is opencart 3, we have many categories to work with but first we need to index everything to google with google search console.

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    I am looking for a skilled PowerPoint designer to create a presentation that provides an overview of our marketing campaign on Google AdWords. The purpose of the presentation is to give an overview of our marketing campaign on Google AdWords. I have all the data and insights that need to be included in the presentation. The presentation should have between 10-20 slides. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in PowerPoint design - Experience creating marketing campaign presentations - Ability to effectively communicate complex data and insights - Attention to detail and ability to create visually appealing slides

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    64 bud done in Search bar. 7. Important, Syllabus , Admission, Admit card & Answer Key properly not working need to be attended. 08. Gateway installation work to be done in MCQs, theory & Consultancy Services -5 nos 09. Drop-down, New (highlights) & Certificate to be developed as per our html 10. E-mail mail edit box, Template edit side issue for mobile & desktop view, to be resolved. 11. Ads / AdSense, teligram to be added & font size to be managed as per our requirements 12. Editor to be done in Salary, Job location ,Contact details (work to be done), MCQs option functionality to managed for Job posts & *Breadcrumbs missing in whole website"* & page & list to be done as per html. 13. Currently there issome random coding on the website, You ha...

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    design simple animated banner using google web designer

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    Google Ads Management...............

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    We own an e-commerce website, we act as a dealer of différents brands selling outdoor living products. We are looking for someone who can manage our ads for one month to see the results we can get. Our products range from 3000 to 20’000$. We want to get more informations about the budget, process and type of campaign we would need to get good results.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me fix the ad serving issues I am experiencing with Google Ad Manager/ADX. Here are the specific details of my project: Ad Issue: - The main problem I am facing is with ad serving. Ad Formats: - I am using display ads as my ad format. Access to Ad Manager/ADX: - I have full access to my Ad Manager/ADX account and its settings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Google Ad Manager/ADX. - Experience in resolving ad serving issues. - Proficient in troubleshooting and debugging. - Familiarity with display ads and their optimization techniques. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to me. Thank you!

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    We have a some small tasks to be competed on our wordpress site, built using the Avada theme. The tasks include removing some dead page links from when the theme was installed, adding a google tag to the site, adding a third party widget (code supplied), and making some basisc styling changes to some pages. All tasks have been clearly listed in the attached PDF to allow for methodical, quick, and accurate work. Though the tasks are simple, we require a professional and methodical wordpress expert to take on this job, as attention to detail is paramount. The work should only take 1 or maybe 2 hours to complete. Fixed budget of $15.

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to help me increase my website traffic. Currently, my website receives more than 5000 visitors per month, but I am looking for a more than 100% increase in traffic. Key Requirements: - Expertise in paid advertising methods such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and display advertising - Proven track record of successfully increasing website traffic through paid advertising campaigns - Understanding of target audience analysis and ability to create effective ad campaigns that drive quality traffic - Knowledge of ad optimization techniques to maximize ROI and minimize costs - Familiarity with tracking and analytics tools to measure the success of ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge of differe...

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    I have a Python script that has stopped working. I believe it's because the website is detecting an automated browser and blocking the login. The script uses Playwright to log in to a website using the supplied credentials, then passes a 2fa code, then performs various tasks, primarily downloading csv files. The rest of the script works fine, the login is just getting blocked now.

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    Project Title: Google Search Console Overview: We are seeking a skilled professional who can assist us with resolving indexing issues in Google Search Console. Our website is experiencing difficulties with getting indexed properly, and we require expert guidance to fix this problem. Requirements: - Strong understanding of Google Search Console and its functionalities - Proven experience in resolving indexing issues - Knowledge of SEO best practices and techniques - Ability to analyze crawl errors and identify the root cause - Familiarity with SEO tools and their implementation Specific Tasks: 1. Analyzing the current indexing issues in Google Search Console 2. Providing recommendations and advice on the best method to fix the issue 3. Implementing necessary c...

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    I am in need of a Google Products Listing Expert who can assist me specifically with Google Merchant Center. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and expertise in Google Merchant Center - Previous experience in setting up Google Merchant Center accounts - Familiarity with optimizing product listings on Google Merchant Center Project Scope: - The main focus of this project is to set up Google Merchant Center for my business. - The ideal candidate will have experience in creating and configuring Google Merchant Center accounts to ensure optimal performance. - The project timeline is immediate, with a requirement to complete the set-up within 1-2 weeks. If you have the necessary skills and experience in Google Merchant ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to troubleshoot my Google Ad Grant campaigns. The specific issue I am experiencing is that my campaigns are not generating enough clicks. My goal for the campaigns is to increase website traffic. I do not have any specific geographic or demographic targets for the campaigns. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in managing Google Ad Grant campaigns - Expertise in optimizing campaigns to generate more clicks - Knowledge of effective strategies to increase website traffic - Familiarity with Google Ads platform and tools - Analytical skills to track and analyze campaign performance - Strong understanding of digital marketing and advertising principles

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    google ranking 6 dager left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help improve the Google ranking of my website. Currently, my website is on page 1 of Google, but not in the top 3 positions. I am aiming to rank for general industry terms and my current SEO strategies need improvement. Skills and Experience: - Experience in optimizing websites for higher Google rankings - Knowledge of SEO strategies and techniques - Familiarity with keyword research and optimization - Ability to analyze and improve website performance - Understanding of Google algorithms and ranking factors

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    Google Ads 6 dager left

    I am looking for a Google Ads expert to help me boost product sales through targeted advertising campaigns. My budget for this project is $500-$1000. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in running successful Google Ads campaigns - Strong understanding of keyword research and targeting - Ability to optimize campaigns to meet specific goals, such as increasing conversions and ROI Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough keyword research based on the client's product and target audience - Create compelling ad copy and design visually appealing ads - Monitor and optimize campaigns to improve performance and achieve desired results - Provide regular reports and analysis on campaign performance Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Google Ads and Google Analy...

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    Proyecto: Sistema de Gestión de Licencias para Extensiones en Google Chrome Objetivo: Desarrollar un sistema robusto que permita la gestión eficiente de licencias para aplicaciones en Google Chrome, asegurando la activación única por usuario y garantizando la validez de las licencias a través de la membresía en nuestra plataforma web (wordpress). Características Principales: Generación de Licencias: Al realizar una compra en nuestra página web, el sistema generará automáticamente una licencia única asociada al usuario y a las extensiones adquiridas. Descarga de Extensiones: Los usuarios podrán descargar las extensiones correspondientes desde nuestra plataforma, las cuales estar&aacu...

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    I will require the help of a professional to get my local SEO standing on Google as well as help with my Google business account.

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    I am looking for a skilled SEO expert to optimize my existing business website and ensure it appears on the first page of Google search results for specific keywords within 1 month. Specific requirements for the project include: - Keyword Research: I already have a list of specific keywords that I want to rank for. The SEO expert should be able to use this list to optimize the website accordingly. - On-page Optimization: The website should be optimized for the selected keywords, including meta tags, headings, content, and URL structure. - Off-page Optimization: The SEO expert should implement effective off-page strategies such as link building, social media promotion, and local directory submissions to improve the website's visibility and authority. - Content Optimization: T...

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    I am seeking a freelancer to create a Google Ads campaign with the goal of generating leads. The target demographic for this campaign is based on age group and location. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating successful Google Ads Search campaigns - Expertise in targeting specific locations - Knowledge of lead generation strategies and techniques - Ability to optimize ad performance and maximize ROI - Strong analytical skills to track and measure campaign success - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to understand and meet client's requirements.

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    ...of property addresses that will be provided in a Google Sheet. The retrieval process would be performed probably once a week, and would likely be 1000-2000 individual estimates. Here are the project details: Programming Language: - Other (Please specify), no preference here, not sure if needs to be programmed? Data Retrieval Frequency: - Weekly Automation: - Either is fine Ideal skills and experience: - Experience with web scraping and data retrieval from websites - Familiarity with Google Sheets and API integration Key requirements: - The tool should be able to automatically enter each address from the Google Sheet into Zillow and retrieve the corresponding Zestimate. - The retrieved Zestimate should be pulled back into the Google Sheet for further ...

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    Google ads campaign setting 6 dager left

    Need to setup conversion when a page is loaded And synchronise with google ads, google tags I have setup already Site Kit in word press, i have setup tags and conversions but they are not active Conversions are for 2 contact forms to be completed Need also you to check that campaign is counting the conversions correctly

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me extract data from an HTML table (3 columns) and store it in a Google Sheets document. I will provide the HTML table that needs to be scraped. Should be very quick for the right person.

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    The task is to integrate Google SSO into existing app. Page already contains required HTML, so there's a button for "Login with google" which does nothing at the moment. App already has sign in/up through backend API, and Google SSO should be alternative option of login. Google-related credentials should also be exported as env variables. Ping me for access to the repo / dev env url.

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    En POWER Digital CR, buscamos un Account Manager altamente motivado y con experiencia en Google Ads, especializado en el mercado de clínicas dentales. Este puesto te ofrece la oportunidad de trabajar de manera remota y asumir un rol clave en el crecimiento de la cartera de clientes, con un modelo de compensación basado en el rendimiento. Responsabilidades: Diseñar y ejecutar estrategias innovadoras en Google Ads para clínicas dentales, maximizando el ROI y generando leads cualificados. Desarrollar embudos de venta efectivos para asegurar conversiones y optimizar los resultados para cada cliente. Gestionar y cultivar relaciones sólidas con los clientes, brindando un servicio excepcional y manteniendo una comunicación proactiva. Anali...

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    Внимание!!! - Знание Русского языка ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО! Так как вся коммуникация на русском языке. Имеется сайт по оказанию юридических услуг. Сайт Имеется давно настроенная и действующая контекстная реклама в Google Ads (только поисковая реклама). Настроена Google Analytics. Но все это настраивалось очень давно, поэтому необходимо провести аудит всей рекламы на нашем аккаунте, оптимизировать и настроить в учетом всех изменений. Провести работы по улучшению и повышению оптимизации рекламы в целом. На первом этапе провести аудит, выявить проблемы и предоставить Ваш план работ с конкретными шагами по оптимизации.

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    I want to be able to display Google Analytics metrics and Google Search Console data for a property in my C# MVC application dashboard using the Google API. I'm looking for a quick start project that I can customize. Only bid if you have experience doing this type of work. Include in you bid whether you have experience developing using the Google API, how recent, programming languages used, and whether it was integrating Google Analytics, Google Search, or both.

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    google play app developer 6 dager left

    need help troubleshooting error messages received when trying to submit app update

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    SPIF DKIM problem with Google 6 dager left

    Project Title: Problems with Google SPIF DKIM Description: I am experiencing an authentication failure issue with Google SPIF DKIM. I need assistance in resolving this problem and ensuring that my emails are being authenticated correctly. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience with Google SPIF DKIM - Expertise in email authentication protocols and standards - Proficiency in troubleshooting and resolving authentication failure issues - Familiarity with Gmail's email service provider settings and configuration - Ability to analyze and diagnose authentication errors - Attention to detail to identify and fix any configuration errors Please note that I have not made any recent changes to my email settings or configuration, so the issue may...

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    I am looking for a Google Ads specialist to provide support for my UK Accountancy company. The main goal of the Google Ads campaign is to generate leads. - The monthly budget for Google Ads is between £500-£1000. - I already have a list of specific keywords that are built into the account but open to advice on this. Issue Have been running the ads for a month with a very limited lead flow. Two landing pages - - Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in running successful Google Ads campaigns that generate leads. - Expertise in keyword research and optimization. - Knowledge of the UK Accountancy industry and familiarity with relevant keywords and search terms. - Ability to track and

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    ...for a skilled programmer to develop a camera program for the ESP32 S3 microcontroller. - The program should have the ability to automatically capture images and send them to Google Drive. - The project requires a trigger mode choice for convenience, and the client prefers the use of a button as the trigger mode. - The client also prefers high-resolution images for capturing. - There is no specific file format requirement for the images, allowing the programmer to use either JPEG or PNG as per their expertise. - The ideal candidate should have experience in programming ESP32 S3 microcontrollers, camera integration, and Google Drive API. - Strong knowledge of programming languages such as C++ and Python is required. - The programmer should also have experience in working wit...

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    I need you to run and manage google ads for my company. i will give you task you have to do for my company i need good response and calls from google ads

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can convert a Google Document into a Word document while preserving the formatting. The Google Document is between 11-50 pages long. The Word document should be editable. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Google Docs and Microsoft Word - Knowledge of document formatting and styles - Attention to detail to ensure the formatting is accurately preserved - Ability to handle longer documents efficiently

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    comuniquese conmigo aquel o aquella que pueda crear una pagina web parecida a la siguientes:

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    Google review need for restaurant 6 dager left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me in improving my restaurant's reputation through Google reviews. I currently have an existing business and I am aiming to get more than 10 reviews. The primary goal of these reviews is to enhance the restaurant's reputation and attract more customers. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in managing and optimizing Google My Business accounts - Knowledge of strategies to increase positive reviews and manage negative reviews - Excellent communication skills to interact with customers and respond to reviews effectively - Familiarity with local SEO and online reputation management techniques would be a plus.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    27 bud
    Google Ads 6 dager left

    Merhaba Google Ads Hesaplarınızı Aylık Yönetebilirim, Sertifikalı Ve 7 yıllık deneyim mevcut. Referanslarım İçin Göz Atın, Çalışmalarım İçin Göz Atın, Sertifikalarım İçin Göz Atın, Sizleri En Doğru Hedef Kitlesine Ve Düşük Maaliyeti Düşük Rakamlarla Ulaştırıyorum

    $294 (Avg Bid)
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    Topp google adsense artikler