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    I'm in need of two cartoon-style illustrations of animals for my project. These will be mainly used for inspirational and communication purposes. Here's what I'm looking for: - A talented illustrator with a knack for cartooning, specifically animal-themed cartoons. - The illustrations should be in a light-hearted, cartoonish style, ideally with previous experience in such illustrations. - Understanding the context of an image is crucial, so I value attentive, detail-oriented creatives who can bring an image to life given a certain theme or message. Remember, the final product should be a captivating image that can illustrate a concept in a fun, engaging way. I can't wait to see your portfolios and start working with you!

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    I'm working on a book highlighting ancient history a...Illustrating historical battles - Depicting ancient cultural events - Drawing ancient historical landmarks Illustration for a book about african history. May require anywhere from 100-150 illustrations for various stories. 20 unique stories. 5-10 images per story The ideal candidate for this project will have a keen interest in history accuracy, able to incorporate historical details into cartoons, making the past not only educational but entertaining to our readers. Existing portfolio or previous illustrations of history content is a big plus. Experience with cartoon illustration is essential. You'll be provided with detailed information of the events and scenes but I expect you to bring your creativity and st...

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    I'm seeking an artist for a fun assignment - crafting cartoonish, vibrantly colored portraits of 4 guys. ,, we have a logo . Would like all 4 guys drawn like logo but with the likeness of each individual,,Here's what I need: - Style: The cartoons should be cartoonish, not realistic or anime-based. - Emotion: The portraits should depict the guys looking joyful and happy. - Color Preferences: The cartoons should be bright and colorful, truly capturing the exuberance and joyfulness of the subjects. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in creating cartoonish-style illustrations - Strong understanding of color theory and how to utilize bright colors effectively - Ability to convey emotion through illustration would be beneficial. I'm excited to see your work!

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    I am in need of a talented comic artist who specializes in Cartoons or Manga style, for a serious tonal project that I have in mind. • STYLE: You should have excellent expertise in Manga art and be able to reflect the serious tone of the comic in your drawings. Previous work in this style is a must. • SCOPE: The comic will span more than 20 panels/pages. Therefore, your ability to maintain consistency in art through a large body of work will be ideal. • TONE: The entire story is somber and serious in nature. Therefore, your ability to convey deep emotions and intricate plots through art will be appreciated. This project requires dedication and a passion for Manga art. So, if you have the ideal skill set and experience, do reach out.

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    As an avid fan of cartoons, I am in dire need of an experienced artist who can hand-draw specified cartoon characters on fabric. Contrary to the usual traditional style, I am interested in a unique portrayal of these characters that showcases the artist's own style. My ideal freelancer should possess: - A vivid creative mind to interpret and add their unique style to familiar cartoon characters - An understanding of cartoon artistry and the ability to bring cartoons to life on fabric - Excellent hand-drawing skills To ensure the best results, the freelancer should bring their unique touch to each character while keeping the essence of the original intact. Looking forward to this artistic exploration.

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    ...playful animated video. The tone should be light-hearted and amusing, adding a special touch to the birthday surprise. - The core feature of the video should be a custom caricature of my son. Creativity is encouraged whilst ensuring that the caricature is likable and recognizable. - Incorporate pictures of my son strategically throughout the animation to add a personal touch. However, ensure it remains subtle and tastefully done. - Photos right from his birth till date will be shared and need to be incorporated in the video Successful candidates should have a strong background in animation and particular skill in caricature design. An added plus would be expertise in creating custom animations with high entertainment value. The ability to interpret guidance and add...

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    Cartoon for a digital magazine 3 dager left

    Project Description: Cartoon for a Political Digital Magazine Skil...of current political events and issues to create relevant and timely cartoons Requirements: - Create a digital illustration for a political cartoon for a digital magazine - The cartoon should consist of 1-3 frames or panels - The style should be digital illustrations - The main theme of the cartoon should be political, highlighting current events or issues - The cartoon should be visually engaging and able to convey a clear message or commentary - The ideal candidate should have experience in creating political cartoons that resonate with the target audience of the digital magazine Note: Please provide samples of previous work or a portfolio showcasing your skills in creating digital illustrations and po...

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    project: delorean 3 dager left

    I'm looking for someone who knows how to make 3D animations, or something like cartoons, in SFM (not necessary). The action takes place not in the distant future, approximately 2027+ probably. main character Ryan Nateman, 22 years old, a student studying in America. likes to skip classes and drink with friends. because he tried himself in many ways, worked in different positions and so on, but everything was not for him... he gave up, and that’s why he leads such a lifestyle. but at one point, fate gave him a “surprise” and he was expelled from college. and Ryan thought: what should I do now?.. where should I go, what job? I can’t do anything.. and out of sadness he decided to go to a bar, where he met his physics teacher Sam Ramsey, who also worked a...

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    I'm seeking a skilled political cartoonist to create a 3 to 4 frame, colored cartoon. This project focuses on liberal viewpoints regarding national political figures. I need someone who can humorously yet effectively convey political messages through their illustrations. Ideal skills and experience include: - Extensive b...illustrations. Ideal skills and experience include: - Extensive background in cartoon drawing - Understanding of national politics and liberal perspectives - Ability to translate complex issues into easy-to-understand, engaging, and humorous visuals - Strong coloring skills to create vivid and appealing illustrations. Please provide samples of your previous work, especially if they involve political cartoons. This will greatly help me in making my decis...

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    I'm seeking a skilled illustrator who can transform photos of 11-20 of my employees into high-resolution, cartoonish caricatures. These designs will be used in an upcoming promotional material that will if they are presenting or revealing something (see sample in attached documents) Sample photos of raw images you will be working (converting) with a sample of style we like although we are open to other ideas. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficient in caricature design - Strong illustration skills or using AI - Experience in creating high-resolution images - Ability to work with multiple photos and maintain a consistent style across all caricatures Please provide a portfolio of your previous caricature work. Looking forward to seeing your creative ...

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    ...writing in it, using a fountain pen. - Though the illustration style should lean towards cartoon, the fountain pen should be detailed enough to be clearly recognizable. - While bringing these elements together, consider using a mix of cool colour scheme mainly incorporating shades of Blues and Purples to resonate with my channel's vibes. Ideal candidate should have: - An expertise in creating cartoons. - The ability to incorporate client ideas whilst also providing professional input. - A solid understanding of YouTube channel branding, and what makes a logo eye-catching yet fitting for the channel. - Experience working with a cool colour palette, especially blues and purples. The logo should be as inviting as it is unique - inviting visitors to discover "A Man...

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    Hand-drawn Cartoons for Comics 1 dag left

    I'm seeking a talented artist with experience in hand-drawn cartooning, particularly for creating captivating comic strips. Any insight into cryptocurrency would be beneficial, although not essential, as the topics of these comics often delve into this world. Other skills and experiences desired for this project would include: - Strong portfolio of previous comic strip work - Ability to meet deadlines - Strong communication and interpretation skills, with the ability to bring ideas to life - Passionate about delivering quality work that resonates with viewers This project does not require any assistance with creating or trading in cryptocurrencies. This is solely a design project aiming to create engaging comic strips.

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    I'm looking for a talented caricature artist who can create realistic-style caricatures for personal use. Key Requirements: - Style: The caricatures should be realistic, capturing the likeness and features of the subject while adding a humorous twist typical of a caricature. - Deliverables: The final product should be available in both digital and physical formats. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating realistic caricatures. - Ability to work from photos or descriptions to capture the essence of the subject. - Proficiency in creating both digital and physical copies of artwork. Please provide a portfolio of your previous work showcasing your skills in realistic caricature style.

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    ...create multiple political cartoons for a book I'm compiling. Your work must revolve around: - Political figures - Social issues - Satire These cartoons need to be impactful and carry a strong message related to the above themes. It's essential that you have a good understanding of how to use humor and satire to convey political and social commentary. Cartoons will be reproduced as: - Digital images - Printed illustrations I'm looking for a variety of styles – some cartoons should be in color, others in black and white. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in creating political cartoons - Comfortable with satire and humor as mediums to depict social commentary - Able to deliver in both digital and printed formats - Experienced i...

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    I'm in need of a skilled illustrator who can convert a picture into a classic cartoon image. This cartoon will be used for business branding purposes, so it's important that the style is consistent with classic cartoons. Key requirements: - Create a classic cartoon image based on a provided picture - Ensure the cartoon is in color - The final image should be suitable for business branding

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    In need of a cartoon-style artist adept in visual storytelling for the cover art of my song "Point Of View". The design m...artist adept in visual storytelling for the cover art of my song "Point Of View". The design must encompass: - Two faces, representing a young person and an older person, subtly imbued with a serious and thoughtful expression. - The main elements to include are a pencil and a set of eyes. - Implement a bright and colorful color scheme. Ideal candidates should exhibit proficiency in creating cartoons with depth, able to convey emotive facial expressions while ensuring the youthful vibrancy of the art isn't compromised. Previous experience in album or song cover art design will be highly regarded. one other thing the young kid should b...

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    49 bud as we go along until I'm happy with the result - Willing to sign an agreement for copyright purposes so I retain 100% ownership of each cartoon you design for me - Once the cartoonist I choose can successfully do this cartoon to my satisfaction, there is a possibility of a further 20+ same style but different scenarios of cartoons I need, so getting this first cartton right is very important as a lot of it particularly the background can be used for future cartoons I need CARTOON NEEDED DESCRIPTION : "Jumping out of the ground to win" This is one term used by horse racing callers describing a horse that has really finished so strongly to win the race, the caller says right at the end of the race for example……..”and Winx has absolutel...

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    I'm in need of a skilled caricature artist for a private event, with a specific focus on a cartoonish style. Your job will include: - Drawing engaging and entertaining caricatures on-site. - Printing your creative outputs at the event. - Revolving your pieces around our party theme. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in delivering vibrant, cartoonish style caricatures at events and should be able to engage with attendees in a friendly manner. You'll need your own equipment and materials for on-site caricature creation and instant printing. I look forward to seeing your previous works and discussing ideas.

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    I'm looking to have a caricature style drawing created based on a photo. The drawing should be quite detailed and include a background scene of a car rally in the bush. This is a fun project and I'm looking for a creative artist who can capture the essence of this scene in a playful caricature style. Key Requirements: - Develop a caricature based on a photograph - Include a background scene of a car rally - The car rally background should feature a crowd of spectators and off-road terrain Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in caricature illustration - Strong understanding of background scene development - Able to incorporate a complex scene into the caricature in a coherent way - Previous experience in creating similar projects would b...

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    I am in search of an artist with expertise in cartoonish caricatures . The project only requires a face caricature, so no need to focus on full-body or half-body illustrations. It would be an asset if you are capable of: - - Emphasizing facial features while keeping the cartoonish, fun style - Showcasing skills in pencil drawing techniques - Producing high-quality work with attention to detail On june 7th 8:30- midnight

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    I'm seeking a skilled Photoshop or photo-morphing editor, specializing in creating realistic face morphs. Here's what I'm looking for: - Main Task: The essence of your job will be to morph faces with a high level of precision, paying attention to the smallest details. - Expected Result: The outcome should lean towards the realistic side rather than comedic or caricature-like effects. - Expertise Required: You should be adept in advanced blending techniques, including shading, texture, and other details that contribute to a lifelike end result. Your portfolio should demonstrate extensive experience and creativity in similar undertakings. A keen eye for detail and exceeding client expectations is critical for this project. Looking forward to your applications!

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    I'm seeking a talented illustrator who can create a humorous cartoon of two generic walkers asking three runners (me and some friends) stood there and another friend Tom who is sliding through the shot/falling over shouting “Ha’way”. The style I prefer is a fun, cartoonish one, a little bit like the Matt cartoons is what I’m thinking. The project will involve creating both a digital file and a physical print of the artwork, as I'd like to have the flexibility to use it in both online and physical spaces. Key Requirements: - Cartoonist with a playful and whimsical style - Experience in creating both digital and physical artwork - Ability to capture the essence of a person within a cartoon The cartoon will be used solely for personal purposes, so t...

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    I am looking for a talented illustrator to create 8 distinctive scenes in a classic cartoon style. These scenes will have varying levels of connection to one another, with some part of a larger story and others being standalone. Specifically, I need: - Drawings that embody the charm and simplicity of classic cartoons. - Some scenes that relate to others and some that exist independently. - Simple scenes with a focus on minimal elements, avoiding unnecessary complexities. The ideal candidate would have a strong background in cartoon illustration, particularly in the classic style. Understanding of storytelling through illustration would be an advantage, as would be the ability to create visually captivating scenes with minimal elements.

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    I'm in need of a talented artist who can create a cartoon style eye drawing in high resolution. This project is for print media, so the image should be ready to be printed in a professional setting. Key Requirements: - Cartoon Style: The eye drawing should be in a fun, whimsical style that is typically associated with cartoons. - Natural Eye Colors: The colors used in the drawing should be those typically found in human eyes. - High Resolution: The final deliverable should be in high resolution, suitable for print media without losing quality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in cartoon-style drawing. - Understanding of color theory, particularly in relation to natural eye colors. - Proficiency in creating high resolution images suitable for print media. Plea...

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    I'm in need of someone skillful in creating cartoonish style caricatures. The creation is for a gift featuring a depiction of my girlfriend and me. This must be: - Original and custom-made - Colorful and vibrant - Must capture our likeness in a fun, quirky, cartoonish style An individual with prior experience of creating cartoon caricatures is preferred. Be ready to showcase your portfolio or provide samples of your previous work that closely aligns with what I'm looking for. The end product must be high-resolution and suitable for printing, I want to make it a memorable gift. Please note the turnaround time in your proposal.

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    ...artwork for a series of meme coins. My preferences are as follows: - Style: I want the artwork's style to be cartoon-like. Someone with a keen eye for creating engaging, humorous cartoons would be ideal for this project. - Color Scheme: Please stick to warm colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows to portray the energetic and upbeat vibe I'm aiming for. - Mood: The overall tone should be humorous. The artwork should infuse an element of fun and should casually connect with the meme coin community. - Themes are: Politics Sports Cats This is a unique project; hence, prior experience in creating digital cartoons or digital assets, especially in the cryptocurrency world, will prove beneficial. The ability to encapsulate humor effectively into the artwork will ...

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    I'm in need of a talented and creative animator to create an educational cartoon video for football players. This video has to be engaging and informative, as it will be used to educate players on the figure of the sport educator. Ideal Skills: - Experience in creating educational cartoons - Understanding of football or sports education - Ability to translate complex ideas into visually-engaging content - Excellent storytelling skills Responsibilities: - Designing and creating a captivating cartoon video - Incorporating educational components about the sport educator role in football - Ensuring content is appropriate and appealing for football players Expectations: - High-quality animation - Clear and concise instructional design - Engaging visuals and storytelling This p...

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    I'm in need of a talented cartoonist who can create vibrant, funny and exaggerated caricatures in a traditional, hand-drawn style for my corporate events. Key requirements: - **Caricature Style**: The primary requirement is that your caricatures should be 'Cartoonish' in nature. It's essential that you can deliver a style that is humorous, quirky, and suitable for a light-hearted atmosphere. - **Purpose**: The caricatures will be used for an engagement party, so they should be appropriate for a professional setting but can lean into certain inappropriateness for humour purposes. - **Format**: I am looking for the caricatures in physical form, not digital. You'll need to create them on paper or other suitable medium so they can be handed out and taken home...

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    I'm looking for a talented cartoon and caricature artist to create unique and fun prints for a 40th birthday celebration at Northerlies in Airlie Beach. Key Requirements: - Theme: The artwork should reflect a tropical theme, specifically a 'Beach Party' setting. - Delivery: I would like the final artwork to be provided as high-quality printed copies, suitable for gifting and display. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating whimsical, engaging, and detailed caricatures. - Ability to capture the essence of a 'Beach Party' setting in a fun and creative way. - Prior experience in delivering high-quality printed caricature prints. - Familiarity with Airlie Beach or tropical environments is a plus, but not a requirement.

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    I'm looking for a talented cartoon and caricature artist to create unique and fun prints for a 40th birthday celebration at Northerlies in Airlie Beach. Key Requirements: - Theme: The artwork should reflect a tropical theme, specifically a 'Beach Party' setting. - Delivery: I would like the final artwork to be provided as high-quality printed copies, suitable for gifting and display. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating whimsical, engaging, and detailed caricatures. - Ability to capture the essence of a 'Beach Party' setting in a fun and creative way. - Prior experience in delivering high-quality printed caricature prints. - Familiarity with Airlie Beach or tropical environments is a plus, but not a requirement.

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    I'm in need of an out-of-the-box designer who can bring my unique vision to life through a dynamic, cartoon-style caricature. The final product should be an energetic scene capturing a caricature wielding a screwdriver, hotdog in hand, fleeing from a rugged military-style kamikaze drone. Key features: • Style: The caricature should be cartoon-like and full of life. Use bright and vibrant colors to bring it to life. • Creativity: It isn't your everyday scene, so feel free to take creative liberties as long as the main elements are present. Skills and experience: • Expert with caricatures in a cartoon style. • Proven use of bright and vibrant colors. • Experience creating detailed military-style machinery. • An imaginative approa...

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    I'm seeking an artist who can create an exaggerated caricature of a friend. The style I'm looking for is one with exaggerated features, such as a very large and crooked nose and small eyes. The character should also have little hair, and specific clothing features that I will provide details on. The final deliverable needs to be a digital file. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Strong skills in caricature and character design - Experience with exaggerated feature style - The ability to capture personality through visuals - Proficiency in digital art and file delivery

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    I'm seeking an illustrator with a flair for cartoon-style imagery to create an illustration that captures both the main and supporti...everything is against the odds. - Characters: The artwork must include the main character (a girl with glasses and a hijab) as well as the crucial supporting characters (her friends who pull her back) and the background details (ocean wave, and small island the main character is looking at). Details of these characters are provided above. Ideal skills and experience: - just good at drawing cartoons This project is simple and not too demanding, it doesn’t need to be exactly as I drew, use your creativity it’s fine as long as the elements I requested are there and it reaches the overall idea, if you’re enthusiastic about...

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    For this project, I'm seeking a creative videographer with a knack for crafting engaging content. The primary goal is to increase viewer engagement for DIY Slime making videos. As such, you should proficiently: • Create engaging DIY Slime video...increase viewer engagement for DIY Slime making videos. As such, you should proficiently: • Create engaging DIY Slime videos. • Incorporate popular cartoon or movie themes into the videos. Ideal candidates must have experience in making ASMR videos and must understand the positive impact of engaging content. They should also be good at designing to align the DIY Slime videos with themes from popular cartoons or movies thus creating an enchanting visual identity appealing to viewers. Satisfying Slime ASMR Videos Relax...

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    Trophy icon Dynamic Logo Design & 3D Mockup Avsluttet left

    I'm looking for an innovative graphic designer to create a dynamic logo design with 3 distinct concepts. Here's what I need: This logo will be the face of our app and social media campaign. Must be high quality fun and high end logo. The app is a dumpster rental brokering app. dumpster owners register their dumpsters, and users request dumpsters services immediately. The logo is a high end fun caricature of a dumpster in 3d getting to its destination very fast. Delivery must include Include source file Logo transparency Printable file Include 3D mockup Vector file Include social media kit - Designing a source file that can be edited in AI (Adobe Illustrator), PSD (Photoshop), and saved as PDF. - Preparing a printable file, ensuring its scalable to various sizes without...

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    Winner picked within 24 hours I'm in need of a fun mascot logo for my meme crypto project. The logo should be modern but still carry a sense of playfulness. Please read all! We are looking for a logo for a cryptocurrency project about the law of attraction. The logo has to be a caricature of Albert Einstein. The logo has to have a blue theme. We are launching on Base Chain, which has a blue theme, and we want to match the colouring where possible (see base logo). Einstein could be holding a coin (but not essential). The coin would be called the "Law of Attraction Coin" with the ticker symbol $LOA. Time is of the essence with this one and we really need it completed by the end of today. Example below- Albert Einstein example below also Winner picked today Shor...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned professional who can develop a top-tier wedding invitation creation platform. It should operate seamlessly on both...platforms. The final product should provide the following features: - Creation of wedding invitations in various formats (PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, and AVI). - An integrated caricature creator for personalized touches. - Capability to produce video invitations for a modern and dynamic touch. - Incorporation of elegant and classic as well as modern and minimalist design themes. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in developing comprehensive and user-friendly invitation creation software. - Strong skills in graphic design and multimedia creation. - Ability to incorporate diverse design themes. - Familiarity with caricature...

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    I'm in search of a talented artist who can create a humorous and lively hand-drawn caricature for a special gift I'm preparing. The cartoon should feature a single character, designed in a caricature style. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficient hand-drawing abilities - Experience in creating caricatures - Creativity and a keen sense of humor The outcome should be an endearing and unique caricature, a one-of-a-kind piece that will surely bring a smile to the recipient's face. I'll supply a photo. I want the character to be dressed for ballet.

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    This is a simple assembly job. I need someone to assemble a series of single-frame cartoons from a provided collection of images, complete with dialogue and narration bubbles. I will supply the images and the dialogue. There are a total of 12 images, but only 10 need dialogue or narration bubbles. The other 2 are standalone images with no dialogue or narration. Once you have assembled the single-frame cartoons, you will also assemble them into two 11 inch by 6 inch wide pages made to look like a comic strip for printing. Each page will have 6 frames on a side, 3 on top row, and 3 on second row. View the copy and images at this link:

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    17 bud existing image. Key Tasks: - Replace one person in the image - The replacement should incorporate a specific humorous element - detailing a man with the phallic part in the mouth of another man Although the client has not specified gender, age, or appearance for the replacement person, the ability to incorporate the described element with care and creativity is crucial. A background in caricature or cartoon-style graphics may be advantageous. Ideal candidate: - Proficient in Photoshop or similar - Experience in photo retouching and manipulation - Ability to work with humor and sensitivity - Expert in blending elements naturally Your proposal should include similar image alteration projects you have completed. Please provide a brief explanation of how you will approa...

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    Newsletter Cartoons 3 panel as per the script

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    I need an artist to cartoonize a photo of my fiancé and myself to be featured on our wedding card. Skills and Experience Required: - Caricature drawing - Digital illustration - Image editing - Experience with wedding caricatures is preferable Project Details: - The cartoon illustration should be in a caricature style. - I want the color scheme to match our wedding theme. I will provide more details on this after selecting a freelancer. - The cartoon should include elements of wedding attire, which will be based on the clothes we're wearing in the photo I provide. I need it by tomorrow please!

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    I'm looking for an animator with experience in creating engaging, high-quality, cartoonish 3D character animations. These animations will be for use in a film/TV project. Key requirements: - Expertise in 3D animation, particularly character animation - Prior experience in creating animations for film/TV - A strong understanding and capability in creating cartoons in 3D Your work will be a pivotal part of the project, so I'm looking for someone with a creative eye and the ability to bring characters to life. A strong portfolio in similar projects is a requirement.

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    I am seeking a skilled artist to create a custom caricatures for me. The project is open for creativity and personal style. Key Requirements: - Ability to create a unique and engaging caricatures. - Strong creative and artistic skills. - Prior experience in creating caricatures is preferred, but not mandatory. - Timely delivery and good communication skills are important. Please provide a sample of your previous work for review. Looking forward to seeing your creativity come to life.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    I'm in need of a skilled caricature artist to capture the essence of our business during our 30th anniversary party. The caricatures will be utilized as giveaway for our guests. Your main responsibilities will include: - Creating traditional style caricatures of our guests - Ensuring each caricature is unique and captures the essence of our event The ideal candidate should: - Have experience in traditional caricature style - Be able to work quickly and efficiently to keep up with demand - Be personable and able to engage with guests We expect to have between 50 and 100 guests at the event so please ensure you can accommodate this number.

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    I'm seeking a talented illustrator with a knack for classic cartoon styles to bring some fantasy characters to life. This is a personal project, hence, I'm looking for someone who can inject a lot of personality and character into their work. Main responsibilities will include: - Creating compelling and engaging classic cartoon representations of fantasy characters. - Working closely with me to understand the project's unique demands and delivering accurate interpretations. Ideal candidates for this job: - Have phenomenal aesthetics in classic cartoon art. - Possess a deep understanding and love for fantasy characters. - Can provide a portfolio of previous works to demonstrate their capabilities. Your role will be to bring life and emotion to my ideas, making them vibr...

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    I'm looking for talented cartoonists to create a series of humorous African American cartoons for our newsletter. Key Points: - These cartoons will be targeted at an adult audience, so the humor should be mature and sophisticated. - The purpose of this project is to entertain and engage our readers. - I want the cartoons to represent the African American culture in a tasteful and authentic way. - The tone should be light-hearted, fun and humorous. Attached is an example cartoon. I need about 20 of these done with African American characters. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A strong background in cartoon illustration, particularly with diverse characters. - An understanding of African American culture and humor will be crucial. - Previous experience creating ...

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    ...should make my product stand out from competitors. I want it to be memorable and easily distinguishable on the shelves. - Cartoonish Caricature: I want the design to be fun and engaging, so a cartoonish style with a caricature would be ideal. This will help attract the target audience and make the packaging more appealing. Ideal Skills: - Packaging Design: Experience in designing packaging for food and beverage products would be a plus. Understanding of the industry standards and requirements is essential. - Graphic Design: Proficiency in graphic design tools to create a visually appealing and creative design. - Caricature: Ability to create a cartoonish caricature style that is fun, engaging, and fits the product and brand image. If you have a creative tou...

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    I need a Caricature artist to be at our stand for a Vetinarary event in the NEC Birmingham. We'd need them from 10am - 3.30/4pm each day Also to be able to draw fairly rapidly so around 5 - 7 mins per caricature.

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    ...are: - The Style: It should be in a realistic format, but the mood and tone needs to be a little mischievous to reflect the uniqueness of this fabulous 50th birthday celebration. - The Emotion: Although the piece should be realistic, it should embody mischievousness. It's not just a portrait; it's character depiction imbued with a touch of playful audacity. - The Focus: The main focus of the caricature should be the woman while ensuring the dog and lambourgini sports car still maintain significant roles in the composition. The ideal candidate would be adept in creating lifelike caricatures and understands the balance between realism and emotion injection. The background of the illustration could possibly include an Isle of Man flag, Italian and london reference...

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    Topp caricature cartoons artikler