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I am looking for help designing an intuitive web application interface on the Invision app. I have some screens (5) already mock-up'd, but I am looking for someone to help me take it to the next level. I am not married to what I currently have created and shared, so input would be greatly welcomed. The contest is to re-design the 5 pages I have provided! Best design will be awarded the contest and more work to design the entire web app!

The web application is for people looking to share and discover video recommendations about local experiences. The web application will also allow users to make bookings at those experiences if they wish similar to how Airbnb's booking application would work. Some examples of websites that the current mock-ups have taken inspiration from are Yelp, AskWhale, and Airbnb.

I'm expecting that when the site mock-up is done and built into a workable prototype in Invision, their will be between 10 to 15 pages. If they can be built for desktop and mobile as well would be a plus.

If a good job is done with the Invision app, I will begin a new project with that person to build the actual web application if they would like. The winning contestant will be choosen based on the screen shots they have added to the Invision app and shared here on Freelancer. Once again, the contest is to re-design the 5 pages I have provided! Best design will be awarded the contest and more work to design the entire web app!

About Cappsule:

A video community of seekers and sharers of local lifestyle.

Recommendations are always better when they come from people you trust and that you know well — your friends. It also takes 1.8 million words to convey the same message as a 1 minute video. In other words, video > text.

Cappsule is a social recommendation engine that allows you to make your home feel like home to others using video content. Our signature product is our mobile application that allows you to leave and discover “friend-sourced”, video recommendations with people that you care about. We take it a step further by allowing our community to book experiences that they discover via the recommendations shared.

It’s all about the community which makes the connectivity & authenticity INSANELY POWERFUL.

The Cappsule community lives to document their experiences through a platform that cuts through the nonsense and allows them to share authentic stories and memories on demand.

We understand that it’s hard to find authentic recommendations on the internet. You can write a Facebook status, search crowd-sourced platforms or individually reach out to people, but legitimate inquiries will likely get lost in the noise and left unanswered.

Cappsule sets the right context for discovering amazing recommendations in the best format possible—video.

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“Great to work with. Was timely, efficient and very open to feedback.”

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  • passiontech09
    • 1 år siden

    Please check and rate my entry #6 . Hope you like it. Thanks.

    • 1 år siden
  • iJohnPaul
    • 1 år siden

    Hey, Just wanted to comment to say I am working on it :)

    • 1 år siden
  • satishandsurabhi
    • 1 år siden

    Please check my entry #3 and update your comments. Thanks.

    • 1 år siden
  • sahrsjsaffa
    • 1 år siden


    • 1 år siden
  • HDevCrea
    • 1 år siden

    if i am correctly understand, you want to re-design the 5 pages you provided.
    can you make the contest #sealed

    • 1 år siden
    1. sahrsjsaffa
      • 1 år siden

      Yes, I want to re-design these 5 pages as part of this project. Keeping in mind the User experience

      • 1 år siden
    2. HDevCrea
      • 1 år siden

      Ok, can you #sealed the contest for more creativity

      • 1 år siden
  • webplane8
    • 1 år siden

    #sealed #sealed please.

    • 1 år siden

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