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    ...ønskelig at dette inntrykket beholdes i webdesignet. Webdesign ønsker: Sideblokker: begynner i svart og bygges nedover i sjatteringer som blir lysere lik logo. Sideblokker skal være på venstre og høyre side. Meny: Hjem - Innledning - Bestilling/Kontakt Meny ønskes som knapper der de som grunnregel er svart med hvit skrift. hover: bruk en av gråtonene i logo og tilpass skriftfarge active page: samme som ved hover Textblokk ønsker vi at bakgrunnsfarge skal være lik tekstfargen på Sunday Consulting i logo. Legg inn dummy tekst lik en a4 side til å begynne med. Mer info vil komme. Under bestilling/kontakt skal det utvikles et kontaktskjema med noen avsnitt tekst over. Felter som skal være...

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    social media 6 dager left

    ...and stories for Facebook as well. brands that I would like to emulate - Farmer J, Wingman, eatpoorboys, Chatsworth bakehouse, etc Type of Content: - I am looking for both posts and stories to be created for Instagram, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing presence on the platform. Frequency of Posting: - The content should be posted 3-5 times a week on Facebook, ensuring a regular and active presence on the platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in creating engaging content for Facebook and Instagram. - Proficiency in using design tools and software to create visually appealing content. - Understanding of social media trends and best practices. - Ability to create content that resonates with the target audience and drives engagement. -...

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    SEO for my tuition agency 6 dager left

    I am looking for an experienced SEO expert to help improve the search engine rankings for my tuition agency. Goals: - Improve search engine rankings - Increase website traffic - Generate more leads and conversions Specific keywords: - The client has provided a list of specific keywords to target Current SEO strategy: - The client does not have an active SEO strategy in place Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record in improving search engine rankings - Experience in increasing website traffic and generating leads - Ability to conduct keyword research and optimize website content - Knowledge of SEO best practices and latest trends - Strong analytical and reporting skills - Ability to provide recommendations and implement effective SEO strategies

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    - The output should be as follows: - Save to a file named : public_key;type_of_public_key;r_signature,s_signature,message_hash,transaction_hash,time_stamp Operation: - Multicore or multithreading - Before saving, an verification must be performed to check if r_signature, s_signature, and message_hash match with the public_key. This is a simple task.

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    Please provide a true bid to be completed in 3-5 days Create a list of 1500 contacts on Excel similar to this list The list of contacts includes; A list of 500 Family Law /Divorce Lawyers in the Toronto and Hamilton Canada area ( must be family law lawyers not other type of lawyer) A list of 500 Immigration Lawyers in the Toronto and Hamilton area ( must be specifically immigration lawyer) A list of 500 Licensed Immigration Consultants taken from a directory or websites such as these

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    Zoho Creator App 6 dager left

    ...brand that they are a customer of. If not we will need to create separate portals in Creator for this. SSO: The portal will require access through SSO from our current customer portal in Wordpress. We use mini orange currently for our Multi factor authentication and can also use this for SSO. Data Sources: The data for this portal is currently recorded in a number of different sources, including: Active Billing - this is our billing platform - there is no API for this system. Vocus - Ordering Portal - there is currently no API for this portal but it should be available soon. TIAB - Octane Portal - API are available for this portal. Initial data can be provided by csv file. Ongoing data would be preferred to be as automated as possible when changes are made. As mentioned only ...

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    I have a web page needing to use support board as agent chat system and now need to: 1) assign automatially role of freelancer (in my system) to agents in support board; 2) set up default agents to employer based on the web's engagement and hiring situation; 3) may need to define in system what is an active order; 4) allow the default agent to access employer's project page; Must have support board api script experience in order to work on it. thx

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    Bitwarden / Vaultwarden Directory ConnectorCLI (LDAP) Expertise Needed My Goals 1) cron job CLI sync of Samba 4 LDAP (AD) and Vaultwarden users / groups. 2) smtp configured via CLI so email sent to invite new users upon successful sync We are setting up Vaultwarden, an opensource variant of Bitwarden on a test server. Our need is to determine how to connect to our LDAP environment using Directory Connector but using only CLI tools. Our environment is: * Ubuntu Server 22.04 * Vaultwarden (an opensource variant of Bitwarden) * Samba 4 (works as Active Directory domain controller) * Our server is publicaly accessible with DNS provided by Cloudflare. * The software has been installed so all commands only run under a specific user and not root. We have succee...

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    Annotated Bibliography -- 2 6 dager left

    ...topics have more than just two sides; there may be several points of view, depending on how complex your subject is. A paper must have: A thesis statement! What is a thesis statement? It sums up your position on the issue. Also, it: --is a complete sentence --offers an opinion, not a fact --is not a question --uses active voice --is not a “topic” --uses the word “should” (or “shouldn’t”) Supporting evidence! Find reputable sources that back up your opinion. Paraphrase or quote them in your paper. Opposing views: Find reputable sources that DISAGREE with your opinion. Paraphrase or quote them in your...

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    ...that I want to rank for. The SEO expert should be able to use this list to optimize the website accordingly. - On-page Optimization: The website should be optimized for the selected keywords, including meta tags, headings, content, and URL structure. - Off-page Optimization: The SEO expert should implement effective off-page strategies such as link building, social media promotion, and local directory submissions to improve the website's visibility and authority. - Content Optimization: The website's existing content should be optimized to include the targeted keywords naturally and improve its relevance to the target audience. - SEO Analysis: Regular analysis and reporting of the website's performance and rankings are essential to track progress and make necessary...

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    Google ads campaign setting 6 dager left

    Need to setup conversion when a page is loaded And synchronise with google ads, google tags I have setup already Site Kit in word press, i have setup tags and conversions but they are not active Conversions are for 2 contact forms to be completed Need also you to check that campaign is counting the conversions correctly

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    write a Mikrotik script 6 dager left

    You need to write a script. There is a file with a list of pppoe clients, the script should disable clients that are located in this file. In secrets and in active connections. Functionality: - Firewall configuration - Bandwidth management - Network monitoring Requirements: - The freelancer should have expertise in Mikrotik scripting - I am open to any specific requirements or preferences the freelancer may have - The deadline for completing the script is flexible and can be discussed further with the freelancer. If you have the necessary skills and experience in Mikrotik scripting, please apply for this project.

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    ...15. Describe the evidence indicating that a black hole may be at the center of our galaxy. 16. What will be the long-term future of the Milky Way? 17. What are the two best ways to measure the distance to a nearby spiral galaxy, and how would it be measured? 18. Describe some differences between quasars and normal galaxies. 19. Describe the observations that convinced astronomers that M87 is an active galaxy. 20. Describe the evolution of an elliptical galaxy. How does the evolution of a spiral galaxy differ from that of an elliptical? 21. What is the evidence that a large fraction of the matter in the universe is invisible? 22. Which formed first: hydrogen nuclei or hydrogen atoms? Explain the sequence of events that led to each. 23. Astronomers have found that there is more he...

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    Trophy icon Design for my campervan 6 dager left

    I would like a design for my bus that reflects my personality. I love: Snowboarding, skiing, surfing (no windsurfing), kayaking, MTB, sled dogs, swimming. Nature is very important to me. I really like mountains and forests. My favorite color is turquoise. But I also like pink, purple and some glitter here and...favorite color is turquoise. But I also like pink, purple and some glitter here and there. I like cheerful colors. Winter is my favorite season. My van is a Toyota Proace Dethleffs. The dimensions are best found on Google for an idea. It is possible to keep the roof in the design aswell. Design can be on the windows, not necessary but if it looks cool, why not. I am a happy, lively, colorful, active, nature minded person and hope someone can make a design what makes my va...

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    Hi Remona M., I noticed that the project was revoked. I will try to make it active again.

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    I am looking for an exp...candidate should be proficient in using SEMRush for SEO analysis and have active plans with the tool. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using SEMRush for SEO analysis - Experience in conducting keyword research - Knowledge of high RF link building strategies - Ability to create quality articles for high RF link building - Experience in reaching out to businesses for cross-linking opportunities Specific Requirements: - Familiarity with Wincher for SEO analysis is a plus, but not required - Strong understanding of guest posting, social media sharing, and content marketing for link building - Proven track record of successfully improving organic traffic through SEO analysis and link building strategies - HAVE ACTIVE PAID SEMRush Pro + Wincher p...

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    ...sales with a strategic approach to meet and exceed targets. - Undertake comprehensive research to identify potential markets and competitors. - Efficiently manage time and organize tasks to optimize productivity. - Collaborate seamlessly with team members while thriving in independent scenarios. - Utilize lead generation software and CRM systems for streamlined operations. Qualifications - Active participation in generating and converting leads, especially with US and overseas clients. - A good knowledge of professional platforms like LinkedIn. - Exceptional communication and sales skills to engage and persuade effectively. - Strong research abilities to stay ahead in the competitive IT industry. - Superior time management and organizational capabilities. - Experience ...

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    Looking for an experienced wordpress and php developer who has expereince with building adult dating or escort type website with advanced features such as filters and has a good understanding how this type of website works, Please share relevant examples in this niche of work you have completed. There will be ongoing work for the right person. If you dont have direct experience in this niche its ok as long as you can show some examples of websites you have built with custom work and more advanced features and functions. advanced filters etc.

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    Требуется написать скрипт. Есть файл со списком pppoe клиентов, скрипт должен отключить клиентов которые находится в этом файле. В secrets и в active connections.

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    ...sales with a strategic approach to meet and exceed targets. - Undertake comprehensive research to identify potential markets and competitors. - Efficiently manage time and organize tasks to optimize productivity. - Collaborate seamlessly with team members while thriving in independent scenarios. - Utilize lead generation software and CRM systems for streamlined operations. Qualifications - Active participation in generating and converting leads, especially with US and overseas clients. - Exceptional communication and sales skills to engage and persuade effectively. - Strong research abilities to stay ahead in the competitive IT industry. - Superior time management and organizational capabilities. - Experience with lead generation software and CRM systems. - Background ...

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    ...instance(company) by adding company information fields that would create an instance (I will provide fields) + the actual user * OR, Allow to register in existing instance with route like (""). * Add users, roles and permissions management * Create ‘approve users’ page so each company/instance, can approve new user registrations * List of all users with ability to set active/inactive * Add Roles and Permissions functionality for each Company * Ability to assign roles and permissions to users * Develop middleware to control users and their data to access only their instance * Update all existing models (8-10) and controllers for company * For now set all users as admin - no work to implement roles and permissions anywhere in blade - You can look into...

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    VPN Application 5 dager left

    I’m looking to develop a user interface similar to nordvpn showing the active locations using a vpn service. I need the application to work on desktop (mac and windows) and Android and iOS. The vpn servers should come from a vpn service that lets us use their servers. I have the onboarding (login/registration already built). Please let me know if you have any open to different suggestions to make this happen as quick as possible.

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    3 Web pages design 5 dager left

    I am looking for a web designer to create three web pages for an interactive and engaging document approval and IT ticketing system. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Strong web design skills with a focus on user interaction and engagement - Experience in designing web pages for similar systems or interactive platforms - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure ...three web pages should serve as a seamless platform for users to easily submit and track document approvals and IT tickets. The design should prioritize user engagement and interaction, allowing users to easily navigate through the system and provide feedback or updates. Overall, the goal is to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that enhances the user experience and encourages active part...

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    ...elementor's builder. Actually, there are 2 forms on 2 different websites First website - a form that must be in Hebrew or English (varies according to the user's choice of website language) Interfacing with 2 Israeli companies A second website - a form that should be in Hebrew and English, with an interface to a credit company, PayPal and strip I need to be able to choose which interfaces are active at any time. Each form should be fully adapted (not a shortcode - but a widget) to design with elementor And not to depend on the wordpress version / elementor version And you need to make sure there are no conflicts with other plugins. In addition, I need to be able to edit the form fields just as it is possible to build a contact form in Elementor. Development must b...

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    ...research. I think the finished site should be a combination of flippa and empire flippers. The focus would be on the structure of the home page and the individual business listing pages and what content and sections are required to suit business listings. I don't just want real estate script or a directory script that is not suitable for selling businesses. i am looking for expressions of interest and ideas from qualified web designers. The back end would have to be robust and suited to what i need. Let me know your thoughts....

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    I am seeking a freelancer experienced in Active Directory forest migration to assist with my project. Requirements: - Knowledge and experience in migrating Active Directory forests with 100-500 users - Familiarity with various migration tools and the ability to suggest the most suitable option for the project - Availability for a long-term commitment, as the migration is expected to take more than 2 months Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in successfully completing Active Directory forest migration projects - Proficiency in selecting and utilizing migration tools, or the ability to quickly adapt and learn new tools - Strong understanding of Active Directory architecture and best practices - Excellent communication skill...

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    Hello i am in need some freelancers who could help me in this project i will give you all the required information to batter understand what is needed to be done newbies are preferred must be good English and typing speed. want to work asap so please submit proposal active freelancers.

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    SEO DIRECTORY SUBMISSION I am looking for a freelancer to help me with SEO directory submission for my personal website. The main objective of this project is to both increase website traffic and improve search engine ranking. Skills and Experience: - Experience in SEO directory submission - Ability to identify relevant directories for submission - Knowledge of SEO best practices and strategies - Familiarity with different directory submission tools and techniques - Strong attention to detail and ability to follow guidelines accurately The ideal freelancer for this job should be proactive and able to take the initiative in identifying directories for submission. They should also have a good understanding of SEO and be able to optimize the submissions for max...

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    Google ads setup 4 dager left

    Need to setup conversion when a page is loaded And synchronise with google ads, google tags I have setup already Site Kit in word press, i have setup tags and conversions but they are not active

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    ...*Colour Game Requirements admin pannel* (user information) register list all withdraw doposit list recharge list account edit,block,unblock,delete,user trade ban tranjaction history,delete and add account balance add,debit,notice 8. users oder informations 9. user invite members list 10. user bonus history data,login,time,ip addres,active time recive bouns bank informations list and update refrel link update option withdraw,approve,cancel,type region option (Agent option) red envelope report,recharge,withdraw trade,bonus (control option) result Green,red,violet,number, total amount green total amount red total amount violet total amount which number

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    I am a private banker and a forex trader, handling a portfolio for a high net worth clients, Because I have no time for my self, I am looking for an assistant smart and intelligent to publish my affiliate portfolio links in all forums and apps related for investing and online trading with my coordination, I pay for each account opened and active (account should be funded and trade) I pay Eur 8 The assistant should be smart enough to be able identifying real serious traders to open accounts for them through the affiliate links

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    Hi I have 2 tasks 1) fix 2 bugs in reactJS website - Budget 20$ - Duration 2 days 2) Create Full documentation for my project (UML designs and project directory structure) - Budget 150$ - Duration 2 weeks If u agree my budget and time duration make your bid with same time and budget. I will ignore all other bids

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    is a business directory website which lists businesses. It has Joomla CMS version 3.10.11 installed. Now, the following rectification work is to be done. 1. The “View all” button link in the “Related businesses” area of business pages or “other vendors” area of subcategory pages is not working. it is a button common to all subcategory pages.

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    11 bud moderation aligns with our community guidelines and rules. in long-term community building strategies and initiatives. Additional Duties: Craft and post engaging content on our Facebook page and Telegram group, although the primary focus remains on forum management. Requirements: experience in managing online communities, preferably in the mobile gaming sector. 2.Active player of mobile games. Applicants must mention their currently played mobile games in their bid. to dedicate a specified number of hours per day to forum management (please mention this in your bid). command of English, both written and spoken. to work independently and as part of a broader community management team. Bidding Details: quote your

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    Project Title: Search Engine Optimisation Specific Goals: - Increase conversions and leads through SEO efforts Target Market: - Local audience Budget: - $500 - $1000 for SEO services Ideal Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated track record of successfully increasing conversions and leads through SEO strategies - Expertise in targeting local audiences and optimizing websites for local search - Proficient in keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building techniques - Knowledge of local SEO tactics, including optimizing Google My Business listings and local directory submissions - Familiarity with analytics tools to track and measure the success of SEO campaigns - Strong communication and reporting skills to provide regular updates and insights to t...

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a custom directory site for me. I prefer a minimalist and clean design for the website. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Note, I am NOT looking for a designer who just cosmetically modifies templates and adds user information. I am looking for a custom website designer who can create content without reliance on templates (or the programing skills to heavily modify a template to meet my requirements). - Strong knowledge of creation / setup of MySQL database. You will be creating the framework for a database and the user interface(s) to access the data. - Experience with creating and implementing dynamic / advanced search and filter options. - Proficiency in website design and development, with a focus on creating c...

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    Trophy icon ReactJS Web Application 26 dager left

    I am looking for a ReactJS developer to build a web application with specific design requirements. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in ReactJS and JavaScript - Experience with real-time updates using technologies REST APIs - Knowledge ...created. After execution of the test case, will look like the data in g. The fifth test of the application is to CREATE more data. The "orange chicken" is created. After execution of the test case, will look like the data in If you have a sample application that can do the above five functions, please host it and send us the link. Responses without active web application links will not be considered. Please note we will award the prize to the FIRST ENTRY that meets all of the above requirements.

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    Description: a) I have a vps server with centos 7, apache, php 7 enabled and mysql b) I installed php swoole but it need to be fixed because it does not show active in phpinfo page c) Tasks: - Fix php swoole installation - Install the examples from repository - Test some examples in the command line - Test some examples in the browser url d) I give ftp access to the vps if needed e) I give root access to the vps if needed f) The control panel is not cpanel, but the webuzo panel, and I give access if needed

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    I am looking for a WordPress expert who can quickly resolve a conflict between the TutorLMS and WPUltimo plugins on my website. If both plugins are active, I get a critical error on my website. The ideal candidate should have experience in troubleshooting plugin conflicts and be able to fix the issue within 5 hours or less. Requirements: - Strong knowledge of WordPress and plugin development - Experience in resolving conflicts between plugins Desired Outcome: - Both TutorLMS and WPUltimo plugins should function together without any conflicts.

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    - Front-end option to select the number of active safety orders (limit orders) that are allowed to be placed on the exchange ahead of time - Front-end ability to edit / alter the number of active deals in the same view where you can change the take profit percentage and total number of safety orders. If changed, the exchange orders must also be changed / canceled. - Back-end when placing limit orders, confirm from exchange response the order was fully filled. If partially filled, SymBot should flag that and not proceed to filling the next order. This can usually be tracked by the order id sent back by the exchange. - Some type of "watchdog" service timer should poll the exchange every n seconds, possibly using CCXT's fetchOrders API to confirm the market / limi...

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    I am seeking an individual to compile data on the names of stores and branches across the United Arab Emirates. The task involves gathering information on the WhatsApp numbers used by these establishments to send their promotional offers. The collected data will be instrumental in creating a comprehensive directory of businesses in the region. Requirements: Compile a list of all the store names and branches in the UAE. Gather WhatsApp numbers associated with each store or branch for receiving promotional offers. Note: Accuracy and completeness of data are crucial for the success of this project. If you are interested in taking on this project, please provide details about your approach, estimated timeline, and any relevant experience. Looking forward to receiving proposals from q...

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    ...abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and talent demands within payments and fintech. • Generate insightful reports and analyses to inform content creation and provide valuable resources to our audience. Social Media Management: • Manage our social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. • Drive engagement through thought-provoking content, industry updates, and active participation in relevant conversations. Collaborations and Partnerships: • Foster collaborations with industry influencers, professionals, and organizations to enhance our brand presence and reach. • Seek opportunities for partnerships that contribute to the development of compelling and valuable content. Video Content Creation: • Oversee the cre...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a website that is linked to Shopify for online sales. The ideal candidate should have experience in website development and integration with Shopify. Budget: More than $1000 Features: - I need advice on specific features to include in the website. We are looking at ...selling all sorts of items - The website will also have a login page, for relevant uses. Mobile-Friendly: - The website should also be mobile-friendly. Please provide examples of previous work and any relevant experience in website development and Shopify integration. PLEASE NOTE: we are not interested in automated responses. As attention to detail is very important, please simply send us real active websites you have built, so we can review and go from there. ...

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    Tele calling 2 dager left

    Seeking a skilled telecaller for a lead generation campaign targeting busin...a proactive approach and be capable of achieving the desired outcome of generating leads. - Time Management: Efficiently managing time and ensuring prompt follow-ups with leads will be crucial for the success of the campaign. Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in telecalling or telemarketing, with a focus on lead generation for businesses. - Excellent communication skills, including active listening and persuasive speaking. - Familiarity with CRM software or lead management systems for efficient tracking and management of leads. - Ability to analyze and interpret data gathered from calls to identify potential leads and opportunities. - Proven track record of meeting or exceeding lead generation...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me gain targeted Twitter followers for my project. Here are the details: I do not want fake followers. I want real organic, live, active accounts. Please take a look at our account atusconnect2021 to see if you can help. This first project is a test project. Target Audience: - I am specifically looking for Trump 2024 supporters as my target audience. Number of Followers: - I aim to gain around 500-1000 followers for my Twitter account. Budget: - My budget for gaining these targeted Twitter followers is less than $100. Skills and Experience: - Experience in social media marketing and managing Twitter accounts. - Knowledge of strategies to target and attract Trump 2024 supporters. - Ability to deliver real and organic Twitter follow...

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    ...appointments and reallocation as necessary Skills Required: · Excellent communication skills [verbal and written] · Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) · Open for travelling to out station for business meeting · 4-5 year experience · Ability to organize and plan own work · Excellent attention to detail, with ability to maintain high level of accuracy · A flexible, pro-active approach to work including the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize. · Ability to work on own initiative · Ability to deal with sensitive information with discretion and to maintain confidentiality Main Responsibilities: - · Manage Director’s travel arrangements · Ready to travel anywhere in Ind...

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    ...get proper Vcc along with two pin acoustic sensor Vcc. Second circuit require checking if both the Opa (Vcc) and Acoustic sensor each get required voltage or not. If not, then, change components until voltage requirement voltage achieved. Any parts changed in schematic such as (Capacitors, resistors, Zenner, Transformer) must have an existence (Active, In-stock) in DigiKey website so it can be built because all parts in schematics exist as (Active, In-stock). There are 3 main parts not allowed to be changed or removed from design, it will be mentioned in schematic file. Specific performance parameters for the SPICE simulation are not provided, but the client has a rough idea of what they are looking for. Submittals: Two updated schematic files according to targets a...

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    preparation of a web application compliant with the MVC pattern and RESTfull API, with the following functionalities: Possibility of user login (The possibility of user registration is welcome, but att...application, for example an administrator. The application should have a graphic design and present the content in a clear way. Recommended tools: PHP HTML CSS JavaScript Laravel Bootstrap For people who know other technologies, I allow the implementation of applications in other technologies, e.g. Java Spring, etc. Projects should be sent in a .zip package, the contents of the package should be a directory with source files, a PDF containing screenshots of each important subpage of the website along with the title (e.g. Page adding a product, API adding a product - e.g. dump from...

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    We are an ambitious development team in Ukraine looking for an entry-level developer fluent in French to join our team in order to expand our business to France. Native French speakers are preferred, but any developer in the EU who can speak French can join. We look forward to your active participation.

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