3D Logo Needed - Letter A Sliced apart into 5 sections, Using Blue & Green

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For this logo we need the letter "A" sliced into 5 sections for a 3d look. We are attaching the original 3D pyramid picture that this logo will be based off of . In the final logo we only want to use the blue & green off of the original pyramid image. Please go slightly lighter and darker to show dark sections of the logo with original colors to show 3d effects.

We want this to look as 3d as possible, so feel free to use drop shadows, and hopefully a reflective shiny glass look on the front of the logo as well.

The logo will also have 5 sections same as the pyramid. The bottom 2.5 will be the green color of the pyramid & the top 2.5 sections will be the blue color from the pyramid. The middle section of the "A" will be a fade or transition from the green to the blue. Also the entire color fade to try to explain better should be from bottom a slightly darker green than provided, to middle normal green, to lighter green, then at the 2.5 middle section to the light blue, to normal blue, then to slightly darker blue. The angle of the logo should not be as sharp as the pyramid image which is almost at a 45 degree angle looking from the side, but we should have the "A" facing more towards the front on final draft. Somewhere in between what we have so far for the logo & the pyramid. Our logo draft is only green & slightly tilted at an odd angle. Final logo will be from green to blue, bottom to top. Most importantly we want it as 3d looking as possible.

The font we like so far for the letter "A" is Baskerville Old Face. If you want to use another font such as Times New Roman, or Century, or something else feel free. We are hoping to get this file in a Corel Draw, or .eps format. If you use Adobe Illustrator only that should be okay as long as you will be able to provide changes in the future as needed. Changes will be paid for of course.

Let us know if there are any questions and we will respond quickly. = )

This will very likely result in future work for graphics, etc. We are looking for a long term graphics designer / photoshop designer.

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