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    I'm starting a new consulting company (economic development, project management, code enforcement, etc.) I haven't come up with a name yet. Hoping a logo can inspire me. Should be creative, unique, and a clean.

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    1st Animated videos 30-40Seconds 1. This is Chamara, he is a businessman graduated in commerce stream. 2. He’s been trying to stabilize the business he started but due to various socio-economic factors he’s been failing and fed up with the outcome he decides migrate to a foreign country for a job. 3. That is when he finds out about Synsera. 4. He got in contact with our team and sele...

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    Diversity, equity and Inclusion Plan: Details on how you intend to promote diversity / equity in the project. As a startup we are working to build a project that turn waste to biofuel, we need help to write this paper the benefit the diversity, good health. benefit for rural and agricultural area by having affordable and clean biofuel. How geting ride of waste from rural area leads to economic...

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    Our video game is free to play on a Chrome browser at: [logg inn for å se URL] If this game sounds interesting to you, and you can think of unique ways to market it using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok). The demographic we're thinking is 13-22 year olds and people who would be interested in learning economics. Synopsis : (After reading this and checking out the...

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    the related topics are best responses and Nash equilibrium; dynamic games and subgame-perfect equilibrium; Cournot oligopoly; Betrand oligopoly, Stackelberg oligopoly; single-price monopoly; multi-market monopoly; price discrimination; two-part tariffs and block pricing; bundling; positive and negative externalities; the Coase theorem; expected utility and risk.

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    - international trade regulations - trade and environemntal - etc

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    My name is jamine lizza I am Loking for a legal expert in USA law for a non profit organization. The task is to draft the "Articles of Association" for a non-profit (gemeinnützige GmbH) based in texas USA and operating from an African country. I am in the process of transforming my existing UG company that is based in California into a non-profit G Gmbh, hence there is a need for...

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    R PROGRAMING 2 dager left

    The American Community Survey of New York data describe a family's economic, housing, and demographic information such as yearly incomes, family type (married, female head, male head, etc), number of people, number of children, if the family is living on FoodStamp, number of people who are currently employed, etc. Use this data set to answer the following questions: Questions: 1. Choose an a...

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    build me a logo 2 dager left

    dental clinic - [logg inn for å se URL] DENTAL AND IMPLANT CENTRE.- a self owned clinic with best treatment and at an economic price with latest technology. so need an innovative logo design, a banner for main enterance and pamphlets for advertising, a buisness card design, letter head design. it will be great if a motion poster can be made.

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    I would like to find an economist with specific experience using input-output tables that are provided by the Office for National Statistics to work on a project that investigates the economic contribution of the UK retail industry. The project will specifically require an economist to caluculate the gross value added contribution of the retail industry to the UK economy which analyses the multipl...

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    !!ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE VERY EXPERIENCED WITH THE FOLLOWING TOPICS!! To make sure that you are an absolute expert on this field so I would like you to solve an old problem set and send me the solutions. For this I will pay you 50$. It should take approximately 2 hours. If you managed to solve the old problem set with > 80% correct solutions I will hire you and award you 200$ to help me in the ...

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    Used car iPhone app 1 dag left

    We need a simple but functional global oriented used car app to be designed and created at an economic cost and reasonable time duration.

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    I need a sincere and economic person to design an E Learning app. People with high cost please excuse yourself as my budget is not too high. However I want experts who can help me at an economical budget.

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    Seeking a qualified "titled Doctor of Economics" to conduct the following research project: 1-Econometrics analysis of volatility of velocity of money 2-Instability of economic growth, Structural breaks CUSUM tests 3- GINI index analysis 4- Simulations and creation of economic theory and other advanced comparative analysis

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    Economic question Avsluttet left

    Answering one question using the economic diagram

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    Hello! I need to have a motivation letter written for university admission, in the field of economics (International economics and economic policy). It must be plagiarism free (will be checked via turnitin) and on point. Basically, you need to write why you (-> me actually) want to study the abovementioned field. word count 680-750.

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    After a lull during Covid-19, carbon emissions are up again and towering dangerously above pre-pandemic levels in some countries. Data and experts show how the world has fared in the wake of Covid, what the changes mean, and how how seeing the previous hiatus as progress might be misleading. Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise again after a break imposed by a combination of Covid-19, slowing...

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    Introduction: GULAB Ltd is fragrances production firm, newly operated in Kabul. Acetic anhydride as a raw chemical is used in Acylation of our different products. Unfortunately acetic anhydride is not available easily in this country, an order to import Acetic Anhydride from authorized supplier oversees it is a very lengthy formal documentation process, registration under Narcotics getting URN a...

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    A genetic programming approach for estimating economic sentiment in the Baltic countries and the European Union

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    I need you to write a research and analyze the fundamental of macroeconomics issue. Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to: Present key points of fundamental micro and macro economic theories and policies pertinent to international business in a team (A2, PLO5).

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    We are an EdTech company with a product, used in hands on training of technical skills Typical customer would be Technical Training Institutes such as 1. Engineering Colleges 2. BSC/Bcom computers degree colleges 3. MCA colleges 4. IITs 5. BITS Looking for a freelancer who can help me collect leads for colleges 1. College Name 2. College Website 3. HOD(Head of the Department) of Computer Sci...

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    On a periodic / ad hoc basis, I need to summarise various industry news articles on different industry topics in ~1000 words (e.g. economic and industry trends, company A buying company B etc), and would like to outsource this.

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    I am doctor setting my virtual office. My main clients will be people in the United States and Latinamerica with high economic level willing to pay 300-400 usd by hour. The work has some parts: 1) Find website examples of solopreneur doctors at the United States working ONLY online. Check best practices based on objective criteria (number of visits, social media, etc). Each freelancer finding a...

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    I am Looking for a legal expert in German law for a non profit organization. The task is to draft the "Articles of Association" for a non-profit (gemeinnützige GmbH) based in Berlin Germany and operating from an African country. I am in the process of transforming my existing UG company that is based in Germany into a non-profit G Gmbh, hence there is a need for the "Articles...

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    Economic order quantities Implication for sustainability Forecast requirement

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    I'm looking for a narrator for my latest book, "Too Old to Hire, Too Young to Retire: A Comprehensive Guide for Body, Mind & Soul". It has become an Amazon #1 Bestseller. The book is targeted towards mainly the Boomers and some GenExers who are reeling from the economic upheaval created by the pandemic. It is meant to help them help themselves get "unstuck", and on ...

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    We are developing a chemical based consumer product for general use in the FMCG sector. We are looking for a professional with a chemical engineering background to provide the technical and practical assistance in developing and testing the product (both from a formulation to the actual prototyping). We are a solutions based company with our primary focus on developing products that can ultimate...

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    Using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Links to an external site.) data: Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product: Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Chain volume measures generate one appropriate EXCEL chart illustrating the quarterly seasonally adjusted national growth rate, the percentage change in Household final consumption expenditure, the percenta...

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    We are looking for someone who can handle any project on Articles

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    Below you find 13 reviews. I want a list with all the references in the reviews. Your job is for each review to go through the reference and find references published in 2020 or 2021. For each of these references, you copy information to a spreadsheet with five columns: 1. Column: Title of the review 2. Column: Title of the referenced study 3. Column: Year published 4. Column: Authors 5. Column: ...

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    Economic- writing Avsluttet left

    hello there, I have a microeconomic project. - the data is available - the result are in word document - good paper format - I want someone to write for me the paper, with the result and the hypothesis.

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    We are a game-development team that is in mid-production of an RPG game that is made on the RPG Maker MZ game engine. The goal of our game is to teach Economics in an interesting and fun way. The target audience is high school students or adults interested in economics. You play as a teenager who faces an ecological crisis and is taken to a mysterious island to learn how to save their communit...

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    Part 1 (1,000 word limit) - Consider the 1991 Australian recession and its impact on the wealth of households and businesses in Australia and incorporate each of the following elements into your essay: Using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Links to an external site.) data: Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product: Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Cha...

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    I have created a scenario that I require a PEST analysis created. You will need to provide me with a PEST diagram, and then a semi-detailed report/explanation on each criteria. Required within 24-48 hours please. The PEST analysis is based within Australian political, economical, social & technological situation. Can include for covid. Should not be completed using lamens terms to understand. ...

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    Looking for Extrapolation Expert using Excel [logg inn for å se URL] I have built to demonstrate Economic Damages.

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    Trophy icon Design my home 12 dager left

    430 sqm land for a Basement +Ground +3Floors 40% of the are for the ground floor, 45% for typical floors and elevator Basement (swimming pool, gym, parking 4 cars) Proper and healthy airflow and sunlight Green landscape in ground and roof floors Dimensions of the land are in the attached drawing - Main drawing at the top side with 3 neighbors in the other 3 sides Any suggestions for new i...

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    I am already in the process of cultivating my very own business. I am on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes. My goal is to reach as many as possible with my practice, Optimistic Character Development, designed personally by myself to help and encourage as many as possible to break down the prejudices of society. I am against the intolerances produced by racism, social and economic class, e...

    min $50000
    min $50000
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    David Chaffin Avsluttet left

    My name is David chaffins, I am an entrepreneur, I trade artifacts to organizations, institutes and individuals, let’s say majorly I am a business man and I do have a tight schedule because I sometimes have to travel out of the country to get some artifacts and also due to the global pandemic which is part of the reasons why I need an assistant as soon as possible. Responsibilities * Act as...

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    I need ib economic hl extended essay

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    Trophy icon Create a logo Avsluttet left

    Equity Economic Services (Name of Company), Providing Consulting Services Red, White, Black & Gold (Colors)

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    Writing a paper Avsluttet left

    hi i want someone to write me a paper about thermal insulation and its benefits on environmental and economic sides, thank you happy bidding

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    Please translate the following English Texts to Arabic --------------- 1. We network with 100s of Designated Learning Institutes in Canada 2. We represent you to the Designated Learning Institutes from searching until admission [logg inn for å se URL] don’t charge any fee for our admission services from the students 4. Our Immigration Services to Students Admitted Into Study Progra...

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    I hope you can experienced in economic academic writing who can tutoring some expertise questions.

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    COVID-19: In an online address at the 'Future of Asia' conference organised by Nikkei, the External Affairs Minister said India, Japan and Australia are working on a supply chain resilience initiative and called for strengthening and de-risking the global economy through effective partnerships New Delhi: The coronavirus pandemic may be the most serious in living memory but it should be s...

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    Our company is currently looking for a new manager within our business of mens fashion eCommerce stores. This role will require the below experience: - Managing team members - Leadership - Work well under pressure/stress - Good at problem solving - Recruitment/HR - Payroll - Customer service - Creative / innovative mindset - Past management experience Person must be willing to work long/flexibl...

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    EM Project Avsluttet left

    Economic modelling case study skills required

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    Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started its operations in the year 2004, is now becoming a leading direct selling company dealing in world class wellness products. Vestige is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year. The growth rate in itself speaks volumes about the quality of the products, the marketing plan and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and susta...

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    Word limit – 1800 words Submission date – 31st May The task in this assignment is to examine the investment potential of two new apartment developments and deliver an investment strategy to a fictional client. Your client is a first home buyer who has won the lottery and now has $2 million to invest in property. They intend to purchase an apartment within the next 6 months and sell at...

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    Effect of Covid Outbreak on Economic Article Proofreading. Need rewrite data , analysis and conclusion part.

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