Create Advertising Concepts & Copy for my Mobile App

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I need witty concepts for an advertising campaign I am launching next week.

I have at my disposal a whole team of graphic designers who can convert the concepts into ads, but I am looking to tap into some outside assistance to find new concepts for my ads.

The ads will be shown on mobile phones across America.

Desired Action: To have small business owners install my mobile app.

Target Market
The target market for my app is small businesses in the US with 7 to 30 hourly staff members. Think restaurants, shops, hotels, workshops, day cares ect. Mum and dad businesses. It’s important that the concepts are not so vauge that they attract a large numbers of staff members to install the app, as our target is small business owners.


Firstly, I would browse our website. [login to view URL] You can see that the software is quite extensive.

Secondly, I would take a look at the app. Search for the Time Clock by Tanda, and you should be able to find it. You will notice the app is really just designed for users to punch in and out on.

Thirdly, I ran a pickfu survey regarding the benefits that people see of a punch clock system? This data might provide some insight about the general public perceptions.

Brand Guidelines:
It’s important that the copy does not paint employees in a negative light. The larger brand is about making both employee’s and employer's successful, these concepts shouldn’t endanger that.

Creative Elements
I need concepts and copy that will fit nicely in the following creative elements.

1. 4 x lines of text, less than 26 characters each.

2. 7 x display add concepts that can be conveyed on a 300 x 50, 320 x 50 and 320 x 100 sized adds. (these are mobile sized images)

3. 1 x concept which can be animated using html 5, of the same size. (i.e can have a few screens/movement)

4. 1 x animated video concept.

Item one is the least exciting but get by far the most exposure through ad networks.

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  • ueycdouqua
    • 11 måneder siden

    I am just looking for the copy and ideas for the adverts.

    • 11 måneder siden
  • ueycdouqua
    • 11 måneder siden

    Its not a graphic design task.

    • 11 måneder siden
  • daverajan4
    • 11 måneder siden

    Confused in making a logo or Icon or Illustration for Advertise?

    • 11 måneder siden

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