crazy design for a t shirt

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  • Premie: $65
  • Mottatte bidrag: 17
  • Vinner: Valadar


Hi, for a little background on this shirt... It is for a boys trip. This group of boys go on a trip every year and always come back with crazy stories of their adventures. So this shirt is for their trip this year which will be at Lake Powell, Utah. Sorry if any of this offends any one...

The setting for this shirt needs to be at 1. Lake Powell, which is surrounded by red rock. If your not familiar please look it up. THIS WILL ALL BE CARTOON THEMED. 2. There needs to be a boat on the water. 3. Boat name is "Black Mariah" 4. There needs to be skinny dipping men in the water, diving off boat. 5. A rum drinking parrot 6. There needs to be a Bass (type of fish) flipping off someone. 7. There needs to be a rat on the roof of the boat 8. The queen of spades symbol needs to be visible somewhere 9. The captain of the boat needs to have a shirt on that says "fish Commander". Please include all 9 items listed, get creative, have fun with it. And please let me know if you have any questions, I know that is a lot.

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  • danielaryatama04
    • 1 år siden


    • 1 år siden
    1. srrokerlund
      • 1 år siden

      No, that's what was specified in the directions in the first place.

      • 1 år siden
  • Bateriacrist
    • 1 år siden

    Do not close the contest yet, I think I can present an excellent proposal that will fascinate you.

    • 1 år siden
  • symtanriverdi
    • 1 år siden

    working on it, please wait

    • 1 år siden
  • zannatuliftear
    • 1 år siden

    (Entry #4 )

    This was one of the most entertaining projects I have worked on. I would be happy to make any changes according to your taste if you choose my design.

    However, the 65 dollar prize does not justify the amount of work I have done, or anyone else trying this project would do. So a prize increase would be appreciated.


    Anyways, have a great day!

    • 1 år siden
  • hasembd
    • 1 år siden

    Really, lots of work here. #increaseprize

    • 1 år siden
  • PradipSrikumar
    • 1 år siden

    Hey there! Definitely considering but feels like a lot of work #increaseprize

    • 1 år siden
  • Maxoverdrawn
    • 1 år siden

    #increaseprize pluze

    • 1 år siden
  • VOSjim
    • 1 år siden

    A lot of drawing and work for $65 #increaseprize

    • 1 år siden
  • khaledmamoun
    • 1 år siden

    do you need lake powell covers the t-shirt or take apart and explain more about captainposition and the size of boat

    • 1 år siden
  • JunaidFatyana
    • 1 år siden

    refrence image of lake?

    • 1 år siden

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