Write native word app for - Microsoft word 2016

  • Status: Closed
  • Premie: $100
  • Mottatte bidrag: 2
  • Vinner: WilliamArispe


We need an embedded native Microsoft word for MAC 2016 (better if works with Microsoft word for mac 2011 too)
*by native we mean to be embedded in word window, not like the VBA forms, like word panels etc

*The most important issue for us is the UI and how it will work like if it was built by Microsoft it self,
*The UI we prefer first is something like word native pans such as
*Navigation pane
*Task pane
*Side bar/pan
-check attached files

if this not possible then 2nd option will be
if this not possible then 3rd option will be

*Your solution must work on MS-word for mac 2016 and if it works on MS-word mac 2011 this will be added value

*We prefer if the code can be by VBA codes, but this is optional

*We didn't put this as guaranteed because we not sure if this is possible to be done, but we really care to get it done and will be more than happy to pay you, if you provide the solution we need

*Here is what we need
- Considering the above,
we need to have 3 parts, first 2 textboxs and 1 button (replace), so user can insert first text in first textbox and 2nd text in 2nd textbox the press the replace button so your code replace all instances of 1st text to 2nd tex (yes like the replace functionlity in word)
2nd part: textbox and button, so user can select a text from the document then press the button so the selected text be pasted in the textbox

3rd part: textbox and button, user can insert text in this textbox then press the button, so text in the textbox be inserted where the cursor exists in the document, and if user press the button while he select some text from the document then the text from the textbox replaces the text in the document

*You must provide full working source code

*You must provide a professional way to deploy your solution at our clients end, also we need to have ability to made some changes on the code and re-provide the deployment package

*Is there a chance for next project(s) with the winner? Yes of course


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  • amrosamaeg
    • 8 år siden

    More than 10 Million developer on this site and only 1 who provided a solution !!!!!!!!!!!!!! , even after the contest is guaranteed, anyway he will be the winner if no one show up with better solution

    • 8 år siden
  • Fyaaz
    • 8 år siden

    this option already exist in find and replace option in MS word.

    • 8 år siden
    1. amrosamaeg
      • 8 år siden

      Yes I know, and this is to prove that we don't want you to do the functionality all what we need is the UI integration part,

      • 8 år siden
  • Nihadricci
    • 8 år siden

    I'm comming ^^

    • 8 år siden
  • amrosamaeg
    • 8 år siden

    Only 4 days left, and only one freelancer provided solutions which we didn't fully satisfied with, so any one else will provide a solution or he will be the winner any way??

    • 8 år siden
  • MK269
    • 8 år siden

    HI this is Maksud, i am really fast in typing where i can type nearly 60+ words in a minute time.
    If you want any of your data such as

    * Old Books.
    * Journal publications.
    * Scanned PDF.
    * Hand Written Documents
    * Project Written Works
    * Novels.
    * Home Works
    * Forms,
    * Stories, etc. to be typed in word document / .txt file, i can handle this work for you.

    • 8 år siden
  • DeshanS
    • 8 år siden

    I Very Clever For Copy Typing ...Please give to me a work???

    • 8 år siden
    1. amrosamaeg
      • 8 år siden

      share your solution without the code, put 10 tries limit on it etc.

      • 8 år siden
  • amrosamaeg
    • 8 år siden

    As I get entry from one developer (which didn't satisfy my needs fully yet) but I upgraded this to guaranteed contest, so if any one else will provide a solution please do, for the only developer who submit solutions please re-read my requirements and provide better one (which satisfy all my points) ,Thank you

    • 8 år siden

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