Robot:Parts Selection & 3D Design

  • Status: Closed
  • Premie: $130
  • Mottatte bidrag: 2
  • Vinner: dXav


I think it is an easy job for a specialist or an expert in this field.

I need to know WHAT are the parts needed and from WHERE can I buy them and HOW to connect them, in order to create the next functional ROBOT:

1- Four wheels with steering mechanism to rotate smoothly.
2- Two sided Robot (can be run on both sides top and bottom)
3- Four HD with Night Vision Cameras on each side connected wireless to live streaming PC screen or Android Tablet and record the videos.
4- Climbs regular stairs, and can over come natural terrains.
5- Listen live and record audio system.
6- Controller should control each system of these.
7- Operating Range: 300 meter.
8- Power supply: Replaceable field batteries
9- Operating time: 1-2 hours (operation mode dependent)
10-Payload ports: Ethernet, RS232, Video/Audio
11- Adjustable brightness Led lights.
12- Speaker which transfer live audio from a mic on the controller.
13- Dimensions: (L x W x H) = (22 x 25 x 15 cm).
14- Speed: 7 km/Hr
15- Payload: 1.5 Kg
16- Material of the robot should resist drops and can handle sudden impacts.
17- Top and bottom of the robot should contain a place for portable tools.

the next Website gives an Idea about it.
[login to view URL]

The Best Design MUST include the NEXT:

1- Word Document contains a TABLE with four columns:
1st column: The selected Part.
2nd column: Description of the part.
3d column: Online seller link or contact.
4th column: Price of the part.

The document should contain 3 or 4 TABLES each table dedicated for each system, e.g a table for electrical system or a table for communication system.

2- Word document includes the programming procedure (NOT the code) and brief explanation of how selected parts can perform the requirements.

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“Accurate Job, and professional outcomes.”

Profilbilde yahiaa196, Palestinian Territory.

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  • handsketcher
    • 2 år siden

    It seems military grade robot you need. All possible. But the prize is too low for such task. Please rethink about it. #increaseprize

    • 2 år siden
    1. yahiaa196
      • 2 år siden

      foregt about the 3D modeling.

      • 2 år siden
  • yahiaa196
    • 2 år siden

    Its okay < the important part is the selection of the components !

    • 2 år siden
  • Sabra8
    • 2 år siden

    i dont have SolidWorks, but have fusion 360 and 3ds max

    • 2 år siden
  • bigboss001
    • 2 år siden

    you want differential drive?

    • 2 år siden
    1. yahiaa196
      • 2 år siden

      Yes it will be great !

      • 2 år siden
  • theodornacev
    • 2 år siden

    sooooooo where are the government funds and if we can all have robot for just 100 a piece :| were are the experts, sorry for the cynicism, I'm a to say many won't know how to help you and the others won't take the time to research everything for such little pay :| I'm sure it would be nice to have all the data available, at least you gave it much time, I hope something catches on I might give it a shot it's interesting topic :)

    Cheers mate :) !

    • 2 år siden

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