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På kan du ved å opprette en konkurranse se hundrevis av unike ideer, og kun betale for den du liker best. Vi gir deg tilgang til 27.7 millioner frilansere med gode ferdigheter innen disipliner som logodesign, nettdesign, grafisk design, sosiale media, og så mye mer. Du trenger ikke å sende ut jobbannonser eller stille med kontorplass, du legger bare ut en konkurranse, og vi gir deg de beste løsningene.

Det er enkelt å komme i gang! Så snart du legger ut konkurransen vil du motta bidrag fra frilansere. Du kan så rangere bidragene, og til slutt velge ut en vinner av konkurransen!

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Prosjekt/Konkurranse Beskrivelse Bud/Bidrag Ferdigheter Startet Avsluttes Pris (USD)
A Security Compliance and Technology Website Looking for a website to be created for Technology company that specializes in Security Compliance, Risk Management and Security Audits for commercial and government clients. See attached briefing for details. Probably need 5 pages: Company (About Us) - Clients - Services - Leadership - Contact Us (needs to be desktop, mobile and FaceBook scalable). Company name is Auditegrity, Inc. Use... 1 Grafisk design, HTML, Nettsidedesign, WordPress Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 18t $200
Make Malware Great Again Looking to create a rectangular sticker that fits nicely on a laptop stating: MAKE MALWARE GREAT AGAIN I'd like this to look similar to Trump's campaign slogan as a parody. The text may be uppercase or lowercase. 6 Grafisk design Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 18t $20
Website Design for tattoo companies We need a new website for our company called “Goodcircle Tattoo” Its a Tattoo Studio, and besides Tattoing we do body piercing. We have national and international artists, and we are the only professional Tattoo Studio. We would like to maintain one of the elements that is the crown that exists on the "keep calm logo". The design should communicate that we are professional, i... 3 Grafisk design, HTML, Photoshop, Nettsidedesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 18t $1370
Design a Mobile Game Logo Google search "Mobile Game Logo" to get an idea of the style used in mobile game logos - fun looking text, strokes, gradients, etc. Game Title: Creetu Subtitle: Alien Planet Colors: Sky blues, blues, purples, whites, blacks. Accent color of gold if visually appealing Motifs: Blue flowers and/or blue leaves, or blue mushrooms, "forest" kind of theme (but blue/white ac... 11 Grafisk design, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 18t $100
Designprojekt Entwerfen Sie ein Logo The logo is for a consulting company which is specialised in kicking-off ideas into projects. Certain tools created by this company accelerate (boost) this process. The logo shall show this energy boost. The basic logo idea is already existing and is as follows: a ball (like a billard ball) is thrown from the left side describing the (physical) curve and is then falling into... 1 Grafisk design, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 18t $368
Design Business Cards Business Card Designed in Full Color. Home Renovation Contractor Business. Modern, Cutting Edge, or Futuristic look/feel to be printed full color glossy. I leave the colors up to you but keep with the scheme of the logo. Deliver in Photoshop the file here is a template to get you started. This file has some specs and sizes laid out. The logo is also contained in the file. 15 Forretningskort, Grafisk design Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 18t $15
Logo design for Supreme Technologies Greetings, we are a new tech company, focusing mostly on software development. Our name is Supreme Technologies and we need a logo. We don't really have any strict guidelines for the logo, we'd like to give you as much freedom as possible! In general, our customers are mostly corporations, so the logo should appeal to the corporate sector, but it shouldn't be too 'upti... 52 Grafisk design, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 17t $60
Design a Real Estate Logo -Need a Business logo for a Real Estate Agency the name of the agency is P2P -You can play with P2P, for example P2p, p2P, p2p -White, green and gold are the colors to be used -In the logo we want the mention Services immobiliers 39 Grafisk design, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag29d 17t $69
Design a 2 really small Banners Looking to make a punchy image to advertise on Size unknown but maximum available, have a look: [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] and [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] I'm selling ecological tires. English Version: - A tire (image can be taken from my website or else...) - [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] (Not mandatory but recommended) - Free Shipping 1-2 D... 5 Bannerdesign, Grafisk design, HTML, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 17t $23
Design a Logo simple logo as per attached guidelines 21 Grafisk design, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag2d 17t $23
Revista Digital Tradeco Necesito una revista digital, que al final me sea entregada en PDF. Yo entregaré textos. No tiene que ser la misma revista que anexo, me gustaría renovar el diseño para que sea más atractiva. La revista solo se comparte de manera interna en nuestra empresa. Yo tengo los archivos que se usaron en Indesign, pero no pasan por acá. el indice es: Construcció... 1 Grafisk design Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 17t $81
Design me a logo for a boutique FOr a Clothes boutique named Meganisi CHIQUE. The boutique is located on the island of meganisi in greece. It offers HIGH END clothing for yachting life style and the super yacht community. Thus we need something elegant and expensive. No crazy colours, no vectors that we have seen many times before. Please bring refreshing ideas. Our clothes are expensive so the logo must look expensive. 37 Grafisk design, Illustrasjon, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop Mar 21, 2018 I dag4d 17t $150
Golf Bet App I need to make my golf bet app to look better. Attached are the actual designs and that is what I want to change. I would like to get a new design/theme for the different screens. What this app does is help you keep track of your past rounds and how much money have you lost/won in the past x periods. 3 Grafisk design, Brukergrensesnitt / IA Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 17t $81
Logo Design for Spouse My wife was a wildland firefighter for several years and now she is an aspiring artist. She loves painting outdoor landscapes and I want to create an awesome logo for her. She came up with an original logo, but I know with some professional help it can be even better. Her birthday is coming up soon so I really want to surprise her with a new logo that's customized around her vision for her ar... 17 Grafisk design, Logodesign, Nettsidedesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 16t $50
Grafisk design, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 16t
Design project I need a logo! This logo will serve as the foundation of my brand. My name is Hannah Grace Mirmiran. My company is called Empowering Grace. I am a mental health therapist, life coach, and author. I have a website, blog, and a book called Empowering Grace. My mission is empowering others to find their voice, stand up for themselves, and fight for happiness. Tag line: find your inner badass. In... 31 Grafisk design, Logodesign Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 16t $350
Grafisk design, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Mar 21, 2018 I dag4d 16t
A logo design for design studio, which called Motivo, so you can use the while word of “ motivo” , or just use “M” as the logo. We hope the finally logo can be simple, special, but attacting the eyes. I need a logo designed. 3 Grafisk design Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 16t $50
Libertarian Party Candidate for Congress I need a logo that could be used for stickers, for T-shirts, wherever. I offer a couple standard Libertarian images and fonts. My name is Steve Scheetz, I am running for Congress in PA District 1. From my top 3 choices, I will select one for another job for the same price to be discussed privately. Thank you all for your help! 22 Grafisk design, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop, T-skjorter Mar 21, 2018 I dag3d 16t $200
we need a logo for our Logistics company we need a logo for our company SUPERGISTICS our company does 3rd party warehousing storage and shipping, logo can include a small image of a globe etc or anything else that defines shipping and logistics, i will rate everyone with the stars so you can have an idea how close you are to the one we like 2 Datagrafikk Mar 21, 2018 I dag6d 16t $25
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