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    Develop an NRF52810 Arduino Core 6 dager left

    I am looking for a developer to create an NRF52810 Arduino Core with specific features and functions. Specific Features: - Ability to interface I2C, SPI device. -Can use the following existing one as template: Requirements: - The software much be well commented, changes to the existing GitHub highlighted. -The software must be tested. Timeline: - The client needs the project to be completed within 1-2 weeks Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming - Experience working with NRF52810 - Knowledge of Bluetooth connectivity - Ability to meet tight deadlines - C/C++ exerience - BLE experience

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    Need to integrate a waveshare laser sensor for a project with Arduino or esp32. Need it to be able to detect objects when in front

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    I am looking for a freelancer to assist with a machine automation project. I need to automate a specific task or process. Please refer to the video file from the shortcut as below. project. I need to automate a specific task or process. Please refer to the video file from the shortcut as below. Budget: - The client has a budget of more than $1000 for this machine automation project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in machine automation and programming - Proficiency in Python, Raspberry Pi, and/or Arduino (depending on the client's preferred automation platform) - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Attention to detail and accuracy - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

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    pcb programmation 6 dager left

    ...looking for a programmer who is experienced in Arduino and can help me with my PCB project. The main goal of this project is to create a programmable PCB with the desired functionality of Domotic. Here are the specific requirements for the job: Programming Language: Arduino - The ideal candidate should have experience in programming Arduino using the C language. Microcontroller/Development Board: Arduino Uno - The programmer should be familiar with the Arduino Uno board and its capabilities. Functionality: Domotic - The PCB should be able to collect data, control devices, and provide a communication interface for home automation purposes. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming using C language. - Familiarity with the ...

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    Arduino Cyber project 6 dager left

    I need a way to add cybersecurity elements to the arduino code. I have a smart arduino car and I need a way to hack it

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    We are looking for an experienced Arduino developer who can adjust the current wled firmware for our ESP32 hardware. The main task will be to add new features to the firmware, and we have a general idea of what these features should be, but we need help with the details. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Strong knowledge of Arduino programming and firmware development - Experience with ESP32 hardware and its capabilities - Familiarity with the wled firmware and its architecture - Ability to understand and implement new features based on general requirements - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail The main goal of this project is to achieve full integration of the adjusted firmware with our existing app. Therefore, th...

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    Prototyping new products 5 dager left

    ...should cover: Embedded Programming and Hardware Designing PCB Designing Schematic/Circuit Designing PCB Assembling 3D Design and Printing Automation AI-assisted development App Development, both Android and iOS Web Application Development Your verifiable expertise should extend to tools like Altium, Eagle, KiCad, Orcad, Proteus EasyEDA, Solidworks, Fusion 360, Arduino IDE, STM32 IDE, MPLAB, MATLAB, Microchip Studio, Eclipse, Intellij, Netbeans, Atom, FlatCAM, Android Studio, XCode, VSCode, WinAVR. Avoid using copy/paste bids; only bid if you're proficient and capable of handling the jobs we offer. In your first reply, provide a comprehensive portfolio with references outside Freelancer for verification. NOTE! Failure to check our pr...

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    pressure air arduino 4 dager left

    creating a project with Arduino mini air pressure measurement via Transducer probe measure the pressure of a compressor in bar

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    Trophy icon pressure air arduino 4 dager left

    measure the pressure of the tires and the air compressor creating a project with Arduino NANO 5 air pressure sensors display oled on the display show the 5 pressure measurements

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    Arduino robot mower project 4 dager left

    I am looking for an advanced Arduino programmer to assist me in creating a robot mower project. Budget: Less than $100. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced expertise in Arduino programming. - Experience in designing and building robot mowers. - Familiarity with various Arduino models and components. Project Requirements: - Design and build a robot mower based on the client's specifications. - Develop the necessary algorithms and programming to ensure precise and efficient mowing. - Incorporate safety features and obstacle detection to prevent accidents. - Provide suggestions and recommendations for the robot mower's design and functionality. Please note that the client is open to suggestions regarding the specific model or design of the robot mower.

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    EIP Slave for Arduino 4 dager left

    Please read in entirety before responding and submit any questions. We are looking for truthful professional, responsible, devoted respondents to collaborate with. We have an Arduino IOT edge box that will need to be programmed as an Ethernet/IP () slave. The slave should support implicit messaging and map the inputs and outputs to an assembly class instance to allow cyclic transfer of data to and from the client PLC in data arrays. All the ODVA functions, features and diagnostics will also provided, supported. The code has to be developed in ESP-IDF code as that is the firmware on the controller. We shall test your submission against our PLC & MS Windows client EIP driver we have. The budget is only placeholder, please provide your best fixed price bid for time & money. If...

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    arduino script 4 dager left

    I am trying to make a sign for model railroads. I was inspired by this gas station prices sign video: starts at 18:36. I have an arduino board and 0.96/1.3'' IPS SPI Full Color 80x160 ST7735 display. my project is I am looking for: proof of concept where the destination and type of train can be changed-in the future maybe with an app via bluetooth. I attached three bitmaps in the correct size. the 2.71KB file is the constant background, and the two smaller ones are the variables that would go in the correct location with spacing as shown in each bitmap. the font necessary is frutiger, I made them images instead of alphanumerics. if this proof of concept is feasible, perhaps the different inputs can be chosen with a selector knob in analog style.

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    I am looking for a skilled Python developer who can create code for sound source localization on a Raspberry Pi platform. The project requires moderate accuracy, with the sound source being localized within 10 degrees. Requirements: - Proficiency in Python programming - Experience with sound signal processing and localization algorithms - Familiarity with Raspberry Pi platform and its GPIO capabilities The client has a specific sound source for testing, so the developer will need to integrate this source into the code. The ideal candidate will have prior experience working with Raspberry Pi or similar embedded systems, as well as a strong background in signal processing and localization algorithms. Attention to detail and the ability to work with precision are key skills for this proj...

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    X(cross sign) will be detected by computer camera. If the cross detecter can be determined when the user shows it, stepper motor should be worked(Logic 1) by arduino. If no sign, not working(Logic 0). The dataset should be educated with colorful especial handwriting cross signes and google images. Dataset should be included minimum 1000 images. Roboflow should be used. We are using as devices: Arduino mega, Stepper motor: 28byj-48, driver: uln2003an

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    ...intake/output tracker app that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. I need assistance sourcing the hardware components for a liquid tape measure that will be used with the app. The key features I would like included in the app are alerts/notifications and data visualization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms - Knowledge of Arduino hardware and integration with mobile apps - Familiarity with sourcing hardware components - Proficiency in creating alerts/notifications and data visualization features in mobile apps Functionality: The user shall have a cup for urin output and another cup for water intake. For urination: the user shall measure the output in the cup. The cup shall display the volume in mL The u...

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled Android developer to write a...the ESP32 device to control the state of the GPIO pins. - Programming Language: The application can be written in either Java or Kotlin, depending on the developer's preference and expertise. - Development Environment: The preferred development environment for the ESP32 is the Arduino IDE. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Android development using either Java or Kotlin. - Experience in working with Bluetooth connectivity and integrating it into Android applications. - Familiarity with the Arduino IDE and ESP32 development. - Knowledge of GPIO pin control and how to communicate with the ESP32 device. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a chiller controller using an Arduino board and a 3 inch HMI display. The project requires temperature, humidity, and pressure control. Key Features: - Temperature, humidity, and pressure control - Arduino C programming language - Open to any HMI suggestions Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino C programming language - Experience with developing chiller controllers - Knowledge of HMI integration and customization Please provide examples of previous projects related to chiller controllers and Arduino programming.

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    I'm looking to create a relay control system that will utilize a Raspberry Pi. Its purpose is for industrial automation, and I need to have the system trigger at certain high temperatures. I have specific hardware components already in mind for this project, and I am l...looking to create a relay control system that will utilize a Raspberry Pi. Its purpose is for industrial automation, and I need to have the system trigger at certain high temperatures. I have specific hardware components already in mind for this project, and I am looking for someone who can confidently execute my vision. This will likely require a thorough understanding of both Raspberry Pi and Arduino platform to best implement the project. If you have experience with this type of project, I look forward to he...

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    I got many projects every month. i can say around 20 to 70 projects per month. You are free to use any third party source like ChatGPT. Raspberry Pi Project: 35USD Per Project Arduino Project: 20USD Per Project Mobile App: 65USD Per Project Only need to provide coding and circuit connection manual for rasp pi and arduino projects. These project no need to be super complete, just need to complete the objectives of the project. Our goal is to finish it quickly as long as the project fulfilled its objectives.

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    I need the code for a ESP32Cam with a OV7725 camera to make a live feed to a GC9A01 connected directly to the ESP32Cam, and I need it to run 40-60fps or even more if posible without sacrificing a lot of image quality and having the least delay posible. I have tried making the code myself and i made it work with an OV2640 but im not able to make it work with an OV7725 module. I will upload the arduino sketch, I would like to have the options of the camera settings and implement the brightnes controll of the tft.

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    Program for arduino 1 dag left

    I am looking for a skilled programmer who can develop a program for an Arduino project. Functionality: - The program is required to process input information of two sine wave signals and calculate the phase shift between the two semitric sinewave signals that have a phase angle between each other and be able to display the value of that angle The program should be compatible with arduino and the output (result,phase shift angle) should be able to be displayed on laptop or computer or any screen connected to arduino Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming. - Experience with reading sensor data and displaying it. - Familiarity with RF signal antennas. - Ability to create a program that can interact with other devices and display the d...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has advanced experience with Arduino and CH32 uart communication. Purpose of CH32 uart communication: Device control - The project requires the freelancer to have experience with device control using CH32 uart communication. Specific device: - The client has a specific device in mind that they want to control using Arduino and CH32 uart communication. Level of complexity: - The client requires advanced level of complexity in the device control. Ideal skills and experience: - Advanced experience with Arduino and CH32 uart communication - Familiarity with the specific device the client wants to control - Strong understanding of device control and advanced programming techniques

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    Fairly simple ramping>duty flow; 2 inputs (trigger and feedback) and 1 output (PWM)

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    Project Title: Arduino Uno Board Design I am looking for a freelancer who can design a board for Arduino Uno. The board should have the following specifications: - Arduino Uno: The board design should be specifically for Arduino Uno. - Open to Suggestions: Although I have a rough idea of the function I want the board to perform, I am open to suggestions and recommendations from the freelancer. - Basic Complexity: The level of complexity for the board design should be basic. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Arduino Uno board design. - Knowledge of electronic circuit design. - Experience in creating basic board designs. - Ability to provide suggestions and recommendations for board function. If you have the skills and experience required fo...

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    Hello! My name is Neha, and I am looking for help with a Line Follower Robot project. I am specifically looking for a Basic Line Follower which will be used Indoor, and which must come with the complete documentation, code, instructions, and...appropriate changes if necessary in order for the Line Follower Robot to work properly. Ideally, I am looking for a freelancer who has extensive knowledge as I need this project to be done professionally and correctly the first time. I would also appreciate if you could provide some advice and suggestions on improvements for my project. The successful freelancer should have a strong background in Arduino and programming, with the ability to develop and troubleshoot code quickly. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to working...

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    I am looking for an Electronic Design Engineer with a specific skill set in Hardware Design and Simulation. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing analog circuits and systems. Skills required: - Microprocess :STM32, ESP32, Arduino - Knowledge of circuit design principles and techniques - Familiarity with circuit simulation and analysis tools Experience: - The engineer should have at least 5-10 years of experience in circuit design - Strong understanding of PCB layout and component selection for circuit designs Software/Tools: - Familiarity with industry-standard circuit design tools and software - Proficiency in using simulation and analysis tools for several circuits Note: The specific software knowledge requirement was not mentioned by the client.

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    Simple PID arduino code 20 dager left

    I need help with testing simple PID code and would like to compare P, PI and PID

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    I'm looking for some help to program an Arduino Uno so that it will vary its output based on an analog input, and adjust the speed of the output based on this input. Specifically, I require that I be able to control a generator in this manner. My ideal solution would be one which can take the input, detect any errors between the expected and actual output from the Arduino, and correct the speed of the output accordingly. This project requires extensive knowledge in programming Arduino, as well as a strong understanding of the principles surrounding analog and linear feedback systems. I look forward to working with someone who can assist me in making this project a success.

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    I am looking for a Node.js developer with experience in implementing LoRaWAN packet FRMPayload AES128 decryption. The specific LoRaWAN device being used for this project is ATMega4808. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Node.js development - Familiarity with LoRaWAN packet decryption - Experience with AES128 decryption - Proficient in working with Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega - Basic understanding of LoRaWAN network architecture Project Details: - The main objective of this project is to implement the decryption of LoRaWAN packet FRMPayload using AES128 algorithm. - The client is a beginner in Node.js, so the ideal candidate should be able to provide guidance and support throughout the development process. - The client will provide sample data packets for testing purpose...

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    I am looking for someone to help me with a project involving coding for an Arduino to make an HM-10 BLE module function as an iBeacon. The specific functionality that I need the HM-10 BLE module to have is transmitting UUID and major/minor values. For some reason the AT commands are not working properly for me. Very few of them work and give a response of ok, while many dont give a response. I already have all the necessary hardware components for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Arduino programming and experience with coding for BLE modules - Familiarity with iBeacon technology and the HM-10 BLE module - Experience with transmitting UUID and major/minor values using an HM-10 BLE module

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    Hello! I am looking for a talented freelancer to help me prototype an electronic device with specific features and functionality on the Arduino platform. The device I'm looking to create is a sports measurement device. I have a detailed list of features and functionality for this device, so you'll need to be skilled in both the design and construction components required to help me achieve my goal. You should also be knowledgeable in the Arduino platform itself and any related technologies. If you feel that you have the skills and experience necessary to successfully complete this project, please reach out and let's discuss the details. I am looking to do a rapid prototype, with come basic functionality to field test. The aesthetic is not important at this sta...

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    MDV Arduino project Avsluttet left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my MDV Arduino project. The desired functionality for this project is automation and control. I am expecting an intermediate level of complexity in the automation and control processes, with multiple tasks involved. I already have the specific hardware components listed for this project. I am using a MDVs Arduino to capture photos of coins and using it to find certain coins I tell it too.

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    ...1/10th part of the project - future will be implementation of solenoid valves, laser shit off mechanism, microfluidics laser , characterization spectroscopy. However , first project involves programming on Arduino and setting up PID Temperature Controller for our NTC type of thermistor. Programming Language: Arduino ( with extensions to Python ) - The ideal candidate should have experience in programming the temperature sensor using Arduino Accuracy: - The client already has a certain accuracy for the sensor for NTC Thermistor. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python, Arduino programming language - Experience in working with temperature sensors and NTC Thermistors - Knowledge of electronics and circuit design - Ability to troubleshoot and debug...

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    Arduino programming Avsluttet left

    I am looking for a programmer who can help me out with a project involving the Arduino platform. My specific project is about integrating sensors into a system that will move hundreds of shoes as in the attached file, and I’m looking for someone to help me out with the programming aspect. To be clear, I do not have all the hardware components necessary for this project – I am in need of advice on what I should purchase or print. As for my level of expertise, I’d say I’m a beginner when it comes to coding and the Arduino platform. I’m looking for someone who can help me out with the programming of this project and maybe even provide advice on what components to purchase. If this sounds like a project you’d like to take on, please contact me ...

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    codigo arduino 1 dag left

    codigo arduino TTP233. Para desarrollar un código para Arduino que controle 8 relés utilizando un sensor táctil , necesitarás integrar la librería del y escribir un código que detecte los toques en los interruptores y active o desactive los relés correspondientes. A continuación, te proporciono un ejemplo de cómo podría ser este código para el ESP32:

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    I am having issues installing Adafruit_Sensor.h library on my Arduino. I need someone to connect to my computer via Anydesk and take care of it today asap. Thanks.

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    Using a wemos lolin lite esp32 development board how to wire to a 128x64 display with controller SSD1309 that has connections VCC, GND, DIN, CLK, CS, DC, RST give an exact wire pin out to the Wemos. You must produce functioning code that will display a bitmap image on the display. Here is the oled display:

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    Project using Arduino R3, PT100 RTD, MAX31865, Teco L510 VFD, and Nextion NX8048p070-011C to control VFN motor with Nextion Display. Requirements; - Display PT100 temperature on the display - Set motor speed on the Nextion - Set total motor run time and motor interval on the Nextion - Nextion design and firmware for this purpose - Arduino firmware for this purpose Example: Total run time 15 minutes, interval time 2 minutes, so the motor will run for a total of 15 minutes but every 2 minutes it would change direction.

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    Diagram: Include a diagram schematically depicting your system. A circuit diagram of how the components will be connected is the best.

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    I'm looking for someone to help with a personal project of mine involving an Arduino Nano. Specifically, I need assistance with programming in C++ to incorporate LED control into the Nano. This will involve some coding and the integration of LED control functions into the existing codebase, so the individual should have knowledge and experience with the C++ language. The primary purpose of this project is personal use, so the end product doesn't need to be suitable for commercial or educational use. I'm looking for someone who is proficient in C++ and is experienced in arduino programming and LED control with the Nano board. If you have the expertise necessary, please get in touch!

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    ...Reception: Implement functionality to receive and process incoming calls, enabling basic call handling. - Hardware Setup: The project requires integration between the SIM800 module and the ESP32 board, ensuring proper communication and functionality. - Programming Language: The program should be developed using suitable languages and libraries for the - ESP32 platform and SIM800 module (e.g., Arduino IDE). - Testing and Debugging: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the reliability and stability of the program. - --- Debugging and refining to eliminate potential issues are essential parts of the project. - The client has a rough idea of the specific features and functionalities they want for the SIM800 module. - The expected timeline for this project is 1-2 weeks. If you ha...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can make UI modifications to match my compiled Arduino code. Specifically, I need layout adjustments to be made. I have a specific design style in mind and would like a custom design for the UI. It is important that the modified UI matches the functionality of the Arduino code exactly. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in UI design and development - Experience with Arduino programming - Attention to detail - Ability to work with custom design requests - Understanding of the importance of matching UI functionality with the Arduino code. Time is of the essence for a current deadline, experience in CEA watering and nutrient controllers is imperative. Prior design in latest version of Nex...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project, which involves designing a voltage compact booster controlled with an ESP32. I want the designer to order the circuit from any pcb and assembly provider. ESP will not only contain voltage controlling code there is...feed with voltage but should be protected with 10 Mohm Specific Input Voltage Range: - There is a specific input voltage range required, which is 0-5 volts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing voltage boosters and working with ESP32 microcontrollers. - Knowledge of electrical engineering and circuit design. - Proficiency in programming languages like C++. - Familiarity with Arduino development tools. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal. ...

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    Tengo un prototipo que utiliza la tarjeta Mega 2560 y varios otros componentes (Ethernet Shield, RTC, I2C LCD, Relays, Serial , entre otros), la idea es dar un paso a una tarjeta de producción, donde todos los módulos estén en una PCB y se entreguen esquemáticos y todo lo necesario para poder mandar a manufacturar una Tarjeta funcional. Cuento con diagramas de conexión y el software ya concluido y funcional.

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    We've been working with an amazing engineer on Freelancer for more than a year, but he's moving on to more important things, so we need a new engineer to help us with our development projects. Deep understanding and knowledge / experience developing software for Arduino's and ATmega STM microcontrollers. We will develop the electronics, but need an engineer to develop the software, but will share the electronic designs for the projects also. Needs to be well structured software that can be further developed and / or modified without having to re-develop the entire platform. Must include settings tab so we can reassign pins, set thresholds etc... This relationship will be for many projects (some large and very complex if you're interested), over a long period, ...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with an expertise in Node.js and Arduino to help me implement a project. Specifically, I need the freelancer to develop code to decrypt FRMPayload. I have the necessary hardware and sensors needed for the project. I am looking for a freelancer with a very high level of expertise to complete the project. If you believe you have the necessary experience and can complete the task, please submit your proposal. Thank you!

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    vibrqation sensor Avsluttet left

    I'm looking for a vibration sensor with a low frequency detection range of 0-100Hz, for use in monitoring usage of a bike repair station either using the pump, accessing one of the tools or using the stand to hold a bike to use their own tools. I also need to be able to retrieve the data from the sensor easily with a laptop. I have done some brief research and a SW-420 module with an Arduino may fit the bill?

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    Project Description: - I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with Arduino Uno microcontrollers and PCB design. - The primary function of the microcontroller in this project is something other than controlling pump or reading sensor data. - I do not require assistance with designing the PCB layout. - The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of microcontroller programming and circuit design. - Experience with Arduino Mega and other microcontrollers is a plus. - Knowledge of PCB manufacturing and assembly processes is preferred. - Good communication skills and the ability to work independently are important for this project.

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    Arduino code Avsluttet left

    I need to modify some existing Arduino code for an Arduino Mega device. My project involves a complex set of processes that can be automated with the help of the right Arduino code. Working with Arduino has come as no surprise for me, but writing the code efficiently and accurately is the difficult part. I'm looking for an experienced freelance Arduino coder to revise the code and deliver a comprehensive tested product. Proficiency in coding with the Arduino Mega is required and a knowledge of previous code modifications is preferred. With the right person on board, my project can achieve the desired automation with precision and accuracy. See the attachment shows the main code in which i want modification. Particularly their is a turning par...

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    Arduino ESP32 - Tuya Avsluttet left

    We would like some developer to do a small task of writing a code for esp32 , the code will scan all tuya devices on the local network , and reports back the status of each of the devices , this should be shown on Arduino serial monitor , you can take some references from tiny tuya as the functionality is similar. Kindly note that we need a functional code to process the payment ( the payment will be after the job is completed ). Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming and ESP32 - Experience in sensor monitoring and data logging - Knowledge of Tuya platform

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