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    I need someone to convert tutorials and notes related to Finance into a narrative form so that it can be a book, Im looking for a person who has the ability to understand the tutorials well and to convert this into a story so that can be explained to someone who doesn't have knowledge of the tutorials. The story has to have conversational format and use relevant examples and analogies to expl...

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    Saree draping tutorial videos 6 dager left

    Please message if you are interested in recording saree draping tutorial videos for a fashion blog. We will be giving good payouts for each videos but depends on the performance.

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    Membuat Aplikasi Catalog spare part motor seperti Ebook yang sumbernya dari file PDF dan terintegrasi dengan Google AdsMob. di dalamnya nanti terdapat menu2 yang di bagi per kategori / per model motor. Tampilan yang Modern dan Ringan di akses, file pdf di ambil dari server. Kalo di susun kurang lebih seperti ini: 1. Halaman Splash Screen 2. Disclaimer (user agreement) 3. Home 4. Parts Catalog 5....

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    I need a step by step audio video tutorial on submitting an app on the apple store, with every step clearly explained, nothing left out, in such a way that i can submit apps with minimum risk of rejection. Budget $40

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    Hi Namaste I am Pradeep Kumar, Lead teacher and Founder at Vishuddhi Isha Yoga. I am looking out for a professional Video editor who can edit our raw online course videos being recorded into a final finished tutorials with great overall look and professional quality. We are creating courses which shall be delivered and sold online so the final outcome must be professional and impressive. Some...

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    Hi Michel B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Please message if you are interested in recording saree draping tutorial videos for a fashion blog. We will be giving good payouts for each videos but depends on the performance.

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    Would like to a Microsoft word with macro that allows user to have a dropdown list to select which ms word template and it will automatically open the microsoft word template. Need it in 2 days

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    Figma plugin 6 dager left

    I use a browser-based design tool, [logg inn for å se URL] Figma has a plugin API, allowing developers to create time-saving tools and methods [logg inn for å se URL] To begin, let's create a simple interface for the [logg inn for å se URL] component - see attached [logg inn for å se URL] You can use boilerplate from [logg inn for å se URL] The "Upload c...

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    Hello I'm looking for someone who are passionate about makeup and dressing. We are creating a fashion related website so we are gathering video contents now. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who are interested in creating makeup or dressing videos. Mostly this will be "How To" videos, like how to do this makeup, how to wear this saree etc. This job is only availabl...

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    I want to scrape the news articles in national portal of india [logg inn for å se URL] You also need to write step by step process of how to build it like a tutorial. if you know scrapy and python, please apply. 1. output in pandas df ideal but simple text file per article is also fine 2. output data not required. code and the description of the code need to be submitted as the output.

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    Hello I'm looking for someone who are passionate about makeup and dressing. We are creating a fashion related website so we are gathering video contents now. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who are interested in creating makeup or dressing videos. Mostly this will be "How To" videos, like how to do this makeup, how to wear this saree etc. This job is only availabl...

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    I need programming content writer I can pay 20rs per tutorials from 6 different accounts of our site. I have website name expertsuggestion.com. I can guide you when you accept this project. Example:How to add facebook login in php like that I gave you small topic Conteny Length:250wrords and 3 lines of conclusion. Topic:We give you very easy topic Please divide your bid price with 20 rs per art...

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    Tengo una web de servicios en wordpress y deseo agregar una tienda para venta de artículos físicos. Debe estar enlazada con amazon, ebay y wallmart para tomar los productos directamente de estas 3 grandes tiendas y mostrarlos en nuestra tienda, donde podrán ser elegidos y agregados a un carrito de compras para proceder luego al pago con tarjeta de crédito, débito...

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    Cute baby ,Animal video & Nature, cute Animal and nature I,am a good video creator. YOU CAN BELIEVE ME.

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    VPN & Admin Panel & server script $20.00 – 50.00 USD I have Admin Panel Source Code Some point missing i want to add some option I Need Following Requirements Panel if you can do this please drop your best offer, VPN Management Super Admin Panel, Dashboard show VPN Panel with Following Requirements Super Admin Panel 1 : Login for each User 2 : Super Admin Panel can add admin panel ...

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    "Android Canvas' drawArc Method: A Visual Guide" [logg inn for å se URL] This this tutorial You need to use the concept of drawing Arc You need to drow 6 Arcs with 60 angle for first circle For second circle draw 6 Arcs with 60 degree angle For 3 one draw 4 arcs with 90 degree angle The radius of the first 6 arc: second 6 arc: third 4 arc = 1:3:6 Means if the radius for first...

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    I am looking for a smart contract code, to sell a token, similar to a private sale. This is very simple, where the contract will send token to a person address when the send bnb/busd. I have a video tutorial on a similar sell contract, except it sells cake tokens and I want the code to sell my token. Code in solidity, so I can deploy on Remix. Video of similar code: [logg inn for å se URL]

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    I am trying to troubleshoot a published tutorial with my own data set. Since I am a novice R user, I need help in the troubleshooting process. Specifically [logg inn for å se URL], this tutorial is giving me errors with my data sets that need troubleshooting.

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    "ONLY BID AFTER REVIEWING TUTORIAL & SPREADSHEET and also answer the following questions" I need a team for 600k data entry work in 7 days. You need to open every domain. Then search for domain traffic (Monthly Visits) by using similarweb extension. 1. How many members have in your team? 2. How many domains can you handle in 7 days? [logg inn for å se URL] https://docs.goog...

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    Meal Selector 3 dager left

    1- I have a data base for some meals, (breakfast, dinner, lunch, and snack) 2- Each meal has: a. Name b. Category (breakfast, dinner, lunch, and snack) c. Number of Calories d. Number of fats e. Number of proteins f. Number of carbs g. Photo h. Direction i. Ingredients The required from the program is: Given: • Client name • a specific number of target calories (example 2,000 calories) &...

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    I want the customer to have the choice of selecting the Make Model Year Engine and searching by Part Numbers for Commercial vehicles and by part number, vehicle selector (dropdowns) and VRM lookup for passenger cars. The product if returned it will display the following tabs that have been populated from the TecDoc Wsdl. Attributes, Items, Images, Cross References, Appropriate Vehicles, Technical...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a backend (MVP) for me. It will be a file storage service for users. The stack of my backend will be : -postgres database supported by hasura. -nodejs & express for the backend logic -Scaleway Object Storage for storage objects -Redis for session management -Stripe for subscription management. nodejs will take care of the following: -Authentication ...

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    Argumentative Essay Instructions Overview and Directions Topic: Is Citizen Privacy or National Security More Important? Develop a thesis statement focused on determining if citizen privacy or national security is more important. You can choose any country or region. Your chosen topic needs to be specific and might address a question like: Should officials make citizens’ privacy more of a ...

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    I need a Python Tutorial in English which will contain basics of Python and programming. I also need some exercises and examples of codes in that tutorial. A person far from programming should be able to understand the basics of programming and python by reading this tutorial. I need a short tutorial between 6000 to 9000 words.

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    My project basically is to make a MR application for HoloLens Using unity. This application is like a tutorial to put together the Lego pieces that i have. I have the cad files for these pieces but when i try to put them in vuforia. The model tracking wont detect it. I need help with that. If you need any further details, let me know.

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    Edit Eventic website script 2 dager left

    I have purchased Eventic from CodeCanyon and need a few edits to the functionality. Website can be viewed here [logg inn for å se URL] 1 - purchased without being logged in When attempting to purchase tickets from event page, I do not want it to go immediately to the login page. I want it to go direct to checkout page, If they are not currently logged in, during the checkout it should as...

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    PROJETO DA KITINET- DATA 17-06 PROVA VALOR modelagem das unidades=2,0 pontos modelagem do banheiro= 1,5 diagramação NO LAYOUT=1,0 video de todas as cenas= 0,5 total nota máxima = 5,0 BANHEIRO INDIVIDUAL- VALOR 2 PONTOS MUDAR O BANHEIRO DO TUTORIAL PARA AS MEDIDAS DO MENOR BANHEIRAO DA SUA CASA COMO?? 1 TIRAR UMA FOTO SUA NO BANHEIRO DA SUA CASA QUE TENHA LAVATÓRIO, B...

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    The home page contains a customizable selector for group to be show (default: all, friends, family, work), a bottom bar with (with icons): 1. menu 2. list/calendar 3. birthday card 4. personal area and a floating action button in center of it to add birthday, that open a bottom sheet (feel free to propose a different solution) with following options : (with icons) add new import from phoneboo...

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    We are looking for an Experienced Person having at least 3 Years of Experience in IntelliJ Technology **** READ THE FULL DETAILS THEN QUOTE *** **** ANSWER THE Screening QUESTIONS**** Job Responsibility + Other Details 1. You have to make Video course on IntelliJ 2. You have to Develop COde / PPT / Assignments / Quiz also 3. We want a Practical course not a theory -based course 4. Au...

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    We need to show variants product on collection page ( based on color ), and only available variants ( qty > 0 ) similar to this tutorial : [logg inn for å se URL] Current theme : [logg inn for å se URL]

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    So i have been having trouble figuring out websockets so need some help, all i want is a websocket client that can recieve certain data like: "Core amount: 3 max ram: 1000 Run: True" aswell as a function attached that will run command prompt or something. then a websocket server that runs on my website that will take information from a webpage (which i would like included in example) and...

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    I want custom gamehosting site with panel: Products (servers) -> Minecraft, Samp, Mta, Fivem etc... -> Option for add server product (order proccess) > Selector > GB RAM, CPU %, PLAYERS SLOTS MAX, OWNER_NICK, NAME OF SERVER. Daemon (and option for add new Ubuntu system for data -> servers) Payment options: Paysafecard and paypal & Sms In the panel: Credits: (Credits can be f...

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    Need to run a notebook tutorial with a simple ResNet-18 model. However, the package is deprecated so not sure how to get it to work (need the right combination of package versions). Python/deep learning expert could help Notebook is there - just need to get it working without errors

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    .NET Tutorial 2 dager left

    Hi Manu Dev S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    i already have two bots which are fully managed by server. [logg inn for å se URL] trade hack bot, it initiate trade and make ddos attack on server to win the trade here is the tutorial for olymp trade hack [logg inn for å se URL] 2. binany trade hack here is the tutorial link [logg inn for å se URL] watch all tutorial i am not getting time to manage servers i want to sell...

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    Alpha Returns Game Development [logg inn for å se URL] Please quote me your best and duration for developing this project. Include your team no designer and developer ➢ Bug Fixes from the previous build. ➢ Optimizations for smoother gameplay ➢ Smooth/easy touch controls ➢ Complete GUI Replacement ➢ Add 6 Characters ➢ Add 6 Weapons ➢ Player Emotes ➢ Item Pickups (Weapons, Ammo, Health Pack...

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    Hi guys, About us: [logg inn for å se URL] I'm looking for remote content writers in the eCommerce / Shopify niche. The main job is writing excellent guides, producing tutorial video ( if you can), and proofreading. Within a month I'll need 2 - 4 articles (average words around 1,500 - 2000) delivered + proofreading. The content is actionable and educating Shopify merchants. We...

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    MS Project Avsluttet left

    I need an expert in MS Project to give me a tutorial on the functionalities of it.

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    Need to make a project of 2 pages, according to the design in the application, using Node js or Sails js + PostgreSQL Design should be exactly like in attached file. All elements in design should be functional: Search, search by context, the selector should allow you to select an option, another type of selector with the selection of tags should allow you to select two options, the table should ...

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    The website will be updated everyday at 6:30a.m. - 7:29a.m. (Hong Kong time UTC +8). It is off and start at 7:30am (Hong Kong time UTC +8) online tutorial of the application . [logg inn for å se URL]

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    We need to create a tutorial video Script of [logg inn for å se URL] citing why its benefits and why to use it, and how to use it and benefit from all its free Pro content. We need also the following: - Professional Spokesperson / Talking Head = Professional Images, Video B-Roll & Title Cards - Include your "call to actions" at the end of the video - Full HD quality video, 2.5 ...

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    Need a wordpress website for writing financial content, something similar to simply wall street (check simplywallstreet) although just text content for now, need to be highly customized. I'll only let volunteers, myself add financial content like news, analysis and it should hence forth function on it's own, without me having to change things. More discussions on website over the call...

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    The View & Endorse feature has an issue. Known issue of the above mentioned feature is the pagination functionality. The video where you can see that the too doesn't go from page one to page 2 and 3 and so on: [logg inn for å se URL] The functionality that needs a fix can be found on the [logg inn for å se URL] file in the JS folder. Please register here for getting access...

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    We want to have a website page that will be similar to [logg inn for å se URL] This is a vendor of ours, and we would like something similar that our customers can go to and design their interior finishes. We currently have a website that may need to be redesigned during this process to make them congruent.

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    Lead Generation Avsluttet left

    I need someone who has a LinkedIn Sales Navigator to use to find people, get their emails and other contact information. I will be doing a zoom tutorial and I hope you can understand English. Thank you This is 5 cents per successful verified email. The more email address you found, the more pay

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    Sandvox project Avsluttet left

    I currently have a website in Seamonkey wysiwyg program. It isn't responsive to phones and causes site viewing problems. I need to convert the seamonkey site to sandvox so I can do my own editing and get a tutorial on how to edit (ie. change pictures weekly) the new site. Need to keep the meta tags and all that stuff the same on the new site so I don't lose placement on Google etc. [logg...

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    I need a complete WordPress based e-commerce website for women and I require the use of 1. Provide me with a Lusion theme. 2. provide me the permanent Elementor pro. 3. Need to help me with design. 4. must have a payment function. 5. support multiple languages and currencies. 6. need help to upload products. 7. High-end interface, fast and easy to use the website. 8. provide me with appropriate tu...

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    Hello! !!!Very important: Please post wireframe. If you don't post the wireframe, I have to think that it's photoshopped 2D image, and I have to reject it.!!! I'm looking for somebody who is good and creative at designing low poly (30 k tris absolute maximum) hair for games. I have many hair styles to be done. I'm using this contest to find somebody talented. You should us...

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    notice writing Avsluttet left

    I hope to find someone who is familiar with writing SEO articles to complete the task. Request: 1. Each article has no less than 800 words. 2. SEO requirements: the article should contain multiple keywords, as well as other forms of keywords. 3. Follow our example article to write the usage tutorial. 6. There are six articles in total. We still have a lot of articles to write, and we hope to ...

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