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    Jeg har vil ha et Bitcoin kasino, jeg har for øyeblikket kun muligheten til å betale via PayPal. Jeg har også muligheten til å øke budsjettet underveis dersom det er nødvendig. Jeg kan kun Java selv og er veldig ny innen PHP og generell utvikling av nettsider, så jeg setter pris på enkel og ryddig kode ettersom jeg skal lære meg mer etterhvert som tiden går.

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    I'm in need of a skilled programmer to develop a sophisticated crypto bot that can handle depositing, managing balances, and placing bets on the prices of chosen cryptocurrencies. Requirements: - Cryptocurrencies: The bot should support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Solana. - Deposit and Balance Management: The bot should have features for tracking balances and historical transactions. - Betting Function: The bot should be able to place bets on selected cryptocurrencies based on price history. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. - Proficiency in developing trading bots and integrating with cryptocurrency wallets. - Experience in implementing complex financial algorithms. - Knowledge of the specified cryptocurrenc...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a BTC USDT flash application. I have not yet specified particular features or designs, so I'm open to your suggestions....specific trading strategies or algorithms like Arbitrage, Trend Following, or Mean Reversion. Your role will involve not only coding the application but also contributing with your expertise to shape its features, design, and trading strategies. Ideal Skills: - Experience in developing cryptocurrency trading applications - Proficient in working with real-time market data - Strong knowledge of Bitcoin, USDT, and the crypto market in general - Ability to create trading algorithms based on Arbitrage, Trend Following, or Mean Reversion - Excellent communication skills as you'll be making suggestions in mult...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a Bitcoin HD wallet with specific features for the web platform. This wallet should also enable the tracking of incoming deposits and ensure secure user authentication. Key Features: - Generate new Bitcoin addresses: The wallet must be able to create and manage a sequence of addresses derived from a single seed. - Monitor transactions: The platform should provide real-time updates on incoming transactions to the user's wallet. - Secure user authentication: secure authentication system to protect the user's funds and personal information. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology - Strong experience in web development and security - Familiarity with HD wallet implementation - Knowledg...

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    I'm in need of creating a series of articles that will provide investment tips specifically for beginners in the Bitcoin market. These articles are supposed to be clear, concise, and easy to follow for someone who may be new to investment in cryptocurrency. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated experience in investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - Previous experience in writing articles for beginners, especially in the field of finance and investments - Strong understanding of the technical aspects of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - Ability to write in a professional and technical tone.

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    I'm looking for a talented developer to create a Bitcoin HD Wallet that runs on the web. The wallet will focus specifically on Bitcoin, not multiple cryptocurrencies. Key Features: - Send and receive Bitcoin: The wallet should allow users to seamlessly send and receive Bitcoin, with a smooth and intuitive interface. - Transaction history: It's essential that the wallet maintains a clear and accessible record of all transactions made by the user. - Address book: A feature to store and manage contacts' Bitcoin addresses is also crucial. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in web development - Experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet development - Knowledge of Bitcoin and its underlying technology - Familiarity with HD wallet conce...

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    I am an individual based in Guwahati, Assam, India, who is scouting for a proficient Flutter Developer. The preference is towards someone with remarkable skills in UI design, state management, and Firebase integration. Knowledge of Flutter Android Development is crucial to this role. Consideration will give to those who possess: - Superior skills in UI design - Proficiency in State management - Expertise in integrating Firebase - Proven experience in Flutter Android Development - Ability to integrate Google Auth - Unmatched dedication to delivering quality work. For the successful candidate, there's the potential for ongoing work. Your location is not a barrier; however, applicants from Guwahati, Assam, India will be at an advantage. Please apply if you fit the above requirements ...

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    I am seeking knowledgeable developers to construct a centralized cryptocurrency exchange with a comprehensive inclusion of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Key requirements for the task are: - Efficient Development: You should have a strong background in creating crypto exchanges and understand the specific mechanics involved with centralized platforms. - Advanced Trading Features: The platform needs to include extensive trading options to cater to users of all cryptocurrency trading levels. - Solid Security Measures: Given the onset of cyber threats, you'll need to harness your end-to-end cryptographic knowledge to ensure top-notch security measures. - Engaging User Interface: The ability to build an intuitive, easily navigable and engaging user interface is crucial. Prove...

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    --- **Job Title: Freelancer Needed to Build Crypto Host Platform for Bitcoin Transactions** **Project Overview:** We are seeking a skilled freelancer to build a Crypto Host platform specifically designed to handle Bitcoin (BTC) transactions. The platform will facilitate the secure storage, management, and distribution of BTC funds, allowing users to connect their wallets, initiate automatic payments, and convert funds into USDT or other cryptocurrencies. **Project Details:** - Develop a Crypto Host platform with robust support for Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, including wallet integration, automatic payment setup, and currency conversion functionalities. - Implement advanced security measures to protect users' BTC funds and personal information, ensuring complian...

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    I am seeking a professional who can produce a comprehensive video course on Bitcoin. You don't need to be fluent in German, but must have a solid understanding of the language in order to fully grasp the task at hand. Key responsibilities include: - Creating a video course lasting 8 hours or more - Covering various aspects of Bitcoin such as: * Introduction to Bitcoin * Bitcoin Wallets * General knowledge about Bitcoin Ideal candidate will have: - Strong ability to understand German - Basic knowledge of Bitcoin - Proven experience in video course production. - The video course exists already in english, it must be copied nearly 1:1 into german - AI is doing the translation from EN to DE and also Text to Speach. NO need for your vo...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled professional to help me set up my very own crypto hosting platform. This platform needs to be able to support Bitcoin transactions. Ideal skills and experiences for this project include: - Extensive experience with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin technology - Proficiency in blockchain technology - Prior experience in developing and deploying crypto hosting platforms - Strong understanding of security practices related to cryptocurrency - Ability to deliver a robust and user-friendly platform Please note, I skipped certain questions during the project creation, so your focus should be on Bitcoin specifically. Here is an article to read

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    We currently require assistance with our Laravel application, designed to present cryptocurrency data visualization. The application is experiencing an issue where it's not showing market data and returning an invalid symbol error. Specific requirements: - Address and resolve the "invalid symbol" issue - Ensure accurate data representation for the three main cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) - Overall, ensure the Laravel application is successfully visualizing and presenting crypto market data Desired expertise: - Proficiency in Laravel application management - Experience with cryptocurrency market data - Skilled in fixing data representation issues - Strong understanding of data visualization techniques

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    I'm in need of a skilled website developer to create a Bitcoin-focused crypto website with specific features. Key Features: - Real-time price updates: The site should display accurate, up-to-the-second Bitcoin pricing. - User wallet functionality: Users should be able to create their own Bitcoin wallets on the website. - Wallet sync: I need the wallets to sync with the latest data and transactions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in developing secure, feature-rich websites. - Experience with integrating real-time APIs and cryptocurrency-related functionalities. - Strong understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies. - Prior experience in creating user-friendly online wallet systems would be a plus. If you believe you have the skill...

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    I'm in need of a developer to establish a system that enables sending Bitcoin via an API key. The project involves integrating and using the Coinbase API. Here's what I'm looking for in an ideal candidate: - Solid understanding of Bitcoin transactions - Expertise in API creation and integration, particularly with Coinbase API - Strong proficiency in programming and troubleshooting Your task will primarily involve the enablement of Bitcoin transfers through API keys, ensuring top-notch security and enhancing user interface for ease of use. Previous experience with similar projects is a big plus. I look forward to your bids, let's talk!

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a TradingView Pine Script strategy for my cryptocurrency trading needs. Your primary focus will be on optimizing the strategy for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Key Requirements: - The strategy should maintain a Percent Profitable above 70%. - The Profit Factor should be greater than 10. - The maximum drawdown in Net profit should not exceed 5%. Ideal candidates will have: - A strong background in developing Pine Script strategies for TradingView. - Experience in trading and optimizing strategies for cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. - A proven track record of creating profitable trading strategies with the required performance metrics in mind. Please include relevant samples of your work in y...

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    ...project proposals in their applications to strengthen their chances. Although I am yet to determine the specific cryptocurrencies that the hosting platform will support, I am open to supporting prominent ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It would be ideal if the candidate has a solid understanding and working knowledge of these cryptocurrencies. Ideal candidates should have: - Knowledge about different types of crypto hosting (cloud-based, dedicated server, shared hosting). - Ability to maintain confidentiality. - Understanding of prominent cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum). - Strong suggestions based on professional knowledge of crypto hosting. Please note, due to the nature of this project, specifics will be shared with the chosen freelancer....

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    ...designing a graphical user interface (GUI) or website to utilize Coinbase's Wallet API features for Bitcoin transactions that will be compatible with Windows. Project Specifics: - The main function of the interface is to perform the basic buy/sell operations of Bitcoin transactions. - Experience in integrating various APIs, especially Coinbase's Wallet API, is essential. - Familiarity with cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is beneficial, but not compulsory. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in working with Windows-based GUI or Web development. - Knowledge and experience with APIs integration, preferably Coinbase's Wallet API. - Understanding of cryptocurrency transactions, especially Bitcoin. -PHP, Python, C#, or Java Please ensure you are abl...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive cryptocurrency price prediction analysis, specifically focusing on Bitcoin. The analysis will be based on historical data spanning the last 5 years. Key deliverables: - The final report should be in word doc format. - The analysis should be detailed, including the employment of charts and graphs. - In python language used as programming language Ideal Skills for this project: - Strong background in data analysis and research. - Experience in cryptocurrency market analysis. - Proficiency in creating detailed reports with charts and graphs. If you're confident in your abilities to deliver an insightful, data-driven prediction analysis, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Bitcoin mining with ASIC Miners. I already have the hardware required, but I need help to set it up. Key responsibilities are: - Assisting with the miner setup process - Configuring the miner to work with my chosen mining pool The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience with Bitcoin mining - Experience setting up ASIC miners - Knowledge about effectively joining and configuring miners for a specific mining pool Your guidance will greatly contribute to the success of this mining operation. I'm excited to learn from your expertise.

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    ...and build a robust and scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform from the ground up. The platform will feature an intuitive user interface, high-performance trading engine, and comprehensive security measures to ensure a seamless and secure trading experience for users. Multi-Asset Support: The exchange platform will support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including popular assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as emerging altcoins and tokens. By offering multi-asset support, we aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of cryptocurrency traders. Advanced Trading Features: To enhance the trading experience and meet the needs of both novice and experienced traders, the platform will incorporate advanced trading features such as limit orders, market ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced electrical engineer to assist with the design of a Bitcoin mining facility in Kuwait. Key Requirements: - rental cost of land (a empty lot) suitable for bitcoin mining - cost to install a 250kva transformer at the land - power cost per kilo-watt hour - local guide to assist our personnel in the area Experience: - Prior experience with electrical circuit design is a must. Experience with large scale facilities and power distribution is preferred. - Familiarity with Bitcoin mining facilities is a plus, but not a requirement. The project is currently in the initial planning stages. The ideal candidate will be able to work independently and provide innovative solutions to help optimize the facility for the future.

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    Hello we have developed a m l m website that takes $50 deposits and distribute them to 7 people in different amounts. $5 is paid to 6 people (6 upliners) and $15 to 1 person (direct referrer). Currently, these amounts are credited into their dashboard and we process them manually for withdrawals using bitcoin/litecoin. However, now we want to use smart contracts. On every $50 deposit, I want these amounts mentioned above to be credited to the users bnb wallet. Can you link or integrate a smart contract as a payment gateway to credit or distribute the payments as mentioned on paragraph 2?

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    I have a website which collects a bitcoin transaction ID and takes a payment in bitcoin for a service. The main service and front end are already in Wordpress with node.js back end but the payment manager written in Django ASGI. I would like to convert it to Javascript also. It is hosted on a instance in AWS. The django system also has some functions which are no longer required so these can be removed, such that it will only handle the bitcoin payments, wallet and payment address management (I use Electrum) and update the front end with payment status. has 600 llines and has 200 lines of code. Please feel free to reach out with question to help scope the amount of work required.

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    ...improvement or research. Include a list of references or resources consulted during the problem-solving process. What NOT to Do - Do Not Use Bitcoin Libraries for Transaction Validation: You must not use any Bitcoin-specific libraries or frameworks that automate transaction validation processes. The intent of this task is for you to implement the validation logic manually. - Permissible Libraries: The use of standard cryptographic libraries, such as secp256k1 for elliptic curve cryptography, and standard hashing libraries (e.g., for SHA-256) is allowed and encouraged. These libraries are essential for implementing the cryptographic underpinnings of bitcoin without reinventing the wheel. - Implement the Mining Algorithm Yourself: You are required to implement the m...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with expertise in cryptocurrency press release distribution for an upcoming project. The press release will cover diverse cryptocurrencies, and the freelancer should be knowledgeable about the crypto market for effective dissemination. Key Requirements: - Understanding of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other major cryptocurrencies. - Experience with distributing press releases to various audiences including Crypto enthusiasts, Investors, Journalists. - Proven record of successful press release distribution to Financial news websites, Crypto news websites, Traditional news outlets. Please include examples of your previous work in your bid. Proficiency in the crypto market is a critical requirement for this job.

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    I'm seeking specialized cr...specifically focusing on the Indian trading exchange platforms such as Wazir and Murdex. My experience level sits at intermediate; however, I always appreciate fresh insights. Key Deliverables: - General advice on potential deposit amounts appropriate for exchanges like Wazir and Murdex. - Personalized guidance adapting to Bitcoin trading. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in crypto trading, preferably with experience in Wazir and Murdex platforms. - Exemplary knowledge of Bitcoin. - Capable of communicating complex ideas clearly to a non-expert audience. Please note, advisors should do thorough research before offering guidance, and understand that this represents a significant financial investment for me. Providing accurate and suitable i...

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    ...multiple programming languages (including Python, Java, JavaScript, Golang, C Programming, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, Dart, Flutter, and Smart contract) to assist in building between 7-12 new and unique ideas that I'm sure will have millions of online downloads. **** DISCUSSION OF HOW THE OWNERSHIP WILL BE SPLIT WILL BE PRIMARY. ONE TIME/ONE-OFF PAYMENT OF 100 DOLLARS (80 POUNDS) WILL BE GIVEN TO THE CHOSEN CO-FOUNDER AS A WELCOMING/CO-FOUNDER PARTNERSHIP FEE**** Key Requirements: • Extensive technical and programming skills, with a focus on a variety of programming languages. • Familiarity and comfort working with Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Smart contract technologies. • Capacity to develop and optimize comp...

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    My project objective is to create a Telegram bot that informs me of relevant fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. The bot should track the following: - Bitcoin - Ethereum - Ripple - Other major cryptocurrencies This bot must alert me when specifications I personally set are met. These will be relative to adjustments in digital currency values, changing as a certain percentage over a defined duration. Key Features: - The bot should be programmable, allowing me to adjust values and time periods when necessary. - Anticipate alerts triggered by set percentage in set time. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Extensive understanding of Bot technology and construction - Familiarity with cryptocurrency markets - Prior experience with Telegram bot development - Incre...

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    I require a highly skilled C++ and QT developer with proficiency in customizing open-source bitcoin projects. You're tasked with the important role of modifying the existing Bitcoin Core app to align it to our specific needs. Your responsibilities will include: Additional Features: - Implementing a feature that allows passphrase reset for Bitcoin wallets. Required Experience and Skills: - Proven experience with C++ and QT for large-scale projects - Previous work with Bitcoin Core or similar open-source projects - Understanding of blockchain security protocols and wallet passphrases. Please follow the link to the Bitcoin Core app's current code: Your proposals should detail your experience in similar projects and your understanding of the tas...

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    I'm seeking an experienced marketer to promote my cryptocurrency course . The course link is as follows: Key Responsibilities: - Design and execute a compelling promotional campaign. - Generate an increase in course sales. Ideal Pairings: - Proven experience in marketing and sales. - Expertise in promoting courses/products. Reward: 50% of the generated sales revenue will be your payment for this project. Our target audience is the general public with a keen interest in finance and cryptocurrency.

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    I'm seeking an expert to perform in-depth daily analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Key metrics to focus on include: - Price fluctuations - Trading volume - Technical indicators In this role, you'll set up regular oversight of these key markers and report important changes or trends. Those with experience in cryptocurrency market analysis and a keen understanding of these specific currencies would be a good fit; particularly if they have a strong background in reading and interpreting these specific metrics. Timeliness and accuracy are essential for this daily data analysis task. If you are a detail-oriented individual with excellent analytical skills, then this job is for you. You will be required to answer user queries on a discord channel

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    I'm seeking a proficient cryptocurrency specialist with a thorough understanding of Bitcoin for creating a new coin. The ideal person for this should possess significant experience in crypto coin development, especially focusing on investment tools. Specifics about the project: - The coin should be based on the Bitcoin platform. - It is intended to mainly serve as an investment tool. - The coin should maintain a stable value. Experience & Skills Requirement: - Extensive knowledge of the Bitcoin platform. - Demonstrated proficiency in creating cryptocurrencies. - Understanding of market dynamics for investor-focused coins. - Experience in developing stable cryptocurrencies. The aim is not just to create a coin but to build a crypto asset that can hold it...

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    I have a need for a skilled Pine script developer to develop an automated script for my TradingView platform. The script must be capable of advanced operations like multi-timeframe strategies and complex calculations. Desired Skills & ...strategies and complex calculations. - Excellent analytical skills, with the ability to understand and outline trading strategies. - Diligence in testing and debugging to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the script. I use trading view and use 2 indicators, market cipher and super trend, id like a bot which would look at the 1,2,3 and 4 hour trend of bitcoin, if all 4 time frames match id like the bot to buy 0.1 shares of bitcoin and only make 89 ticks for example. The same goes for a sell signal, if all 4 time frames match, i...

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    We have a Python website and we are planning to add a section to track cryptocurrency. By pasting the address of wallet, user can see : -number of coins -price of each coin -value of each blockchain separately -total value of the wallet -last 10 transactions Current blockchains: Bitcoin,XRP,Ethereum, BSc, Polygon, Avax, Arbitrum, Base - Real time price updates: The platform should provide fresh data on price movements as they happen. - Historical price data: I'd like to look back on the performance of my holdings over time. - Alerts on price changes: I'd want the system to notify me when significant changes in market price occur, so I can act promptly. -I don't want to use any “paid API “ in this project and the project must be written completely native...

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    I need a skilled JavaScript developer to work on a task that involves the automatic calculation of values from the Bitcoin Price API. This calculated value will then be used to automatically update an input field in a form on our site. Key requirements and details include: 1. Experience with JavaScript and API integration is crucial. 2. Utilizing Bitcoin Price API to fetch and calculate value. 3. The fetched value must automatically update a specific input field in a form. 4. The updated value in the form field should be a plain numerical value, no symbols or currency codes. The ideal freelancer for this task should have a deep understanding of APIs, especially the Bitcoin Price API, and a knack for JavaScript. A strong background in automatic numerical computation ...

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    I'm in need of experienced Python programmers who can write a parallel computing project related to bitcoin mining. Your main goal will be to develop an efficient btcoin miner program. A strong understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development is essential for this project. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python - Knowledge of parallel computing - Experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development - Familiarity with bitcoin mining Please provide examples of previous work in these areas when bidding.

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    I'm looking for a developer who can build an eCommerce platform for digital gift cards. These digital gift cards need to be sent via email through API integration. Key Requirements: - Experience in building eCommerce platforms with digital product support. - Knowledge of integration with cryptocurrency payment gateways specifically for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Ideal Skills: - API Integration for digital products. - Cryptocurrency payment gateway integration. - Expertise in secure digital transactions. I want the payment processing to be smooth and reliable. If you have significant experience in this area, please submit your proposal.

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    I'm looking for an Electrical Engineer in Abu Dhabi to help in the electrical installation of a medium-sized bitcoin mining facility. The main goal is to ensure high efficiency in the energy consumption of the facility. Key tasks include: - rental cost of land (a empty lot) suitable for bitcoin mining - cost to install a 250kva transformer at the land - power cost per kilo-watt hour - local guide to assist our personnel in the area Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proven experience in designing and installing electrical systems in similar industrial facilities - Knowledge of bitcoin mining facilities is a plus - Strong troubleshooting skills - Ability to design for high energy efficiency Please note that this project is specifically based in A...

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    9 bud in Zambia. The ideal candidate for this role will have experience in: - Electrical installations for industrial properties - Logistics planning for electrical installations - Previous experience in building BTC (bitcoin) mining facilities - find rental cost of land (a empty lot) suitable for bitcoin mining - cost to zesco to install a 300kva transformer at the land - local guide to assist our personnel in the area Your primary task will be to help plan and execute the electrical installations for our mining facility and to find suitable place to building BTC(bitcoin) mining facility. This will include setting up lighting, power outlets, and motor control systems throughout the building. Your attention to detail and ability to work in a timely manner will ...

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    I am in need of a skilled natural gas engineer to assist with basic logistics in Rockdale, Texas. Key Responsibilities: - rental cost of land (a empty lot) suitable for bitcoin mining - lowest cost wholesale cost of natural gas delivered to the proposed site by truck per 1000 cubic feet or per 1 dth - Identifying areas for potential improvements or expansions - Providing expert advice on environmental impact assessment of the current system Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in the natural gas industry, especially in pipeline design and environmental impact assessment - Strong understanding of gas extraction techniques - Familiarity with the regulations and requirements for gas systems in Texas - Excellent communication skills and the ability to provide detailed updat...

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    ...skilled developer to craft a price alert system for Unisat and OKX Wallet. This system must: - Keep track of specific coins or pairs we choose - Send push notifications when those prices fall within a particular range - Allow us to update the price ranges on a daily basis Moreover, the alert system must be flexible, capable of monitoring prices across all coins, with our focus not restrained to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. The notification trigger would be set for when prices fall within a certain range. For the price range, it must be customizable according to our needs, rather than being fixed to going above or below a certain price only. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in Cryptocurrency tracking systems and developing push notification functiona...

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    I require the development of a Bitcoin algorithm using Python. This algorithm should be designed with the specific goal of predicting Bitcoin price trends. For this purpose, it will need to process and analyze two specific types of data: - Historical Bitcoin prices - Relevant economic indicators The ideal candidate for this project will need to demonstrate: - Strong Python skills - Understanding of algorithm development - Prior experience or knowledge in financial data analysis and prediction - Familiarity with using economic indicators for trend prediction purposes - Understanding of the Bitcoin market is preferred.

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    I have 4 Bitcoin addresses. I want to summarize it and plot it into a tradingview chart.

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    ...quantitative analyst with expertise in econometrics and financial modeling to conduct a comprehensive analysis of cryptocurrency market volatility. The analysis will focus on the log returns of four major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP). The objective is to employ a Markov-Switching GARCH (MSGARCH) model to investigate how the volatility of these cryptocurrencies responds to major market events under two distinct volatility regimes. Data Description: The analysis will be based on daily log returns for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Ripple (XRP) The log returns data is already prepared and will be provided for analysis. Specific file paths to the datasets will be shared. Model...

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    I am in need of a smartphone application compatible with both Android and iOS. This app should allow its users...particular platform, I should be able to log that information in the app. The app should be able to: * Support user's manual input of the quantity of a selected cryptocurrency. * Automate updating these quantities whenever the app is opened. Although I didn't specify which cryptocurrencies the app should support, it is ideal for the developer to be experienced with the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. An ideal candidate should have: * Experience in mobile app development for both Android and iOS. * Knowledge of cryptocurrency market practices. * Ability to create a user-friendly interface with intuitive operation. Reference:

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    ...quantitative analyst with expertise in econometrics and financial modeling to conduct a comprehensive analysis of cryptocurrency market volatility. The analysis will focus on the log returns of four major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP). The objective is to employ a Markov-Switching GARCH (MSGARCH) model to investigate how the volatility of these cryptocurrencies responds to major market events under two distinct volatility regimes. Data Description: The analysis will be based on daily log returns for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Ripple (XRP) The log returns data is already prepared and will be provided for analysis. Specific file paths to the datasets will be shared. Model...

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    I am seeking an experienced freelancer with expertise in using R for modeling a MSMARKOV model. This model will analyze effects of financial technology failure on notable cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple and identify two clear regimes. The information I'm looking for from the model includes: - Predictive analysis for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple - Insights to identify the impact of financial technology failure on the above cryptocurrencies - Determination of the probability of switching between regimes The data that will feed into this model will specifically be: - Financial technology failure data - The log returns of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies I need this data from a specific custom time period, which we will determine ...

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    Bridge UI Deve...wallet connect module and integrate it throughout the app • Make sure staking and bridging works smoothly on testnets(can be sepolia, arbitrum sepolia etc.) Main Features • Swap • Pool • BRC20 Minting Inscription (partially done, using Xverse wallet and sats-connect module) • ERC20 Minting (this needs backend, can use Bridge backend together, or make another one) • NFT Minting (For EVM chain or Bitcoin network? Need to confirm with client) All UI of these main features are done, but the code is old and not well structured into components. • Need to split code into components • Take all web3 integration parts into utils/***(like ) • Implement new features of interacting smart contracts to be developed • Support multi...

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    I am seeking a tech-savvy freelancer to prioritize key fixes and configurations on my Bitcoin wallet which is hosted on an AWS server. This project will have three main focus areas: 1. AWS Bucket Setup: I require assistance in setting up an AWS bucket to ensure the smooth and secure receipt of users' KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. I'm unsure if an AWS bucket currently exists or not and need help in verifying or creating one. 2. Blockcypher Configuration: My user needs to be able to generate Bitcoin addresses. For this, the API settings of the Blockcypher need to be updated and possibly optimized for the purpose. 3. Email Spam Issue: I've been experiencing a problem where automated emails are directed to spam. A remedy for this issue is urgently needed. ...

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    We have a Python website and we are planning to add a section to track digital currencies. By pasting the address of wallet, the user can see : -number of coins -price of each coin -value of each blockchain separately -total value of the wallet Current blockchains: Bitcoin,XRP,Ethereum, BSc, Polygon, Avax, Arbitrum, Base - Real-time price updates: The platform should provide fresh data on price movements as they happen. - Historical price data: I'd like to look back on the performance of my holdings over time. - Alerts on price changes: I'd want the system to notify me when significant changes in market price occur, so I can act promptly.

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