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I am building a physical product business within the Pest Control niche, and I am looking for a branding specialist to design:
-Logo Concept
-Advertisement Design / Marketing Displays of product with Logo. Including ideal environments to show functionality & features (to be used in product listing / advertisements)
-Box Packaging (Length:12cm Width:9cm Height:6cm)

The brand name is REPELAIR. Our first product is an ultrasonic pest repellent. You plug our product into a plug socket and it releases high frequency ultrasound (not heard by humans and pets) to repel pests such as ants, mosquitos, spiders, rodents, roaches, flies, fleas etc.

I want the brand to feel premium and don't want it to reflect any ties to pests directly. We are aiming for the product to look discreet & smart and be able to sell to restaurants, hotels etc.

REPELAIR (capitals) No Pictures of bugs/pests in Logo!

Background black or transparent. Text White. Cobalt Blue accents (additional colour)

Product measurements:
Height:9cm x Length:5.6cm x Width:5cm (including U.S plug)

Box Packaging:
Length:12cm Width:9cm Height:6cm

Information to be included in Box Packaging:
Side 1 Include:
Brand Name & Picture of product with logo printed on.
Slogans - ‘Electronic Pest Repeller’ ‘Protect your Home Against UNWANTED Pests!’ ‘Safe for your family and pets’ and state that there is X2 Units in box. Environment friendly stamp.

Side 3 Include:
Brand Name & Picture of product with logo printed on.

1. The ultrasonic pest repeller is for indoor use and should be installed 80 - 120cm away from the floor in a vertical position.
2. The installation point should avoid any sound absorbing obstacle that could deter the frequency. E.g Curtain, rugs etc.
3. It is possible and not uncommon for pest activity to increase within the first few days of use, as pests will leave their living space to try and escape the ultrasonic sound. It should usually take around 2-3 weeks to see desired results.
4. Each room with a pest infestation should be fitted with a Pest Repeller as the ultrasonic sound wave cannot penetrate walls. Additional units should be used in larger spaces, such as warehouses.
5. Use Dry and soft cloth to clean.

Made in China.
“Include pictures of examples of ‘pests’ with red cross and line through”

Side 4 Include:
Indoor Use only
Keep Away from Wet Areas
Do not clean with Damp cloth or strong cleaning agent
(include certification stamps as seen in picture)

Side 5 include:
Product Specification
Input Voltage 90-250V
Output Power 4-6W
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Output Frequency 25-65KHz
Working Temperature 0-40ºC
(Space to stick product barcode)

(Side 6 / Bottom of package can be left blank)

Advertisement Design:
To be included in our marketing & product listing. To show functions & features of product. I have attached examples below from other brands within this Niche. Examples of where you can plug this product (home, kitchen, living room, office, warehouses, restaurants, hotels etc.) Examples of pests that it will deter. Features: Newest Model, Non-Toxic, Safe for family and Pets, No chemicals, No smell, No noise, Easy to install, Protect family from unwanted pests.
See attached some designs I like (from similar brands within this Niche)

Note: the winner of this competition will not only be awarded the cash but I want to build a long term relationship for the individual to act as my brand guardian creating all ongoing assets for print & digital. It is vital that you have experience in both these areas.

Please Find Photos attached:
I have included a photo of our product with no Branding, Examples of branding that I like from similar brands, Examples of packaging & marketing displays.

Appreciate you taking the time to read through this information and we are very excited to see what you will produce.

Thank you from the REPELAIR team - Ash & Lauren

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“Really impressed with Sergiy. He created exactly what we had envisioned for our brand and went the extra mile for us to ensure it was perfect. Would definitely work with Sergiy again in the near future! ”

Profilbilde LAEXPERT, United Kingdom.

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