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    Jeg har vil ha et Bitcoin kasino, jeg har for øyeblikket kun muligheten til å betale via PayPal. Jeg har også muligheten til å øke budsjettet underveis dersom det er nødvendig. Jeg kan kun Java selv og er veldig ny innen PHP og generell utvikling av nettsider, så jeg setter pris på enkel og ryddig kode ettersom jeg skal lære meg mer etterhvert som tiden går.

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    Build Exchange with single pair BTC/XMR. Website like tradeogre API Trading for BOT API GET for Orderbook and trades Bitcoin Monero Pair(XMR/BTC), Bitcoin Ether Pair(ETH/BTC) and pair (BTC/BRL) Bitcoin BRL(Real). With ADMIN PANEL Security Aspects – CloudFlare – to mitigate DDoS attacks System manual of KYC Verification (Know Your Customer) Two-Factor Authentication for users (2FA) Support Tickets – to be integrated with Email and backend Interface Referral Program Language: Portuguese(PT-BR), English Expert Team Need

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    $3000 - $5000
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    i want to create profile with image of Pirate and on hat put Bitcoin logo Pirate like this we can use some free stock photo

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    software build 5 dager left

    Software Architecture We are interested in creating a service where you can transfer from one wallet to another and save the inputs in the blockchain, these transactions must be in bitcoin and ethereum, the language requested is PHP Laravel,MySQL,PHP Skills required HTML, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, Software

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    Our team needs to develop a Crypto wallet (Bitcoin) similar to Exodus but with an enhanced wallet recovery capability, with layered searches for a limited number of recovery words. The base application would need similar core functionality as standard bitcoin wallets (e.g., receiving and sending Bitcoin, a wallet recovery process, preferably allowing for multiple simultaneous wallets). The wallet recovery process would need the standard base functionality as well (e.g., similar to Exodus' recovery process, allowing for entry of 12 security words, checking they are bip39, and if they are, proceed to sync with the Blockchain). However, the innovative function needed is to allow for iterative recovery attempts cycling through combinations of recovery words, with mult...

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    I would like some help to buy some bitcoin for i can star Invest

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    I would like some help to buy some bitcoin for i can star Invest

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    I need whmcs cryptocurrency module for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and Tether I need guarantee that 100% work for all version of WHMCS and also provide support if any bug or in future make it update with new versions of WHMCS

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    I need whmcs cryptocurrency module for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and Tether I need guarantee that 100% work for all version of WHMCS and also provide support if any bug or in future make it update with new versions of WHMCS

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    ...Mini Wemos Wifi Module card and a SSD1306 oled display module for wemos d1 mini 0.66" inches 64x48 I have a ticker to display the Bitcoin price on this screen that works very well by collecting the value from the Coindesk API (but only limited to Bitcoin. The internet connection is made through Wifi defined in the source code, that is, whenever a network changes I have to load the updated code on ESP8266 Changes I want: 1) Inform the Wifi data by cell phone through a screen connected to Esp8266 instead of defining the username and password by the source code. 2) On the same cell phone screen, select which currencies should appear on the ESP8266 screen: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, EOS, Tron, Litecoin, BNB, Cardano, Solana, Monero e Stelar (to get these values ...

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    1: I need the price of bitcoin to update with market price using api from coin market cap or crypto compare api or pusher api. Either one does not matter to me. 2: I want to change a message that automatically shows up in chat box while trading 3. On registration Page i want the date of birth field format to be like this: 02/21/1990 4. Deposit and withdraw option to be visible only on 1 page not 2 seperate pages. Once thats complete, I need a link on the side menu removed. 5. Need A new design for the wallet balance on the user dashboard. I have a picutre for example.

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    We are looking for software or developer who can make automatic software for finding Bitcoin wallet in old HDD.

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    Bitcoin Flash Tutorial -- 3 3 dager left

    Just $1000 for 3 days! 1. checking softare quality $500 2. after push codebase $500. I need someone to teach me how to make a bitcoin flash transaction or give me the software for it . It means that you can send a fake bitcoin transaction to a wallet , it would not get validated like you cannot spend it , but it would get 1 or 2 confirmations , therefore showing it in your wallet . If you know how to do it and what I am talking about , please dm . DO NOT PROPOSE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT . I WANT PROOF FIRST .

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     Shopping chart  20 product upload is by my side  Payment gateway(bitcoin)  Secure admin panel- to manage applications and products  Manage products  Product catalogue  User panel  User subscribe  User login  User – edit or update there profile.  Hot arrivals  Out of stock  Creative and beautiful product display  Shipping and delivery charges ( According to pin code)  Wordpress/woocomerce  Product filters and search  Product bookmarks  Order flow

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    Trophy icon Kindle book cover page 15 dager left

    I need a cover of a kindle book designed. Here are technical specifications: The title of the book is "Retiring with Bitcoin and real estate" The keywords/graphics that should be used for the cover is: Bitcoin, real estate, cash, retirement I attached a graph from the book, but that doesn't have to be used, it's totally optional

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    Bitcoin / Other Crypto Mining 2 dager left

    Looking for an expert in development unique crypto mining platforms that allows for optimal profitability / energy efficiency with the project timing to be as quickly as feasibly possible The project will be discussed in more detailed with the freelancer.

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    I want all the libraries to be already downloaded so that I can copy the whole folder and integrate it with my website. So that when I access the file from local host it will give me a new bitcoin adress customers can send bitcoins to.

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    Trophy icon Bitcoin Designs 2 dager left

    Bitcoin themed designs for Bitcoin merchandise. Repeat, higher paid work for ultra talented designers.

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    I need whmcs cryptocurrency module for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and Tether

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    redesign a page wordpress 1 dag left

    I need redesign this page make a parallax page for story telling bitcoin fan is welcome at this project

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    Experienced Python back-end developer is needed to develop the operational back-end part of a new crypto copy-trading bot. Project scope: The bot will operates as a tube between 2 platforms. Tradingview, and the crypto exchange. From one end, it will listen to webhooks triggered by a 3rd party website called Tradingview. The webhooks includes the information of the trade (for example: buy Bitcoin). It then process this trade for all subscribers on their individual crypto exchange by accessing their API. It needs to use a Python library called CCXT, this library unify all crypto exchanges APIs into one identical function. We consider this project to be an MVP. We made every aspect as simple as possible. Please submit your past projects, git and description of your experience. We...

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    ...the project: Users can trade with each other to buy or sell Bitcoin on my website. When a trade is open the website is designed to lock the amount requested in escrow from the seller's account. Once the seller confirms the buyer payment information Via Chat Box. The seller then releases the payment by clicking on Release. The BTC should automatically transfer to the Buyer's wallet. But the today we found a problem after trade is complete the BTC does not transfer it stays on the seller account even if trade is marked as complete. I need the BTC to transfer from buyer to seller or seller to buyer in database. I need this feature enabled again because a freelancer disabled it by mistake and we are just now finding out. Bitcoin p2p Trading website made with l...

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    Trophy icon Data Centre/ Bitcoin Mining Company 3 dager left

    PLEASE READ THE BELOW DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY We need a Logo design for Data Centre & Bitcoin Mining comapny based in U.A.E. Scope of work; - Design a company logo It needs to be a strong, powerful logo that stands out! The company is called Citadel. It is a Data centre / Bitcoin Mining company so use your imagination and be creative! Bitcoin mining is the process by which Bitcoin transactions are validated digitally on the Bitcoin network and added to the blockchain ledger Instructions - The logo does not necessarily need to contain the word Citadel - The logo and branding should represent a tech/data company - The color and font must be professional and high end - Research the Bitcoin/Crypto market for inspiration Thank you and good l...

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    I need a totally unhackable site to be made for special use custumers i want it to be a ssle site that is on the dark web i want every thing liked up to my bitcoin adress and crypto adress the main thing here is i want it to be trust worthy which means no one can hack it being a bitcoin stealer or the system who ever i dont want people to feel like they will be ripped off by us or any one else once u have it all set up and put on to the dark web all i want is to be able to lable tbe griups names and stuff thats all so i need it to be easy to work on either that or u gotta be able to be contacted 24,/7 for suport that way i need nothing to do with it accept collect what i make profit :) if u can help hmu be a special person i can relly on be a team member if things kick off h...

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    ...update The New Secret Token Key for Bitgo API on my website. Request#2 BTC Wallet is connected to BITGO Api. (My users can Generate Bitcoin Address for deposit and view their wallet balance from the API.) I want BTC wallet to allow balance update from database as well not only api. Admin panel has a feature to add funds and subtract funds from any user wallet using database..... But a freelancer i hired a week ago he disabled that feature while installing my api and now the BTC wallet only update wallet balance from api and not database i need this feature back on for database. ---------------------------------------- Request #3 ETH Wallet is generating Bitcoin Address for deposit which is not good. I want ETH Wallet to generate only ethereum Address for deposit with a...

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    I need to be able to connect node.js to a btc wallet which I own and I need to be able to send coins programmatically. This should involve a simple module around 100-200 lines which I can easily integrate into my code. I can only pay exactly $40

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    Buat artikel -- 2 Avsluttet left

    ...sendiri. Sedangkan perusahaan pembuat aplikasi terdesentralisasi atau dApps biasanya tidak membuat blockchain sendiri dan hanya membuat satu aplikasi serta menerbitkan satu token," Dr. Sulistya Putra pendiri Digital Asset Academy menjelaskan kepada Arahkata, Kamis 21 Juli 2022. Rakyat, Jiran Blockchain Technology Development from NFT to GTN Judith Aflianto 23:10 on July 21, 2022 WIB Bitcoin Blockchain Bitcoin / ARANKA - Blockchain as a technology that is used in systems for sending or receiving bank data electronically and that is connected to cryptography is still growing today as a result of public demand. Relictum is currently advancing blockchain technology by creating applications that are decentralized and integrate with NFT as well as other applications. &q...

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    Buat artikel Avsluttet left

    ...sendiri. Sedangkan perusahaan pembuat aplikasi terdesentralisasi atau dApps biasanya tidak membuat blockchain sendiri dan hanya membuat satu aplikasi serta menerbitkan satu token," Dr. Sulistya Putra pendiri Digital Asset Academy menjelaskan kepada Arahkata, Kamis 21 Juli 2022. Rakyat, Jiran Blockchain Technology Development from NFT to GTN Judith Aflianto 23:10 on July 21, 2022 WIB Bitcoin Blockchain Bitcoin / ARANKA - Blockchain as a technology that is used in systems for sending or receiving bank data electronically and that is connected to cryptography is still growing today as a result of public demand. Relictum is currently advancing blockchain technology by creating applications that are decentralized and integrate with NFT as well as other applications. &q...

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    I have a very small issue. My website is a small bitcoin exchange website. Every user has their own personal bitcoin wallet. To deposit and send. Now the small issue is. When a user makes a deposit the amount shows correctly. But when the user refresh the page the amount shows different for example if the user deposit $24 the account will show $24 then refresh page $200 then refresh page $150 then refresh page $50,000.00 this is a database error that needs to be fixed. I need this done by today in 30 mins please thank you.

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    ...basic-level audiences. Our channel is based on investment, crypto, blockchain, and the metaverse. Each script should be about 5 minutes long video. It is important that you deliver these on a weekly basis so our team can record videos. The scripts must be original. You can propose ideas and we can also send you some of our ideas. But you will need to research and write the scripts. 1) What is bitcoin? 2) Different types of cryptocurrencies? 3) How to own and store crypto? 4) What is fiat currency? 5) Inflation, recession, and more? The channel is very new so we are planning to start with 5 videos and then 2 videos a week. The script should be in simple English so everyone can understand. Try to separate the script into different parts. You can attach additional references for you...

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    We need a cash app which support not only bitcoin but our altcoin of choice. We need it to be with blockchain and all the features this has and be a payment gateway processor. We will add rfid payment process to buy tickets for events and create a POS system added to it, so that people can create events, use the POS and pass the rfid bracelet to buy food and drinks and at some points assist to the local stores inside of the event and buy with it. 
This in two ways: 1) online with immediate transaction type or 2) with prepaid credit on their wallet for offline transactions working along a cloud. *We require that the ideal candidate/business, posses proven work and expertise on this field, not only links of work, but actual letters or a way to contact other business to confirm their

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    Hello . I know that there are ways of making bitcoin flash transaction , which means that you can send bitcoin to a wallet and it would actually appear in the wallet , but not be “spendable” basically , like if you send it to an exchange it would not appear since it doesn t get enough confirmations . I need it to get a minimum of ONE (1) confirmation so it shows up in my wallet . This is just for entertainment purposes , intended as a joke on my buddies . If anyone can teach me how to do it or just send some of those over to me , you r hired .

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    We are seeking integration of our exchange (this is a sample API), we will provide our API endpoints). This API needs to be integrated into a 3rd party application - . You can see the example of the integration with other exchanges here: We need to connect our exchange API with the Java app, the returned data needs to be parsed and send to the server which communicates with the ATM machine. Please read carefully the documentation before submitting a proposal. Please do not submit a proposal, if you do not have any JAVA and API related skills. Thank you

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    ...Universal user - [ ] Multiple trades - [ ] Loading and editing articles and categories - [ ] Sales statistics per month - [ ] Sales statistics by items - [ ] Sales statistics by day and hour - [ ] Sale per employee - [ ] User with privileges - [ ] Provider load - [ ] Stock management - [ ] Entry and exit of boxes - [ ] Start of daily cash and close - [ ] Type of sale (card/cash/other) - [ ] USDT/BITCOIN QR Generator - [ ] Tax receipt printing ARGETNINA [AFIP] - [ ] Thermal printer reader (TO PRINT ORDERS) - [ ] Close the box for day - [ ] View sales in real time - [ ] Loading tables - [ ] Same items by branches (In the case of having multiple bars per user) - [ ] Business registration (address, type category) - [ ] Responsive - [ ] Intuitive search MongoDB should be used as a d...

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    Want Excel program using Coingecko API V3 reading coins real time date info When use API reading to Excel Data From Web URL by LIST command "" will create Excel table with all support coins with 3 columns id .symbol .name Want Excel table also display together more other columns data info for each coin beside the id, symbol, and na...circulating_supply total_supply, max_supply, all_time_high ath_change_perchange ath_date all_time_low atl_change_perchage atl_date last_updated List coin trade on Markets: Exchange 1 (example BTC, Column shows "Bianace") List Exchange 2 List Exchange 3 Coin's CoinGecko Link (clickable to open coingecko this coin's page, Example: for BTC, have column clickable to )

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    Meet bitcoin boi - JC is a 13 year old that has embraced bitcoin and is doing a series of educational videos to teach young and old how to use bitcoin. Your job as a personal assistance to bitcoin boi will be to keep him organized, assist him in carryout research for new content, edit video, improve the script and help with anything else that is required. The ideal candidate should know bitcoin and crypto currencies fairly well, should know how to edit and improve videos, should have some experience with youtibe, tiktok and instagram and most importantly, should be eager and willing to work! I am not looking for a company I am looking for someone to help a couple hours a day to ensure that bitcoin boi keeps to his work and creates fantastic ma...

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    Link github my project Bitcoin checker original I need my app to have the same functions as the original bitcoinchecker. I need the app to run in the background. That is, even closed (closed activity), the application makes a call on the binance API. I need you to fix the bugs. Pricing is not updating in activity. I need the APP to make a sound if the percent is greater than 1% or less than -1%. When issuing the alarm, reset percent(percent = 0) Example below: //example PHP if($percent > 1 || $percent < -1) { $percent = 0; //reset //And send alert sound $this->oldValue = $this->lastValue; $this->sendSoundAlarm(); } public function calcPercent($oldValue, $lastValue) {

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    Please bid only if you have already worked on this kind of project! Please share your previous projects!

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    ...AFTER I WILL BLOCK YOU. BE CLEAR AND DIRECT. .Continue a GOLANG project with the following Gorilla MUX bitcoin endpoints: We already share the (Address create endpoint) 1- Get Balance from a bitcoin address 2- Calculate the bitcoin fee from a transaction 3- Create a Bitcoin Raw Transaction and submit (option to send all balance) 4- Get transaction history from the Bitcoin address The NODE used will be from Third party node services are not allowed in the project. The API from can be used too. A tutorial of development is bellow to help the person: The project should be working in testnet 100% before the

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    I need a script that mines bitcon on the server side ( webside) . This is just for private so dont need the whole design. As long as it can transfer the mined content to a bank account. Needs to be in php. There are many script right of the shelf so its no use over price it.

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    Blockchain Avsluttet left

    BTC TRANSACTION FLASH The features : -Work in all countries, no ip address restriction -Send transactions with confirmation -Can send up to 20 BTC per transaction -The bitcoin will dissappear after 30 days -100% Anonymous (clears your history after each transaction) -You can edit transaction fees on BTFT -you can receive the balance automatically without confirmation. -Transferable from one wallet to another -Support all btc format address (segwit, legacy, bch and p2p trading

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    I am searching for someone experienced with crypto to make one to two tweets daily using premium glassnode graph data. You don't need to know twitter, you will send the analysis directly to me. Please only apply if you have the relevant experience. I will need to see previous work from you. I can pay 3-5 euro per tweet depending on the quality. The work will be available for at least a few months.

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    Decrypted is an independent feature film made by us (Substantial Films) and produced/directed by me (Tom Sands) about a mismatched NSA team who kidnap the creator of Bitcoin and torture him for information to destroy cryptocurrencies. It is a dark comedy that is crazy, zany and off-the-wall but also touches on many social issues like sexuality, gender, and racism. The film stars Sophia Myles (Transformers, Underworld, Spooks), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean, Unforgotten), Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr Selfridge) and Talisa Garcia (Baptiste, Willow). The film was released in the UK on 1st November 2021 and will be released in the US on TVoD (transactional video on demand) in September and AVoD (advertising video on demand) on or near 30th November. The social strategy wil...

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    Hello, I am looking for a developer for deploying the OpenDax/Openware Exchange on my AWS. OpenDAX is open-source. The deployment process should be simple and quick according to Opendax. There are tons of instructions on how to install OpenDax installation manual: OpenDax installation video: Demo: Your tasks: - Complete and error-free installation of OpenDax on my AWS - Complete and error-free configuration of OpenDax - Blockchain Wallet Node configuration: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron and Ethereum The exchange has to be FULL operational. Including the SSL, Recaptcha etc. (all functions that the script has).

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    ...which are selected with drop down menu for each of them, this makes it easy to update for developer by adopting example of the one above it. We have more than one service provider we have integrated, so all you have to do is study the existing one and just have to add extra one(s) to it as a drop down menu where applicable. 1. Bitcoin Currency Conversion: Bitcoin rate by default is naira, this rate is picked from We want to change default Bitcoin to USD and the exchange rate should be from 2. Integrate additional SMS Gateway API: We have multiple SMS API we select with drop down. We want to Integrate additional sms api code of a. with api at for Standard and SIM Hosting

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    Eckmars marketplace Avsluttet left

    ...for me are the following things... 1# All functions like buying or closing a transaction should work 100%. 2# The activation of the vendor account should work correctly and the vendor bond should be sent automatically to the market address. 3# There should be 3 onion links to the market, 4# the FE function should be functional and regularly adjustable by the admin. 5# XMR= Monero & BTC= Bitcoin payments should both work. 6# There should be a DDOS protection with captcha in the form of a clock on the first page before the login option to be solved, only then the registration or regestierung should be possible. 7# If it is possible, a seller should have the possibility to advertise his product on the front page for an amount e.g. 1€ for one month 2€ for 2 mon...

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    A developer with experience with implementing full nodes for monitoring and handling transactions is required. Experience with Bitcoin Core required Experience with Ethereum Full Nodes (Geth, etc) required

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    Here is the offer, Will provide you a software with these features Software has the following properties Flashing no limite of btc It is tradable on any investments platforms and mining pools Btc gets full confirmation It works with any BTC wallet. Simple to set up and installed Segwit and legacy address 100% confirmed transaction Received in a timely manner Mail Confirmation - *Yes* Sms Confirmation - *Yes* Transaction ID - *Yes* BTC can be splited - *Yes* How many times it can be transferred from my Blockchain wallet - *10Times* Validity- *180Days* Breakable- *Yes Any Version- *Yes Move To Binancen any wallet - *Yes

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    Ponto a ser considerado 1) Para piscar BTC nas opções de endereço da carteira de destino e código QR, ambos disponíveis no software 2) Software capaz de enviar 1-100 BTC por vez e mostrar o saldo. 3) BTC Flashed por software deve permanecer na carteira no mínimo 30 dias após ser Flashed na carteira alvo 4) Flashed BTC por software na carteira de destino deve passar de 1 carteira para outro mínimo de 9 carteiras após Flashed na carteira de destino depois disso desaparecer ok 5) A transferência Flash BTC pode ser transferível na base BlockChain Binance & Coin etc., quaisquer carteiras de criptomoedas estão disponíveis no blockchain. Com as opções "BlockChain server" e &q...

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    Topp bitcoin artikler