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So, you're looking to hire a freelancing professional who is an absolute expert at the delicate cell and numbers symphony that is Excel. Somebody who can sort your accounting problems, yesterday. On this we can definitely help you, however, before you wade into the eager pack of Excel-lent freelancers out there, let's get you up to speed on what is involved. Avoiding a layman's assumption of what's involved can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Why Should you use an Excel Expert? Mostly because while many of us are very, very basically familiar with making Excel spit out some numbers, the true wonders of this data analysis powerhouse are rarely tapped by the average user. You need to look beyond that employee of yours who has learned to use a couple of formulas to make things a tiny bit easier around the office. An Excel know-it-all can truly revolutionize the way you organize accounts, debt sheets, auditing, analyze large amounts of data or even manage your employee records.

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Hva er Excel?

Not to do Microsoft's marketing for them for free, but Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet program. Being a part of the Office suite of programs, this 33-year-old piece of code allows you to do calculations, use graphing tools, pivot tables, and even create simplistic applications via a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). If you're not at that elite level, Excel is great simply for organizing data manipulations and solving otherwise tiresome arithmetic to keep your books in the black and out of the red.

Ansett an Excel Expert

Three decades has seen Microsoft Excel undergo a ton of upgrades. A person with an expert skill level could come into your business and wield formulas, VBA programming and other tools to handle complex functionalities. We're talking macro building, drop down list creation, array/circular references, and outputting all of the typically confusing data into a boardroom dazzling variety of charts and filtered reports. Basically, and Excel expert can not just make your life easier, they can let you identify trends and opportunities in your data that could open your eyes to lucrative pathways not yet considered.

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